Morton Downey Jr Show – Whiney Pro Wrestler meets Dr. D !

Morton Downey Jr Show - Whiney Pro Wrestler meets Dr. D !

okay okay first name you had a real diamond hook yes it's real I don't wear nothing fake doesn't about the doctor's faith get that straight right here right right up front I'm not faking tell me what you're gonna tell means are not fake how many was you're gonna tell me hey this guy here Wilson first thing I never heard of you never heard your name before you went on some news show and come out saying that wrestling's fake and all this and that somebody wanted to make love to you or something some man or something well see I've never had that problem you say it goes on everywhere I've never had that problem with a man man never come up ask me nothing cuz I had plenty of women now I've been in wrestling 15 years no promoter ever made love to me or tried to make love to me or ask me for sexual favors I think you're allowed I think you're a liar and you won't publicity that's all you want I don't think you can play football I don't think you can wrestle I don't think you're I don't you think you should be out here I think you're just somebody that wanted to come up here and say I'm a professional wrestler there's a thousand people out here 100,000 people I want to get in the limelight and you say you come out saying first thing I want to know what gives you the right to even be out here have you ever beat anybody well number one because of my sexual persuasion and the fact that the fact that I didn't want to participate 15 years and I never happened to him out coming happen to you hey now I needed him like and he's not he's not any prettier do welcome huh I guess the promoter didn't like him that way did he like you he must oh did you kiss him you know did you ever wrestle did you ever wrestle did I want did you wrestle Jim of course I wrestle did you win anything I've wrestled and I've been in the business since 1968 how many matches have you had a couple thousand a couple thousand dr. D so I was like never heard us out you never heard I've never heard I'm the boy named Joe still running it I wrestled under my own name all right let me let me ask you that anyone who watches wrestling knows that with you know two big guys colliding in the ring they can hurt each other but you say that a promoter forced you to hurt yourself in a ring with a blade job now what is a blade job well he it's not a matter that it said blade because after your first thing I was being kind of a job it was it's I was told that when I was in Australia I was overseas and because I wouldn't go to bed Buddhist with this guy again another guy that was the first time oh the first and only time he told his Booker to make me what you say hooker I think he said Booker doc oh gums I didn't you know what a Booker is what I do I know what you know what a Booker is I know what a Booker is I know what a fool is I know what a Larry is in a goof and you're allowed a goop still I still Jim I still don't know what the blade job is tell me what that blade job is where they want you to believe so you're in the and I told him I wouldn't do it and he said you know what you supposed to cut yourself at the blade right exactly to produce the blood and because carry a little capsule and break it if you want now that's the that that I don't know whether that ever happened or not in the business but the way they do it now is with a blade I think you a liar on that – I've never used what you call a blade or anything else and I can make you bleed in less than two seconds I'll hit you so hard Dave let me ask you a question doc doctor you wrestle did you ever have the uncontrollable urge to carve yourself up or to cut yourself I'm gonna run no mount up and do any no no anything I never had to do no promotor ever – no no promoter ever ask me why is Jim Wilson the only God only God no there's another one – a little goof by the name of in my opinion you and him probably made love together and come on the show and try to destroy you ought to go out here somewhere on on the west coast I won't mention the city but you right there hold hands with whoever you want to but you climb in the ring of professional wrestling ring no tie your head up stick it up your behind you seen you on your way sir your name my name is Dennis Caruso and I'm a promoter all right I want to say one thing for years wrestling has had that stigma about it with this guy's crying but it's gonna stop these people from going No so what are you trying to prove here I know em explains how about this guy's background you want to expose the business a little bit this talk of turned back you're nothing but a bottom of the card job or you got excuses for not making the NFL you had excuses for not making it in Pro Wrestling and you're gonna have more excuses when this falls on your face what are you trying to prove coming out here going through we're a second on this show Jim's damn well entitled to say what he's trying to prove everybody has an opinion obviously and these gentlemen have theirs this is America well I know all that yeah yeah if I could arrange a match between you two guys would that be all right you'll put up the money anytime anytime right now I want to go I want to go to Paul dangerously on the telephone Paul can you hear me buddy Jennifer can't afford well let me ask you a question you've been listening to shot starting out all right you listen to Jim Wilson's life story what do you make of his statement that he was basically blackballed from wrestling how much mind you make in wrestling how much mind you make a wrestling gym I didn't make a lot of money though you said you've had a couple thousand matches yeah the the best trip that I had was to Austria for $800 a week back in 1973 eight hundred bucks a week in Australia right and they cut that like I say when I wouldn't go to bed with the promoter they won okay I have never Jim look at baby I got a tape pal you are not that sexually attractive even I don't know what turns those people on you know those people of that persuasion next we're gonna meet the world's strangest man I think I think I'll let this man say any damn thing he wants standby on that bench and walk a bit he has uttered again this is truly one of the most electrifying moments in the history of powerlifting and RTD has just lifted 700 let's find out let's find out about racism and all these other things that we hear about in professional wrestling let me introduce you to a gentleman by the name of Claude Thunderbolt Patterson former pro wrestler thunderbolt how you doing pal very good in you I'm all right you think you had a talent to be the world champion right yes I do