MMA Fighters Try Women’s Self-Defense: episode #10 Wrist Control!

MMA Fighters Try Women’s Self-Defense: episode #10 Wrist Control!

I had a problem so I turned to the Internet for some answers how to defend myself against women women are getting better and better at jujitsu at boxing at striking at grappling and choking people out even better than Master Wong ever could they are a threat and men need to learn to defend themselves look at Karen for example look at her ability to take me down at will how can I stop this woman that low single amazing those guard passes unstoppable look at the way she's able to take my back spinning like she's playing with me right into the rear naked choke clearly these women are dangerous and they need to be stopped but it was the wrist grab all along I knew it it suddenly dawned on me that Karen's ability to take me down was based on wrist control look at this I've got her wrists in response she grabs my wrist and then is able to lock up a two-on-one arm drag to a penetration step securing the takedown if I could break her grip right here then I could stop this from happening good thing pure motion Fitness is on my side to shut this all right yeah that looks pretty simple but I might need another Plan B just in case that one doesn't work an armbar man everyone on the Internet keeps telling me I need to be more open-minded about other martial arts so I guess I'll try it you've gotta be kidding me okay open-minded just be open-minded let's give it a try all right so I've got Michael here today he's one of the wrestling coaches here at the J X Fight Club and he's bigger and stronger than me so probably a fair assessment of how well this technique might work so Mike go ahead and grab my wrist hold on really tight don't let me go okay okay now Mike he has not seen this technique before so I may surprise him with it are you ready okay okay I'm cranking pretty hard right here but it doesn't seem to be working with us right the old arrests no cheating in using two hands okay and that takes a lot of strength more strength than I actually have I think I'm gonna have to go back to the weight section do some curls in order to pull that one off all right Mike's gonna grab my shoulder really firmly apparently a very dangerous position and I'm going to strip this rip off with one hand as shown in the video and and let me try two hands his hand doesn't seem to be moving oh let's try on the other side all right it seems that he's just a bit too strong and I'm just a bit too weak to do this with one hand I'm really gonna have to work these guns to make that work I think I'd have to be actually stronger than him to make this work what do you think like out the time the probably stronger than one hi interesting and they still no no not man curl bro parole parole oh cool curl bro will you're just the guy wanted to see because I was just finding out the self defense technique but it seems like my biceps are just way too weak to make it work do you think you could help me out you came to the right place because curl fro knows how to curl No prepare for an epic training montage yeah so what are we going to do first first we're gonna do some pinch curls all right so I pick this up and done no bro you gotta curl the bench of course that's right now do a thousand are you sure come on bro is always sure about curls bro okay bro now we're gonna do the dip station all right whoa whoa bro what are you doing oops no no you got a curl it of course everythingís curls that's right now – mm yeah three four more don't worry I'll keep counting five so many girls so many curls everything is curls okay bro it's time for the squat rack oh cool look like Dave whoa whoa what are you doing crowd squats no this is for curls crows wings for them yeah of course what is the squat rack for except curls okay – mm OH man it takes hours what are we doing next girl bro we're gonna do the boxing bag okay cool what lumps right here bro what are you doing with those flips no for the punching bag we don't punch it we curl it bro oh yeah okay okay seems it's a pretty light you're gonna do ten thousand okay okay okay bro there's no such thing as cheating if it's a curl make sure you throw your hips and back into it yeah that's right don't isolate those muscle groups great form you've got about 9,000 to go right okay bro time for a water break so thirsty whoa whoa what what are you doing bro you got a curl then oh right it's pretty light so you want to do about 20,000 of these I can feel it oh yeah okay both sides yeah we'll do 20,000 on together actually I've got a custom 5kg toothbrush at home I curl it you know what I'm rushing like you get one of those man yeah they're sweet it's how you get like really veiny yeah vascular vascular vascularity helps us treat self-defense I'm pretty sure totally having defined you know defined biceps is definitely a plus with self-defense totally I think you might be ready to defend yourself bro at least your biceps are thanks curl bro no problem remember curly 200 okay hi Karen I'm ready for a rematch go ahead and grab my wrist my other wrist okay let's see if I can break Karen's grip with my new and improved right let's try my left arm and it just did a bunch of curls with that right there eh huh it's almost like I'm drilling against the strong part of her arm there instead of the weaker part let's take a more serious analytical look at each of the pure motion Fitness self-defense techniques featured in this video starting with the wrist sweep turning the hand both toward the thumb and against the thumb ready try the sweep just that was like roughly the equivalent of I'd say a 30 kilo dumbbell curl maybe hold on we take now let's try the other way now going as foam is definitely easier but it requires me to be stronger than character okay well let's see if can pull this off so first to go against all with all of my fingers hard as you can I'll try it the other way that's why why would you say this is not working what's stopping you what you say