Men’s 400m Hurdles at Athletics World Cup 2018

Men’s 400m Hurdles at Athletics World Cup 2018

so here's your lineup for the men's 400-meter hurdles british representation world champion in 2011 dye green but you got your fast athletes here in two and eight from the United States and Jamaica so answer white of Jamaica starts in lane number eight the Jamaican champion three times in a row now forty eight point eight zero seconds this season will start in the wide outside lane eight victor karela of france a former European junior champion starting seven still just twenty years old forty nine point three nine seconds that's what he's run this season then there'll be a big London stadium roar four die green second on the UK all timeless 47.84 back in London 2012 the world champion but in 2011 big international competition took topic of Poland in 5 World Championship finalists in 2015 Joshua aku-aku of Germany 22 years old now European June is silver medalist three seasons ago 51:29 this season luzina in college South Africa some 50 seconds 49:17 this year just over 49 seconds of his best two years ago and then the vices to the field this year can you Selman has the USA the US Champion forty eight point one two seconds he ran last month in track town USA Eugene so the two fastest on opposite ends of this field in lane two and eight Selman in the USA for two white of Jamaica in eight green of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in six two athletes have run under 49 seconds this season in the field they start in Lane two and eight the men's 400-meter hurdles Selman Hancock Abu Dhabi green Corolla a white 10 3 foot barriers with a 40 meter run off at the finish who's gonna pick up the eight points here for their team can the USA continue stretching out their lead here in this World Cup event so it's a good start a 45 B to run into the first hurdle Salmons gone off when in lane number two as expected sounds right that you makin in lane number eight green of Great Britain and Northern Ireland steady in the centre of each other look at Kenny Salman of the United States but he's rising just a fraction behind right of Jamaican Heat he's the Jamaican that leads round the top bands the long six but to leave the Jamaican rising first into the home straight Salman in lucky number two green in lane number six thought up your tone and in five but into the home straight it's genetically [Applause] a bit Kenny's the USA 48:29 seven just dips to take the victory from lane number two and the mistake on hurdle ten the last 40 meter run in therefore answer white of Jamaica must have been horrible possibly through very costly for the Jamaicans that stumble from answered by the loud lung die agreed to move past him to take third place Britton just ahead of Jamaica in the overall standings he's got to be so angry themselves in Jamaican the fifth place where the Olympic Games was vying for the win although I think Salman was finishing so strongly he was way back at 200 meters and even wrapped the crown of the fence Salman had a lot of work to do here look he's at 2 or 3 meters down here and the final barrier but all the penultimate bar I should say that there is why that fought for the table just gets under the top of the barrier and that is so often fatal did well to stay on his feet very nearly caught by the pole Dobek who is a good athletes around a 48 for was Selman but goodness to me maximum point for the USA once again is that they're from white so nearly took him right down under 49 seconds again bikini saleman Patrick tobik 4902 in second Salman wins with 48 97 die green 49 48 good points but look at this oh he never even got close to clearing the tenth barrier he didn't impede anybody on his inside so we remain and wait to see if the result stands but he was so far ahead of those inside him but Salman forty eight point nine seven eight more points for the American team so confirmation then more points for the American team Kenny Selma forty eight point nine seven Poland pick up point so has the Great Britain and Northern Ireland the answer white three points away unfortunately for the Jamaican team there finishes for


  1. 3:16 you think that's bad, If I was there I would've trip and fall on all of those hurtles and it would take me about 5 mins to finish around that track

  2. Damn if only he didn’t mess up his steps he would have got a gold medal, props to my boi winning by staying consistent

  3. No joke,my friend used the barriers as a launch pad,he jumps on top of barrier and launches off of it,sometimes it was perfect but mostly fails and also breaks the barrier

  4. Here is a fact.

    Any normal white person of European descent, will want the white people to win the running competitions.

    In 2018, there are not many white short distance runners, that are raised in a healthy environment, and encouraged and trained to compete, in the United States of America.

    It is about time that the Caucasian peoples worldwide begin to unite, and promote better health and athleticism in our communities.

    Wherever they come from, it is encouraging to see some white short distance runners, that compete with, or beat the black runners .

    This sets a good example for the young white runners, in the United States of America, and encourages them to train in short distance running, so that they can beat the black runners.

  5. Dobek came very close to winning that race. He was gaining rapidly the last several yards.

    Quite an effort, but you can bet that the PC announcer wouldn't mention that since the Polish guy was white.

  6. Shouldn't the Jamaican be DQ (Disqualified – check 4:28–4:35) as he stepped into the other lane after he hit the hurdle ?

  7. Is that Jamaican really a hurdle athlete? His form jumping over hurdle is so unstable and high. I thought he would make a mistake.

  8. Fabulous run by Selmon of USA. Superb execution over the hurdles. The Jamaican was winning but failed to clear last hurdle cleanly and the other challenger, Polish runner, ran out of gas.

  9. When the USA wins, the haters come out of the sewer pipe yelping, "Dopers!" all because their wackass country can't win.

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