MMA Fighters Try Women’s Self-Defense #13 Wheels on the Bus!

MMA Fighters Try Women’s Self-Defense #13 Wheels on the Bus!

so today we're talking about how to escape if someone has you trapped up against the wall this is going to be a little bit more of an advanced self-defense move a little bit more serious here so from here I'm gonna take my inside foot and step outside here this is gonna allow me to turn my hips so with my hands technique is called wheels on the bus for the kids so all I'm gonna do keep my hands up against the wall turn my torso bringing him into the wall from here I have strikes from here strikes to the throat I can deliver kicks to the shin and escape so that's a whole purpose is to get out of these situations so we're gonna try another women's self-defense technique from our friends at pure motion fitness in this scenario I've got my hands pinned up against the wall so he's pressed him tightly up against the wall go ahead exactly yes now we're gonna bark through this just to show that we know how she did it so this guy's not operated without a carpal tunnel step behind people turn this back is against the wall in the night or whatever let me tada I win exactly so now we're going to have some resistance okay stand up – just to say we're about the same size yeah yeah okay similar strength okay now we're assuming this is going to work against a larger person attacking a smaller person female okay so if I can't pull it off visit I'm high probability a smaller person or people let's try that all right I'll sit behind okay yes that kind of put my back up against the wall okay the other button okay all right and you say 30% yeah I'm actually going to take maybe 10% just like what why is this stretching out there okay goodbye baby the problem is that we're not going a hundred percent mm-hmm okay let's do it a hug okay ready and what hospital back and forth a little like this okay rich I don't know I would love to be defending yourself the thing is my arms are stretched out here and I'm trying to outmuscle and I'm trying to arm wrestle his arms away and an arm wrestling contest whoever stronger is going to win and if he's stronger I will lose every time so it's a similar situation like if I've got my arms up here separated from my body here push them down so then just pull them down to the floor I'm gonna try to keep them up when I can right but if I keep my hands here now pull it down now it's very difficult for him to move my arms cuz they're tight to the body so he had arms out here yeah that situation so instead of trying to fight his arms what might be a better idea here I'll show you one actually actually using mixed martial arts as well no we're never gonna end up in this position in a cage fight as the competent fighters but this will still work you need to take the foot and I'm gonna kick off kick it off the wall okay if I don't want to be pitted there let's try that again give me some resistance right same spin my arms struggling with the arms useless spun weaker the plinth one of these flip my head now potentially get a reversal here right so number two here Clint yeah not seizing his legs not just his arms yeah if you need more leverage bury your head right in the neck right in the chest yeah yeah here come on over here so we got these cage panels here's how I would use this in a cage bite now obviously we're not gonna have to arm straight out but we will be in a clinch all right a lot of times you're in a cleansing against pushing up against the cage and it's hard to get off there and there's some things you can do like use the same idea right on the same side where I have the under hook I'm gonna kick off here and more sturdy the cage is better now I can buy them and get this rehearsal see us from this side okay so I tell you what one minute of life grappling against the real resisting person is worth any number of hours of self-defense videos so get on the mats do yourself a favor take a fighting class learn how to fight thanks for watching again the Lone Eagle some other cage fighting yes thanks for watching now get out there drink


  1. I am a fan of the techniques of, spit in face then high kicky nuts. The idea is to kick in that moment the eyes closed from spit going into them.

  2. If you watch a women's self defense technique that doesn't involve running at the first opportunity, you can bet the rest is bullshit

  3. You scream “Let got of my purse!!!!” “i dont know you” then knee to the groin!!! Knee to the groin!!!!

  4. So much for a BS, yeah I'm sure that will work when a larger guy is using all his weight against a smaller person who weights way less. I never understood these BS how to get raped techniques. Like seriously if some one grabbed you like he grabbed her just knee the person in the groins. Simplest and easiest thing to do, and that would work and hurt unlike these "hey look at this cool Steven Seagalish technique".

