MMA Community reacts to BRAWL in Artem Lobov vs Paulie Malignaggi bareknuckle,Conor McGregor/Pettis?

MMA Community reacts to BRAWL in Artem Lobov vs Paulie Malignaggi bareknuckle,Conor McGregor/Pettis?

[Applause] if you are a fighter or someone who wants to start training in MMA listen up my name is Phil darou I am the head performance coach of American Top Team I trained some of the Elite MMA athletes in the world such as Dustin Poirier King mo Lawal Frankie Edgar Junior dos Santos Edson Barboza and you want to NJ check going to MMA gyms or hiring a personal trainer can get extremely expensive over time so if you want to get a shape and trained using the exact program of the top MMA fighters for an affordable one-time price check out fight ready in the description below use code MMA central to get 20% off your final purchase I hope to see you on the inside but when they called you to make the move what was your reaction digit so they say yes sir did you have to think about it talk to some people I mean yes we think about it but it didn't take that long because he was just like one month one week earlier and no change you know so we are predefined what about the fact that you go from three rounds to five rounds does that and does that play into your decision no at all because I don't need anyway I don't think this fight gonna go to five round and uh at that time we still have time to adjust everything you know so he was okay do you train differently when it's a three-round fight versus a fire yes of course because he might you know you never know if I go up to four or five rounds so he needs more resistant yeah but you're like everybody else I guess right so this is this is not going look it's not gonna fly right now I'm not seeing that deadly when you think about the matchup I mean you guys were supposed to fight before obviously it was this a fight that you always wanted and wanted happens it looks fun yes I called for this fight a very long time ago then actually last year 2017 are supposed to fight him in the UFC 215 and we'll get some kind of some issues it didn't happen then when they could tell me about they told me about it again it was just the perfect timing I know you like boxing me do you think he's the best boxer in the heavyweight division I think I may about best boxer in the heavyweight division I can approve it under 29 because yes he's a very good boxer but to show that I'm better I'm better than him this is the number one contender fight you think it seems like it could be do you feel like this this is an unwanted terrified he should be I mean I was expecting title fight before so since they didn't give me that I know we aren't about I'm number two is number three so I'm the first and charm they're fighting so I think the winner of this fight would take the winner of that one do you do you worry about that fight I mean if DC wins do you think he's fine I'm not worried about it the only thing that I worry about is to win this fight because I know half that this one I'm gonna fight for the title do you think once I find ya it's very tough because despite everything I don't I think this that this fight gonna be it's not gonna be like a first one you know it's not gonna be the first round knockout this fight my last more than one round and it's gonna be very tough for both of them because everyone will go there to give it all and it's gonna be very tough I mean it's tough to to date Amy we're gonna win how do you see the calling himself the greatest common everything right now and I really know sit down somewhere you're annoying everybody you're not impressed with every single very impressed when a scale Olympic gold medal and now has two belts in two weight classes I'm the champ the triple see he is a phenomenal fighter it's amazing that he's been able to win an Olympic gold medal which is more important to me than a team though right it's the hardest that's pork he beat Dimitri's John see him international was a pop legend legend one about two division beat you cheater you beat the chin he hadn't caught him at the other side because he beat she then shot he tested positive for all the stuff I took juice all that Louie yeah what I'm saying is it and I won this last fight his resume is crazy right in a very short period of time get the props when you start doing it little extra stuff oh you don't like the screaming I didn't like the Burger King being optical now I love I didn't even understand what the the hat-trick was pulling up the different stuff I like that he had a crown and a scepter like over like a royal you don't like I love this he's just trying to make no I love not like you before so next time I see him read he got some words to say to me I like it all I think that Henry is and were you a dope fighter but uh the rest of the shit actually never realizes that there's a lot of fighters out there a lot of good fighters out there and it's really hard to cut through and he's trying to find a way to cut through and be different from everybody else no one is he's not cutting through he's throwing himself in the back of the line keeps winning fights Dana White say he's the real deal I mean of course we're talking about fighting and then we talking about what he's saying before the fights right view uh-huh I don't know why you pulling that that that cape man they just threw me off because the cave was too big it was like stepping back in the game and then he couldn't get the the tricks to come out the Hat here so I was good on that the performance was dope I will give you a proper today you put it down he wants to fight Cody Garber and he wants to play the game I favor he wants to fight Dominic because I champions right now planting mini-games yeah they playing wasted way up so I need to keep my Bell back bring the actual regular normalness back into being a champion so what's your message to mr. Sahu to is watching this right now hey man you a beast keep killing it keep it up in the Octagon tone down the extra nurse by like ten take it down ten just like that is serious


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  2. Everyone who say Sparring video of Conor v Paulie is ah "not real" need to see this Fight,
    Paulie "I run from you" Malignaggi vs. Artem "but I still busted that ass" Lobov. 👊😂👊

  3. The Match had Shitty referee, he didn,'t know The BKFC rules. Artem would have scarred up Paulines face to pieces and dropped some teeth to floor If clinching and dirty boxing would have allowed as usually. Pauline got free pass this time, shame. Match:

  4. Malignaggi clinically isane. Ran ran ran scared the whole time vs lobov, what a joke! Please never open your mouth again malignaggi BIGGEST JOKE !

  5. No matter what you do if you talk as much shit as Paulie you better back it up and run over your opponent, he didn't do that, thus is a pretty bad look for him and boxing

  6. Woodley just spent 5 rounds laying on his back getting owned by someone named Marty. Somebody sounds bitter.

  7. If Pauly actually fought by the BKFC rule set he would of been clipped hard in 1 and it was done. Pauly never attempted to engage once.

  8. Same commercial seen a thousand times now at beginning? I used to watch his training vids from time to time. . Now it's like the song the radio plays every hour.

  9. Also Tyron Woodley is toning down the race BS and just being a real human being its so damned refreshing to see him not playibg to victim race crap…..he may just win him some fans bfore its all over with!!!

  10. Bareknuckle is a whole different ball game. Paulies arse collapsed when he rralised Artem was will to break his own hands to land bombs on him whereas Paulie was trying to protect his hands from hurting

  11. I really hope that Francis Ngannou and Junior Dos Santos fight for 5 rounds. Dos Santos has proven that he has an excellent cardio, outstanding spinning kicks, and crisp boxing skills in the Heavyweight division. Francis Ngannou is a one punch knockout artist. If you were to get close to Ngannou’s range, then he will use that to his advantage and knock you out.

  12. I've grown to love this guy. I don't know why but a year ago I hated him and now here I was rooting for him.

  13. Ngannou and JDS won’t go 5 rounds?… kidding! If it does there’s gonna be a lot of heavy breathing and not much action

  14. I thought the mma community like jones and other stars would be commenting. How wrong was I. Only the idiots who cares…. which was nobody!!! Bwahaha.

  15. So they take and put the shit fight ad at the beginning of the video… yea not watching mma central anymore. The videos are always late, copied content. Good luck Phil Daru training at att with Dustin Poirier and Frankie Edgar….we get it.

  16. 1:32, It's threw, not through.
    Nice try though. I'm not hating, just helping you out.


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