Liv Morgan RESPONDS To Fans Saying That Her RETURN WAS WASTED! Backstage HEAT On Liv Morgan & Lana

Liv Morgan RESPONDS To Fans Saying That Her RETURN WAS WASTED! Backstage HEAT On Liv Morgan & Lana

What’s going on guys and welcome back to
wrestling world Well you can finally put every single theory
and speculation you had about Liv Morgan’s return to rest We finally got Liv Morgan’s long awaited
return, but we can honesty say it was something that no one in the entire wwe universe predicted So was it the dark Liv Morgan or the new Liv
Morgan with a brand new makeover? Unfortunately no, Liv Morgan has just been
added as another piece to the Lana and Bobby Lashley storyline which understandably had
majority of fans heated at first So many fans had high expectations for Liv
Morgan’s return and expected her to be what she was being hyped up to be and that’s
a major threat in the women’s division No one would’ve ever guessed that Liv Morgan
would be thrown in the Lana and Bobby Lashley story line, but this was all most likely done
for that shock factor of it being unexpected So was it all misdirection by Liv Morgan and
wwe the entire time? We went back and took another look at all
of the things Liv and wwe posted during her time off and it does seem like it was misdirection There was nothing Liv posted or wwe posted
that even came close to hinting at the Lana relationship Liv was posting pictures of herself wearing
all black make up and black nails during the summer and now we ask, what was the point
of that and how did it relate to her return story? The only actual hint we got of a special someone
being in liv’s life came in her final teaser promo In this last promo, liv Morgan says, “someone
once made me feel different…then they took it away” So could we look at that line as liv’s confirmation
that the person that made her feel different was Lana, but then something happened that
broke them up? That’s probably the most likely situation
because that’s the only line out of the entire Liv Morgan teasers that really hinted
at the relationship with Lana The next question to ask is if Liv Morgan
is lying? Some fans have questioned if Liv could actually
be telling the truth about the Lana affair We were promised a completely new Liv Morgan
gimmick, so what if her gimmick Includes telling lies and being an unreliable source, where
you can’t trust everything they say But On the flip side, Liv could be telling
the truth and this entire situation that broke her and made her go through this transformation
was that the love of her life, Lana, broke up with her and that lead to her collapse. Lana, the wwe character, has never shown interest
in women though however, there is footage from total divas
of Lana kissing other female wwe superstars such as Alexa bliss and More so if wwe and Liv Morgan wants to provide
evidence about Lana’s interest in women, they could always just show that footage and
it’ll be believable for fans who never saw that footage of Lana and Alexa bliss before Another minor story flaw here is with rusev’s
character At first Rusev apologized to Lana and wanted
her back, but then realized that he was better off without her and switched his whole mindset This is why he was so excited at the divorce
paper signing because he couldn’t wait to get Lana completely out of his life He even said in a backstage raw interview
that he wanted Lashley and Lana to get married because it’ll be the biggest punishment
for Bobby Lashley So you could’ve taken all that as confirmation
that Rusev was out of that story and was happy to finally have Lana out of his life But fast forward a few weeks later and Rusev
is hiding inside the wedding cake ready to crash the wedding after he said he was done
getting in the middle of Lana and Lashley? Yeah, that seems a bit off, but that’s why
Rusev wasn’t the big pay off from the wedding, the pay off was Liv Morgan So yes, this is whole story was building up
to Liv Morgan’s return The climax and payoff of the Lana and Bobby
Lashley story line was Liv Morgan herself Now let’s not discredit Liv Morgan’s return,
yes, it wasn’t what we all predicted and expected, but wwe still handled Liv Morgan
as a big deal with her return She returned in the main event of the final
raw of the decade to introduce WWE’s historic first ever LGBTQ story line, so that’s definitely
a big deal Only problem was how the return was handled Wwe had Lana’s first husband and Bobby Lashley’s
first wife out there as a comedy bit to get the crowd laughing and even chanting “Jerry”
as a reference to Jerry springer The flaw about liv’s return was that by
that time, the crowd was already anticipating someone to come out for the third time to
ruin it, so that took away from the shock factor Some people are also upset that wwe even used
a female couple to serve as a shock factor, some feel that even that was done wrong These fans feel like it’s cheap writing
and wrong to make use of a female couple as a shock value when in reality it’s something
normal and something you see quite often it might have had a bit more impact as well
if Liv Morgan was the one and only person to interrupt the wedding Another thing I saw many fans discussing was
that they didn’t even notice it was Liv Morgan at first Some thought it was Dana Brooke, some thought
it was just another random actor Wwe just didn’t do a good job of letting
us know who that was and as a result of that, Liv Morgan walked out to crickets when she
should’ve got a decent pop considering the hype she had The best way to have made her return a bit
better was to play her music, show her entrance video on the tron, just anything to indicate
that this isn’t another comedy actor and that this is a major return of a superstar This story also has two wwe superstars actually
beyond furious with the wwe and that is of course Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville We covered this in a video not too long ago,
but Mandy and Sonya were the ones set to have the first ever LGBTQ story line in the wwe Something that Sonya Deville is extremely
passionate about, but wwe decided to cancel the story at the last minute which broke Sonya’s
heart But they did tell her that they will let her
know when they’ll be going forward with it in the future Turns out, they were going forward with the
story, but it didn’t consist of Mandy and Sonya Sonya’s story was given to Liv Morgan and
Lana Which is very common in the wwe, you pitch
a good idea and wwe may love it, but there’s a chance they give your idea to someone else
and that’s what happened here Sonya responded on twitter by saying. “Welp, my mind is blown” While Mandy Rose also took to Twitter to say,
“No Words…” So it’s safe to assume that wwe gave Mandy
and Sonya no heads up about the wedding on raw and they found out about the story just
like all of us did which is really unfortunate Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville do have a complicated
break up story happening right now, but they’re both understandably furious about what wwe
just did to them here Liv responded to all of the feedback from
fans by posting a few pics that she with Lana from a few years back on twitter: So was liv’s return a failure? It’s still too early to tell, let’s see
how wwe handles her, if she’s taken more seriously and if she will have more of a new
character and persona The segment has already put up some viral
huge numbers on WWE’s YouTube channel so you can’t argue with that either, it’s
clearly catching people’s attention So to summarize it all up, was Liv Morgan’s
return wasted as part of the Bobby Lashley and Lana story? My immediate answer after seeing the segment
was that it was a waste, but we do have to give it some time to unfold and see how it
plays out We can revisit this story in a couple of months
once it’s done and then decide if it truly was a waste You know this has been one of the main topics
we covered here on the channel, so I really wanna hear your thoughts on this question,
was Liv Morgan’s return wasted? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys!


