Liger addresses Osaka for the last time! #njwtl

Truthfully, thank you very much. Next year on January 4th and 5th
I will be retiring, in the Tokyo Dome. That means that this was my
last match here in Osaka. It was in Osaka that I captured my
first IWGP Junior Heavyweight title. Also, my mother is from
Kashiwa-city, Osaka, as well. So, Osaka has always held a very
special place in my heart. I will be retiring, but until then, I will
keep fighting. So, please keep supporting me. Really, thank you all very much. I guess Ibushi’s getting
really fired up, isn’t he? Every time I try to provoke him, he tries to
fake me out with a missile kick. The same thing happened tonight, too. I’ll just have to stay a step ahead. He’s supposed to be pumped up, right? But today, I didn’t really
get that sense from him. Am I the only one getting excited?
That’s too bad. Please, keep coming at me. Come right at me. We can do more than this.
We’ve got plenty of time left. Ibushi will face Okada at the Tokyo Dome,
I didn’t really want so much attention tonight. I was hoping that they would
focus on Okada and Ibushi, today. However, as I said in the ring,
Osaka means a lot to me. That’s why I did speak tonight. There’s still time before January 4th and 5th… So, I will keep fighting until then. So, please keep supporting me. Anyway, the Dome main event is Ibushi vs Okada.
I’m counting on it. I’m sure it will be hot. The fans can count on that, too.
That’s all. Liger, your last tour has begun,
how are you feeling? Nothing special. I just keep fighting. That’s all.
I probably will get sad when it’s over. Also, your last stop will be Hiroshima, That will be good.
I even get to go to Fukuoka, too. It’s like they planned this tour around me,
so I will fight strongly. Also, Inoki had some moments here in Osaka… Many things have happened here.
Osaka really is a special place to me. Please report my deepest thanks.

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