okay what kept you from reaching the top of the wrestling game well promoters just that simple why well they just promoters I mean as a black individual you are limited it's that simple as a black individual you're limited in your wrestled in the 60s and 70s sixties seventies and eighties okay in the 60s and 70s I understand you made from a quote in one of the magazine's you made 50 to $100,000 a year well they quoted me in Macon to 225,000 II 225 did you make that much no yeah how much do you really make I made a hundred made a hundred thousand dollars let me see if my memory supports me right that would be the days of Argentine raqqa Buddy Rogers a little bit before that was a little bit before my time well I was a little bit before your time seems to me anyone making $100,000 in 1960s wasn't really discriminated against well it's a matter of opinion you know I mean like well everything's a matter of a thing well you know like my whole thing is that I drew money all over the country and people came to see you yes I worked in a lot of the different places around around the country and I drew money and I just wanted the same chance that the rest of them was getting some may anyone making $100,000 in 1960s wasn't really discriminated against well it's a matter of opinion you know I mean like well everything's a matter of a thing well you know like my whole thing is that I drew money all over the country and people came to see you yes I worked in a lot of the different places around around the country and I drew money and I just wanted the same chance that the rest of them was getting something that I'd say dr. Dave yeah jeez man I'm that's your fee Georgie you you met buddy met when you can you get your boots you did not do it for the Matthew walk yeah yeah I walked out because I was mistreated that's all there is look on your back you think somebody'd knee – okay I was I was I was all over the country yes I walk up the side just because you're black you think somebody oh you suck nobody nothing all I need is a chance now were to get in myself well why didn't you do it because of individual just like you I was on the first batch at night baby Atlanta Georgia 1978 and you walked out you didn't show up let me hear from them why'd you walk out why did you walk out I say one thing before I walked out because my money wasn't writing they wasn't treating me oh we gotta you think you're right he just told you that he was his his first met in the town now how in the hell did he know so much about it I kept going baby coos he paid his dues which is they he paid his dues he was 15 well I introduced you let me introduce you to the world Strongest Man all right or else champion baby as the critics will say tomorrow when they saw him carrying in a hundred and eighty pound load of okay I'm sure we'll beat that out for you folks Ted let me ask you a question you competed at the highest level to write a bodybuilding and and now wrestling if you've encountered a prejudiced against performers because of the color of their skin and have you been alert to see if that prejudice is out there because there is prejudice okay I'm calling sugar kiddies all right let me just drop a few names prejudice no it's a cop-out okay anybody heard of Tony Alice anybody have a hearin a Steve Jones anybody ever heard Rocky Johnson I think this guy should have paid attention more in school you would have been in a better business look here let me explain some of you muscles Oh just because you get into the professional and I mean that ain't the whole thing I'm going to know how to wrestle and you got to know how to draw a little money you called turn right I drew a man called st.john right you called individual just like we have in the country today that go along with any day I'm playing it going world's heavyweight Tag Team Champions both up buddy a champion make it day yes just like you they started working out I gave no I gave away oh wait I gave away more belt in both of you fellas probably other hey you gave away a key you ain't never gave nothing away you'll never give that one first but you ain't never had nothing to give away all these shapes on there I was at a pulmonary match in Greenville South Carolina when this man was on top and he wouldn't even talk to me in the captain he was a pump hot shot main event I mean the captain got six bits that they don't understand central it's that's 75 hours and that's what we got and talked about Patterson was the main event guy come in ten minutes before show time exact and he looked at the preliminary boy ain't working here tonight I said yes sir Hawaii I shook his hand I didn't care if he was black green yellow orange or whatever color might be and your damn color didn't mean a damn thing you are you are me a the shitheads again I mean if there's a whole lot of individual and this guy kept for ten what she'll tell you the same stuff again okay when they are not here rubs down I've spent 20 years in professional wrestling right 28 but it's a whole then real offers favored in wrestling today captain woo transportation for the Morton Downey jr. show furnished by redwood limousine when a New York called two one two two two six seven six six five a new addition on no addition that app step add a new addition on home base all right connected with wrestling night nobody else has ever been wrestling Sam fast reserved as a pro wrestler a promoter manager a movie star I mean you go on and he's got it all Lou albano the capital you've been listening to everything that's been going on in the show mr. Wilson here as was just applauding you means even he has applause I've never been looking for I want to say something more all right if I with professional wrestling as much as anybody in America discussion we've been having tonight there any resemblance to the wrestling that you've known let me tell you something more the discussion that's going on here tonight is utterly ridiculous I've been involved in wrestling since 1953 and I'll admit that today there's a little bit getting away from the wrestling a little bit of showmanship and so forth but to me there's still the world's greatest athletes when a guy comes out here like this like this half-wit and a guy like that moaning about black I started in with Bobo Brazil with Bearcat right with Blackwood sweet daddy's thinking you go ahead but look here you started in with everyone named individual you stayed you stayed around each one named individual had a packed a suitcase and leave but you know that guy's right dining dad wait he died because I don't get a job Bob always ruins Brazil was used by couldn't get out I didn't get booked though in fact couldn't get Iced a minute