Main Hoon Lucky The Racer Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Latest Allu Arjun Hindi Dubbed Movies

Main Hoon Lucky The Racer Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Latest Allu Arjun Hindi Dubbed Movies

! cool man If a mother has two sons,
she wants them to be deal brothers. This mother wanted the same too..
So she named them Ram and Laxman. taerw twerwre qhentinholfre He is Ram.
Perfect example of a good boy! Everyone at school follows him. Why did you all come here? Your brother is talking
to that fatso! So what? The fatso is a thief. As a punishment, teacher told us
not to talk to him for two days. Your brother
is still talking with him. You tell him not to talk.
He will listen to you. Hey, Laddu! Don’t cry. I am talking to you.
– Your brother is coming. Hey, Laxman! I am talking to you. Call me Lucky! Just Lucky! He is Laxman! But he felt the name was
not trendy and changed it to Lucky. He is an example of craftiness. When the teacher gave him punishment,
why are you talking to him? He is my friend and
I will talk to him. I am telling you not to talk to him. I will never listen to you. Hey!
– Get lost! Rascal! How dare
you oppose your brother! Try to learn from him. Befriending bad boys! He is my friend. What is wrong in talking to him? How dare you talk back to me!
– Ouch! I did not even hit you. Idiot! Ram is happy! His ego is satisfied. Lucky is unhappy! His ego is hurt. Write what you know
about Rabindranath Tagore. Ram is first in studies.
Lucky thinks that he is first in everything. Everyone wrote 5 pages
but Lucky wrote 50 pages. Yet teachers faulted him. You!
– Why? Tell me the reason
for your anger, dad. I am angry because
I have an idiotic son like you. What did they ask you to write? And what was it that you wrote? They asked me to write about
Tagore and I wrote about him. You were asked to write about the
great poet Rabindranath Tagore. Not about
Chiranjeevi’s movie ‘Tagore’! The only Tagore
I know is the megastar. It is you who should
be blamed and not him. Idiot! Good for nothing! Oh God! People say that I am
always wrong and he’s always right. That is how he feels. The situations he faces are such. Ram fights in the ring
and Lucky does it on the streets. Ram brought home a trophy
and Lucky returned injured. Dad! What happened to you?
Where are you returning from? You beat me up just the other day,
dad. Why take the chain out? Why not take some rest on Sunday? Why do you always make your dad angry? Why can’t you be like your brother? Study like him? What are you saying, mom? Why would you need two sons
if they are identical? I know that if he gets 90 marks
and I get 89 I will be scolded
for getting one mark less. Don’t misunderstand. I only want you both to
be like ideal brothers Ram and Laxman. Forget it, mom. Lucky is correct. Ram is not correct. Go and tell him. Go and tell father too if you can not to beat me everyday. That they should always
be ideal brothers is their mother’s wish. Ram is sincere. He follows
whatever is written in the books. Lucky is even more sincere.
He will do whatever he wants. How can they both be in sync?
That is why they always fight. Their problems were also
increasing along with their age. Ram thinks that books are the world and Laxman thinks that
the world is what he makes of it! Let us see what will happen.. I proudly announce, Mr. Ram, ACP. Mr. Sameer, ACP. Are you happy, Ram? No! In spite of being pressurized,
you were not afraid of Siva Reddy. Are you Happy Ram ? If we arrest him,
then I will be happy. Yes, Ram! We should not
surrender to any pressure. A person like Siva Reddy
should not enter politics. I am waiting for the correct time.
I will reveal everything. Good luck! “Hey.” “Hey.” Please go to school, my son!
– I will not go, dad. I am paying a lot of fees.
– Who asked you to pay? I will not go.
– You should not say that. Please go!
– What is it, uncle? What is the matter, uncle? He is not going to school.
– Is that so? Yes.
– Oh God! Will you just agree if he says no? Hold him and throw him like this. The bus will take him there. Why did you allow him
to enter our family, dad? Hey, I will kill you.. Idiot! Why did you throw him like that?
– So what? How can I keep quiet when
my brother is going the wrong way? He is Lucky’s brother after all. How should he be?
– Like me! Then he will become good for nothing. I got emotional and
upset unnecessarily. Uncle! Give me a thousand.
– Hey! Just note it down!
I will repay after I go to America. Hey, you manage him very well. Is he your elder son?
Looks very responsible. Did you feel like that?
That is my bad luck. What do you mean?
– He came to my hotel once. Two cups of tea!
– Okay, sir. Next day he came again. Four cups of tea!
– The tea here is very tasty. Since I met him the previous day,
I just spoke to him. He mixed with my family from then. What powerful words did you tell him?
– See there! How are you doing, child? What did you say?
– I asked you how you are doing. Hey, what happened? My parents always said
I’m good for nothing. But they never asked
me how I am doing. You asked about my well being it means you are my uncle. You are an uncle god sent me!
Gods must be crazy! You are an aunt god sent me! And he is a little
brother god sent me! This hotel is my temple!
You are all now connected to me. Hey, come and greet our uncle.
– Greetings, uncle. Seeing that.. I thought he was very
sentimental to show such emotions. But later I understood that
he was just taking advantage of us. If he is hungry.. just look there. My hotel will become a eatery for him. If he wants to have a drink with
his friends, this becomes his bar. It becomes a bank if he needs money. Without knowing it, my family
of three got a fourth member. He is killing me with
his affection since then. Everyone he connects with,
gets confused just like this. If someone is to give
a clear opinion about him that is possible
only to his Creator! “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” “He is..” “Effective..” “A little defective” “you cannot disconnect
once you are connected.” “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” “Effective” “a little defective” “you cannot disconnect
once you are connected.” “He is like a race horse!
He does not have a reverse gear!” “If he fixes his target,
he will hit it without fail.” “He does wonders with his charm!” “He is wonderful! He is handsome!” “He does wonders” “with his charm!” “He has courage, he has
brains and he can blow you off.” “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” “Here he comes!” “Effective..a little defective” “you cannot disconnect
once you are connected.” “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” “Here he comes!” “Spicy! Spicy!
Your looks are hot and spicy!” “Spicy! Spicy! Your charm is spicy.” “You made my dreams fly in the sky.” “You have this beauty
to entertain you.” “Come to me and take me with you.” “Here he comes!” “He gets connected well to me.” “Here he comes to show his charm.” “He is wonderful! He is handsome!” “He does wonders.” “You may say,
he is like this or that..” “He is here to win hearts.” “Here I come to capture the world.” “I will make you dance to my tunes.” “I am here!” “He is here!” “Yes! He is here!” Hey, what is that?
– It is written ‘don’t drink and drive’. Then who will bring our vehicles home? Remove that illogical board. Hey!
– Just pull the pole itself. Take it out! Come on!
– Okay. Oh, no! Brother! Hey, run! Hey, come out!
– Hey! Greetings, sir! It was falling
so I caught it, sir. Really?
– I am a friend of your brother, sir. Mom, coffee! Prepare coffee.
– Mom, tea! Yes, I am bringing. Idiot! You do it on purpose. Siva Reddy is entering politics!
So the thief is doing it! Rowdies are entering politics. What are the police doing?
– Hey! Stop it! Wow! A constable caught taking
a bribe of 500 rupees! Cheap! Very cheap! Tea! SI hand-in-glove with a thief! Damn! Hey, Mangamma! Take this paper away.
It is not connecting with me. The entire paper is filled
with news of thieves and police. Why don’t they write about me? Oh God! It is better to hold a
remote control sitting at home. But one should never join
the police department. Oh, no! What can I do if brother broke it? Yes, smash it. Why does an aimless fellow need a gun? Hey!
– What is it? Did I give you already? Yes.
– I am becoming forgetful! Give this to your dad. My dad likes upma with cashews in it. But I like the cashews in this. As my mother said,
I shall give it to him. Dad! “What a cheat you are, O lord!
You are a cheat..” Breakfast with cashew! Cashew increases cholesterol. Stop your nonsense and put it there. Dad!
– What is it? Visa! What for? I want to go to America. What is the need? Money is always needed. We have to show bank
balance for getting visa. They rejected you twice! Ask your brother if you want money. It is better to beg
rather than ask him. What did you say? Bad words?! No, dad! I never use bad words! Stop that! How did this cigarette become half? Dad! I want to give an advice.
Please don’t mind. What is it? Try to reduce smoking, dad. Your health will be affected. You stop smoking my cigarettes. Your health will also improve. He found out! Come! You are staying at a
policeman’s house. Be careful. Really? There are many criminals
in the city. Go and arrest them. Instead of bashing
up my friends unnecessarily. Eating to your fill,
roaming around aimlessly and ordering everyone
at home isn’t a great thing. Hey, one should be fortunate for that. Shameless fellow!
– That is why I am talking to you. Hey!
– Hey! Hey, did you start again? Tom and Jerry are better than you two. They stay together at
least for a while. You go. What is it?
Did they start fighting again? When will they both become friendly? Their fights started in childhood. It is continuing till this day. They are just doing this for fun. It is better if it stays as fun. But I am afraid that it
may become serious someday. Siva Reddy! Siva Reddy! Siva Reddy! There are 76 cases of
land-grabbing, extortion thefts and many other activities. You joined hands with politicians and earned millions of rupees. You deposited all that in
banks accounts with fake names. Now you want to enter politics. I got lots of evidence
ready for each of your crimes. You cannot escape now.
You are finished. Scoundrels like you should
be bashed up and thrown into jail. What is the power of this uniform? I was enraged on wearing this uniform. My blood is boiling. Yes! Look at him. Whatever you thought in your mind came out perfectly
from my mouth. Right? You were correct..almost everything. But there is a small
correction in just one line. You should not be kept
in jail all your life. I want to strip you, bash you up
and drag you on the streets and then shoot
you from point blank. That is power of the uniform! Your uniform is making
you talk like that. But there is another
one more powerful than that. I am going to wear that one! I, Siva Reddy pledge that I will
serve this government and people whole heartedly and swear to uphold the law. First a minister..
and eventually the Chief Minister! That is my goal. For this I left criminal
activities for two years and served people
to get a good name. They should think
that I am good and clean. Everyone is supporting me. I swear! Why don’t you support me too? You will die if you don’t! I may die! But there will be many
more in the department like me! There will come a day when the
entire department will be after you. Then you will know its power. Idiot! Political leader Siva Reddy
will not kill anyone. I have changed completely. I will not kill you.
I promised my dad. I will not kill you. You will kill him. Kill him.
– Sir?! Do it.
– No, sir. Please! This is where you shall shoot!
– Sir, please! It is time for him to die. Sir! No, sir! Please!
– Do it. Would you all die for the sake of one? Five! Four! Rajeev! He wants me dead. Rather than a criminal like him,
I prefer that you shoot me! I don’t want you all
to risk your lives for me. Shoot me, Rajeev! Shoot me! Three! Don’t hesitate. Shoot me! Shoot me, Rajeev! It is an order! My hard work will not
go waste even if I die. Shoot me! Two!
– Shoot me, Rajeev! It is an order! I say shoot me. One! The news should be that
a service revolver misfired while it was being cleaned. He was a top ranker
in police training. He placed his duty
ahead of his family. Topper in shooting avenue,
alert to the slightest sound. Such a person died while
cleaning his service revolver! Sir! Though my son is dead,
his hard work will not be in vain. It will not. Wow! What a beauty! “Open your heart!”
