MMA Grappling & Takedowns : Under Hook Throw Wrestling Technique

MMA Grappling & Takedowns : Under Hook Throw Wrestling Technique

The next throw that I’m going to do is from
an under hook. First we’ll actually work the same position that we’ve been working before.
I like grabbing the wrist. The whole part of this throw is I want to turn my feet so
I can get my whole hip involved. If I don’t turn my feet I only get half of it. This way
I get my whole leg to kick out. I’m turning my feet and I’m cutting them right here at
the hip. When you’re turning your foot, right here, kick at the hip and I’m getting my throw.
I’m going to do it from square one right now. You’re taking side. This is more of a Judo
oriented throw, but you can pull it off. I’m going up, cutting up the leg. I’ll do it for
you right now. Sometimes I like being here you can look for an arm bar right away or
another submission. We’ll do it one more for you at a different angle. You’re coming in
kicking, taking side. This is a real common Judo throw that you can use in other forms
of MMA and grappling.


  1. shut up lad22nd. cgc and mma are the same thing, the only differnce is scenario, if you ACTUALLY trained (rather than watch youtube videos and pretend to) you wouldn't say you trained jui jitsu AND mma, because if you train mma, jui jitsu is implied. stop being a c**t. if you like this stuff and want credit, do it.

  2. did any of u see the fight were fedor the BEST mma fighter in the world got suplexed on his head? i tot it was going to be the first death in mma world!! but ths is fedor we r talking about he is an absolute brute of a man haha HAIL FEDOR!!!!

  3. A few things, first I commend you for trying to adapt judo techniques to no gi grappling, something I am working on as well.

  4. Second , visualize this for me, your opponents feet are the base of an equilateral triangle, step with your right foot pointed straight forward. Your left foot back steps parallel to your right ( as if both were on the same line) so that the space between your feet is at the top of the equilateral triangle.

  5. This gives your partner enough space to lose his balance without hitting you, and because your right foot is pointed forwards before the pivot, you are forced to bend your knees and get below his center of gravity. Third,take care not to bend your swinging leg at any point in the throw, this splits your power and can be remedied by pointing your toe (Like you are punting a football) throughout the legs range of motion.

  6. Try it, punt the football and swing the leg straight back so that when your swinging leg passes you support leg they are within a few inches of each other. Off balance, entry, execution.

  7. He forgot to say to throw your right arm across. If you don't do that it won't work. Especially against a heavier guy.

  8. I can get this throw in Judo/randori (gi)matches, but, can't seem to nab it at my freestyle club(no gi) matches….any suggestions?

  9. move your left foot in with a big hope has you turn in , aim your left foot between his feet. un like this vid

  10. when you throw make sur that you head turn around and your upper body it more easy for the takedown and it still working better

  11. If ur into wrestiling I recommend going into a russion insted of underhook easyer 2 get a take down nd you have more control nd if u do a correct take Down they'll go to there backs

  12. im 210 6ft3 and i had to fight this big ass guy at school 6ft 311! i tried to throw him buthe ended up falling on me and i had to submit him with an omoplata cuz i do bjj so i knew the right stuff luckily lol

  13. except the underhook is grabbing his shoulder.. my sensei told me.. as a small guy to watch out not to get it pinned .. but for a nogi harai goshi it's alright, but for a hane goshi or a sloppy harai goshi it's tough.. the further the grip to the body the harder to take down.. like hiza guruma, or kosoto gari.. the kuzushi is strongly stress.. i think boxing movements or traditional chamber work.. plus the hip bumping, compared to those of a hip throw.. though haraigoshi is a hip throw..

  14. destroy his driver leg.. destroy his balance.. and his grip..good setup for your atk..make sure to nullify his hip from bumping you.. if all else has failed.. thats the counter… especially for uchimata.. inside leg hipthrow

  15. yes. stay close safely.. don't let him counter you.. if you kuzushi him/her especially by motion.. even a shorter person can take down a taller, or even larger person with this throw… that or get pinned.. i've seen it.. maybe you have too. if you get close enough, and keep the motion that he doesn't under hook you.. you are safe.. unless.. he/she lifts you.. or headlocks you.. stay close safely. if you over hook.. it's also a chance for a throw..overhook,sweep, under hook trap.. him..kuzushi

  16. this is a very good move and a very common position that you bring your self into a fight..i wish it is affective cause every time i have used this move into a fight the other person only lost control of his balance just for a while..

  17. 100% commitment to the throw. If you don't put your whole body into it (especially your hips) it wont be as smooth as it can be.

    That and LOTS of practise.

  18. iv found its much better to get specialised vids. theres too much in mma to get a good MMA instructional dvd. Get seperate ones for wrestling ju jitsu thai and boxing so you get as much info as possible on all ranges rather thn all of it crammed into one

  19. @cptprice14 This is a judo throw actually it's a yellow belt move if you want to know how i know this i was a green belt before i quit.

  20. I take Karate, I'm thinking about Taking Judo or Jujitsu. Any advice for which of those two to take along with Karate?

  21. @ghostkid432 judo is a branch off of jujitsu, but it comes in two forms the sport oriented which tags well with wrestling, or the kata oriented which would tag better with karate, it also depends on the club, but to be more martial arts focused, a I would go with jujitsu since that covers a wider spectrum of martial art technique, but for a well rounded fighter I would do sport judo

  22. im sorry and im a first year jr. high wrestler who needs help… but im wondering if this is legal or not becuase i barely know the rules and if anyone culd get back to me on this i wuld greatly appreciate it

  23. This doesn't work on anybody who is quick enough to realize you are bringing your leg forward to generate momentum. Even if the opponent has a stable base, this won't work. You have to pull them off balance first and basically let them fall over your hip.

  24. @jamesbigmac75
    not really your legg when it hits they can be in perfect balance and it will still do the same thing.

  25. i did this 1 of my friends during our lil backyard mma fights. and somehow ended up in a reverse armbar like with his stomach to the ground. sighhhh i shouldve just stuck to my chuck liddel and wrestle'd in reverse while whoopin his ass (faster strikes+great wrestling+long reach advantage=LOSER!) but nooo i hadd to try a fancy takedown for samantha sighhh.

  26. @areon912 hahahh dude that's the best story i've heard in a while 🙂 at least you had the balls to give it a shot though

  27. this will help me big in my mma trainging… i am 16 and i have 2 years b4 my first fight and im trying to learn as much as i can as fast as i can if u have any training vids give me the names of them

  28. @15psykos none of your trainers can't show you this? don't train based off of videos if you already have a trainer cuz it'll just fuck your fighting game/strategy up. Empty your cup, and start with nothing so you may learn more.

  29. @silversteel09 yes it is… also arm triangles and body triangles (look those up if you want a few dirty wrestling moves) the arm triangle chokes them and prevents them from rolling to their stomach.

  30. @truthfulmind LOL ow yes you can…you dont need to have your hands JUST like that….you can grab his neck and do that…its the same

  31. You would have to hit that move fast! You're off balance, if someone sees that coming they could throw you on your ass… 😛

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