the grip is too strong yeah here come you know even though I'm a bigger and stronger this it's it's not the easiest thing to do against the thumb and I can do it because your income stronger this side is easy if I brought two against one and the rest easier just fighting with one hand knowing that first thing I wanna do is trap that hand so we're gonna go outside first into an arm bar up above that elbow so we can take control of our attacker our opponent second one same side wrist peel go ahead reaching in so we're gonna go around the thumb here bend that wrist back into our opponent and down towards the ground as soon as our faces below my hip on the winner all right Aaron you ready to try some bad eggs you know okay put wrist right there and just give me some firm pressure there so let's see here I going to we peel this off I made it look so easy they weren't wearing ghee is another one hold on but how I got I got this keeping him pretending okay let's try to get maybe maybe the other side your other arm Karen there we go better give me some firm pressure don't just let go so rotating happened in the self defense potato okay let's try video hey let's see if you can't read it your tripod this site maybe maybe grab this one put pressure on the elbow at the same time maybe even a little bit but we're doing it differently the maestro in the video how we could possibly make this work so instead of trying to arm wrestle the guy maybe so instead of trying to manipulate handstands cuz that's a that's a context to to stronger if we rotate a body in Russian two-on-one there for example different thing what else didn't have so cross plenty get that right so she was teaching set up a wrist lock the thumb and peel it off with the hands hold on really tight don't nobody had that so essentially hand fight grip with the hands I think you let me have that too easily yeah and this is a legitimate wrist lock and see if you can so why can't you get the hippo yeah I'm pregnant I think so what stronger your hand in my hand yeah so what should we probably use instead for hands to fight somebody's hand what should we use instead of the hands to fight somebody's hand exactly so yeah so instead of trying to peel it off with my hands how about no expose our back all the way so if I rotate my shoulder now I can get that response right there but don't give up the back right there so just the shoulder keep my eyes on the target no I'll try this one so just pop that shoulder okay never keep the eyes up here now now you're gonna die screw snack then we have hammer grip we call it so we're gonna do rolling elbows so if my arms are in between my shoulders here want to trap one hand doesn't matter which side I do that called the count Chuck yeah Count Dracula to the face I told my kids so wrists up straight towards our opponent we can jump in for a strike that we want you for that elbow down towards our hips so that'll break that grip every time and you say it works on Kevin right now so if I have my wrist outside my shoulders I'm gonna go inside rolling elbow so I want to bring that elbow straight up break that grip elbow down towards the face that'll definitely your opponent so this next technique is supposed to accomplish two things one break the grip to strike your opponent with the elbows so she's grabbing my my hands right here stiff-arming me supposed to grab my own hand for some reason if I put some power in there hold on tackler if I decide now it's neither breaking her grip nor is it getting close enough to hit every now she also showed bring the elbow up like this hold on tight there and it's not breaking the grip and it's not hitting rather hair do you have short arms maybe maybe even reach so arms up go ahead see if you can pull off that elbow break the grip or hit me more both yeah I would say that's a no on both accounts what do you think next is called a bear hug someone reaching from behind so if he's grasping here my arms and I'm stuck here I want to step to the outside back stop his knee right here that's gonna knock him off balance I'm gonna take my elbows and come straight up towards his face knock him off balance work okay Karen's gonna bear hug me from behind I'm gonna try to back step and hit her with my elbow give me some resistance care of them I don't have a voice to stand on right there what's a baby Dravid is this again I'll tread on the other side maybe that was just a weak side maybe some smaller let you do it seems like a puts you over here let's overhook the arms here okay I would say doesn't see what you're working on sir welcome okay we're gonna try this back step thing one more time Karen's going to give me some violent resistance this time while I try the back step okay let's take my back it's almost as if putting myself in that position puts me at a very vulnerable place yeah we're gonna put some violence in your violence Karen [Applause] so put myself way out here of my center of gravity right there how much you throw me I'm putting myself over here it's like giving somebody over well what should you do instead how about follow your instincts right here it's completely unrehearsed Karen is asked to do exactly what she would do if grabbed by the wrist or grabbed by the shoulder in real life and she likes takedowns she's practiced him quite a bit she's pretty good at them but hey here's another option somebody puts their hand on your shoulder you don't like it walk away not that hard somebody grabs your wrists follow your instinct sometimes that's better than trying to do a pre rehearsed bunch of nonsense from a self-defense video I had a little muscle never hurts nobody ever really does this to me in real life so go do something you do at the gym double legs the power of going limp dropping down turn yourself into dead weight and then turning that into a single leg is tremendous it's very difficult to lift dead weight and from that dead weight position you can turn it into a single leg takedown oh hey thanks for watching now get out there and train


