Let's Talk: Fedor's Legacy, Wasted MMA Potential, Next MMA Stars, 2018 and the Best Cards + more

Let's Talk: Fedor's Legacy, Wasted MMA Potential, Next MMA Stars, 2018 and the Best Cards + more

what's up guys here we gather again for the MMA meeting let's talk with the weasel podcast where we talk all things MMA and man it's hot in here if you guys aren't around like the Michigan area this is like the first week where the temperature has gone over 60 degrees Fahrenheit and not to acclimate it to the to the heat right now but a lot better than the cold for me at least and actually I haven't made a video as much as I actually wanted to usually I put out more content but I'm still a college student and this semester starting so I have to get all that kind of stuff done scheduling of classes all that stuff and that took some time away from my usual output of content and also when I start classes which will be next week I would think I'm not a hundred percent sure but I would think the amount of content that I will put out is gonna be a little bit less right now I'm a senior in college I'm in my last year trying to get out these credits really fast and man did I learn a lot about college for those that have been through college maybe you guys know what I'm talking about but for me the most important thing wasn't actually getting the degree or anything like that you know it's the way of thinking that I got aa logical I look at things my critical thinking skills all that kind of stuff you know change drastically let's say for my senior in high school or even freshman year of college all the way till now I mean it's such a big change I don't even think like the same person for most cases I think that's the most important thing that I got of it you know the whole degree thing getting my bachelor's degree I don't see it as the most important because I don't know if I'm actually ever gonna use it maybe I will because my degree I'm gonna get a Bachelors of Arts and psychology and I know it can branch into things but after I thought about for a while so when I went into junior year I started thinking am I ever actually gonna use this degree you know because I went into college pretty much blinded you know I don't know what I wanted to be I just wanted to get a degree where I can take a job and get money out of it that was pretty much my plan back then and it was very much myopic or just immature I guess who would say you know with the lack of experience because I was the first one ever going to college of my family so this is why I was saying the critical thinking skills and thinking logically and looking down the road and the things I got from college was it's probably the most important because if I had that way of thinking the way I do now I would chose a completely different path but everything comes with experience right once I got into like mid sophomore year beginning of sophomore year I worked as what I wanted to be so I wanted to be a pharmacist so I'm gonna get my preform I worked as a pharmacy technician and noticed that was not for me the day I took that job everything changed for me I don't know what I wanted to go for I don't know what I should be doing in college because I thought I was wasting time at that point wasting money so I decided just go for what I was enjoying the most it was between math which is something I'm the strongest but it got to a point where it was getting a little bit too ridiculous with what I had to learn and how far the path was gonna be to get a degree it was just too much you know taking three types of calculus classes then advanced algebra classes all that kind of stuff it seemed like it was not the best choice to take for me at least and then I thought okay psychology right I've taken one psychology class at that point in my whole life and I realized how much I like that how logical it was how much it was important for me to change the way I thought about things I started thinking more logically and all that kind of stuff and so I just went with that but man I think the education system should really make some drastic improvements the core should be the same but all the details all the what is required what you should be taking how classes work how assignments work all tests work all that kind of stuff all these aspects when it regards to education I think it should change men high school in college many of these classes were the same to me it's so flawed you know there's some geniuses I know we all know those geniuses or at least we think they're geniuses but they just don't do well in school either they don't pay attention they're not interested they're dyslexic and they just get drawn out of school they get just weed it out purposely or even just the education system is just too much for them you know but they happen to do other things and then become successful in that so so I think it's kind of flawed the requirements are pretty ridiculous I would say you know like in my case and many other people's cases we have to take classes that have absolutely nothing to do with our future right so right now it's pretty much holding me back and graduating earlier is a foreign language classes in my curriculum we have to take at least three different stages of the same foreign language language so let's say an Italian language right we choose to take Italian we got to take three different classes Italian one Italian two and then Italian three and they all have to be separated in semesters so this is a three semester course I guess you would say or a three semester requirement just to