1. Great job kid! I had a ref that started the downward spiral of my life going to hell. Many yrs ago in ct. I was in the state finals and it was almost the same exact throw ur teammate hit the kid with where the ref called out of bounds. Only mine was in the state finals and my ref hit me with an illegal throw and I lost due to a penalty point. I shook the kids hand and then flipped on the pos ref. I got thrown out of the tournament so I wasnt able to be the only state champ in my school's history and wasnt allowed to wrestle in new Englands and possibly nationals. Wrestling was my life and the best thing I've ever done. No one knows unless they have competed at a high level what it takes. Point is, u guys keep ur head and dont let anyone take what u have earned! Good luck in all that u do little man!

  2. While refs do suck and can make some bad calls the mindset that you should have is that no matter how the official calls a match the fault still lies on the wrestlers for placing themselves in the position that afforded the ref the opportunity to make a bad call. I struggled with this a lot as a freshman and sophomore because I wrestle in a lot of scrambles, so I was always in a position for a ref to make a "bad call". Once I changed my mindset not only was I so much smarter as a wrestler in terms of body awareness, but I knew how to control the position of the match a lot better because I was being more conscious about what the ref was seeing.

  3. On the throw, if the knee is down, weight on it, then the toe comes down, it’s not a takedown. Also, when you get out of school, become a ref in your area. You’ll see it isn’t always easy to make perfect calls.

  4. hey man im a wrestler going into my sophomore year and whenever i step on the mat, i feel very pressured to the point where im not aware of what moves im doing or what im doing wrong, do u have any tips on how to get rid of that pressure?

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