– I am connected. “I am here for you, dear!” Hey, Lucky! What are you waiting for?
Say something. Oh, no! She is a girl but calm and composed! Why am I afraid like this? Hey, you fools! Hey! Open the door!
I am my mom’s only good son. Hey, do you want to kill me? My God! She did not move even an inch. Is she some ghost? Better to test that. Are you okay, ma’am?
Are you okay, sir? What are you enquiring about?
You and your dirty maintenance! I would have died in there.
– Sorry! I am okay.
But that lady was very scared. Don’t we know that? Whatever you say! You are very brave. I am Lucky! What about you? Spandana! She doesn’t move at all but
her name is Spandana (movement). What is it?
– Pawan Kalyan! One scene from this movie is enough. Your expression is strange.
Don’t you like him? I am mad about him. Then why don’t you show
any feelings at all? I smiled.
– Smiled? I think I missed it. “Hey!” “Come here, oh Rattalu!” “It’s fun!” Ah?! Will there be anyone who
won’t dance to such a tune? Moreover you are his fan. Why is there no movement in your body? I am dancing. Dancing?! Why can’t I see it? Why should you see it? I am dancing. Are you? Where? Inside!
– What?! Inside me. What?! What about the smile? I smiled inside. What about being scared in the lift? I was scared a thousand
times more than you. Inside yourself? Inside! It is difficult to connect! What is the concept behind your
smiling and being afraid inside? What is there in this?
– Current! Where?
– Inside! Show me!
– Oh my God! She is stranger than me. Hello! Is that so? Where? I am coming. What happened?
– My mom met with an accident. Did she cut her hand
while cutting an apple? She was hit by a
lorry and is in ICU now. What are you murmuring? How will you react if your
mom meets with an accident? Oh, no! How did it happen? Okay!
– What will happen to me? Hey!
– My life is doomed! Isn’t this the regular reaction?
– Yes. Then why did she react like that? Who? My mom? Oh, phone lady?
– Correct! Correct!
– She looked like an angel. But a bit different.
– Is she.. Sir! Sorry, sir!
– Hey, stop it. Sit down! Sit down! Sit down! Why are you afraid? He is a policeman.
– My house, my money and.. I am giving you a party when
my parents went out of town. What would the police do?
– Nothing. You should be lucky like
Lucky to enjoy life. Some people don’t
know how to live life. They won’t commit an offense
or have an affair. I feel sympathy for such people. Don’t worry. Cheers! Hey, Konda!
– Sir! Bring our batch immediately and come to my house.
– Okay, sir. Immediately! I am giving you all a party. All of us are friends. Sir?
– Hey, sit down! Sit down, I say. Today all of us are going
to enjoy to the fullest. We must show that stupid
gang what real enjoyment is. They drink cheap liquor. We have costly scotch.
– Thank you, sir. For all of you, for the first time drinking this.
– Cheers! Oh!
– They should cry after seeing us. Should we cry? I shall make you cry. Hello?
– Yes! Hang up!
– Hey, give me the drink. Hey, Nancy! Weren’t you asking for a
party since many days? I am ready. Bring the
band and friends and come here. “Twirl your mustache!” “Wear glasses like our boss!” “Mix Lassi and coconut water.” “Come here with good mood.” “All the Rajini fans.” “Don’t miss the chance!” “Lungi dance!
Lungi dance! Lungi dance!” Oh, no! Enjoyment flop! Flop!
– Sir! We can drink anything. Sir! If you agree,
we shall also call a girl. But I don’t know any
software company girls. Don’t worry about that.. You just say yes and
I shall take care of it. Hey, Sheetal! This is Konda speaking.
Send four beautiful babes immediately. “My dear! My dear!” “My dear!” “Shall we?”
– “Yes! Yes!” “No! No!”
– “Start!” “Shut up!” “Oolala! Oolala! Oolala! Oolala!” “You are my fantasy!” “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!”
– That’s tit for tat. “I am a grown up now.” “Oolala! Oolala! Oolala! Oolala!” “You are my fantasy!” “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!” Hello?
– Is that IG sir? Hey, why do you address as ‘sir’?
Hey, is that IG? Who are you?
– What are you doing? I am sleeping. You are sleeping
happily with your wife. But you don’t want me to
sleep peacefully with my wife. Who are you and from
where are you calling? A big nuisance is going
on behind your back. Hey, who are you and where
do you live? I am coming. Come here if you have the guts. I am coming. “Please come here once!” “Please come here once!” “Please come here once!” Stop it!
– “Please come here once!” “My eyes are craving to see you.” Police! Police! Oh, no! Hide! Run! No! Leave me! Hey! Idiot! Shameful!
– Sir. Without even changing your uniforms you are dancing with
those ladies shamelessly? Are you not ashamed
to call yourselves policemen? Sir?
– What is this? Sir!
– I cannot believe that you did something like this. Had he called the media instead of me,
you would be doomed. You have a good reputation
in the department. Don’t spoil it. Okay? That was fun! Wonderful! You made a mistake.
– Really? Don’t think that I will forget this.
– Okay. Make sure that you don’t get caught. Comedy! Get lost! Hey, instead of always
fighting with your brother take this money.
– Thanks, dad. Thank your brother and not me. You tell him on my behalf. Hey, he will shoot both
of us if he comes to know. Oh God!
– Just deposit this money and give back his
money when you get the visa. Why are you shaking your head?
Won’t you repay it? Dad, do you doubt me? Hey, don’t try your tricks on me. Go. Ten lakhs, sir! Sir! Sir! My left eye is sore! Is my money safe here, sir? Hey, take your hand away.
It is hundred percent safe. This bank has a long history. Who can dare to break through?! Oh, what if they
walk in from the door? Mask force! Now tell me who I am.
– Who are you? So you could not identify me! Hey!
– No! Stand where you are! What are you waiting for?
Bring all the money from the lockers. Hey! Don’t move. Idiot! I asked you to open the locker. Hey, don’t move. You spoke about breaking in. I didn’t think that a thief
would use the main door. Hey, what are you talking secretly? He said that you are
good for nothing. What?! Hey, come here. What do you mean? He is afraid! He is afraid. When someone is afraid of me.. I enjoy it. I love scaring people. What about you? Why aren’t you afraid? Hey!
– Boss! “Beauty!” Oh God! Hey! Get up! What’s up?
Do you know what is happening here? Yes, I know! You are thieves
and came here for robbery. Then why do you sit
calmly without being scared? Are you not afraid of me? That is why I am so afraid. Are you afraid?! – Yes! Where?! Inside!
– Do you think this is fun? Did you see? That is what fear is. I am more scared than that. You don’t seem to be scared. Come on, get scared.
Or else I will kill you. I will kill you.
– Believe me! I am really scared. Boss! She said that she is scared. Let us go now. We will be
caught if the police comes here. No way! I will not leave this
place unless I see her scared. Hey, be scared of me. I am really scared inside. Who do you think I am? You are wearing a mask. I am not able to
see your face properly. Look at me now. My face value did not go down. So many people are afraid of me. Why aren’t you scared? Get scared. I will kill you! I will kill everyone. Where is she? Oh, no!
– Hey! I will ask you something.
Will you do it? Yes, sir.
– For my sake.. get scared just once. Okay, sir.
– Come on, then. Hmm!
– Are you scared? Yes. Oh, no! I am mad! I am gone! Hey! Hey! Leave me. I am not able to scare her. Hello! Thanks for saving me. Are you mad? Why did you do that? Why did you not react
a little at least? Why do you all overreact
for everything? Why can’t you be normal like me? Are you normal? This is called crazy! Oh God! How can your family
members tolerate you? All of us are like this. Oh God! Is this some family package? Who is the psycho who
prepared you like this? My dad is Mr. B. Prakash! Highly successful businessman. His habits and methods
are all systematic. My dad does not like unhealthy
food and unhealthy words. At least you speak loudly. I am going mad at the
sign language in this house. Damn signs! He is using abusive
language in our house. Send him away. Damn is abusive?! If your dad hears
my way of speaking.. He will fix a silencer
to a gun and die silently. Everything in our
house happens on time. And silently. My dad does not like noise pollution. Sorry. Oh, no! Is there anything that you enjoyed a lot recently? When we won the World Cup
on the last ball, how did you enjoy? Even we did. Absolutely magnificent,
Dhoni finishes off in style. A magnificent strike into the crowd. India lifts the World
Cup after 20 years. From which planet are you? Do you not have any
other entertainment? Every weekend there will be
an entertainment program in our house. Ah!
– That day we will laugh
till our stomach hurts. Please stop! My stomach is paining
because of laughing inside. Did you laugh? Oh, no! I am going mad. The control over our
emotions and our body gives us the control
over this world. Damn theory!
He can’t show any emotions. So he discovered such stupid concepts. Hold your tongue.
He is a very practical person. Hey, is yours a normal home
or a hermitage? Whether you are angry or happy,
you should express it. If you keep everything inside,
your body turns into a dustbin. Bye! Hey, Spandana! You are very beautiful. You will be even more
beautiful if you show emotions. I will make you show your feelings. Check. “I am a south Indian.” “I am going tell you about
a girl who is pretty!” “Her original name is Spandana.” “She has got beautiful
eyes and she is witty.” “O but right now she
is going to be my sweety.. sweety.” “O my sweety.. o my sweety..” “Sweety..” “This life should
be enjoyed as you like” “and let it flow like a river.” “Float with the dreams,
rise like the tide” “blow freely like the wind.” “Remove your mask and
start expressing yourself.” “Let me see your emotions.” “I am of a special class and unique” “we mix like beauty and honey.” “O my sweetie, please listen to me.” “O my sweetie, change yourself.” “O my sweetie, show some anger.” “Change your style and your trend.” “This life is”
– “very short!” “Try to”
– “enjoy it.” “You should”
– “fight yourself.” “Just change yourself
and free yourself.” “This life is”
– “very short!” “Try to”
– “enjoy it.” “You should”
– “fight yourself.” “Stop being nice and stand firm” “people will run away scared.” “Pinch the ear” “shout out loud.” “Just scold me with anger once.” “I want to be with you.” “You”
– “listen to me a bit.” “You”
– “show some feelings.” “You”
– “show some anger.” “Just change yourself
and free yourself.” “This life is”
– “very short!” “Try to”
– “enjoy it.” “You should”
– “do some fighting.” “Just change yourself
and free yourself.” “You”
– “Break it down!” “Come on! Come to me!” “Break it..” “I want to smile!
Get the girl on my side.” “What makes you smile
from far behind?” “In my heart you are
the baby angel divine.” “I don’t want to waste
my time riding on the line.” “He is”
– “the way you talk takes me higher.” “Don’t let him down like that.” “Don’t worry, I am not a failure.” “Open your heart!
Well, I want to stay here.” “Open up girl.. You are my sweetie” “Oho! Oh! Oh!” “You should”
– “fight yourself.” “Just change yourself
and free yourself.” “Show some anger.” “Just change yourself
and free yourself.” “This life is”
– “very short!” “Try to”
– “enjoy it.” “You should”
– “do some fighting.” “Win over yourself
and get some freedom.” “I want you to feel it!
I want to see it!” “My life will be beautiful with you.” “Your smile and your anger” “will brighten my day.” “Feel it!” What will happen to
the party if we give tickets to every Tom, Dick and Harry? Siva Reddy is a rowdy. How can we give him
a party ticket, sir? Who is rowdy?