take these classes that really you'll never use ever again it's kind of pointless right at least in terms for us you know but for let's say the colleges people still have to remember colleges are still businesses right they still have to make money so if you're a businessman this is an excellent way to make money from the students one thing I do actually think it's pretty good for students to do especially with general education classes in college I don't think that's right as well I think that should be the high school you know high school should be acting as a general education for a college but the good thing about that is it gets you if you don't really know what you want to do it gets you to think about where you want to go the it gets you to take classes that you've never taken before and maybe you're interested maybe or not you get to find out what you want to do right that's kind of how I found psychology so I guess it worked for me but it seems like a lot of people already know what they want to do when they get into college right so they know the classes they should be taking where the path is and where it's gonna end and then they eventually get the degree maybe they want to move on to graduate school all that stuff at least this is how it is in America I believe right I don't know if it's like this in other countries if it is I'll be awesome if you guys let me know because I have no idea another thing is also the grading criteria or the grading system where I think this is globally I'm not hundred percent sure but the whole grading system like in a all the way to an F or e whatever the filling grade all the way to an A that also seems very flawed to me what the force of students to do and anecdotal here as well it's not as much as what can you learn it's how can you pass the test to get that passing grade that is what people focus on when they see the grade that's the ultimate goal so they'll find ways how to bypass the way of learning salute I remember for a temporary time they'll find different paths to get to that passing grade right I've actually seen people who have this whole system of where they won't do any homework or any classwork or any assignments and just focus on the tests because they know that's all they need to do the pass the class right and by doing that they'll have to focus more on the test more than anything and by focusing more on the test they're not actually learning in class so the whole grading criteria in my opinion it just lessens the interest of some people and some people are just not interested in the subject in itself so how you gonna grade two people where one of them absolutely does not want anything to do with this thing they're never gonna touch this subject ever in their life and you're gonna compare that tool with someone who let's say is not as brilliant or as into Quantico intelligent as that other student but they have a deep interest in this subject and both of them are forced to take this subject the one that's interested is eventually gonna surpass the one that's not interested so I don't think this whole grain thing is right as well this also goes into what I'll some of the curriculum and the classes needed to be taken who even develop what classes to take you know why do we have to look at some mathematics and certain science classes and certain English classes certain history classes why is this even have to be a thing who came up with this is the best way to educate the students or educate just the people and this also goes into another thing you never learn anything in real life so like paying bills how do you pay for college all this stuff you got to find out your own and everybody brings this up I don't know how to pay bills but at least I know the Pythagorean theorem but that's pretty much what it is in my opinion everybody's going into the real world know better in terms of real-life situations right real-life problems instead of problems that are on a test you know the problems you see on the test you're never gonna see again you can make one test of everything from paying bills to pain College insurances all this stuff you could just have one test and I guarantee all the students will remember that test I don't remember a test from last semester and that may be a problem that we're trying to remember rather than just trying to learn from it but the lack of interest doesn't allow someone phone messages bolted into their head which is an unhealthy way of learning right and this it doesn't allow a lot of the students to have freedom of thought they don't get to express themselves inside of classes they're just told what to do they all have to learn the exact same thing maybe some of them will find different ways and different methods of learning these certain things but there's no like free way of thinking into these and like things like innovation you know so it's just what is the right answer that's all the teachers or whatever want to know instead of allow the creative freedom of mind you know allow students has just come up with these ways of thinking allowing students to have this conversation and when you allow students to engage in such a way I believe it gives them more of an excitement that they can participate in this manner you know instead of just this whole dictatorship of a classroom where I ask you a question you give me the right answer and that's it without the discussions without that participation without allowing individual students to speak individually about certain things this is also another thing that stops interest right