    4:10; thats exactly what I mean. Look at Ramseys leg, it's in the perfect spot for a knee to the groins strike. And look at his head and his opponents head, Ramsey could easily bite the other guy in the neck, he could probably rip right trough his artery. People are so full of shit with their crappy ass techniques. This crap should be off the internet. You know Youtube is going to censor down Nazi channels and Hollocaust deniers on YouTube, they should do the same with these McChannels.

  5. Interesting self defense situation usually it's hard work for women self defense the women has to be alot strong to fight an attacker in reality in the movies they fight the best but in reality they have to be in martial arts or MMA to handle situations in the streets.

  6. But why? You are pretty safe with your back covered by a wall. His Hands are busy holding you. Add some of your weight to his arms, stay calm and continue waiting!
    That is a stalemate! Learn Chess, told you so! All about moves that work, on the streets, in a park, even while it is raining and blind folded. 😊

  7. What move does the woman make when the sociopathic rapist/murderer gets mad and starts crushing his fist into her skull?

  8. I think i've seen this in Buffy: The vampire slayer. I mean, she's fighting on dem streetz so it should work!

  9. The fact that women make these videos shows the level of delusion some of these females are living under. Unfortunately this will get women killed if they are dumb enough to buy into this.

  10. Perhaps it is just me, but wasn't the whole point of turning her hips so that she WOULDN'T be fighting force against force? She seems to be looking to turn her torso and arms in a circle perpendicular to the opponent's arms, working to their weakest point. Honestly, the motion reminds me a lot of Judo.

    There are other reasons it wouldn't work of course, like the opponent not just standing waiting for you to perform your technique, but still. I'm not convinced by this one.

  11. ramseys technique is more effective, but what is next? Then another problem starts there because the man you push will hug you and pin you down into floor.
    Maybe kicking in shin and balls will be effective…. maybe?

  12. That stupid fucking bitch should be banned from the internet. She is teaching women how to seriously get fucked up and killed. What a fucking moron.

  13. The starting position is very weak. Also escaping with a cross step is possible only with enough space, and this might not be the case when you are against the wall. The Good thing is that he uses two hands to hold you, so he cannot easily avoid a Low strike such as a Low kick or knee, which in this case is a perfect distraction to divert his attention from pushing you. From there I think you can do a few different things

  14. Precisely. Still, I would add that the aggressor cannot close body distance without weakening the pin. Try it. When the center of mass gets close, the advantage drops. Meaning, the space will likely be maintained if the arms are to stay pinned. Ok, so why kick off the wall? Kick the aggressors center out. Or no?

  15. I like how the attackers of women are always gentlemen that are not really attacking her.
    What does pinning someone against a wall even do? In order to strike he has to release an arm first.

  16. If all else fails just scream your being "oppressed" and sjw's should come to your aid with their outrage screams.

  17. I especially like the last bit. "The same principle". That is an important aspect a lot of MA especially those who doesn't do a lot of sparring forget. We are doing fancy techniques etc. but we often forget the reason why we are doin them. Because they fulfill a specific principle which is important in that moment of a fight. Be it sparring , be it self defence or poit sparring.

    Good job Ramsey! Could you speak more about "key principle" and stuff….

  18. Hey! My notifications say Ramsey put out another video! Let me just cl…………👀👀👀. That thumbnail tho….

  19. Wait! It’s because you’re not a real woman. Everyone knows that only women have power in their hips, that’s why nobody wants to watch a guy twerk 😂

  20. you could also try a leg swipe into hip throw while being supported by the wall, ive seen khabib do this quite often, but i assume you need to know some grapling, because it leads to a ground fight, so the push away methode would be better for women who want to try to run away. Great example and great video, love this format, its always funny to see this trashy self defense videos XD

  21. yeah every one who does something like bjj, judo, luta livre, wrestling ect. imediatly knows what a great fucking idea it would be to do this in reality 0:14 great fucking idea, especially when youre the weaker, smaller women. God yes, i was assuming exactly that, i fucking instantly knew this is what would happen 1:40 yeah give me your butt baby, here we go… this is so fucking dangerous, they make women by that even helping the rapist. First seconds of the video and im fucking rolling my eyes already XD

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