– Calm down. He has been in public service
for the past two years. He should get the ticket.
– Yes, that is right. You should give him.
– No, you shouldn’t. How can you, sir? If you give party ticket
to such a candidate our party image will be spoilt. You should not do such a thing.
– Stop arguing. See, boss! Majority of the members are against
giving Siva Reddy ticket. Is that so? Greetings! Greetings! Maddali
Siva Reddy’s greetings to you all. To the leaders of the party and the higher ups from Delhi,
greetings to you all. Greetings! I am thanking each
and every one of you for giving me the party
ticket for election this time. Hey, what are you looking at? Give the sweets to all.
– Okay, boss. Thank you! Thank you! Who are you..
– Stop it. Stop your words in your throat. Hide your feelings inside your heart. Don’t let your feelings out. If it comes out I will expose your secret life to
the world and destroy your future. I helped many members of
this party win elections. Now it is the time for you
to show your gratitude for me. Party ticket is confirmed
to me this time. That is final! When I switch on the TV
after going home I want this news
to be telecast. Okay? What is it? Tell me! Come on, tell me. Am I eligible or not?
– Siva Reddy! What is your eligibility, Siva Reddy? You are involved in
many murders and rape cases. No police officer dared
to file a case against you. When you have such power who else will get MLA ticket? You will get it for sure.
Hundred percent sure. Thank you.
Are you praising me or.. I am talking practically, Siva Reddy. You are a real illegal hero. You are a tiger in sheep’s garb. I love you!
– I love you too! I love you three also! The scoundrel! Damn! Ticket confirmed. What will you do? How dare you! Hey! – Not now. He should go to jail. Don’t give him party ticket
and send to the Assembly, sir. Do you think I like it? He is not eligible even to
enter the premises of the Assembly. But what can I do? This is politics. Bring strong evidence. Not only to his political career I will put a full
stop to his real life too. My uncle overreacts at times.. Is that so?
– but basically is a good man. Uncle! Uncle! Aunt! “Fly! Fly!”
– You don’t have school? Hey, today is Sunday. “Fly! Fly!”
– He is my brother. Hi!
– Hi! Uncle! You are the first person
that I am introducing her to. Your daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law?! Did you connect to him?
– Yes, I did. How can you do such a thing? Everyone gets connected to him. You cannot think before
doing that? I am completely doomed because of him. Uncle!
– Yes? Your face doesn’t look
good when you are serious. Go and bring two
cups of coffee! Go now. I will.
– Go now. I will wait for your demise! Yes! You, your friends,
your lover and after that your kids all of you rob me like this.
You will die a horrible death. That is for sure. Don’t worry about that.
– Oh, no! Hey! Hey, Kittu? Hey, Kittu?! Hey, Kittu! Call the ambulance! Hey, stop the car. Sir!
– What is it? Accident! Emergency! Call 108 if it is an accident.
Why did you stop me? Hey, come out!
– Are you a rowdy? Get down!
– What for? Get down!
– Don’t pull. I am getting down. Come on!
– Don’t push! Hold properly!
– Hey, do you know who my husband is? He is an MLA.
– Hey, shut up! Just shut your mouth. Why did you tell him that I am an MLA? It’s MLA Govardhan sir. Patient condition is very critical. You will need at least
6 lakhs for his treatment. Arrange the money immediately. 6 lakhs?! From where can I bring it? Everything will be alright.
Don’t worry. 6 lakhs! From where
can I get that much money? Uncle! What are you talking? I will bring it. Just wait here. Hey, auto! MLA sir has admitted a severely
injured boy into this hospital. That boy is in ICU at present. MLA sir is there. Focus on him. My dress is spoiled. Where is my car?
– Focus on his face. Did they steal my car? Doctor! Wait!
– Sir? Where is my car? What is it, sir?
– Did you see? He is speaking to
the doctor with anger. He is giving him a serious warning that
the boy should be saved at any cost. It seems that he is very emotional
regarding this matter. This state is filled with mad people. How is the boy related to him?
Is he his son or grandson? Keep watching our
channel for more details. Over to the studio. I am coming. Hey, where did you
get that money from? This is the money that
dad gave me for my visa. Doctor?
– Nothing to worry. He is out of danger. Uncle! Brother is safe.
Nothing to worry. Hey, uncle! Hey!
– Please forgive me. Why? What happened? I thought that you were
using me for personal gain. But I never thought that
you have such a kind heart. I misunderstood you.
Please forgive me. Uncle! These sentiments! Oh God! Uncle! You are my uncle
and he is my little brother. You are my God.
– This is our family matter. Just leave it. Hey, Lucky! See what is happening outside. What is it?
– Who is that boy, sir? How can I know who that boy is? You don’t know?
– No, I don’t. He met with an accident.
He was put in my car and brought to the hospital. That is all I know.
– Till now we thought that the boy might
be his son or relative. But even though he does not know him MLA Govardhan sir is treating him
like his son. That is politics!
– Oh! He showed his kind nature
by saving that boy’s life. Did you understand like that? Sir! Sir! Please tell us clearly about what happened.
– Please, sir. As a social responsibility as a student of Anna Hazare little brother.
– Anna. I did not call the media. Media people misunderstood
the translation. I will tell them the facts.
– No need. I will tell them. My brother is safe because of MLA sir. Really?
– Had he not come there at that time my brother would not be alive today. I am proud to be born in
a state which has such an MLA. Such a great person should
be in a bigger position. We do need such a leader.
Right? All praise the MLA! Go now. Hail MLA Govardhan sir! MLA Govardhan Reddy has proved
his kind nature in a grand way. Political analysts say that such
leaders are needed for this state. Senior party leaders said that
everyone should follow his example. Every TV channel is covering
your news only. My dear! You got a lot of popularity. How did I become
such a popular leader? All this is because
of my brother here. Your help became the blessing for you. Sir! You got a call from high command. From where?
– From high command, sir. Alas!
– Sir! Gautami! Coming into lime light unexpectedly,
generous MLA Mr. Govardhan Reddy was made a minister
by his party high command. Eetaram party has announced Maddali
Siva Reddy as their party candidate. Brother!
– Oh God! I got minister post because of you. You gave all the
credit to me that day. I became popular all over
the state because of that. Enjoy it happily, sir. Brother! If you have any trouble you should call me first. Okay.
– In case if it did not connect. You are connected to me. He will not spare you. Dad! My wish is about to be fulfilled, dad. You are about to enter politics.
Be careful, Siva. Okay, dad. Siva Reddy is celebrating
since he got the MLA ticket, sir. I will drag him down no
matter what heights he may reach. Why are you checking
at this hour, sir? My buddy is the ACP’s brother. He is here. Oh God!
– I am going. Your brother, sir. Hey, don’t remind me now. Go. He is with some girl, sir. Girl?!
– Yes, sir. I snared him! Call him. Sir asked you to come there. Come on. Lucky! What is the name? Name! Lucky! Lucky? Who is she?
– My girlfriend. It took a lot of
effort to get her. Ah! Girlfriend? From where are you coming? We went to the temple to pray. Did you take the offering?
– Yes. I understood.
– Hey! Since how long do you know him? Three months. Seems you trust him a lot.. you are
roaming together at this late hour. He appears to be a psycho. He is not such a person, sir. Oh! This is how criminals look, madam. If something happens
to you tomorrow some useless fellows pass
comments about the police department. Hello! What do you want now? Respect! Drunken driving case! Respect. Okay, sir. Since you caught us,
I don’t have any choice. By the way what do you do? I Where do you work, sir? Actually..
– Very sad, sir. His dream is to go to the US. But he dropped it for my sake. Really? Going to US without a visa..
and dropping it for you. Lucky! You managed well. By the way, what are you doing now? Nothing! Nothing at all!
– Nothing? From where do you get money to spend? Is your dad a rich person?
– Retired person. Income? My brother! I have an elder brother. Oh, while your brother is
working hard and earning money younger brother is enjoying!
– Excuse me, sir. Why do you bother about
whose money we spend? As if it’s your money!
– Oh! You don’t know about his brother. He is also a police officer.
– Really? He is a bit crazy. Oh God! Crazy?! Yes, crazy! Crazy?!
– Will you stop it? Don’t talk.
– You don’t talk. Call up your crazy brother. Call your crazy brother.
– Hey! Shut up! Shut up! What is your name? Tell me your family details. There is nothing to know about me. Ask about Lucky! My family members don’t
know about us yet. Hello, stop it now.
– Hey, arrest them both. Sir! Tell me how much fine
we have to pay. We will pay and go. We are students, sir. Student? Konda!
– Sir! I want the complete
details of this girl. Hello! What is the case? We both are majors and I have license! And I did not drink too much. You can check if you want. Can I go now? I am sparing you since
you are with the girl. Go. Really? Try to catch criminals.
– Hey! Sir, let him go, sir! Please. I don’t know when he will change. It is time for your shake now.. Your milkshake. I don’t understand. What should I do? Dad, speak loudly. I cannot hear you. Nothing.. I see a lot of
change in your behavior of late. You are not eating on time,
not coming home on time. I have a small doubt that
someone is influencing you a lot. Who is he? Lucky, dad. I like him a lot. I want to marry him. What do you want to ask actually? Ah! What is there to ask? Nothing! How does he look like? Does he look dignified like me? Is not good! No! How does he speak?
Does he speak decently? Hey, fool! Get lost, idiot! Dad! I gave you my clarity. If you want to know about him,
better ask him only. Okay, ask him to meet me. Hello, Lucky? Where are you? My dad wants to talk to you. Okay. Whatever you
say is right, Lucky. He asked you to come to
Golden Cafe in old city in an hour. My dear! I am the one who should give
the appointment. You always say that the one who wants the work
done should take the initiative. We are following that. He accepted you as his father-in-law. Since you have some complaint,
he asked you to meet him. That was a shock! Hey!
– Watch while walking. Hey! Are you mad? Father-in-law! I am Lucky! Come here. Hey, bring two cups of tea! Here, two cups of tea. So you are my father-in-law!
Please come. Fritters taste good here.
Want me to order some? Meanwhile, have some biscuits.
These are famous here. Hey, wait!
– You don’t like them? Why did you call me here
to talk about my daughter? Father-in-law, this is a great place. No matter what we talk,
no one will hear it. I can demonstrate! Hey, fool! Fine! Fine! Fine!
– Yes, fine! Fine! Did you see? I called him fool
but he thought I greeted him. We can’t find a better
place than this? Now tell me. When are you fixing the wedding date?
– Wedding.. Who are you? My daughter is heir
to wealth worth 500 billion! Owns ten bungalows
and ten factories. What do you have?
– I have your daughter, father-in-law. Hey!
What is all this? Who? There was a murder yesterday.
That may be the cause. Come on! Don’t worry. We are safe. Hey! Why did you fix
a meeting at a murder spot? Bad time!
Strange things are happening. Father-in-law!
Come here. I will settle this simply. Here, I like your daughter a lot. You are my father-in-law. Hey, we found him. Come on! Kill him. Oh God! They? Do you know them? Father-in-law! The attack earlier
was on me. They are trying to kill me. You cannot escape from me, Lucky! He will kill you if you are caught. Run!
– Hey, wait! Don’t talk anything now. Hello, excuse me!
– First kill him. Oh, no!
