*NEW* Khabib Nurmagomedov LOSES to Dustin Poirier!? (What if) | UFC 242: Full Fight Breakdown

*NEW* Khabib Nurmagomedov LOSES to Dustin Poirier!? (What if) | UFC 242: Full Fight Breakdown

welcome back everybody to Kenan KTV in today's video of what if we will be taking a closer look at what if Habib the Eagle nurmagomedov would lose to the diamond Dustin Poirier why could it happen and who would Dustin Poirier fight afterwards so with that being said let's brought into the video from the response that I have seen from the community regarding this match a lot of people seem to be riding off a Dustin Poirier and really if you take a look at him and his skill set it is very hard for you to conclude a very easy victory for khabib nurmagomedov Dustin Poirier is not only a world champion obviously but I believe him to be the toughest fight that Habib nurmagomedov has had or will have up until this point Poirier is well-rounded his striking game is phenomenal he just came off of a very impressive victory over max Holloway and we saw that he has come a very very long way from the fighter that he was a featherweight and featherweight he was a bit more bare-bones and right now he's a lot more fundamentally sound on his box saying his jab has come a long way and I believe a weapon like a jab is gonna be something that will be playing in his favor very much so greatly and on top of the fact that he's a southpaw that makes the jab even more awkward and even more difficult for a fighter like Habib to beat and I have to wonder to what extent the jab will play a role in this fight I believe for Dustin Poirier to have success in this fight it all begins with that jab in my opinion his left straight down the middle is already a weapon that he has greatly improved on but it is still a very difficult punch to land especially on a fighter who is as cooked to change levels as habib it is very hard to overcommit on a punch like that I mean I believe Conor McGregor overcommitted on his left hand and he was out of position and when it comes to thus emporia he really likes to step with the left straight down the middle so I would have to believe that the jab is gonna be the moreso effective punch out of the – but if the jab lands continuously throughout the fight that will mean that the left straight can all of a sudden have a much easier way to Habib how would Habib deal with that personally I doubt that he will deal with the striking of Dustin Poirier all too well and we have seen that in his last couple of outings he is very quick to keep the distance whether this means to back up away from the opponent or just you know circle away from from the attacker from the aggressor we've seen against Conor McGregor that he instantly took the outside against him we saw that in the fight with ally Quinta he took the outside against him as well and the approach of La Quinta compared to Conor McGregor's was a lot more effective when I liked when he came forward he was picking his shots he was not really over committing he was not really doing anything that he doesn't need to do and when he came to Conor McGregor you know was instantly attack attack attack kill kill kill right it was very much so a different contrast between the two it was very not in date and that was something that would have probably made Conor McGregor success against could be even a stand up a lot better but you know he made the mistakes and hawi being the smart fighter that he is he capitalized on that and he got the victory done coming back to Iaquinta in my opinion he did do very great but the thing is when a certain fighter is fighting not to lose or not to get hit it is very difficult for you to hit that opponent and in recent times I mean in his last outing at least when it comes to Habib his striking has come a long way he is very fast in this matchup I would have to believe that Habib is going to be the much faster fighter he just has a lot more snap to his punches and once the punches land they're always crisp so when it comes to this match that doesn't really mean that Habib will have a great chance of beating Dustin striking but I don't really think that we're gonna see a Ben Askren performance from Habib at all I think that he will have his fundamental striking game down you will know how to keep his distance he will know when he's in danger and when he's not in danger however you don't really get to see that all that much you know is it's khabib nurmagomedov you know he's just gonna go ahead and shoot him for a takedown and try to get the fight to the ground if we're gonna take a look at the takedown defense game of Dustin Poirier we're gonna see that not a lot of people have Shona for takedowns on him but I believe that the offensive game that Dustin Poirier has in the grappling Department is going to be something that huh beeping a Magomedov hasn't really faced all that much and really that takedown defense ratio or percentage whatever you want to call it however high it may be going into a fight with hope you burn everything right off in most scenarios it doesn't really mean anything because I'll be will always chain his takedowns if he doesn't get the first takedown he will probably get the second if he doesn't get the second third probably a guarantee and he doesn't really need much as soon as he can get a hold of you that's really when the tides start to shift that's when the demeanor of the opponent starts to shift for Dustin Poirier however I don't know why but I just have a very hard time seeing him get dominated like any other habima Magomedov opponent his boxing is tremendous his genogram just overall it was very well-rounded he's a Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt and overall I think that he knows how to mix it all up very well he has been in the game for a long long while and I don't believe that it would become gun-shy or not know what to do because if we assume that he'll be even a Magomedov if he starts to back up and Dustin Poirier starts to pressure him not only will Dustin Poirier apply a control pressure because he's never really the most explosive or fast guys his fighting style his space overall in general is very calculated in a way and I don't believe he will make the same mistake that Conor McGregor made and I do believe that he will have a lot more success than I Quentin I think that his striking game overall is a lot better and if his jab is gonna start to find his way in I do believe that the power shots his hooks they will start to cut off the Octagon on Habib and as soon as you can get Habib trapped with his back against the cage and if he can start to go ahead and dig out on the body then I mean the the possibilities of doesn't Poirier really just working up a beep are very high in his matchup and fundamentally he's very strong physically as well so for Javy usually got a takedown on him I do believe that it will have to come from the cage right if he can hold on to one leg push the single leg takedown to the fence and from there drag the opponent down that's how I see to take that happening but if Habib is back is up against the cage then it does become tricky for Habib so Indian really will have to wait see how the fly will play out but I do believe that Dustin Poirier is not a fighter that people have to undermine he's just a world champion really I mean in trim or not he is a world champion to beat a world champion and he has shown that he's on that level and I don't believe that he's gonna get washed over matter of fact I do believe that he will be the toughest fight habib has ever had now what this park concluded this will mean that Dustin Poirier has defeated the Buena Magomedov and he's now the unified undisputed lightweight world champion I was saying this and envisioning this it is something very unreal hubie's undefeated record goes away his old goes doesn't Poirier defeats him right but after that wave of what just happened feeling goes over you will have to start planning ahead who could he fight how would he do in those matchups now if we take a look at the lightweight division the division is so stacked and it's always moving around every fight seemingly is a very big fight now without a question even if khabib nurmagomedov loses this match I don't believe that we should give him an immediate rematch I think that Tony Ferguson's time to fight for the title is here I think that he has earned the right to fight for the title more than if khabib nurmagomedov would lose now let's go over a potential fight between Dustin and Tony Ferguson himself how would it play out who will win going into it for now I would have to believe that Dustin Poirier in terms of punching power will be the hardest guy that he has faced in a long while at least and in the manner in which that Tony Ferguson fights very much so creative a lot of risks involved most of the time leads in with his chin leaves himself vulnerable but because it leaves himself vulnerable he somehow knows to turn it around and make it a creative attack right he is a very unorthodox opponent and I don't really think that Dustin Poirier can deal well against somebody like Tony Ferguson Tony's pressure Tony's cardio will probably be just too overwhelming and it's only that big punch that he can land that can possibly knock him out and the chances of Dustin Poirier landing clean on him are very I and dropping him also they are very high so he has to get a knockout and I believe that his chances of beating Tony Ferguson by knockout just you know just beating him in general that's about a 30% win ratio that I would give him in this matchup I think that 20 Ferguson is just a lot more active a lot more well-rounded and in general just tony is gonna be very awkward for just employee to deal with now assuming that fight doesn't happen and assuming that the hell people mag amount of rematch doesn't happen either what other fight can he make well obviously there is a potential Conor McGregor rematch against Conor McGregor that is possibly the more likely fight that he can win however Conor McGregor is a fellow southpaw fighter and the Safari if I'm not mistaken he has lost to Michael Johnson who is a southpaw as well by knockout and to Conor McGregor by knockout so I think that he's a fighter that very much so depends on the jab for example and his lead straight because Conor McGregor the jab is gonna be something that will be at a off angle the stances will be switched he's gonna be having a fight where the stances are not married and I believe that will be playing a big factor in how he moves essentially and and Conor is a really tricky guy right now like stylistically I would have to favor him to beat him but because he's what has like for now he has been at least inactive for what 10 months now before that he has been inactive for two years so I really don't think that Conor McGregor is as sharp as he needs to be and going into a fight with Dustin Poirier assuming that he at least has a fighter to win then I would have to say that the chances of him beating Dustin are as high as they would usually be we know the same way knockout I think that Conor's decision I think that Conor is ability to bait out a reaction is very good and that but even though Dustin Poirier has improved I think that fundamentally when it comes to boxing only I think Connor knows how to manipulate distance and knows how to get his opponents out of range for him to counter with and I think that still stands and with the added size it should be the logical option for Dustin Poirier to switch levels and shoot him for takedowns and make it a complete MMA fight if he does that then I would have to say that Dustin Poirier can get the victory over Conor McGregor for this fight I would give it a 60/40 for Conor McGregor so this essentially covers the entire top three of the division including a khabib nurmagomedov rematch you know we will have to wait and see how the first fight plays out I'm not going to comment on a couple you know Magomedov that's Emporia because the first one hasn't happened yet but what do you guys think of all of this leave that all in the comment section down below for now I have been kenan from kenan KTV signing off later


