1. Definitely intimidated by Diaz, couldn’t look at him in the eye when he was talking about “no less than 5 years”. First of all, the have no idea what fighters go through in life and how they deal with things. Others get caught with coke and only get a slap on the wrist. It is true what nick is saying about them people keeping him from reaching the best that he can be “The Top”. They were on a power trip if you ask me.

  2. 100 years ago this NAC would have been pelted with Rotten fruit or burned at the stake by the fans/people. What madness and insanity big government creates with these joyless passionless pathetic excuses for a living soul. The blonde would have made a great Nun.

  3. Disgusting. Fire that lady, who CLEARLY has a chip on her shoulder and should NEVER have been given a job like that. What an absolute fucking idiot.

  4. One two three four fifthhhhh!! Damn this is all about the chronic. Wow!!!! Nick should have just snorted some cocaine and ran his car into something. I mean Jon Jones got a 60,000 fine and some community service with kids about anti bullying.

  5. so many things wrong with all this , first for all those who say weed is harmless, there you go, second if you are a top level athlete why are you smoking that shit, and third if you are already dumb why would you smoke shit that makes you dumber!

  6. Fucking ridiculous! When will this society stop vilifying marijuana? It has a hundred benefits, bobody has ever died, and it is a thousand times better than alcohol for you if you must alter your mood. It has no benefits in fighting, like one might argue steriods would. This bitch has a hard on for him. I, like maybe thousands of others, stopped watching UFC. I loved to watch Nick fight and in this economy, I promise you that no business can afford to lose viewers. So god damn ridiculous!!

  7. Nick Diaz, my favorite fighter ever, I would love to watch him beat up all those fuckers, especially that woman

  8. And the money clock is running for all these lawyers. What they a doing to Nick is very sad. All of this paperwork for smoking a joint.

  9. Appreciate the lawyer standing his ground and sticking up for Diaz rights, but with all do respect I believe Mr. Diaz made a mistake by hiring a lawyer that likely would mirror his attitude toward the court, the lawyers and Diaz should of been firm but as polite an understanding with care toward the commission, probably would of benefitted Mr. Diaz little more in the end, cause im sure they were so irritated and upset with the whole ordeal that they just threw the book at him.

  10. this is just how the leeches of society feed of ppl making money. they make legislation and law that they know so many ppl will break and x amount will be caught, and then they suckle from them like the insect fucks they are. not 1 athlete on the commision just some unfit unhealthy unpleasent shills treating full grown adults like children. these ppl are sociopaths ffs

  11. So let me get this straight. this dumb blonde bitch doesnt suspend jon jones over 2 years, for doing cocaine and killing a baby during the hit and run. but suspends nick diaz for smoking a joint and not doing anything wreckless. This dumb blonde bitch needs to get fired and usada should be disbanded.

  12. This bullshit is totally unjustified. Taking one third of the mans purse and career. I'm an Irish Conor fan and always against Nate and his teammates (bro Nick) but the guy does not deserve this. I hope Nick sues the shit out of the commission.

  13. So the comission is mad because they dont feel like they have gotten the respect that they think they deserve from diaz???? Wtf they suspended him out of emotion, and impulse instead of being logical.

  14. None of them can look diaz in the eyes while they criticize him. If you are going to play with someone's life like that then look a man in the eyes

  15. I sentence that bitch commissioner to 36 years in prison with her new cellmate to be none other than war machine!

  16. Exactly what in the fuck is wrong with that lady? Who hurt her? She's just being incredibly rude and spiteful for absolutely no reason. EVERY TIME she opens her mouth, it's something really unnecessary and mean-spirited. Did I miss something? Are we here for weed or did Diaz murder someone? Tired ass bitch.

  17. These fucking pussy virgins hate top athletes like Diaz. They wish they're could be like him and are jelly of him and that's why that act this way toward him.

  18. I can't believe anybody in that room managed to keep their cool when that woman started going off at the end. It's not a 'fact' that Nick smoked between the announcement of the fight and the fight, you moron, it's something you readily admit you 'inferred' from his pleading of the 5th. How do they get away with shit like that? Why don't Nick's lawyer's call her on that?

    And when that middle guy is talking, he readily admits his standards are not as good as WADA's, but then states that they are reliable '(because) …we have relied on them before'. WTF kind of logic is that?

    And holy fuck, her entire second complaint is based upon the first complaint being true, which she hasn't proved. She is doing what is known as 'begging the question'. These people need to grasp some pretty basic logic before they are given any power over anything.

    As I understand it, he passed two WADA-accredited tests, and failed one non WADA-accredited test (QUEST) on the same night, and that's what they're going off. Unbelievable. (Love the look Nick gives her when she says she wants him to pay for the proceedings, lol).

    Dear NSAC,

    Everyone hates you.


  19. I just don't fucking understand, marijuana does NOTHING to boost ones performance, stamina, testosterone, and etc. OK, they banned it, whatever, BUT WHY THE FUCK DID SHE WANT TO GIVE HIM LIFE FOR FUCKING WEED, ITS WEED GOD DAMMIT! All it does it relax you on top of all its medicinal properties (for example: CBD oil (which doesn't get you "high"), yes the same thing they tried to get on Nick Diaz's case for, is used by people with epilepsy and chronic illnesses)

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