I love that one a quote by Albert Einstein we all know ellebra and Stein didn't do too well in high school for mathematics um if I'm if I remember correctly you didn't do too well in mathematics but we all know a le'Bryan saying there's no dummy when he comes to this stuff so he had this one quote I believe he said everybody's a genius but if you judge a fish by its capability to climb a tree it will live it's whole life believing he's stupid it's this kind of thing you know so many people don't belong in these kind of classes they're good at certain things I believe everybody's good at something right everybody has his mind for something but everybody's taught in school too they're all brought up the same way in the same classes and they need to think the same way to solve the same problems right and they need to give the same answer because there's only one answer I wish there were more options for that fish so yeah I didn't want to go off that tangent about education but it's coming up soon and it's gonna limit some of the output of my content so I hope not maybe it doesn't you know I've been in college before last year I was in college almost the whole year so it didn't really affect it that much but we'll see because I am a senior now and I want to get this whole thing finished already that's why I haven't posted my how to be a fighter video you know I've been working on that for a couple days now and those videos I've come to find out they take a little bit of time you know some research I have to look through the entire fighters like most important fights at least regarding the video you know so in these how to be a fighter videos you I got a look at where the weaknesses are and I got a look at multiple fights and see how then this is going on and what's happening what's triggering this isn't an instinct is it just a fundamental flaw maybe it's something they learned it was just wrong but how were fighters overcoming or at least breaking through this weakness and getting to the fighters and you guys doing some ideas that I should just focus on undefeated fighters um that will limit a lot of how many fighters I will be bit I will be breaking down but I understand that but the undefeated fighters you know there's a lot of fighters like dimitra's Johnson John Jones you know some other fighters like that you know they're so well rounded it's hard to point out weaknesses so specifically for the one I'm working on right now doesn't have too many weaknesses so it's been kind of challenging to see where his downfalls are where some things he has to work on are maybe it's just some mental block you know I found some things already found all that stuff I actually did the audio for the whole video already she's gotta edit it and if you guys haven't been into making videos on YouTube or just making videos in general and editing editing takes a long time man you know I've been any for a very long time I've been editing for like eleven years ten years now not as an occupation or anything just for a skill you know me and my cousin started editing when we were 12 the editing softwares and programs back then was just terrible but as that advanced we got to learn new stuff and then with these new effects and the stuff that we're learning with like cutting and transitioning and fading into things you know all that editing stuff you know it takes a very long time especially these podcast this podcast takes a while as well because of the length of it not so much what I have to do specifically but just the length of how much I gotta do that's what takes this a long time you know my podcasts take longer than any other video that would say probably my nightmare matchup after that and then my how to beat a fighter video then my breakdowns and then my prediction video my breakdowns are you really the average you know they take they could take a pretty long time sometimes sometimes they don't take as long but usually there are multiple hours you know to finish lows so yeah that video the how to be a fighter video I look at all your guys requests and demands and who should be next I'm gonna do exactly what you guys are saying I'm not gonna say right now because I like to keep it as a surprise when it comes out and you guys see what it is I hope you guys check that out as well I did the one on Habib and it seemed like a lot of people liked it I guess an original idea so those are pretty fun to do as well for me to learn when I'm researching these fighters you know when I do these and I'm thinking about which fighter they do they actually don't I try to go off memory how do you actually beat this guy but I usually go through the process and learning a lot those are fun to do but back into like the MMA world what's going on right now not too much not too much the Bellator car just happened yeah not too much going on in MMA we just had the Bellator card of course the phaidor fight I mean that card was actually really good now the ratings weren't that good higher than the previous shows but it's not looking good for Bellator I hope it sticks around man I really do it's good that's something outside the UFC um I know some other organizations like KSW rise and you know these are pretty good organizations to look at but there's something with Bellator I don't know what it is but it's hard to take it serious sometimes I don't know if I'm the only one but I don't know if you guys remember a TNA the pro wrestling organization but TNA back in the day it seemed like Bellator took a lot from that you know to the entrances to how the arena is