– Hey! Hey, leave me! Don’t shout! Relax! It is me. Who is he? Why is he chasing you? I had an affair with his daughter
before I fell in love with yours. Things did not work out between
that girl and me. So we broke up.
But he wants revenge. Hey! Run. I came here to talk
about my daughter and you are telling me
about your affair with another girl? What is important for you?
Asking questions or saving your life? My life!
– Then bend! Bend! Hey, there they are. Hurry up! Father-in-law! Come on! Jump! Come on, jump! Where did he go? I don’t know who he is. Then why did you run with him? Tell me.
– He is very cunning, sir. He convinced me to run. Why do you talk to him, dad?
Just kill him. Hey, I am not a lame duck to
be killed. What are you talking about? My daughter is in love with him. She wants to marry him.
That is why I met him. What are you saying? Does your daughter really love him? Yes. Poor fellow! Hey, lower your weapons. You are the most unlucky fellow. No one can save you now. I was searching for him like a
mad man.. since one year. Why is that?
– The love that he has for my daughter has shifted to your daughter now. I am transferring to you
my vengeance on him. My revenge will be fulfilled now.
Hey, give those weapons to him. Here, take these things. Keep this too. This will be useful
to you in two ways. Either you may kill
him or kill yourself. Because the things
that are will happen later on you can’t live seeing them. Hey, call the house.
Ask them to arrange for a party. “Father-in-law!
Don’t worry so much about this!” “You will not find a
better son-in-law than me.” “I will show you a movie,
father-in-law!” “I will show you a movie.” “I will make you whistle
for every scene.” “Her looks are pulling me!” “Her smile is killing me.” “Her charm filled my heart!” “He is the one for you!” “His arrogance is charming!” “He is the one for you!” “I never felt this
excited before I met you.” “I started moving after seeing you.” “When I see her anger, I feel like
doing anything to make her smile.” “I will show you a movie, father-in-law!
I will show you a movie!” “I will make you whistle
for every scene.” “I will show you a movie, father-in-law!
I will show you a movie!” “I will make you whistle
for every scene.” “Her looks are pulling me!
Her smile is killing me.” “Her charm filled my heart!” “He is the one for you!” “He is the one for you!” “He is perfect for her!” “You better know that.” “After I met your daughter,
the door of my love opened.” “Dad! After I fell
in love with him” “life became really exciting!” “He embraced me, conquered
my mind and drove me crazy.” “My world has turned upside down!” “A new world appeared before me.” “It was a very sweet feeling!” “I started to go out a lot.” “When I see her anger,
I feel like doing anything” “to make her smile.” “I will show you a movie, father-in-law!
I will show you a movie!” “I will make you whistle
for every scene.” “I will show you a movie, father-in-law!
I will show you a movie!” “I will make you whistle
for every scene.” “Father-in-law! Father-in-law!” “One! Two! Three! Four! Five!” “This is the only
thing you can do now.” “Hey! Hey!” “Hey! Hey!” “One! Two! Three! Four! Five!” “This is the only
thing you can do now.” “Hey! Hey!” “Hey! Hey!” “One! Two! Three! Four! Five!” “This is the only
thing you can do now.” “This is the only
thing you can do now.” “This is the only
thing you can do now.” “This is the only
thing you can do now.” “This is the only
thing you can do now.” Spandana! Dad?! Why are you shouting like that? Did Lucky change you too?
Did you like him? You could ask that question
even after seeing me like this? Introduction with
him is so terrifying. I cannot imagine how
your life would be if you marry him. Don’t marry him. What happened, dear? Where did you go? I went to a fashion show. My child! To kill that boy,
a man sold his wealth left his family and is chasing him. When he came to know the purpose of
my visit, he looked at me with pity! which was so pitiful! It is dangerous to befriend death. Befriending him is more dangerous than
seeking death. We don’t need him. I think his nemesis has arrived. Father-in-law! Father-in-law! Why are you here?
– This is my house. Why did you come here? What? Who is your father-in-law?
– It is you. Get out!
– I love Lucky, daddy. Hey, you are part 2.
Earlier there was a part 1. He loved another girl,
left her and then shifted to you. I already know that.
Lucky told me about it. Did he? What did he say?
– Father-in-law! There are no secrets between us. We could not get along,
so we got separated. Over! Finished! Chapter closed! It is a mistake if I still
love that girl and your daughter too. What do you say, dear?
– Whatever you say is correct, Lucky. Stay away! He is cheating you.
– What is cheating in this, daddy? You say that if our servant works in the next house too,
it is a mistake. But it isn’t a mistake
if he quits there and works only for us – Damn! Moreover he is an experienced guy. That experience will be useful to me. How wonderful!
– All this is your training. Good shot! Father-in-law! Your ego
is not allowing you to consent. Just tell me one reason to reject me.
Just one reason! Hey, do you want a reason?
I will give you perfect reason. Hey, did you ever think how
I came to know that you are in love? If a girl loves a guy,
who will inform her parents about it? Enemies! Their enemies. But in his house,
his brother called me. Yes. He personally called me and
told me to take care of my daughter since she is roaming with
a useless guy. That is the value he has in his house. Did my brother tell you?
– Do you have any doubt? Go and ask him. Go! Okay, I will give you one chance. Go home and make
your brother call me and tell me that you
are correct for my daughter. After that I will think. That is a wonderful challenge,
father-in-law. Hey, did you call Spandana’s father? Why? Did he throw
you out of the house? What is the need for a relation
which breaks just by a phone call? Hey, who are you
to talk about my love? Didn’t you call my senior officer
and say bad things about my character? Why are you angry when
I spoke about your character? Hey, I already told you. To take care since you
stay at a police officer’s house. I got you now.
– Now I understood. Basically since you
failed in your love you are envious about
my love being a success. Hey, what did you say? Mind your tongue!
– Oh! Talking about your personal issues
irritates you. It is the same with me. Yes, I called him because I
don’t want my reputation to be spoilt. You are staying with me. If there is some problem tomorrow,
they will question me. They will point out that despite me
being a police officer I could not control my brother. I don’t like that.
That is why I called him. That my brother is
irresponsible and useless. Oh, you feel so responsible for me? Hey! What is it? Are you mocking me? You took 10 lakhs for visa.
What did you do with that money? What did you do with that money?
What right do you have to spend it? You cannot earn even 10,000.
– You have earned. Did you earn all that
money as a police officer? What is the guarantee that
you did not take bribes? Hey! Hey, talk about me if you want. Don’t speak about my job.
– I will speak. What is the guarantee that you did not
take bribes to earn that money? Hey!
– Hey, what can you do? Do you want to kill me?
– Hey! Hey, stop it! What did you say?
– So what? Stop it!
– Wait! How dare you blame me?!
– What is all this? Stop it! Stop it now.
– Bribes?! Stop it now. Do you know what he did?
– Don’t talk. Don’t talk. Calm down!
– Hey! Why should I calm down? My mother did not hit me till now. She slapped me because of him. I am not going to spare him. I
shall return it a thousand times back. It does not matter what happens to me. One chance! All three of them
are waiting for just one chance. Lucky wants to take
revenge on his elder brother. Ram is waiting for an opportunity
to arrest Siva Reddy. Siva Reddy is waiting
to file the nomination. That time has come. All praises for Siva Reddy! This contains all details and
evidence of his criminal activities. Go and arrest him.
My son gave his life for this. I didn’t know whom
to trust with this file. I am giving this to you.
If you arrest Siva Reddy I will feel that
my son has won. Hail Maddala Siva Reddy! Hail Maddala Siva Reddy! Hail Maddala Siva Reddy! Hail Siva Reddy! Hail Siva Reddy! Hail Siva Reddy! You are a wonderful man. Siva Reddy has so many cases.. and so much evidence against him? He is about to file his nomination. He should not file it. Before he does that, take
all these to the collector. Hello!
– Siva Reddy! You are in big trouble. I reached this position because
of you. That is why I am telling you. ACP is going to the collector’s
office with all the evidence. Greetings, Siva Reddy sir!
– ACP Ram should end up dead before
he reaches the collector’s office. I will finish him off, sir. Go! Hey, did I receive a call? Not yet! Hey, move your auto back. Come on, move! Go now! Go! Move! Move! Hey, you wait! Hey! Hey! Yes! Now he will lose his job. Yes! Breaking news! ACP is running on the road
after his jeep has been stolen. ACP who could not
even save his vehicle. Come on, this will be fun. Hey! Who are you? Stop I say! He scared me. We cannot deal with him.
– Please stop it. Let us go away. Get down! Hey, call us if you are alive.
Let us drink together. And I will pay for the drinks.
– Bye! Damn! Coward! Hey! Hey! Hey! Oh God! Lucky! You are very lucky. With one shot ACP Ram and
the file both are destroyed. Hey, who are you?
From where did you come? A murder took place here. Get out! That person is dead down there. Don’t be in trouble unnecessarily. Go! Hey, start the vehicles.
Let us join boss’s rally. Hey, idiot! Why are you bashing me up? I will not spare you!
How dare you try to kill me? Are you driving that? But why are you
in there? We did not mean to kill you. I pray to you! Just listen to us. How dare you try to kill me? You! Not you, we tried to kill ACP Ram. Who asked you to sit
in ACP Ram’s vehicle? I am telling you from the
beginning but you were not listening. Thank God! He has calmed down. Oh, no! How dare you try to kill
my elder brother?! Oh, no! Siva Reddy sir asked us to do it. Siva Reddy! Siva Reddy! I don’t know anything.
Please leave me. Where is Siva Reddy? “Here comes the hero!” “To bash up the evil!” How dare you try to
kill my elder brother? I will not spare you! I was file the nomination. Why
am I here? What about the nomination? Where am I? We will take care of him. You go!
– You rascal! Boss! Forget about him.
We will take care of him. Kill him. Don’t spare him.
– Okay, you go. “Hey.” Get in! Get in! We are getting late for
the nomination. Drive fast. Run him over! Hey! Hey, who are you? I am getting late for the nomination!
Let me go. Hey, leave me. Let me go. Hey! Leave me. Hey! Who are you? Hey! Who are you?
How dare you take me on! Hey, I will kill you. Hey! How dare you try to
kill my elder brother? Hey, I am letting you
live since my brother is safe. You are saved. I will not spare you. Hey, you are finished. The thought that you
could harm my brother made me turn your world upside down! Better to disconnect
with me here itself. It is better for you. It is not as easy as you think.
You made a mistake already. You don’t know fully about me.
I am.. Don’t tell me. Don’t tell me about yourself..
don’t try to find out about me either. Don’t start the race. Once the race starts,
no one can catch me. I am a race horse! Hey! Maddali Siva Reddy! Hey, idiot! Maddali Siva Reddy! Nice name Maddali Siva Reddy! Nice meeting you, Mr.
Maddali Siva Reddy! I hate people with such long names. I am Lucky! Just Lucky! Maddali Siva Reddy
missed filing his nomination! Some unidentified men
attacked Siva Reddy and tied him up outside the city. Who bashed up Mr. Siva Reddy?
– Answers have to be found. Siva Reddy’s men are
attacking different places in the city and creating chaos. “Trouble!” Sir! Please forgive us!
We didn’t expect this to happen. Stop it. He lived like a king
when he was a rowdy. Tried to enter the field of politics.. Hey! Is politics your domain only? Becoming a minister is my son’s
dream and he will realize it. I don’t like city atmosphere.
