MMA Fighters try Women's Self-Defense techniques

MMA Fighters try Women's Self-Defense techniques

play this is Ramsey do we have JX Fight Club I'm the enemy coach here this is one of my students Nils and today we are going to try out some techniques from a self-defense video that we saw on the internet and we're really excited to see how these techniques work against a resisting opponent all right here we go what's up guys my name is Lena Marti here with rip fitness to teach you guys a few moves on self-defense pinhole so you want to block you want to kick him away as you roll he's got my wrist so I'm going to produce against your legs and go in and resist me have said gee what if we will really fight okay that's exhausting I didn't have much success maybe Nils will do better kind of put my mouth throw it on for this one wrist hole kind of talk really fast nearer your hands and you're going to grab underneath them you're going to rotate and you're going to bring this hip forward and you're going to power out this way okay we're going to try the wrists hold escape all right you're going to give me some resistance here doesn't work out too well knows you want to give it a try so grab my wrist over this off okay maybe we're doing a wrong yeah let's go so many so this end over the top let's swing dancing maybe okay I'm bound and determined to get this this wrist escape thing to work because I know the internet will never lie to us let's write again Nils anything okay hills uh hills has some experience with other martial arts especially martial arts to deal with risk control so if you have any other ideas holy crap that working really well I did not see that coming Tron choke you want to grab their wrist and you want to kind of pull down you want to drive right knee left knee whatever you think is stronger into their stomach okay we're going to attempt the defense against that two-handed rape jokes wish me luck okay maybe maybe nose will have more much maybe one more time you showed me strong grip on the truck bear hug you grab their hands from underneath you sit heel goes right into their foot step out of it and talk away okay so far we're not doing too well but we're going to attempt an escape when somebody is there hugging you from the back of your arms on the inside go ahead so I'm doing three stomp the foot make sure there is this nose stop the outside attack you want to block first and then you want to strike with the opposite or this next technique we're gonna use our mouth guards and and boxing gloves because we want to test these out against live resistance we want to find out will these actually work in a real fight so Mills is actually going to be drawing live punches at me while I attempt to use this this self-defense technique wish me luck don't swing what's far gotta go you know it kind of seems like fighting is more complicated than just one part while you're walking home hold your keys in your hand just in case you ever get attacked you can use that as a weapon to get away okay so this video talks about keys as a weapon and doesn't really tell you how to do it now from a lot of videos on the internet about self-defense I've seen people tell you to intertwine fingers and keys in this elaborate fashion like so like you're like you're a discount Wolverine with your claws like so now couple of problems with this one it'll take you way too long to intertwine keys in your fingers and make out that took me like 30 seconds half a minute to do that second I start punching I hit anything the first thing that happens is those keys will fold back and cut into my fist I will do more damage to me than to my opponent there's something better how long did it take me to put this key in this position right and why is this better because now the key is braced against my bone it's become an effective stabbing tool it's come out over here so got nails right here I'm not going to stab them but with this right here braced against there you'll notice he's going to move because that's a sharp pointy metal thing poking into them now imagine if I start throwing punches with that that turns a what would be a white belt punch into a black hole one simply brace against the thumb so if someone's trying to mug you that suggestion would be throw your wallet on the floor and run in the opposite direction so they don't attack you and they just grab the wall give me your money hey your shoe's to filling your pockets get back here don't get some clothes man slowly show me what's in there take off the jack give me the whole thing hurry and the shoes and the shoes when you're holding your pocketbook hold it on your weaker side so you can strike with your stronger arm when you're being attacked or this less technique she says when you hold your pocketbook hold it in your weak am so that you can strike with your strong hand as your assailant runs past let's give that a try maybe I wasn't fast enough let's try that again walking walking I'm not having a lot of success for this nose you want to give it a try here you hold that with your weak side you know I kind of get the feeling that you don't really have enough reaction time if somebody surprises you and snatches something out of your hand and then Sprint's off immediately to mount an effective offense and hit them with a bunch when they've already moved that range I don't know maybe maybe we're just doing the techniques wrong what do you guys think leave a comment down below take a fighting class and learn how to bike thanks for watching now get out there and train


  1. maybe that women expected the rapist is a queer or some wibu that doesnt have much energy in their body

  2. To be fair – in that first one you could just start kicking the attacker in the balls – which is probably a much better option.

  3. I would like to see other actual techniques that video was done horribly hopefully women chose a different source that the video they critiqued.

  4. Funny thing, I know where that "instructor" lady was basing her moves off. But i'm willing to bet she saw it on a bus while half asleep about 10 years ago.

  5. Different tools for different rules and they not all work only if they work for you then use them at your advantage

  6. Everybody is commenting on the video and bashing self-defense video it's easy to display something as not being effective when you're completely focused on that one specific area but in a fight there is a beginning a middle in the end and everything happens fast it all depends on the user and how your opponent attacks you and timing in the right moment a fight is fast and unpredictable you never know really how something is going to unfold if something is going to work so it's easy for them to to sit here in the video and two completely focused on one technique the guy already knows what he's going to do so he knows to put on Resistance but when you're in a fight a person doesn't know how much force is necessarily coming how much resistance is necessarily coming and a person doesn't put that much focus on one thing in a fight oh wait let me focus on grabbing his ankle and putting all of my attention and focus and strength on his ankle in a fight you just have to be quick you have to take the opportunities when they arise and you just have to do the best that you can and be fast at responding to whatever happens and executing whatever it is you're going to do really quick so it's easy to make a video and two say that somebody else's techniques or moves don't work what don't work for you may work for somebody else. Somebody else's fight is not the same as your fight

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