placed and formed the entrances that titantron the ramp from the entrance the the screens on top if it's almost exactly like TNA and even some of the drama some of the trash-talking some of the post-fight interviews you know it's so like scripted it's so pro wrestling it's so easy to see through like do you guys remember their stuff and behind her and theories the whole pulse' fight interview thing and then they had the guy under the mask I still can't remember who that was but they had the guy in the mask and that was so pro wrestling after that happened I literally couldn't take so much of it serious anymore ah besides the fights itself you know but outside the fights like the whole production it's just weird to watch sometimes when you look at UFC UFC is very like old-school you know the whole entrances the production it's nice though it's simple and it's easy for the viewers to watch I'll say let's say the commercials like fs1 you know that can get bothersome for some people but the production for the pay-per-view is at least those are excellent you know they're very simple the entrances are great you know the real music no real like video on the screen when the fighters are coming out let's say you know besides that one time with Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo I think it's the only time they ever did something like that but they never do that kind of stuff fighters come out they come out like boxers used to do back in the day but yeah man but the car was actually really good the fights are great so many submissions for submissions and a role in the main card until the the main event awesome submissions you know that standing arm triangle from Emanuel Sanchez that was great again Sam Cecilia like that he almost like you would they take the back as well we store the arm triangle manemma so but it's such a bad position you know you had a total with Dylan Danis he seemed not the greatest on the feet let's be honest he was getting tagged he got attacked twice but I left hand he was able to roll away with it but he was still getting caught man and we're talking about Kyle Walker you know Kyle Walker he hits hard big puncher but he's not the most formidable opponent and Dylan Dennis is a welterweight that's the most stack division of Bellator Sol and he could like Michel pages but he's not gonna be getting these kind of fighters forever eventually he's gonna have to walk into guys like Paul Daley Rory MacDonald you know these guys Douglas Lima and that's gonna get tough you know the welterweight division in Bellator it can really match up with the UFC's at least some of those fighters like Rory McDonnell Douglas Lima if Ben Askren comes back Michael Page I still believe his skills are worthy enough to be in the UFC you know these guys are tough not gonna be easy for Dylan Danis so that stand of the striking I know he's working on it but man doesn't need some improvements he's thinking almost like Gunnar Nelson stands Conor McGregor stands if people don't know the whole Conor McGregor stands the whole sideways karate stance actually came from Gunnar Nelson look back in the day Conor McGregor did not stand like that as much at least he's still more like a boxer like a European boxer I guess you would say but he kind of adapted and learned from Gunnar style a little bit you know Gunnar started like that the whole karate base a lot of people don't know that don't Dennis kind of took that right sideways stance but had no defense he had no defense he didn't really throw anything either pulled guard though when you're that good on the ground pulling guard could be a good option as you get higher up in the rankings higher up in competition this is gonna be very dangerous because fighters are so good at keeping position and then landing ground a poem they don't necessarily have to be as good of a grappler as you but the whole MMA grappling scene is starting to change where a groundwork or at least work off their back is not as easy to pull off now Bryan Ortega and Fabricio Werdum they can pull this stuff off because of how high-level they are and how much they understand MMA grappling game bill Dennis could be that he could be but he has to understand the whole crown upon game he has to understand how people have their pressure how they like the whole position on top of you that's changing from BJJ to MMA so you gotta adapt to that Brian to take us he had this one interview I forgot who was with I think it might've been with Ariel Helwani but I forgot um he was explaining the changes you have to make you know we got to make these mental changes you got to change the way you grapple you got to change the way you think in there all the techniques all the maneuvers that come into BJJ especially engages itsu a lot of that it's gonna be useless or thrown away in MMA right everything has to be a little bit more fundamental you can't start squirming everywhere for all these crazy submissions um like you see in times Planet let's say I know those can work those can absolutely work like you see the Tony Ferguson's case but even look at Tony Ferguson he has to finish fights with like regular triangles you know he has to set up the position fundamentally you know like he did with Kevin Lee he didn't go over these crazy transitions all that kind of stuff because under a top pressuring fighter with great ground-and-pound he could really make you pay for that so I hope the old NS can come to that point a lot of people seem to hate the guy my honest opinion I don't like it as well I don't like his whole personality