Try to send me back quickly for the city to remain peaceful. I swore before leaving my village. Now I must offer that
person’s head to God. Search for the person
who beat my son. Who is he? He stole your jeep in front
of you and you couldn’t do anything? You tried to go against Siva Reddy. What happened now?
You lost the jeep and also the file. Better leave this matter and go home.
Forget about him. What is the use of this department
if we let go criminals, sir? Let’s all go to the temple
and sing hymns! Come on. Talking such nonsense! I will not leave him, sir. Siva Reddy should have been in jail but the file is missing and
I stand here insulted. I will not spare the
person who caused all this! Konda!
– Sir? Get the footage
of all CCTV cameras in the city. One shot of my jeep is enough.
– Sir! Sir! May be Siva Reddy’s men have
stolen the jeep. I don’t think so. No one knows that Siva Reddy
is going to be arrested. Someone who has a grudge
against the department did this. That person made a big mistake. What I lost is not just our jeep but also the goal
of a sincere officer. The trust that a father placed on me! Hey, we are completely doomed. Your brother is checking
all the CC camera footages. What if he finds out about us?
– Hey, Lucky! What is it?
– Siva Reddy’s dad is in the city. He is searching for the person who
beat his son. He wants to kill you. What is the need for
them to search for us? Then?
– Let us go and meet them. Search for him. He must be killed.
Search for him everywhere. Not needed. I am the one who beat your son. I came here to talk. I want to tell you a small story, sir. My mother has two sons.
Me and my elder brother. Both of us never stopped
fighting since childhood. We always fight. We are enemies that
live under one roof. One day that fight
became very personal, sir. Hey!
– Hey, what? He disrupted my love story. I couldn’t bear that and went mad. Since it is love matter,
I was enraged. I wanted to take revenge. I decided to make him lose
his job and stole his jeep. Then unexpectedly
that jeep was attacked. I couldn’t understand
who was doing that and why. But after surviving I understood that
they came for my brother and not me. To kill my brother! That’s it! My mind went blank. I can’t tell you how my blood raced! I couldn’t remember the hatred
or enmity I had for my brother. Only one thing occupied my mind. The person that tried to
kill my brother shouldn’t live. So I captured and bashed him up
black and blue.. but didn’t kill him. After that was over I got a big doubt, sir.
I hate my brother. So, why did I react like that? I don’t even know who your
son was.. but I tried to kill him. Why? The magic of blood
relation is a unique thing, sir. All these years I used to think that I
and my brother couldn’t connect. But he was always
connected to me, sir. The fighting between
us was our affection. I am telling you all this so
that you get a clear picture about me. Better to stop this
conflict here, sir. Don’t try to harm me or
my brother or my family, sir. I did not come here to warn you. I came here to ask you to stop this. We are fine. Okay? If I say the same
thing to your son he would be angry that I beat him. He may not understand.
But you would be sad about your son. You may understand. The matter that we
say is better understood by a sad man than an angry one. Let us stop everything here.
Tell this to your son also. See you! Hey! Hey! My mother has two sons. She cannot bear to lose any of them. You have only one son. You are mature
and also experienced. Siva Reddy! His father Peddi Reddy! Did you see how terrified we are
at hearing their names? How dare you go to his
house and warn him! What makes you so arrogant? You are the ones behind me! Oh God! No! Ram is searching
seriously for the jeep thief. Alas!
– Mr. Ram. From when did this start? Siva Reddy tried to kill my brother. Think how sincere
an officer he must be! Give respect.
– Till yesterday he insulted him. Oh, no!
– Hey, why do you say that again? Respect my brother-in-law.
– Okay. The family is united.
Better maintain some distance. Shall we go to Mr. Ram
and confess that we stole his jeep? He will arrest us all if we do so. He won’t listen to anyone now.
And it will be a big problem at home. To deal like Siva Reddy’s
case, this is not an outside matter. Family problem. Very sensitive. Since we won’t be caught by him if we set his life
up we may solve this problem. He did not enjoy childhood
because of studies. Now he is wasting his youth for duty. There is no joy in his life. It is my fault though.
He had a nice love story. Love?!
– But I spoilt it. That is why he tried to spoil mine. Does your brother have a love story? Yes.
– What did you do? Tell us, sir. My brother loved a girl named
Shweta during college days. He wasted many years since
there was no one to guide him. One Valentine’s day
he went to propose to her. But it was his bad luck
– Yes. ..that I was there too. Oh God! What a beauty! Stop? No way! Hey, keep this. I love you. Stupid! Idiot!
– You don’t like it? Then give me back my flower. You want the flower and not me?! Hey, Kajal!
– Shweta?! What did my brother say to you?
– Is he your brother? Yeah!
– Worst character! Did he say anything wrong?
– He said ‘I love you’ to me. What?! What did you say? No!
– Good! I love you. I was thinking of telling
you this since a long time. I would have accepted
it if you said a minute ago. Why? Your brother said
the same thing just now. If I marry you and enter
the house where your brother stays it will be a problem. Please forget me.
– Oh, no! Shweta! Anyone would feel vengeful
in that situation. – Yes. Hey, I did not know that he loves her. He thinks about her even today and
is rejecting all marriage proposals. What should we do now?
– Find where Shweta is now. And then connect the love story again. What if she is already married? Oh, no!
– Be positive! Lucky and I don’t
like negative comments. Hey, you have changed
her more than needed. Go and search for Shweta. Go! Sweetie!
– Lucky! They will be searching for Shweta. Let us do our work.
– Whatever you say, Lucky! “Oh girl! My heart is flying
high in the sky, do you know?” “Oh beauty!” “I can neither move nor stop.” “And cannot stay at one place
when you are not with me.” “Oh beauty!”
– “That is what love is!” “This world seems to be
in my hand when I am with you.” “Oh beauty!” “When you stand before me” “my heart beats fast” “When I see my
reflection in your eyes” “I cannot stop myself..
cannot stop myself!” “My heart is flying high in the sky,
do you know?” “Oh handsome! I am in love!” “I am mad about you!” “I can neither move nor stop.” “And cannot stay at one place
when you are not with me.” “This is magic! Oh beauty!” “Come on show me love, sweetheart!” “I live for you and
you are my man!” “Listen to me! I am all yours!” “You are the one!” “I feel like my feet got wings.” “I cannot even blink for a moment.” “Do you want to know why?
Because you are mine” “Because you love me.” “Everything turned so colorful!” “You reside in my heart!” “I wish I can tell
that I feel just like you.” “You are in my heart! Don’t
just leave me! I am in love! Love!” “When you stand before
me my heart beats fast” “When I see my
reflection in your eyes” “I cannot stop myself..
cannot stop myself!” “My heart is flying high in the sky,
do you know?” “Oh handsome! I am in love!” “My heart is flying high in the sky,
do you know?” “Oh beauty!
– “I am in love with you!” Why did you let him go like that, sir? My son should become
normal and he will be. Sir! Vehicle is going towards
Nampally from Koti, sir. But the camera at
Ravindrabharati did not record it. Sir! From there near
Somaji crossroads.. Konda!
– Sir! We checked entire CCTV
camera footage of the city. Our vehicle reached Madhapur
through Panjagutta and Jublihills. There three people got
down and then it went away. They went to that hotel, sir. Why did they come here?
– Hey, sir is calling. Come here. On the 14th, three people got down from
2548 vehicle and came to your hotel. Can you tell us about their details?
– Oh, no! Many people came here that day, sir. Can you identify them? Identify means..
– Hey, I will tell you. Who is he? Hey, who are they? Who are they? Hey, you think this is a police
station that you are questioning me? Konda! Hey! What did you see? Let me remember. 2548 vehicle..
– 2548. Is it police jeep?
– Yes. 12 o’clock on Tuesday.
– Yes. Three people entered your hotel. Three people are there.
– Yes. They were sitting there
and I was sitting here. One of them asked for tea. Another one asked coffee. I kept an eye on them
since I smelled something fishy. Okay, then show them to us.
– What do you mean by show them? Take out your purse!
– Purse?! Yes. Are you asking for
money from the police? Why should I not when you will ask us? You did not hit me hard.
Beat me till you are satisfied. Hey, how much? If you give me one lakh
I will give you their addresses. For 2 lakhs I will personally
show you where they are. You have a bumper offer. For 3 lakhs I can tell you
where that jeep is at present.. Idiot! How dare you
talk to me like that? Oh, no! Stop! What do you think of the police?
– Sir, calm down. Sir! Please calm down, sir. I will not spare him. Did you find the address
of your brother’s lover? Is she in Shadnagar?
Then bring her here by force, Lucky. Kill him or kill yourself! What is this? How long will you
keep drinking recalling that incident? Wife! Are you here?
Come on, please sit down. Have a drink. What are you talking? Please stop this.
– Let’s talk openly. Have a peg! No one is listens to me! – No! Hey, please stop it.
What are you doing? I don’t have any other choice. Daddy! What are you doing? Both of you are alike. You are doing injustice to me.
I want to die. A man should talk of killing
others and not himself. What is your problem?
– That guy Lucky! Then kill Lucky!
Your problem will be solved. Right! Lucky! Why did you send
him to kill your lover? It is Lucky, mom!
He will do some magic. Hey, someone kidnapped the bride.
Catch him. “There he comes! He comes!” I am very afraid, Lucky! Oh! Don’t be afraid, sis-in-law! That is nice to hear. Lucky! Do you think I am so much
in love with your brother? Why would you reject so many
marriage proposals if you don’t? Because I didn’t like them.
I accepted this since they forced me. But I did not like this either. Since my brother is in your heart,
you don’t like any of them. Is that so?
– Yes! Hey!
– This side! You entered like a hero
and taking me with you. I think I should
believe what you said. But is your brother
still in love with me? He became a police
officer just for you. But I never told him that.
– You don’t like police job? I like it.
– Yes, that is why he became one. Let’s go in that case! They will catch us
if we continue like this. Come here! Oh God! You came at the right time,
father-in-law. What happened?
– Bullets are over. Bullets over? Then run!
– Run?! Hey! This man came to help them. Kill this one first. Hey, you! “Oh, no!” Father-in-law! Come quickly. Who are they? They are her relatives. Who is she?
– Can’t you see? She is the bride and
I am taking her away. Run! What? Hey! How many girls do you want? Father-in-law!
Do you want answers or your life? My life!
– Then run! Hey! We will kill you for sure. Father-in-law! Get in quickly. Oh, no!
– Father-in-law. What is this? Don’t pull me! Hey! Just drive!
– Don’t let go of your hands. Take this and hit them. Catch! O God! I’m doomed! Out. Why are there so many cars
at your home, Lucky? Hello, your husband is ACP.
That is why. Oh! There will be many cars,
of course. Hey, where did you go? Your phone is switched off too. Forget it!
But why are so many cars outside? Marriage proposal. Why did you arrange
that without my permission? It is for your brother
and not for you. Brother?!
– Yes. He will never agree to it. It is settled.
– Oh God! What are you saying? How long will your
brother keep rejecting? This is IG’s daughter.
– IG’s daughter?! What remains is to
fix the marriage date. Please go ahead, priest. There is an auspicious
time on 20th of next month. That is okay for me.
– I am not okay with it. I am still alive! How can you fix this match without
telling me? What about me? He is our second son. Is that you?