  1. You really enjoy disrespecting other people don't you? Does it make you feel better putting other people down to make up for the fact that you are just a mediocre fighter with a record of 3-4?

  2. I like it how they use thier full strength to test out the moves of they actually work. They are tons of dojo/karate schools cheating people and stealing thier money.

  3. Those movements are taught in ninjutsu and as far as I know it works without any problem.

    But maybe is because of the sweat in the wrist what make it easy

  4. Lol those techniques only work if you’ve softened your opponent… if you don’t you’ll be trying to strongarm your way out every time and won’t stand a chance

  5. The problem with the dead weight approach is that it can turn an uncomfortable bear hug into a dangerous neck hug. Someone doing that should at least protect themselves first. Alternatively, do what is illegal in MMA, 2 hands beats 1 finger.

  6. I noticed they’re all fitness instructors teaching Kung Fu 😂 … I’ll take my chances with Master Wong 🤣🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. not gonna lie i've used that wrist thing pretty effectively against wrist control always involved my whole body and was more explosive in the movement but same basic motions

  8. When you notice Jordan walking around with the knife held in the hand, with a poker face in the background. You know shit's about to go down.

  9. 17:42 if you notice her leg position Ramsay, they are resisting her upper body movement, which in a way is throwing her off balance. And I feel she was too stationary at totally turning her shoulders, felt like she was using har hands and elbows more. It kinda felt like very forced or akward compared to how you demonstrated, which looked so organic. Mybe I am just rambling, I donno, I just feel it. Correct me if I am wrong.

  10. at a quick glance I thought your profile picture initially looked like a butt naked girl spreading her arms wide with one leg raised LoL.. but it was just you doing a handstand with split legs and the back of your bald head looked like ass cheeks haha.. I can't not unsee it now!

  11. On a more serious note, half of it doesn't work because they aren't doing it properly.
    you shouldn't be trying to muscle it, just as they show in the video, use your entire body.

  12. Don’t know how many times I’ve seen girls practice moves like these on me. I always ask them what were you taught. Most occasions it’s like this. Thanks for making this video. Real explanations of what moves mean and what’s missing.

  13. Well against an average person with some quick movements it can help. Obviously not against a trained fighter who is expecting it.

  14. At 17:20 she constantly keeps moving her elbow and shoulder above his arm instead of moving it into his arm to get some leverage. If she is a blackbelt and knows so little about leverage, that's shocking. That implyies that she gas learned tons of techniques without ever UNDERSTANDING how and why they are supposed to work.

  15. I decided self defense is bullshit. Just avoid fights. To avoid fights, avoid being an asshole, and also avoid asshole gathering spots, such as bars with cheap drinks or sports memorabilia. If anything made be believe in the Law of Attraction, it is my martial arts experience. I noticed the most obsessive people either caused more aggressions, or had way more confontations than any normal person should. If you think about violence while training, it will surely find you. Be mindful of your intention because what is in your mind and heart of hearts when you train is the same as prayer and it makes a huge difference. I don't think about fighting ever if I can help it. It's a little esoteric trick that has kept me safe for a long time. Let your light fight

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