Meet Ronda Rousey: Total Divas Preview Clip, Oct. 1, 2019

Meet Ronda Rousey: Total Divas Preview Clip, Oct. 1, 2019


  1. I’m happy Carmella is back and the voice of Sonya Blade, my favorite female character from Mortal Kombat is in Total Divas

  2. I cant deal with this fool. Does she love the company or hate it @ 0:15 lol. I just dint understand her. And it didnt help that I learned more about everyone else than her while she was suppose to be talking about herself lol

  3. Of course Nattie will be the first to welcome you… Canadians are really friendlier than Americans, for some reason…. 😂

  4. Happy Rhonda and Sonya are in this season. Glad Carmella is back and always happy when Naomi and Natalya are in it. Gonna miss the Bellas. I wonder if Nia Jax is gonna discuss her injury and I low key would have wanted Lana as well. But that’s just me

  5. The new season lacks a lot of star power, and cast members. Also, it’s weird the show being based over a year ago.

  6. Alicia Silverstone Bat Girl Ronda Rousey Selena Gomez Alison NikkiBella Vanessa Hudgens Jazmine Amy Jo Johnson Kimberly Pink Ranger NikkiBella

  7. I love how Rhonda said she loves and admires all of the divas… Even tho she has been in the ring with them kicking their butts. ;D

  8. I really like everything Ronda does, its work is always very interesting, and it knows how to be accompanied by fabulous people.
    I wish the best for all of them.

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