wait a minute wait dead well I'm on the board just a minute Bobo Brazil wrestled right here in the middle lands in the old-timers day a few years ago wrestling was good to Bobo he was one of the favorite guys of Willie gills in Bergen Vince McMahon and as far as this half-wit talking about blades my wife was sitting out there that I've been married to for 34 years if I were to use an object to cut my face shit divorced me tomorrow let me tell you this anytime I sure as hell wouldn't want that pretty face don't you a kid no and I drew money and I just wanted the same chance that the rest of them was getting just a minute how about brazil wrestled right here in the Meadowlands in the old timers day a few years ago wrestling was good to buh buh he was one of the favorite guys of Willie gills in Bergen Vince McMahon and as far as this half-wit talking about blades my wife was sitting at their lab and married them for 34 years if I were to use a an object to cut my face shit divorced me tomorrow let me tell you this anytime I sure as hell wouldn't want that pretty face Roger a kid no no any all right anytime I wrestled and I got beat I was beat by a better man I'll tell you that now and any time I got bleeding or blood it was when I was in the steel cage match and it took my fat face and ran it up against a pro foot steel gates that's how I got this that's how I got that not from using of it so this man's a liar let me show you wait a second Jim Jim you have been ominously silent through all of this or I haven't been honestly silent I've just been listening to everybody the thing about it and and I was applauding blue and and fine what we're talking about is the money in the business Mort that's right you couldn't draw flies brother that's right brother he can't draw flies you know I wrestled David I rested for 20 years I never made no big money because I wasn't that good a wrestler then I didn't start managing and I was mutters there were 17 tactic Geoffrey's to Nakano in 1 world champion I didn't make money of that but as a wrestler I was still the world I know I wasn't capable of drawing money I never made the money of the legendary Bruno Sammartino and wrestles like that Jamie's got something on his lap here all right don't read the whole damn thing to me what else know what I was getting to more it was the money in the business and the proportion amount of money that trickles down to the performers is nowhere commencer to what all of us David will admit we want promoters we admit the promoters we might call you more angels more we'd like the boys to have hospitalization would like the benefit things as well but there's money out there to be made if a guy's a good athlete if he can do it right he can draw money there were wrestlers like again I mention the name of Bruno Sammartino he got right out there now they didn't like him why cause he was Italian he drew money yet I was Italian I didn't throw no money as up as a wrestler as a manager I did my share let me ask you a question let's ask let's ask the question alright that every American who's seen wrestling matches ask go ahead do you guys know who's going to win before the match stir well I can tell you right now I make the statement before every time I got beat I got beat by a better man I don't know what goes on throughout the entire world of wrestling I can't say but what I will say they're overmatched you never see a whole carving up against a Ric Flair you never see a Bruno Sammartino gets a Hulk Hogan then oh now probably the Davis just come with my pal so if I go in with David so he'll just beat me when he can I don't know of any P imagine no one ever came to earth and someday sure that dr. D could wake Jim yes I wouldn't have to tell Jim Wilson Lewis because when dr. D was ready to beat him he whipped him wooden it was like that's right I can do it now I'll do it right here in let me go to a ladies a hell of a lot prettier than you are mrs. Lou albano I guess I can be as good as witnessed as anyone else Lou came home pretty bad at a lot of times and it was for real from what I could see he's had broken back Hey look at the notes his known times do tell me that's a fake how many inches of yet over 700 stitches a plastic surgery done in his Munoz little boat my back three times my hands broken and let me tell you something this guy's try to not question the people are still calling cuz I gotta wait a minute more and there is from promoter all right now listen to this I've got a number right now one 999 baloo and over 125 150 thousand people a month call me on the line and David fenoli right there is the coordinator with that show on WrestleMania day two hundred and seventy eight thousand people call the line so the interest is there and have Matamoros like this with a brand of a dehydrated baby let me go to Jim person because he's caught wrestling a soap opera for stuntmen did the promoters tell you when to lose or win or Lemmy did they tell you when to let me quote Vince McMahon okay both of these gentlemen I believe it worked for Vince McMahon oh great all right good that's right you wasn't good line find you if they really they wanted to ask give it to me fast baby the sales amounts were predetermined I'm going to try to read you a quote all right by The Associated Press that Vince McMahon gave to the Associated Press supposedly supposedly it's right here if they really did the things it looks like they're going to each other there would be a lot of dead wrestlers McMahon told The Associated Press okay look look now answer my question did they ever ask you to win or lose a match yes every night whoo-hoo Vince McMahon's which one I am NOT a personal friend of dicks McMahon jr. I worked for Stan for 35 years the greatest promoter in the world I ever knew but this with that Julie and I had our differences but I do not believe did he met that stay for the way he's talking about it he's saying there is a circle Mary showmanship professionalism which we don't deny but he means that some of the things that happen in there at times a man is not out to kill he wants the win but he doesn't try to kill his opponent but yet sometimes they get carried away you know what McMahon was trying to stress that it is the top athletes in the world today minute we're gonna come back and we're gonna look into their deep heart and soul of wrestling my friends we're going to talk to one of the great teachers stand by Rony introduce let me introduce all right right now let me introduce the loudmouth number two pretty boy Larry sharp he's the owner of a monster where some of the best some of the best wrestlers are trained let me come back to Jim for just a second you claim that the