Everyone told us about you. That you are the most
useless guy in your family. I too heard about you.. that
you are the most henpecked husband! Stop that. Don’t mind him. Show your anger
on that stick if you want. What should I do now? How can I go out now? Hey! Stop over-reacting. I know that you will
try to do something. That is why I have settled
this when you are not around. Oh God! What should I do now? Hey, do you know whose car this is?
ACP sir’s car. I am his wife in prospect. Get out! Go! She is deeply connected. Hey! Hey!
– Oh, no! Don’t tell me anything! Not a word! I have decided to be an ACP’s wife. I don’t know what you will do. But, like you got
my marriage cancelled get your brother’s marriage
cancelled too! Get it cancelled?! And arrange for my marriage
with your brother! Tell me! Are you going to do that?
– Tell her that you will do something. Tell me.
– Yes, I will do. I will do. Promise?
– Promise, Shweta! Hey!
– Oh God! Not Shweta..
address me as sister-in-law. Call me sister-in-law.
– Hey, do it. Leave me first! Please! She might kill me! Take this lunatic to
your house immediately. Okay? Lunatic?!
– I mean Shweta. Hey, what did you say?
– Run! Cool! Cool! He is coming.
– Go! Go now! Hey, are you blind? Hey! Where were you all this time?
– Searching for you. What for?
– You were always in my heart. Am I in your heart?
– Your photo is in my wallet too. So sweet!
– Good! This girl left her
marriage and came to me. And IG’s daughter is
getting ready to marry me. I don’t understand
what I should do, Konda. I understood, sir.
This is very strong love. You cannot cut this.
You have to cut the IG proposal. Hey, that is not easy.
– It is easy, sir. Every house has a useless person. Only that person can
be useful at times like this. Who? My brother?
– Yes, sir. He is the only one
who can do this. Sir! Go and fall at his feet. Oh! Idiot! Till now he is the one
who asked me for everything. How can I ask him something? Even Vasudeva (Lord Krishna’s father)
fell at donkey’s feet, sir. Is my brother a donkey?
– Yes. This feels a little bit comfortable.
– Your comfort is more important to me. My brother is a donkey. What would he be
if his brother is a donkey? Everything is okay, sir. Sir! I explained it clearly to him. You just ask him once, that’s it. Useless fellow! He told you everything. Do it. What should I do? You got an opportunity to repay
your gratitude. Use it. Just tell me that you
cannot do it and need my help. Hey, the shirt you wear
is mine as also the shoes. But the need is yours.
– That is why I ask for help. A request and not
a warning is in order. You are responsible for spoiling
my love story. So you must make good. Anger won’t do, sir. Request! Request?!
– Yes. Beg me! I will not beg you. Sir! He is a donkey! A donkey! Donkey!
– Go, sir. A small request!
– Oh! You should somehow break
the match with IG’s daughter. The pitch has to be higher! Brother! Please do me this favor. Oh God! How nice it would be
to have the request more heartfelt! Hey, brother! Please save me. Do something to get me out
of this problem, sir. The devil! I will. Hey! Sir! Hey, what happened?
Why am I in a hospital? Sleep! Only then will this plan work! Hello! I am Li, Dr.
Bali! Malaysia returned! I don’t know what to say.
– I am key! Lucky! You should say what I tell you..
– But there is nothing to say. You should say that
there is no matter. Oh, you mean..that?
– Correct! Okay! Okay! Not at all! What happened?
– Lucky! Hello! I am Li, Dr. Bali! Malaysia returned.
I can say anything. I am P.. JP! I hit where I wish! I see! Room no. 68..
If you want anything, please come. What happened to him, doctor? Who has a strong heart here? What?!
– A strong heart! You are so excited.
So it must be yours. Come on,
let us go to the corner and talk. Whatever you want to say, say it here. Is he your son-in-law?
– No, he is going to be. Oh, but he is.. What do you mean? He was hurt badly and
his days as a man are over. What do you mean by that? Left side crushed, right side
cut and lost everything completely. Oh! Why don’t you
say it clearly, doctor? Can I use your baton?
– Take it. Can you do your duty without this?
– No. It is same with him too. Do you mean..
– Yes. Do you think that there is no hope? Your daughter will suffer. She is not my daughter. She’s the one. Oh, I am sorry!
– Stay away. Are you sure, doctor?
– That is what the machine said. What is the guarantee that the
machine tells the truth? Do something.
Send your daughter to his room. She will check it out and tell you.
– Should I go, dad? Shut up and stay here. Why don’t you send her instead?
– Yes. Stay put! Should I go?
– Go! He is a fool! “Your nest is blown away
and your heart broken!” “Oh little bird! Whose fault is this?” Hey, what happened?
– Don’t ask me, dad. “Whose fault is this?” You understood the situation, right? Are you thinking of
canceling this marriage? You are correct. Bye, sir! Such a nice guy! Hey, what happened? Good!
– Marriage is cancelled. What will happen to him now? “Gone! Let it be gone!” It’s gone! It’s gone! Enjoy, dad? Why are you dancing
instead of feeling sad? Why should I be sad, dad? It was in the way,
so I got it removed! Oh God! It was gone in the hospital.
That is a relief. All these problems
are because of that. “Gone! It is gone!” Sir!
– What is it? I think he lost his mind too.
– Shut up! Hey, stop it. Thanks for getting
this marriage cancelled. What?! Did you do this on purpose? Yes, mom. I loved a girl named Shweta. I wanted to marry her. I had to cancel the
marriage with IG’s daughter. Lucky played some drama
to get it cancelled. So, you were dancing because this match got cancelled?
– Yes. What did you think? Hey, what doctor said isn’t true? What did the doctor tell you? What did he say, dad? I cannot tell you that as a father. Hey, what did you say? Whatever..
drop it! Your problem is solved. What did you say? Hey, what did you say? Tell me. I said there is no gas in the lighter. What do you mean?
– That is right. Hey, you! Stop there! Stop there! Hey! Stop it! Stop it! Couldn’t you find some other
reason to cancel this marriage? Stop it! – Hey!
– I could find another reason! I could not. What should I tell them? A drunkard, womanizer? Or a corrupt man?!
Would anyone believe that? The entire department
knows your sincerity. That is why IG wanted
to make you his son-in-law. Forget it. Everyone knows that we both are enemies. Yet you did not throw
me out of the house. Isn’t this reason enough
to say how kind your heart is? You are pure gold. That is why I had
to resort to that lie. Hey, you must have a negative
trait that can be put to such use. Don’t rebuke me! What’s he, mom? Hello, sir! Please move aside. Stop there. You became emotional because
of your love for your brother. But after bashing me up you didn’t realize
who Maddali Siva Reddy is that is not a normal
man and that he’s alive that he’s still in the hospital that he’d come out
some day and finish you off! You never thought this? Do you know what I thought
about you when in hospital? That you must have
planned to escape from me. ..and that I’d have
to search a lot to find you, But you.. As if this Siva Reddy has
nothing to do with your life and as if nothing
happened between us you roam happily and openly
in this city. How can you? Who are you, sir? Who are you, sir?
– You don’t know me? What are you talking? You might
have mistaken me for someone else. You really don’t know who I am?
– Sir! Who are you, sir? “He did it.” I am not kidding. I am serious. I forgot what happened. You are not in my life or in my mind. I forgot that you tried to
kill my brother. Better you too forget about it. I told your dad about this. “He did it.” He didn’t tell you about it? Don’t make new enemies, Siva.
Why do you want to play with fire? Your life is different from mine. Public is talking a lot
about someone beating Siva Reddy. But no one clearly knows the truth. Don’t reveal that to
public and make me a hero. You should be the hero.
If you unnecessarily focus on me I will become a hero.
That won’t be good for you. How can he be alive after meeting you? Why did you let him go? Dad! Tell me. I really can’t
believe that you let him go alive. Son! Siva!
– I feel like I am dead. You are angry. I too am angry. I want to pay him
back a thousand times. After bashing up my son
he sat calmly in front of me gave me a warning and left. My blood boiled. Would you be happy had I killed him? No! He should die at your hands. Before that happens, his courage,
arrogance and confidence all of them should be crushed. He stopped you from becoming
a minister. First become a minister. Where will he go? Rowdy Siva Reddy should not beat him. Siva Reddy in power should beat him. Let him enjoy this victory till then. When he forgets everything and starts
living happily, you should strike him. That is the real treat for us. Yes, dad. Let him live happily. Do whatever he wants. Let him enjoy. Let him dance! Let him enjoy the few
remaining days of his life. No matter whatever he does,
he will die at my hands at last. “Down! Down! Down!” “Down! Down! Down!” “Here is a new round!
Start the sound!” “Down! Down! Down!” “Here is a new round!
Start the sound!” “Hey, welcome to the party!
You must see this!” “Enjoying fully is my duty!” “Forget about tomorrow. Time
will never come back if it is lost!” “Come, let us see a
different world together!” “Let us party!” “Down! Down! Down!” “Down! Down! Down!” “Here is a new round!
Start the sound!” “This is a party that we cannot miss!” “Let us enjoy ourselves! Come here!” “I will give you permission
to do whatever you like.” “You are my army and
I belong to only you!” “Down! Down! Down!” “Down! Down! Down!” “Down! Down! Down!” “Here is a new round!
Start the sound!” “Down! Down! Down!” “Here is a new round!
Start the sound!” “Come! See! Jump!” “Stretch! Bend! Rule!” “Down! Down! Down!
Baby, come down. Get ready.” “Here is a new round!
Start the sound!” “Down! Down! Down!” “Down!” “Down!” “Join us!”
– “Join us!” “Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!” “Hands down and heads up!” “Come to the party!
Let us dance together!” “Let us enjoy ourselves! Come here!” “Forget about tomorrow. Time
will never come back if it is lost!” “Come, let us see a
different world together!” “Crossing everything.” “Down! Down! Down!” “Down! Down! Down!” “Down! Down! Down!” “Come on!” “Come on!” “Down! Down! Down!” “Down! Down! Down!” I, Maddali Siva Reddy.
– I, Maddali Siva Reddy. Pledge my devotion
as the minister of this state. Pledge my devotion
as the minister of this state. My son should become
minister in MLC quota. How is that possible? There are people who didn’t win
elections but made ministers by you. My son should also
become minister like that. The law.
– The law. Yeah! Yeah! You won! Will do justice to all the people. I swear by God! I swear it! Maddali Siva Reddy has become
large scale industries minister. People are my Gods! Dad! Power gives you a
different high altogether. Did you fulfill your dream? I am hungry, dad. Now, you can hunt. Through our program we
will seek justice for the public.. Wedding cards are given to everyone.
Your department is the only one left. Two months back my
husband had gone missing… ..and his dead body
was found recently. I can tell you the names of
people whom I suspect. I went to an officer seeking justice. But he.. Don’t be scared, madam.
– He said that he would help me but asked me what I would give
him in return. He spoke so meanly. He asked me to meet
him at the guest house. If I did not listen to him he said he would file
a case against me for having an affair with
someone else and killing my husband. Can you tell us that officer’s name? His name is.. Yes, tell us.
– ACP Ram! Please punish him properly. What?! He will not spare me for sure. That is why I have decided to die. Oh my god! Hey, stop it. Stop! Please call the ambulance. He is out! Such mean officers should be punished
properly for the benefit of society. Who gave him police job? He should be suspended immediately. He uses us for his
personal work, sir. He takes commission
from every builder, sir. So many allegations?! There is an enquiry on you.