the way he's kind of ripping off Conor McGregor be yourself man I know this isn't really him I can see he is confident he could be brash I can see that in him but the things he's saying he's kind of mimicking Conor McGregor it just follows the trend of how many people or just they see the success of Conor McGregor so they trying to imitate the guy this just doesn't work all the time you this actually never works you gotta be your own person you gotta have your own personality because we can see through you you know everybody knows when someone's faking like you saw the whole thing with Colby Covington he's taking it over the top you know he's queen this giant act and everybody knows it's not real right let's be honest it's working because everyone's talking about him so for him it's kind of working in an opposite way yeah he's acting kind of like Conor McGregor in a way but it's a little bit different he was taking the role of the villain he's thinking the role as everybody wants to see me get beat up watch me you know that's kind of thing that I think at least he's going at I don't really like it I wish people just stick with her personality I think that works a lot better I look at Jon Jones for an example John Joel's been kind of a big draw just because of his fighting style and all that kind of stuff you know he wasn't really the biggest personality but a lot of people started to see that his whole act of being the the super good guy the super nice guy it was a little bit inflamed some of it does seem genuine but it came over the top at times right and then when he came back then you saw him act like himself he this seemed like a pretty nice guy at times but he has his moments you know and that's excellent everybody loved him for that even all the stuff he's been through you know all the crashing cars and PD stuff still we don't know where that's going to but with all that news coming out people still love the guy they still love the guy they still want to see him fight they still love it when he's talking we'll see when he comes back but I still have a feeling that just how great he is at fighting and the way he acts now it just fits you know it comes together Lovato jr. had a very good performance a naming Gracie and an amazing performance you know BJJ one that night Fedor vs. Frank Mir now that's a fight has been talked about for a very very long time now it wasn't the most anticipated fight let's be honest more rain eco-tour brock lesnar against fate or those are the most anticipated fights for him coming to America but Frank Mir restore a fight a lot of people would want to see at least back in the day like 10 years ago we saw it and show both fighters have completely lost their ability to take a punch now Frank Mir hasn't been known for the best chin and that still shows I mean you got hit by a left uppercut it was a very short cut to didn't seem like had the most power in it still able to put him down he wasn't completely out but he was very rocked Frank McCall fader and beginning of the fight left straight which seemed to miss and then fader try to exile to his left ran right into the right hook right I think to the temple dropped him and I thought it was gonna be done right there man phaedra completely lost his chin if you guys will remember fader arm pride or if anyone who wasn't around back then to watch I recommend washed faders pride fights that guy had a chin on him he took that Fujita right hook I think was a right hook I mean anybody who got hit by that punch man taking a shot like that would not be easy full force just swinging from the hip right hook right to a fatalist temple he was almost as dancey as Kevin Lee was but he was able to pull it off you know you gotta buy big shots like cro cop that I was insane one of the best fights of all time he got hit by our loss key many times you know he was able to take all these shots I would argue when he far loss he wasn't really at his prime anymore but then when he came into Strikeforce and he got pummeled by Big Foot and he got knocked out by uh Dan Anderson man this chin was just gone I think the Big Foot fight really did some damage permanently I mean that was extremely hard to watch he mounted him and just landing sledgehammers on his head he didn't go out guarantee he was rocked many times but never went else so I think that was the fight that really diminished his ability to take a punch and then the Dan Anderssen fight came he got knocked up by a upper cuff on the bottom but then again that's Dan Henderson is able to knock out anybody with the weirdest shots I mean look how he knocked out Hector Lombard Hector Lamar was never really knocked unconscious before until that back elbow while he's on one foot put him to sleep I mean come on Dan Henderson has magic in his in his body you know he can just and anybody with a punch you know the guy's a middleweight he's not even a big min away he's arguably he could be a welterweight if he really wanted to cut weight like all the welterweights do I think tiredly weighs more than he does I know there until does so he's logically like a Walter Wade he knocked a heavy weigh-in phaidor he knocked out light heavyweights I mean that guy's crazy you know Dan Henderson well yeah that's fader and people are arguing if fader wins the tournament it doesn't really do much to his legacy I completely disagree I think if he wins the tournament it does a lot for his legacy able to come back at 41 years old and beat guys okay beat Frank Mir but they're both kind of out of it at this point but a lot of people