Most exciting car entrances in WWE history: WWE Playlist

Most exciting car entrances in WWE history: WWE Playlist


  1. Man I love that Stone Cold is the freakin MVP of vehicle entrances of the Attitude Era. 😂 the glass shattering never gets old!


  2. "He's pulling out the heavy stuff. It's homogenized!" -J.R.
    J.R., I can't. I just can't. Between Kurt's silliness and J.R.'s Commentary, I got tears in my eyes from laughing.

  3. They should do best entrances music, because Triple H "time to play the game", is best, and John cena WrestleMania 23 music was also a good one

  4. Some of them can't be classified as car entrance at all.
    Maybe they should have gone for means of transport entrance as a title.

  5. What’s really sad is that the Batista and Eddie low rider car entrance was done like less than 1 month before he died. Miss Eddie so much

  6. jr sir please never give up on calling the action please you were the best then and still the best now i still have to say eddie had some of the best cars we seen i am a fan of old school cars i miss seeing them

  7. Where is stonecold bike
    Also stolen by Brock Lesnar

    Also undertaker bike

    Eddie all entrance

    Rey Mysterio Eddie's tribute

  8. Sasha banks Wrestlemania car entrance was probably the best ever followed by Eddie's and big show's. You all forgot about Mexico's greatest export entrances. Those were wild, with a new car at every entrance.

  9. I like the John Cena's entrance of WrestleMania 22, 1930's Mafia Style & shown Tommy Gun, If I was WWE Cruiserweight Wrestler in WrestleMania Tampa Bay, I disguise like Tony Montana from Al Pacino's Scarface with shotgun and quote in front of dummies with small pyrotechnics to blow the T-shirt of AEW when I said "Say hello to my little friend!" in Cuban Accent. Crowd goes wild!

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