You are suspended. Sir! Sir!
– One question! Sir! You are a police officer!
How can you do this? People gathered here and demand
punishment for the ACP. Down with ACP! No! Hey! You got so many awards and rewards.
How could you do such a thing? Please stand aside! Please leave him. Mom!
– Don’t say anything. We know you very well. Hey! What are you doing? We got orders to destroy this house. According to municipal rules,
this is a 60 foot road. You built this house illegally. We built it legally.
We did not receive any notice. What is this then? You signed
it when you received the notice. Someone is doing this on purpose. Hey, come on!
– No, sir! Please don’t do this. Don’t destroy it, sir.
We made a lot of effort to build it. Sir! Please listen to me, sir. Please! Stop it! Stop it just for one hour. The person who is making you
do all these things will call you. I will give you two hours.
Make him call us. Siva Reddy!
– Yes? Siva Reddy! Hey, where are you going?
– I want to meet Siva Reddy urgently. Do you have an appointment?
– Appointment to meet a rowdy? Hey! Stop there!
– Siva Reddy! I know that this is your doing. You cannot meet him
without appointment. Siva Reddy! Hey!
– Hey! Let him come. Just stop this, Siva! Just stop this. Who are you, sir? Who are you, sir? Are you from my area? If you have any problem,
meet me in the office. Okay? Hey!
– Hey! Shh! Rowdy-ism, I learnt from my dad. Politics, I learnt from you. Is your family the only family? What about our family? Family?! Hey, what are you doing here? Real problem is about to start there. Go and see what was
happening there. Go! I just found out that your
brother has stolen the jeep. My brother?
– I trusted you as a son. You have cheated me.
– I really don’t know it, uncle. No, don’t tell me that you don’t know. Don’t try to save your brother. My son died today and not that day. He died because of you.
Yes, because of you. Are you the one who stole my jeep? Are you the one who stole my jeep? Do you know what was in that? Do you know that the evidence
for Siva Reddy’s crimes were in it? Hey, I don’t know about it. Siva Reddy wanted to kill you. That is why I bashed him up. He is doing all this
to take revenge for it. Yes. It was a mistake to take your jeep. But he tried to kill you. Hey, the moment I wore the uniform,
I was ready to die. Who is he to kill me? The reason you give
won’t correct your mistake. You killed the goal
of a sincere police officer. You interfered in this problem
and brought this upon our family. Because of your mistake
our family is on the streets now. I lost my job and
prestige because of you. Hey, I didn’t do it on purpose! You said that I didn’t
have any negative angles but you tarnished my character. You already knew
that it was a mistake. That is why to cover it up you acted nicely that you
love me and cheated us all. Are you happy?
– That is not true. Hey! You don’t ever try to come to us. Get out! Ram! Ram! Hi! Hi! Nice meeting you. I am Maddali Siva Reddy! But don’t call me like that. I will be angry!
Call me Minister or Chief Minister. You are a really very lucky guy. If I were the rowdy Siva Reddy you would have died long back. A rowdy kills people very easily. 24 hours! A family is finished. 24 hours! A police officer’s career is finished. In 24 hours, the house that
was built legally is gone. Your life turned
upside down in 24 hours. This is the magic of power. This is Siva Reddy’s power. Power! Power game! Power! You have connected
to me well with your power game! You have started the
race Maddali Siva Reddy! Nice name!
– You too are crazy like me. Yes.
– Right! Compete in this race. I don’t know how I shall start
killing members of your family. You should think about it. Run! Try to save them.
You will be the last one to die. Hey! Be careful, Siva Reddy! Peddi Reddy! Take care of your son. I will bash you up if
something happens to him. Power minister! Roads are not good!
Don’t forget your seat belt. Oh God! Don’t be in a hurry to kill him. I will offer you a thousand coconuts,
please save him. Because you are not
the one to set the straight! Is is Lucky! Come on! “He is here!” Bye! Hey, it is raining. Drive carefully! Happy journey. You have started the race, Siva Reddy! Run, idiot! Run! Run! Your political power will be destroyed
with my horse power. Brother! Brother! My God! Oh God! I have to go back to the village,
minister sir. Their family should be cleaned up! Are you a fool?
You cannot do this at least? Oh, no! Oh, no! No!
– Come on, drive fast! Hit them! Increase the speed.
– Oh, no! Step out immediately. Speed up! What an action hero! Rise up and kick! “He is the master!” “Here comes Lucky!” Bring the action. Spring into action! “Hey! Hey! Hey!” “Wow! Look, here comes Lucky!” Hey!
– “Watch out!” “Hey, they call me Lucky!” “He is here.” “Don’t get his attention.” “He gets into the act
and inspires everybody” Oh God! In the area where
this Lucky is a policeman rowdy activities?! How did he become a policeman? Brother! Oh, no! Brother! Oh God! Start button! Action! Oh my God! My dear friend! Give that!
– Here! No! I don’t want it. Current is passing! Oh, no!
– Doctor! What happened, doctor? It is a dangerous condition. Primarily blood cancer. Are you talking about what
happens with multiple bed partners? No, that is different. In which stage is he now, doctor? I am about to die, sir. Oh my friend! Oh God! Doctor! Please save him somehow. Difficult! Oh, no! I became the Home
Minister because of you. I will do anything to save you. Hello! What do you think we are? I am a specialist in all these.
It is very difficult. Is there no chance for his survival?
– Only two days. If he has any requests, fulfill
them and let him rest in peace. Oh God! Tell me what you want to do in
these two days. Do you want girls or do you want
to go to pubs or clubs or something else.
What do you want? He will die immediately
if you do all that! I won’t let you die. I won’t let you
die till your last wish is fulfilled. Tell me what your last wish is,
brother. Tell me. I like the police duty a lot. It was my goal to become
a police officer, sir. Poor fellow!
– As my last wish I want to become
a police officer, sir. Police?! But how can you become
a policeman? Oh, no! He is about to die. Are you going to die right now? Hey, keep him warm.
– No, don’t die. My dear! You became Home
Minister because of him. Why can’t fulfill his last wish?
– But high command. He is about to die in two days.
You cannot fulfill his last wish? Please do something.
– Dad! Please fulfill his
last wish somehow, dad. Say okay, dad! Please! Do it, dad! Please! Sir! In Vizag a small kid
was about to die of cancer a social welfare organization
made him IG for a day. Yes, I saw that news on TV.
– Yeah! I heard that a small kid became
the president in Kenya. I do know that. Did I not become a doctor? I mean.. didn’t he
make you the Home Minister? Yeah! Oh, no!
– Just relax. Brother! I want to wear the
police uniform even for one day and serve under you, sir. Brother! Oh God! I know how kindhearted you are. Taking little children to school,
helping the blind cross the road when you served people as
a common man, I became Home Minister. If you wear a police
dress and serve people what level would I reach! My friend! I am making
you a special police officer. I am telling you
this as a Home Minister. You became a police
officer for one day. Oh God!
– Hey! Batch number 78, roll number 60.. Trained in Dehradun..
this is a weapon I made secretly. Whether you like it
or not you should use it. You should accept him as
a police officer for one day. Excuse me, sir.
You became Home Minister recently. When did you prepare him? He does not deserve that, sir. He does not deserve that? Do you deserve that?
Look at your tummy! It is like a hill. Won’t you believe your home minister? Okay, sir. Okay. Any doubts? No doubt, sir. For 24 hours,
you are not only a police officer but also the Home Minister. Oh God! Entire department should follow him. Do you want anything else? Sir! I need a special team consisting of frustrated
police officers. Okay. Granted! Granted! Granted! If anyone tries to oppose you you can use this. For one
day do whatever you want! Friend! I want you
to be happy for one day. Only one work is remaining, sir. What is it? Just for twelve hours if
you can perform the Chandi yaga without contact
with the outside world there is a chance
that I may survive. You are the only one
who can do that, sir. Please, sir!
– It is done. Go and do your duty. I will not be available
to anyone for twelve hours. Start the worship. You are the bosses for 24 hours. What will you do if I give
you full powers for 24 hours? Just give it and see, sir. Yes, sir. I saw how sincere
and frustrated you are. I have selected you all. I am issuing ultimate powers to you. One day! Let us do duty with all our heart. Order us, sir! We will do it. Our target is criminal minister
Siva Reddy. That is a wonderful target, sir! They seem to hate him more than I do. That Siva Reddy.
– Will be dead! Crush him into pulp. No more discussions. Sir! You gave us the correct target. I will chase Siva Reddy to death, sir. I will smash all
his illegal activities. What next?
Come on, tell me. Come on, tell me. You seem to be frustrated.
– Yes, I am frustrated. If we want to catch a criminal,
political pressure. The culprit of gang
rape case in Delhi is being fed in jail
instead of being killed on the spot. Why should we not be frustrated, sir? I like you, sir! You gave me power!
Now the game starts, sir. What is your name?
– Pandey! Killbill Pandey! You are connected well with duty. I am well connected to Siva Reddy. You have connected well to me. For you. Well, our target is Siva Reddy. Till we finish him off,
our force should not stop. Yes, sir.
– We should not listen to anyone. Yes, sir.
– We don’t hear anybody’s words. Oh God! “They call me Kill Bill Pandey!” “Kill Bill Pandey!” Arrest all of them.
– Get up! What are you wearing? I have designed it
for this special team. You can also wear it. Wonderful idea!
– Thank you very much. The vehicle can’t
carry them all them, sir. Adjust somehow.
– No! Oh God! Why did you shoot them like that? What do we lose, sir? Just four bullets! Extra luggage. So daring?! Why should I worry
when you are with me, sir? I will not be there after 24 hours. Don’t trust me so much. We cannot help it, sir. Frustration! We longed to do our
duty perfectly, sir. What else? What else? Sir! I don’t know anything. Frustration! Lucky! You are making
some mistake again. What will happen if someone
holds the shirt of an officer on duty? He is finished.
– Arrest him. We can do our duty sincerely
only if brother is in the jail. Brother?! I want us to attack all
the businesses of Siva Reddy. All should be at the same time. Sir! He is Siva Reddy’s auditor. There are many business belonging
to Siva Reddy in this state. But all of them are
running on fictitious names. I know only few. Believe me, sir. How can we find about others?
– Let us make him tell us. Will you make him tell us? How?
– Attack! “Come on!
Come on! Bring me the action!” “Wow! Wonderful! He is Lucky!”
– Who are you? Good!
– “Frustration! Frustration!” Get him. “Frustration! Frustration!”
– No! Oh God! Frustration, sir! Frustration! Who are you? Special rapid force! Do you know whose factory this is?
It belongs to minister Siva Reddy. Siva Reddy should say that. Sir! I don’t understand
what your plan is. Killbill Pandey! Special officer?!
Who is he? Give him the phone. Sir? Sir! Does this factory belong to you, sir? Yes, idiot! That factory is mine. I did not know that this is yours, sir.
– Who are you to raid it? I am an officer in
special rapid force, sir. Special rapid force?!
– SR means you, sir? SR means me. Siva Reddy!
– We did not know that, sir. I will talk to your superiors.
Leave that place immediately. Okay, sir. If you say so.. Catch this. Let us attack. Sir! They are exporting
spurious medicines. This belongs to minister Siva Reddy. Oh God! Please control! Please!