  1. It's finally here, been working on this all week, just slowly getting all the information and reactions from all the fans on the Liv Morgan and Lana story. What are your thoughts on Liv Morgan's return? I was not a fan of it myself right away, but now I'm thinking let's just see how it goes and if they really had this story planned out. Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys! 😀

  2. Let’s give it time to unfold. Honestly… I was expecting Sister Abigail… like while Bray Wyatt is causing trouble for the men’s division he will send, Sister Abigail ( Liv Morgan ) to cause trouble on Raw and they will be a big treat for both brands and divisions. That’s just my idea and thoughts on her return.

    What y’all think?

  3. It was a WASTE. The Lana, Rusev, Lashly triangle took TOO long and got boring in the end. The creative angle was LAZY because EVERYONE recognized Krystal Marshall as "Lashly's Wife", they should've gotten an unknown actress OR a real superstar instead, and LOTS of WWE Universe fans DIDN'T even recognize Liv Morgan until deep into the sketch! That's a SHAME because Liv's return SHOULD have been ALL about her instead of wrapped up in this wreck.

    This stinking, flaming dumpster fire is ALL about VKM. I hope that ALL involved can recover from this!

  4. Liv Morgan didn't get any pop because the fans didn't recognize her. Maybe it would've helped a little bit if Liv came with music

  5. I’ve been watching WWE since the late 80”s but lately the WWE has been a joke. Some of these storylines are a waste of time…..R.I.P…..WWE!! Let’s go AEW!!!!!👍

  6. before she had a gimmick making her unique compare to other female talent, nobody was like her! now she looks and sounds just like everyone else. Hopefully this wasn't the new plan they had to reboot liv morgan and we'll see something good as time goes on but so far the speech the McMahon's gave that "we are listening" clearly is not true..

  7. No it wasn’t a waste y’all damn wwe fans don’t kno what tf y’all wanna see you say wwe is predictable they do this y’all wasn’t expecting that you want liv back well she’s back and y’all still not happy like damn it’s something really mentally wrong with y’all smh y’all retarded 🙄

  8. Despite how retarded that story is, Liv Morgan should of had a different storyline, feud with Becky Lynch, Sister Abigail, teamed up with Fire and Desire, revenge against Charlotte Flair, return with Sarah Logan and turn her back on her, her vs Carmella fighting for Corey Graves, or replaced Kari Sane for the Women's Tag Titles

  9. I thought she was Dana Brooke until the announcers said it was Liv. In all honesty she was the least of the Riot Squad Trio often selling most of the matches she was in. Why does everyone pretend she was great? She's lucky to still have a job with WWE

  10. Wwe needs to get together and fix Liv's return before royal rumble.

    Edit: one more thing. End the freaking storyline from Bobby Lashey and Lana!!!

  11. This entire story is a waste and boring..Liv Morgan return was a waste I didn’t even know it was her at they wanna add her a stupid and boring story line 🤦‍♂️👎🏼 come on wwe it’s bad enough they had the riot squad taking L’s constantly and looking dumb..get a better story and please end this stupid Bobby and Lana story..this is why I stopped watching wwe because of it’s stupid story lines..I started watching again and now I see another stupid story line..I was looking forward to see Liv Morgan return but wwe wasted her return 👎🏼👎🏼🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  12. We could still see a dark liv and that was just the light liv we saw. The dark liv comes out next week see was the light side because off the wedding with her being like Bray and the fiend

  13. I can only hope that they (the wwe) are actually seeing these reactions and that there is twist to Liv's return, otherwise it is a complete waste after all the hype of her return. The fact that she wasn't originally suppose to be in this angle sets off questions.

