MMA Grappling & Takedowns : Scissor Takedown in MMA Training

MMA Grappling & Takedowns : Scissor Takedown in MMA Training

I’m going to show you a scissor take down.
These are really risky, but they are really flashy and they’re really fun to pull off.
I’m getting my under hook, I’m popping it up. This time I’m actually going to put my
foot right here. I like to post on the mat, because I’m a big guy. I’m kicking this leg
behind his knee. I’m taking my heel hook right off that. In wrestling you will get called
for this because it’s a little risky to do. Be careful when you practice it. I’m going
to the side, I’m popping up, posting on the mat and this leg, this knee, is going to go
behind his leg and I’m looking for my submission right off there. I’m going to do it one more
time for you, a little faster. That is a flying leg scissor.


  1. Nice, wish more people would try more flashy takedowns like this in mma. like the jumping version even better.

  2. look good loosing? the only realstic way i could see people losing from this is if they end up in a bad position off the scramble. which should'nt really happen as most fighters go for takedowns because they are better than their opponant on the floor. wud'nt u agree??

  3. This is a scissor takedown I'd do playing around with my buddies in the yard. Not something I'd do in self defence, or a fight. I wouldn't even do this during a serious training session at the gym. Its kinda… Sissy-fied.

  4. This works well in BJJ tournys especially those who have a WICKED Kneebar. And there's nothing sissy about his move.

  5. i dont like jiu-jitsu to practice myself, i am more like wushu/ muay thai more action, but that doesnt takes away that i think jiu-jitsu is bad , they have alott god techniques

  6. there was no point in showing this video because people will try this at home and if just one bit of it goes wrong BAM their fucked forever

  7. hell i did it. Me and this guy who was a fellow marine had a fight on the street. It was for fun, but damn, i caught him off guard

    Took MMA for 7 years and BJJ before being recruited for the Marines

  8. very true grappling is soooo much more dangerous than any striking form boxing, kickboxing etc. they make it soo safe with mats and tons of rules and refs, but if you fought a dude on the street who was a champion submission wrestler he could dislocated and tear your joints outa the socket and no ref would stop him and the greco slams and judo throws would be lethal on wood, asphalt, concrete, brick wtva.

  9. @odin23581
    You need to be more specific, Jiu jiutsu and BJJ are two different things, you cant call jiu jiutsu overrated if you appreciate judo becuase that is where its founder jigoro kano got his ideas, you can call brazilian jiu jiutsu that but do some research before you make statments like that

  10. @directorbeau
    no, because there is an agreement between both people it isn't really frowned upon, he's been in lots of fights but everyone was willing

  11. @odin23581
    it all depends to be honest, someone who really knows what they are doing can do a submission extremely quickly and get back on their feet, there are also standing submissions that aren't as risky, i dont believe jiu juitsu is overrated at all. i do think that people dont pay as much attention or credit to other forms of grappling as they should but jui juitsu is very efficient

  12. And what will happen if mike tyson gives you a right straight punch with no gloves?? you will be dead my friend.

  13. @JTBCP Completely agree mate. But I always request that nobody try to use throws / submissions / takedowns etc. in a real life situation "ever" no matter how much experience they have. Especially in a crowded area (where most problems occur, pubs, parties etc.). More than likely if you actually manage to take someone down their friend/s watching from the sides will be more than happy to smack you over the head with a brick or anything they can grab. Grappling etc. Is fun, but way too risky

  14. @tylerjm35 he is doing it step by step and very slowly showing us, but in a real match it would take the guy down within seconds.

  15. @UnFoRGiiV3N I train martial arts in high school . both jiu jitsu and kenpo karate, a guy in my grade got cocky and try to land a huge right haymaker, i jumped in… used 2 ridge hands on pressure points in his arm (kenpo) and switched to a kimura (bjj) and slammed his ass, then transiton to a armbar and had him whining like a girl… so wild tenages are the easiest to use thi on

  16. @universalpopper I learned BJJ just for the simple fact that alot of people I know do mma and some are nasty pieces of work, the thought of fighting one of those guys who knows BJJ outside a not a nice thought , I used to be a boxer and for years that kept people at bay but now you got people that will just take you down and pound you… you have to adapt to your hostile enviroments these days..
    im a blue belt now in bjj and a good boxer…im resonably safe lol

  17. @universalpopper Tru but a boxer could knock you out and just keep hitting you until your Brain damage with no ref

  18. arent you supposed to not hook your leg bet put it straight across your belt line??? and then go behind both knees??? and that post thing is dangerous cuz when i do that to people who know it they try to extend they're legs or fall forward, and there is a chance you could snap that arm if you fell

  19. @garra98 not so much that they got hit so hard but so often…look at the punch stats of a 12 round title fight…

  20. @shizamza You can do that too, but hooking his leg is also a very legit variation. You do it to stop him from instantly countering with a heel hook of his own. There's also a whole series of moves from that position, like scissors into laced legs and Victor's roll into kneebar. There's a guy on youtube called sambosteve who goes through all that in closer detail, look him up.

  21. @universalpopper Don't discount striking so easily, one good punch in the throat is enough to crush anybodys windpipe which will quickly lead to death unless the paramedics can reinflate your trachea. Grappling is dangerous to though.

  22. @universalpopper dude that and wtf happens if the dude wants you dead and he gets a choke or a crank lol snap

  23. @universalpopper dude that and wtf happens if the dude wants you dead and he gets a choke or a crank lol snap
    but you gota be a full fighter

  24. One of my trainings partner got caught by one today, now his leg is broken. (It was in practise, some new guy did it.) I'm always scared of flying scissors..

  25. Probably the only good videos on ExpertVillage. This guy doesn't go into science, hes very straight forward how to do it.

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