thought that Frank Mir would always be fade or you know because of UFC competition so the skills that Frank Mir brought to the table people thought faders couldn't handle that so if he's able to be him be a guy like chill son in which I think he will I think it's a terrible match up for chill if he beats Ryan Bader that just solidifies how great bay doors now that's a tough task because Ryan Bader has to be king mo and then if he doesn't get to manage we don't watch I think Matt Mitrione and Ryan Bader are the best in the in the tournament right now so we'll see how all that goes but if he's able to do that that adds to his legacy Fedor I argue as a second grace heavy wave all-time behind steep a some people throw cane I completely disagree with that I know cane is cane has the best potential to be that grace every way of all time he had the best potential in terms of skill and his momentum and his style you know you was well matched with pretty much everybody besides Werdum I would say even before you fought for Doom I thought for Doom would give him a very very tough fight specifically because on the feet ver doom had a very good chin his kicking game in Thai clinch was something very foreign to Kaine and came like to clinch a lot right look at the JDS fight till he's pushed him against a cage clenched and work through there and he'll try to take him down and all that kind of stuff takedown for Doom and that's a whole different thing as well so the clinch and the guard of ver doom was very different than anything Kane's ever fought against when people say Kane is like top two or three I don't agree with that I really don't agree with that potentially he's the greatest of all time right I mean steepy but no you can't look at the resumes you can't look at the skill you can't look at the competition and say Kane is at the top or at least even number two I don't even think he's number three I think Kane is maybe number four my heavy weight go let's go steep a fade or and then I go for doom and then Kane I guess you can kind of argue for do McCain but the thing is ver doom has a better resume in terms of who he has beat he's been some of the greatest heavyweights of all time he became there's that he beat Big Nog any beat phaidor and guess what he submitted all three of them I know Big Nog and phaidor weren't really in their prime Vader was right there though Frieda was excellent at that time you don't get it don't get it twisted Vader was amazing at that time Big Nog was kind of out of it but he did beat him with his BJJ and Cain was in his prime now Cain didn't train right you didn't go into mexico city at the right time like for voiceover doomed it but that's what comes into fights man every fighter has stuff like this every fighter is something goes on in their training or at least a lot of them a lot of fighters just things happen they're just unfortunate and we never hear about it right I don't know how true it is but look how long it took to Conor McGregor at least someone in their camp mentioning that Conor was fighting I think a staph infection or something like that before the first Nate Diaz fight we've never heard of it into like months later this stuff happens all the time we didn't know Kane didn't come in to Mexico City until he brought it up or a ver doom brought it up one of them too I know they both mentioned it but I don't know who mentioned at first but well nobody even know about that so it took them to mention it for us to realize what was going on so this stuff happens all the time look at us a beat Montgomery povery he came into the fight with an injured wrist I think it was I don't know I don't know where the whole rumor came out first but then he started saying no what happened in the first round you know you don't want any excuses for the fight and he didn't want to bring any blame onto his coach but his coach came out Mark Henry you know it was because we're hitting pads he had my elbow so there's that I don't like when people throw excuses I can't no I'm not gonna lie though c-level Kane is hilarious that's the greatest MMA meme that's the greatest meme fighter ever you know he got Henderson although TRT Vitor and all those guys well tear it to Vito is real but uh yeah that's the only good thing I like that came out of it we don't know for sure but I think we're doing would have won either way he was smarter than his training its Kane's fault rights Kane's fall he made a mistake his fault it's kind of like in Gandhi right a guy who supposedly didn't even wrestle in this camp I don't see people throwing that into the equation either so everybody loves Kane that's the thing uh we don't have a you have to come for a while you know three weeks again I don't like this man I'm kind of itching to see some fights now I understand it's good for our like a break and let the excitement build up but then we're gonna UFC 224 if I look at you see 224 right now prelims don't look that good main card actually main car is actually pretty nice veto Bruce Lee Auto they're both older in their careers but I think this is Vitor last fight so that's something leo toes back this is actually a fight that excites me even though they're all completely out of it at this point I would say Vitor more than Leo toe this is a fight that should have happened a while ago man you got John Lineker versus Bryan Kelleher that's a good fight that's of I think the most competitive fight other than the co-main event McKenzie drove vs. Amana Cooper that's a good fight people want to write off a man a Cooper off this fight because