  14. The whole story just needs to die! She needs to go back with the Riot Squad! It would have been more believable with Sonja!

  15. This was wrong , if they wanted to portray Liv this way maybe they should put her in the middle of the breakup between Sonya DeVille & Mandy Rose

  16. Maybe they'll do a split personality were she's doing this thing with Lana and then also do the Sister Abigail thing is her alter-ego like they are doing with Bray Wyatt she'll come out Sister Abigail one minute she's the one that came out Monday Night Raw and then the next thing you know she'll do the Sister Abigail another time

  17. No we're gonna wind up with a gang of mixed tag team matches That we really don't want So let's put a real life married couple in relationships with different people on TV and then have him feud at least we're thinking or in WW e's case at least they're blonde

  18. Maybe this is apart of her new gimmick return, if this stuff keeps happening to Liv Morgan then that gives her a reason why to switch gimmick.
    Make her more like what she is now in the Storyline, Sad, Heartbroken, ETC. If they keep this up she can switch up her persona to a "Crazy" person.

  19. This return was more than wasted. Not only was everyone expecting a dark Liv Morgan, but the fact they throw her into the Lana and Bobby Lashley storyline proves that the WWE creative team have no common sense and that Vince continues to loose his mind. Also, I knew it was Liv Morgan the second they switched the shot to her, and I wasn’t happy when they did.

  20. I don't even watch these videos cuz that boy's voice is f**** annoying as hell I just pause it and read all the comments and yeah as much as I love Liv and I think she's hot as hell I didn't even realize that was liv Morgan until now

  21. If this doesn't work out they can easily twist her character to Bray Wyatt's camp by giving her a mental breakdown or a reveal of the true Liv. If wwe plays it right this could still be big. Just revert to Liv's dark side hints from ig.

  22. Bloody Vince mcmachon and his bloody obsession with blondes Roman reigns and Charlotte … can the fiend please destroy Vince

  23. I think Liv is going to have a split personality just by the way she looked so I think it will be interested to see how wwe goes with her. I just don't think it's right to have a story line like this when you have a female on your roster that came out

  24. I'm glad she returned but different story line like to see how it goes they should of did the story line with Sonya and Mandy not fair

  25. Maybe its not really a part of the lana and bobby thing mayba liv morgan is being a psycopath 😪

    i want her to be a psycopath

  26. Liv morgan was not supposed to be apart of the storyline she was put into it Monday night because Vince McMahon thinks it will push liv morgan

  27. No it wasn't a waste because a part of the backstory could be that the fiend is the one that have put her up to it

  28. Honestly I thought she was talking about Charlotte Flair when she said someone once made her feel different and then they took it away that's who I thought she was coming back to attack Charlotte or something like that i thought she was gonna have a dark gothic gimmick i mean don't get me wrong Liv Morgan is one of my favorite female wrestlers but they messed her gimmick up I'm also a fan of Lana too but I don't like how both of them is being booked this storyline is all it is is horrible

  29. Why do people in the comments section keep going on about sister abigail. The blogger who first started that on the internet said that is what he hoped would happen. He did not claim to be a journalist who had any source it would happen. It was just what he wanted to see.

  30. I hate this stupid gimmick ugh change this wwe I hate this I hate this I hate this I'm not watch watching wwe again (not trying to be mean I'm just mad sorry)

  31. total waste of Liv Morgans return….I mean really…they already had this story line on Smackdown and it was cancelled without any warning. Do they seriously think that the same story line from SmackDown is going to fly on Monday Night Raw? Was really looking forward to seeing what Liv Morgan was going to change into as a wrestler. Booooooooo WWE..

  32. Everyone’s so annoying wanting her to be sister Abigail it would be corny and doesn’t suit her I think her gimmick would be good as a cute creepy multi personality little girl type thing

  33. This is how it went: Liv and some Booker's and writers had a different return in mind and went word leaked and the fans ran crazy with there ideas Vince swerved last minute

  34. The return and the fact that Sonia D's idea was taken from her and done poorly, is overall the worse thing to add to an already horrible store line in the Lana and Bobby crap. It maybe winning on the social media, but still it is bad. All that build up for Liv and how Heyman messed that up was just dumb. I was expecting something dark and sinister with Liz

  35. I really wanna watch these videos but can never get a quarter of the way through without getting infuriated with how you talk

  36. Wait isn't Lana bisexual in real life. It would have been so much better if it was mandy and Otis getting married and sonya came out tbh that would've been good

  37. Well it's helped Liv's Instagram click over to 1 million followers. But note Mandy Rose who entered the main draw at the same time (Nov 2017) is now at 2 million followers.

  38. the thumbnail is diffrent then half of the content there is in this video why did it take him so long to get to the point? like come on the title is what most of us is here for lol.

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