Michael Todd | Grow stronger | Motivation

Michael Todd | Grow stronger | Motivation

M.Todd : I asked for a match with Wagner Bortolato , cuz to be the best you gotta beat the best N.Pickup : Here we go , combat sport show London is the venue For one of the most talked about left handed armwrestling matches in the history of the sport As far as styles go , i think Wagner is ideal match up for me the think about him is , if youre talking about different matches , different styles , who would you wanna pull a lot of people , you know , they dont want to pull somebody who can just be real powerful because they want to find the weakest way through oponent , I dont want that I want to go right through their power I will show who the stronger man is , and its definitely Me. Bone to bone , Michael is locked into his power press … …… The arm was broken , Michael Todds arm snapped what a terrible injury for the world champion his arm was broken , here live on stage … W.Bortolato : Sorry Michael M.Todd: My left arm blew apart 3 years ago i used to be an inside puller , i grabed the peg and pulled into it well , this arm had to heal , right ? so , i couldnt pull on the peg , so i started pushing and rotating well , my right arm has been fractured 70+ times thats as fart as it straightens out … and this is as far it comes back and thats my range of motion of my right arm so for me to create a height in my hand , i gotta drop bellow the table a lot of people thinks that i am stoping on a bone-lock , cuz my arm doesnt straight past here but whats happening is , my body kind of developed protective nature soo it kind of developed its own lock right before you get to the bone tender lock , muscle lock .. whatever it is , i can hold here as strong as most people can hold here My ultimate goal is Devon i think that match will go down to the history books as a most amazing , most heart , most everything match … if i can get 20% stronger and meet Devon on the table cuz i think its a true test of which one of us warriors want it most if i can make him work , thats a match that everybody want to see its gonna have the most hits on the internet , that will be the match , right there cuz i believe , once that match stops and hes working just as hard as me it will be the hardest match of his life , it will be the hardest match of my life and i look forward to that day I TOLD YOU !! I TOLD YOU !! i dont know whats gonna happen but its gonna be exciting to watch.


  1. Fuck the guys who keep saying, he hides under the table. Just fuck off, you guys know nothing abt awrestling sports. MT u are a true inspiration

  2. Yeah yeah, everyone knows that you are a loser. Go suck balls under the table xD he just said that he is bone locking. So he has ability to rest while the opponent is fighting. Is that fair? NO. I wish your elbow bone breaks someday.

  3. The unofficial slogan of the U.S. Marines….Improvise, Adapt, Overcome! You really know how to piece together and turn out some highly intense and motivational videos, even when YOU aren't the one being spotlighted! Love it!

  4. But he broke his left arm and every video you added is with his right arm…. His moneymaker is clearly his right arm.

  5. Awesome compilation my man.. Always been a fan of Todd, of his Never Give Up attitude.. Whatever those losers say, He's one of the greatest arm wrestler!
    Thanks for this video. 🙂

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