kingpins of wrestling like Vince McMahon and TV tycoon Ted Turner all right effectively blackballed wrestlers who don't play by their rules not true did you did they throw you out of the ring did they want throw you out of the ring in essence they did they kept us out of the ring and what they did more in 1974 and t-bolt and I were together doing this trying to elevate the position nation elevate the position of the performers number one which is the bottom line of everything we're talking about al Jim money money and benefits a shared equity in the billion dollar a year pie that is not being distributed equitably you only somebody give you something for nothing I can't share it by setting up a union wouldn't be a boys and stuff like that but you're not gonna go about it the way you're talking about there's money to be made out there maybe they can turn around take $10 of these boys pay as he wrestles and have the promoter match dad sit down at his bargaining table with the promoter and maybe do a better chair for the better I'll come out I can say that boy how come he can't the better idea is because we are putting our bodies on the line you ain't put your body nowhere put my body then you ain't never done nothin to nobody skies crowd let me tell you I went to the top in every league AWA NWA WWI been there I made the money and I was kicked out but you don't hear me out here crying about it now this is the guy who's trained more wrestlers alright more champions in your monster factory is what he says hey Doc look down here a second I need job doctor hey Doc come here a second oh shut up I ain't your brother don't call me brother I'm not a brother you're indeed indeed is what he says about McMahon and these other guys the promoter is screwing around with these guys that's true let me tell you something if there was shut up I ain't your brother don't call me brother I'm not a brother you're indeed indeed is what he says about McMahon and these other guys the promoter is screwing around with these guys that's true let me tell you something if there was a union in professional wrestling where a guy had to get up and show some wrestling holds guys like him would never get in wrestling in the first place guys like this guy right here wouldn't get in wrestling in the first place because I'm gonna tell you why right now Schultz was in Atlanta 1975 1976 I was in Charlotte you were on top I was training Tony Atlas his first week in wrestling he made $900 five four he got pushed because he was black you got pushed because you were black and I was a better wrestler than you which is reverse discrimination or I didn't get the job he was talking about the reason Tony Eric made that money it was because Tony Alice works there boy boy is he telling the truth come on are you trying to tell me that every black man who makes it makes it because he kisses the white man in the world they made his soldiers got at school and he can tell you I get one percent that's one black man out of a hundred tries out to be a professional wrestler maybe if they had a little bit more guts and intestinal for anyway what is the reason that they don't try out because they know they're not going to get a fair shake don't get it international wrestling is they will in any other big business or in any other sport this guy's crying just like when down in Texas when Tony Dorsett Stein look for the biggest contact in the world Herschel Walker translates more money cannot horse that's crying if he didn't like what he was getting he shouldn't have took it with or without the other spring spring training they get tight yeah them crying in the night we're here we are a place yeah you're right get on a plane you're out of place I was walking basketball the night I didn't see a white man on the board Vegas here we come it's just like Jesse Jackson we're not going to turn this into a Rachel circus just because he wants to know no you're wrong you're wrong it's not because I water I'm telling you the facts I'm telling what happened down the whole life and you got any bid you like this year wrestling it's a white man's bitch don't you tell him about 1970s why don't you tell him about when you come out on an interview and you're talking about God was going to the ring with you every night why don't you know anyone's going to enjoy all the blacks just the money you got the blacks you got the Boko Brazil's you have me O'Neal and you got the blacks that of good honest respectable people and that's this guy right here he's the only one getting indicted and he's bringing it I'm telling you he wasn't worth the job that he had and he said he worked for 15 bucks a night he was overpaid that's right we'll let our audience ask some questions and see if we can pin any of these guys down slammer get out here you hello if wrestling is supposed to be real why does in Las Vegas take action on it why doesn't world say just take action on it they did in the Andre Andre Hogan a turnaround certain people to take action on it certain people call it sports entertainment anything you want to say I say they over max which I do admit to I know that they over matter another question before every match it's an exhibition what you want to call it an exhibition there were plenty of matches wait a minute back in just a second get this camera we'll be back in a minute some of the guests of Morton Downey jr. show stay at the Meadowlands Hilton Hotel – whoa quite a thing let me ask Jim what this Brit picture is here all that picked you up camera can you see that camera get that picture that's a turn at the camera he's out of the body all right okay who is Jimmy that's a picture of the president United States of America okay he's he's got a stranglehold on a guy that I was in the business with the very first time I got to know what so what I'm trying to say is we are in the process of unmasking the politics of pro wrestling when I see pictures of Jennifer it makes me wish I was a basketball player so I could have slam-dunk them doc okay I just want to say I want to say what my first name while ago this man said that I was prejudiced I'm not pressure right now I'm a professional bounty hunter I'd go and pick up criminals off the street and their wife right there's our baby I'll walk them up and I'll take them to jail just like I do the black man the Puerto Rican Chinese Japanese I don't care and they're out here arguing and bitching about somebody kicked him out of the business I was put under the business nobody wants to use me – you know what the cattle doesn't matter whether it's real or fake least in the world of wrestling unlike the world we live in the bad guys aren't killing anyone I'll see you


