1. do an intermediate section for follow ups. single leg take downs are VERY vulnerable to knee bars. Hip tosses to far side arm bars. ETC.

  2. this is just a rotation of your weight, one of the easiest finishes to a single leg takedown in wrestling. i dont know if you could do the other finishes i do in wrestling in MMA but, i rarely do this one. i like to be fancy =]

  3. in doing so the guy in the green will effectively take him self down as for the punches yes he can punch but he is going to the ground there are lots of better defenses for this teqnique go learn some jitz =D

  4. why they don't that more often in the ufc then? headlock and "punch them in the face"? YOU LOSE BALANCE WHEN YOU NEED IT THE MOST; IT'S STUPID.

  5. i think its ok to throw occasional punches when trying to defend a single leg but only if there is the opportunity to. like if you manage to stay up after your opponent has failed at an attempt to finish the takedown and they have to readjust their position. throwing constant punches is not a good idea as you will loose balance when trying to put your weight behind them unless your sm1 like BJ Penn.

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