Mean Gene Okerlund – R.I.P. To A Wrestling Legend! “Mean” Gene 1942 – 2019

Mean Gene Okerlund – R.I.P. To A Wrestling Legend! “Mean” Gene 1942 – 2019

thus eighties babies are starting to
notice our age as we see some of all of our childhood icons starting to die
this past Wednesday we lost me and Jean Oakland who inspired and was a
pop-culture icon for so many of us folks that grew up in the 80s he inspired me
to do such crazy YouTube inspired intros as this yeah it is your champion of free
streams in 2018 yeah never mind it I spelt my initials wrong on my face I
know what I’m talking about and in 2018 you still paying high as cable bills are
you still getting messed around by the monopolies like Pamela Anderson was
passed around and the nineties Jeff when your champion of free streams is here to
liberate your cord cutting abilities intensity streams is what we do on this
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you are down every we’re gonna beat you defeat you and you’re ready Caitlyn
sound like this year yeah and we’re going to talk about the
man may he rest in peace in this video what’s good you to you in the building
with y’all know I love enough feeling uh saying all powerful a very light-hearted
mister day I’m everything and my heart is heavy because mean Jean Oakland was
one of the cornerstones of me watching wrestling seeing interviews he was
probably one of the biggest personalities that wasn’t a wrestler
that catapulted people’s careers in my opinion so I want you guys to go ahead
and leave me some comments do you feel Hulkamania would have been what he was
had it not been for Mean Gene Oakland and those stellar
interview he’s did so Wednesday he died WWE dropped this
the legendary WWE interview to Mean Gene Okerlund died at the age of 76 Oakland
joined WWE in 1984 after spending nearly 15 years in AWA he remained with WWE
from 1984 through 1993 and worked with WCW from 93 to 2001 and became the most
notable interviewer and professional wrestling history in the process his
contributions were celebrated in 2006 when he was inducted into the WWE Hall
of Fame recently Mean Gene was on a WWE in the house show wit that’s got some of
the old-school guys riding riding Piper Hacksaw Jim Duggan folks like that but
this is hurting it really hurts when I see these dudes go away because a lot of
who I am I learned from them you know a lot of me trying to be an entertainer a
lot of the I told my friend James some of the biggest words I learn how to use
as young man came from Mean Gene Okerlund I’m certain my guest at this
time will not forget I’m talking about the former Intercontinental Champion of
the world Macho Man Randy nothing another thing means nothing nothing
means nothing what do you mean by that and it’s just really really sad to hear
that he’s got to go and we’ve seen a lot of people so far in 2019 we only been in
2019 for three days then an old school have died and so I just wanna with his
family well Mensing you will be missed what was you guys favorite moments from
Mean Gene was it Ric Flair interviews was it
Hulkamania interviews macho man interviews what what was it that mean
gene meant to you leave me some comments as I just explained to you what he meant
to me and so I’m gonna wish the WWE Universe that is suffering well you see
I’m wearing my old school wrestling t-shirt because this I’m hurting because
someone that I never met meant so much to me and I just wanted to give him how
I felt on social media and anyone else that watches this video and that’s gonna
do it for this video don’t forget to like my video please comment subscribe
and share and until the net sex is hell video I’ll see you


  1. On Wednesday, we lost a living legend in "Mean" Gene Okerlund. One of the best wrestling had to offer. This is my video tribute to the man that made wrestling professional.

  2. Thank you for making this video man. Mean gene is such a wrestling legend. He was just as important as the wrestlers were. Him and macho man interviews were legendary.

  3. Rip Mean Jean……wow what a throw back in time for this grandma. …used to watch him all the time and kept watching after my two sons were born…

  4. Rip mene gene !!! He was part of one of the most historic moments in professional wrestling.. when the nWo was formed the first night and hogan turned heel … “ mean Gene first thing you gotta do is tell these people to shut up if they want to hear what I got to say” man big loss

  5. With the inability to manual add channels to configure android box Oreo to our likings, any Launchers that can do the job?

  6. I could never take wwf seriously it was a more of a soap opera/comedy show/three stooges event but it was entertaining at times and you always wanted Jimmy Hart to get punched.

  7. Yes Indeed, Lamont, Mean Gene was a prize. He was the best commentator of all time on wrestling. The funniest duo was Mean Gene and the Weasel, that is were Michael Cole and JBL got their commentary magic on how to hype the show. Mean Gene your voice and witty charm willing be missed, R.I.P..

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