– No! No! Control your high emotions. Please do the raid after
knowing who it belongs to.. Siva Reddy, sir! Does this
factory also belong to you, sir? Yes, it also belongs to me. Extremely sorry, sir. We did not know that. We are leaving. This factory belongs to Siva Reddy!
Let us attack. Yes, sir!
– What is this? Who are you?
Why are you targeting me, you rascal? Is this also your factory, sir? Yes, it is! Yes! Mine! Killbill..are you mad? Why do you
go after Siva Reddy’s factory again? Sir, we are doing the
raids as per the list we got. We are unable to know which
of them are your factories. What do you want me to do for that?
– Do one thing. Give us the full list of
your properties ..we will take care to avoid them! This idea is good..
Come soon and take the list! Come soon!
– This is some action! What an idea, sir! You will go there as the officer! “Frustration! Frustration!” “The star has arrived in full form!” “They call me Killbill Pandey!” “They call me Killbill Pandey!” “Frustration! Frustration!” You are the special officer! And you are Siva Reddy?!
You Siva Reddy! are just a few
feet above the ground! You talk like that about brother?! You thought that they missed?
I made them miss you! Even the bullet is small like me! You know its power only when
it hits you..Don’t challenge me! I will get brutal! List!
– I like your style! List!
– Give the file! Please be careful!
– Happy Diwali! There is still time for that. It will start a bit early for you. Cute boy! I love you! ”Hey Oh! Say Oh!” His appearance is bad from
front and worse from behind! How come he is the special officer?
I cannot believe this! Sometimes you have
to believe the unbelievable! “Killbill Pandey!” “Killbill Pandey!” up all channels!
– Yes, sir! Get the media..immediately!
– Okay, sir! Hello! Do you want to increase
the TRP of your channels? You want to show the power of media?
– Yes, sir! Then follow us!
– We will go with you. Special officer! Charge!
– Yes, sir. This factory belongs to Siva Reddy. Here illicit liquor
is being produced, sir. Attack! Why did you return again?
– To break your bones! Shall we seal it, sir?
– Seal! This factory belongs to Siva Reddy..
I am just to cover up! We shall set it all on fire! “Operation with full of action!” “This is raw action
like a race horse!” The special team is creating sensation
in the state. This is real power! “The tempo is gungho..
the mind vision very sharp.” “The action is super
fast like a race horse.” They are smuggling drugs under
the garb of making fertilizers. I am just a cover up for Siva Reddy!
– Blow it all up! Illicit liquor found
to be produced in a factory owned by minister Siva Reddy! The special team raided
and seized the factory. “The race horse.”
– Fake drugs being distributed. Behind the garb of
licensed businesses it was revealed that illegal
activities were being conducted. Just keep watching for live updates! Brother! Brother! Brother!
– What happened? This factory belongs to Siva Reddy. Hey, my factories! What is happening?! Brother,
Killbill Pandey has cheated us! Call him up!
– Siva Reddy is calling. Do you want to ask
Siva Reddy any questions? Yes.
– Go on and ask him then! How dare you take the list
from me and seize my own factories! Are you Siva Reddy!
– Yes, I am Maddali Siva Reddy! Do you confess that all those
illegal factories are your own? kI told you, Killbill, that
all those factories are indeed mine! Siva Reddy! You are finished! Hey..who are you all?! Wrong number! Wrong number! Siva Reddy has confessed that all
these illegal business are his own! What nonsense?! Now he will call up our Home Minister. Call up the Home Minister! Don’t pick up any phone call from
Siva Reddy! They are all being tapped! Okay. What happened?
– No one is answering! Sir, these are more
advanced than we have! Exchange! “Race horse!” It is okay! “Race horse!” “This switch gives a shock..
the plan is smart.” “This is sensational..race horse!” All these constructions
belong to Siva Reddy. Illegal constructions. Bring them down!
– No! I will do that! What was that?! Yeah! “He will race against time” “He is going to settle scores.” “The race horse! Race horse!” “The race horse! Race horse!” “The race horse! Race horse!” “The race horse! Race horse!” Killbill Pandey is savior
of women and nemesis for the corrupt! “This is a strategic
operation with mass action.” “This is raw action
like that of a race horse!” It is all gone! You don’t get involved any of you. Start the attack on Hanmayya! We now know who are Siva Reddy’s
Henchmen.. They are MLAs and ministers. Shift the documents
to some other location! There are none here.
– But you have them! Keep them before him. Weapons of mass murder
in minister’s home! Catch him! Cheating!
– Yes! Even seasoned politician Hanmayya is found to be
Siva Reddy’s henchman. The woman who led to police officer
Ram’s suspension, is not innocent! It has been proved that
she is a known troublemaker. I was asked to make
those accusations by.. Siva Reddy! Even Siva Reddy’s father,
Peddi Reddy was arrested by the special
team with high security. “Let’s chase and capture them!”
– Hey! “Run and catch them!” “This is fantastic action!” “Run! Run!”
– “The race horse!” Ah..Home Minister! Hey..Home Minister! Do you know anything
about what is happening? What is happening, sir? It seems that you appointed
some special officer! He claimed that he
was a cancer patient! I gave permission when he
said he wanted to do public service! You fool! You idiot!
– Oh my God! He is targeting Siva Reddy
and taking him apart! I am giving you an hour’s time! Give shoot-at-sight orders for him. Else I will have to shoot you! Go and stop him!
– Why should we stop him?! We have become like this since
leaders like you sit on our heads! We are cheating ourselves
in the name of performing duties he cheated us but
did the duty perfectly! He showed us the power of police! You just go and take rest..everything
will be settled by tomorrow morning! Who is going to stop him in that case? It is only you who can stop
him in these dire circumstances! I have no relationship with him, sir! Stop your family dramas! You have targeted one person
and have created ruckus in the state. He was made to run around for
miles for doing me a small favor. You have no responsibility?
– I am a common man now! I will give you full powers! What your brother is doing..
is it wrong or not? Please go and stop him! The illegal businesses of Siva Reddy,
running for years now have all been closed down
by the special team in just a day! Minister Siva Reddy is doomed. Brother, it seems you were
removed from your post! Hey, you rascal! Who is he that caused all this?! Who is that man?! It is me..I am that man! Do you think I am an idiot?! I want to see the man
that is behind all this! Tell me who he is! Tell me!
– Hey! Yes, you are right! Tell me where he is! He is inside you..
right inside your heart! Listen to that will see
the visual and hear the truth! Close your eyes! Listen now! “Rise to the challenge!” “Rise to the challenge!” Maddali Siva Reddy! Nice meeting you again! Special officer?!
How did you become that? Did not you become the minister
without getting elected? Did you cheat to
become a police officer? Exactly! You clamored for power! I hit you hard with the same power! Sir..are you a fake police officer?! You got this a bit late, Killbill! That has been the story of my life..
always late! So, this is not a
government mission, sir? No! It is my very
personal goal and mission! Oh God! Why were you not born
as my younger brother?! I will pay obeisance at your feet! You have made the minister
Siva Reddy become a goon again! This is the power
of the goon Siva Reddy! Get up! Get up now! Brother!
– Hey! Hey..wait..don’t beat me up! My time is over now. Correct..even my time is over now. The police must be
searching for me now. But in the first place how could.. Hey, lucky! Cheating!
– No! My mission is complete
only after arresting you! My ego will be satisfied! Oh God! Who is he? We all have been fooled! I am unable to bear that
he cheated and did all this! He should not be spared! The whole situation
here is in turmoil. Till now 30 have died. Property worth millions is destroyed. Is it the government
that is doing this? Is it an agenda of its own? Lucky, it is not
just me that you irked. You have irked the CM,
Home minister, Police and the
are finished! Greetings, Mr. CM. Lucky, my time has come! Is it this boy that did all this?! You have shaken the government
within a matter of hours! You have got the CM to his knees..
don’t know where to bury my head.. Hey! Now there is no scope for words..
only action! Oh God! When asked to make a wish.. I believed that and
pushed you forward! And you pushed me back! CM, please let me go!
– You keep quiet! Hey, do you know how
big a crime you have committed?! You must be given
such a big punishment.. Imprisonment for life
will not suffice for his mistake he must be hanged to death! Sir, he must be taken before the
media and hanged to death. Correct, sir! That punishment is just for him. Take him then. Bye, lucky! Sir, how shall I describe
his deeds to the media outside? Tell them what he did! Sir, all those outside think
that the CM did the right thing. Shall I tell them that it
is not the CM who got it done and that an infuriated guy actually
cheated the government and did this? They think that it is the Home
Minister who got the police to do this. One common man who was angry that
we idiots could not do what was needed that he deceived us and did this, shall I tell them that, sir? The public outside wants to vote this government back
to power in the next elections. Shall I announce outside that
this government did not do all this? Shall I reveal that, sir? This government did what
no other government did till today. See for yourself! See what they are saying! This decision taken jointly
by CM and Home Minister made the police department
function efficiently and brought the corrupt to book. In the coming elections we must vote
back this government and this CM. If this continues, corruption
will be removed from the country! That the government did all
this in just 24 hours then what can
it achieve in 5 years! Not just the state but the
entire country can be transformed. Victory to the government! Victory to the CM! Victory to the police! What my younger brother did is wrong. Yes, the route he took is wrong! But he is right indeed. He is right, sir! Lucky, you are right! You did not do anything wrong! Not just now,
my brother has always been right. I shall proudly announce
before the media that my brother
cheated us and did this! Let us go. Hey, where are you taking him? Who do you think supported him? It is me! I mean ..this is the step taken
by our government! Yes! Sir..please take
me to the media, sir! I made a mistake, sir!
– Hold on! Which fool says that you did wrong?! He made a mistake and you mentioned
the same..not correct to go to media! Sir, I am feeling
guilty for cheating you! Don’t do that! No!
– I have a few demands then. Demands?! Tell us what they are! This special team must
continue like this. Done! Killbill should be its head!
– Done! I want an American visa! Why just a visa?
Go and get settled there permanently! Done! All of them are thieves! I don’t want anything, sir!
– Why? I could do all this since
I took power into my hands. There are officers who sincerely
do their duties like my brother please give them freedom
to act and then see, sir! The result will be 10 times better! You are not a normal person, my boy! Are you normal people, either? The head of this special operation! It was indeed you! My God!
– Younger brother! This matter must remain
just between us four! Yes!
– Then what about him? I did not see or hear anything! We will spare him, sir!
– Please do! Escape through the rear entrance!
– Release him! Go quickly, my man!
– Run. What fools they are! Sir, this fantastic job you did.. Victory to Killbill Pandey! Victory to Killbill Pandey! Victory to Killbill Pandey! Victory to Killbill Pandey! Victory to Killbill Pandey! Stop all this! I will not give any answers
to your questions! I will tell you just what I want to. Shut up and note down..
protect yourselves! There are no greater
fools than you here. You must confront
any sort of injustice! You should not spare any effort! Killbill Pandey! Alas! What about my father?
– We showed him the movie! “Uncle, I will show
you the movie..come.” “I shall make you whistle
for every scene.” “Uncle, I will show
you the movie..come.” “I shall make you whistle
for every scene.” “Her eyes are attracting
me and her smile is killing me.” “Her style is piercing
me like a knife.” “They make a great pair!” “All is well that ends well.” X QUENTIN ESREWREWEE


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