  1. Poor dude, he was literally afraid to tell the truth. God bless him man i believe everything he says. Vince is an egomaniacal maniac and personally i think they are all satanist bc they mock god as much as possible and do blasphemous crap all the time try pulling and subduing as many people away from god and into the hands of lucifer as they can along the way… They are part of what the kids call the "illuminati" just like the celebrities that do all the symbolism and hand signs but its really the modern day satanic occult…. They are pagans. Just doing their part at ushering in their satanic new world order one world government… Damn globalist elites.

  2. Pat Patterson once made the mistake of “hitting on” Dr. D in a locker room. Then Dr. D called Patterson a “queer”, and he raped him.

  3. i love this show from morton downy jr and the people back then were awesome, cause they weren't wasting their time every second of their life with some stupid cell phone, like total idiots today, that's what I think


  5. Boy that thunderbolt was a notorious stonewaller goldbricker and no show ..and add race baiter to boot..try cover it up with god and you got a self righteous piece of shirt

  6. I'm watching this and all I can think of is, Vince McMahon has only cared about money and control. He hung the greatest champion for the "old ways" out to dry. Dr. D deserved better after the Stossel slaps.

  7. I about lost it when Pauly got on the phone. You got to love Paul Heyman they could not have had a better call in

  8. Here's the news Dr D worshippers: Your god Schultz was lying to protect a gay sexual predator. He bladed. Nobody thinks professional wrestling is real. Jim Wilson was telling the truth. So was Thunderbolt Patterson. Your messiah got shut down by an audience member. And Dr Mean-Spirited Bully broke kayfabe just like all the other knuckledraggers on this show.

  9. This show is fucken crazy the host is smoking ciggerts yealling at his guest and the people who are there live telling them to shut up I wanted someone to KO his ass so bad VIVA BOXING 👊

  10. I saw this show when it originally aired !! It was a very spirited conversation to say the least !! Shultz and albano were so worked up!! That Jim Wilson kept his cool the whole time despite the very hostile environment he found himself in!! It was impressive! He had truth and reality on his side and there was no need to back it up with melodrama like the others were doing ! He just chose the wrong time and place to divulge the secret workings of the industry !!

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