  1. Feels good to be back! 🙂
    Who do you think will win and how?

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  2. Khabib wins the way he does in his other fights. Dustin's only chance is to land a flush blow then follow up. However khabib is a master takedown artist and G/P specialist. He went against Conor who was considered one of the best strikers in lw. Unless Dustin can stuff his takedowns, he may have a chance. Otherwise once khabib gets you on the ground there's no coming back. And Btw dont sleep on khabibs stand up either..

  3. bruuh, khabibs punches have more snap when they land in comparison to DP? Like what have u been watching ahah

  4. Anytime you put the two words khabib and lose, those fanboys will dislike your video to fuck even though its a what if scenario. It's a shame

  5. Go and watch anatomy of a fighter and see khabibs lifestyle in dagestan!! Then come and tell me if this man can loose!!

  6. Khabib will Finish Poirier Faster than Canor. Mark my Words. Kenank TV is not a Khabib Fan and wishes Khabib to Lose. Your wish will not be fullfilled now. Khabib Game is Far Better than Dustin or Canor

  7. Khabib remains a champion mentality not familiar with the meaning of the word defeat, for Dustin poirier you will not be able to konck down the wall that is Victorious again 👑👑👑👑👑👑

    Khabib the eagles nurmagomedov🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

  8. Conor and Jhonson both beat up Dustin, and Khabib whipped both of them.Easy work for Khabib doesn't matter how improved is he.

  9. on the paper, it's more easier to grab then take down some one than landing punches that connected at right place.
    you can trow dosen on punches, but if it doesn't land on the right place, it will be a waste of energy.
    it is much easier to take down than landing punches on the right place.

    I agree, poirier will be the toughest opponent for khabib if we compare to conor, but of course tony will be even more tougher and I sure khabib will dominated tony, so he will dominated porier as well.
    porier might counter take down one or twice, but knowing it is khabib, porier will be taking down for sure. and it will be 'dagestani legs wrap': where khabib wrap both his opponent legs, 'wrist ride side control' like what he does to johnson, or crucifix ground and pound

    but of course, khabib might eat that lucky punch, and he might lost.
    but on the paper, khabib domination is inevitable

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