of Durin's name man Cooper is a boxer with good grappling defense so that's gonna be troublesome for Durham on the feet and we know learn doesn't have the greatest takedowns we saw know in her last fight if she could not take down Cooper turns in trouble turns in trouble I think she'll get boxed up I don't think it'll be a finish or anything like that he should just get boxed up if she can't take her down jacques ray versus Kelvin Gastelum I think this is the best fight of the card by far actually winner of this I think gets a title shot okay if we're Mara was able to beat Whitaker and Jacque ray wins this one then that makes sense right but if Whitaker beats Romero and Jacquerie wins here would you make that fight I mean genre got starched pirate Whitaker so that's tough I would argue Kelvin versus Whitaker it's probably the best outcome from all this and then the second best outcome would be shock or a and Romero and you got man to Nunez versus Brooke help anything I don't think it's gonna be a great fight you never know what he'll Penningtons really game very tough great cardio moves forward all the time she's gonna be the only fighter I think they can pressure a man a newness on the feet well appending doesn't never been hit by someone like Nunez not even close if you haven't found known as you haven't felt power that's what it is at least that kind of power while the Elvis is actually on this card as well he's actually promising namely especially back then but Armas been having to the guy I know he lost the correspondent Brian Barbarina I was shocked when he lost to Brian Barbour you know losing the kymaro Usman is not a big deal I guess I mean he won his last fight but when he came off the Ultimate Fighter people were really hyped up about this guy so that's the card you know so not the greatest card the main card is definitely worth watching but and other things going on the MMA world right now it seems like Nate Diaz is coming to an agreement for a fight they want to bring him back in August at UFC 227 which would be great I don't know who he would fight unless they bring back on or some way which I doubt that's gonna happen so I don't know who he'll fight because Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier booked he could fly Kevin Lee that would be really good fight both great grapplers with great boxing so that would be actually really fun um they won't do a bead so that's out of the question they could do just engage he I don't know they're I don't know who they're gonna pull off for that fight but I hope that happened I hope at least he comes back I think he's wasting too much time you know he could be making he says he wants to make a lot of money he could make a lot of money just fighting he's a bigger star now he could make millions of dollars in the fight and he could have done what multiple fights since then and then the Nick Newell stuff I'm glad he's on the cathain recieves the contenders whose is building up a lot of steam a lot of people excited for this not just him but then he got Greg Hardy I'm not into football I don't really know nothing about football but I know he's a football player I'm coming to MMA so he's gonna be on that as well but Nick Newell this is a long time coming I remember Nick knew a long time ago even before he fought just engage I think I watched it just in case you if I live as well I mean he got beat up in that fight but Nick oh Newell's for real the whole how can he block ahead kick think where do people get this stuff yeah but I'm glad he's there I hope he gets into the UFC I hope he does really well I think everybody's rooting for the guy even as opponents good ruining for the guy that's gonna be exciting I can't wait to watch the Confederate series um he got James Vick I didn't read the article so this could sound maybe a little ignorant but uh it seems like he's complaining about the lack of promotion that he's getting the guy has to realize though he hasn't really funny buddy he really has a funny buddy has to fight someone right you can't just be promoted because you're on this win streak actually let me look at his record all right he's on a four win streak three of those by finish so after he got knocked up a burnheal douche which was terrible that really put a stop to a lot of his momentum but then he submitted Abel Trujillo Tiki Oh Paul Reyes and Joseph Duffy Joseph Duffy was the biggest fight then he'd be Francisco Tran Aldo and not the most impressive fight so you gotta beat the guy and if you are not promoted that's not you can't do anything about that you can't blame the promotion so much because the fans really aren't getting behind you when they see you fight but some will argue that's what the promotion is for is to promote the fighters so they can get into the spotlight for the fans but they don't do that for everybody there's a reason why they don't just put everybody on the main card everybody in the main event all right look at Joseph Duffy Joseph Duffy has more fanfare than James Victor but they never put Joseph Duffy on any spot like right just affected Joseph Duffy beat Conor McGregor in ancient times he still had more fans he still had more people talking about him nobody's really talking about James Vick and when you complain about it you just give more of a reason for people not to back you up it would be awesome if they did right I'm not saying but I'm just giving you a hundred reason as to why I think this is not the best approach to ram just beat the guy right try to get a ranked fighter and if you get a range fighter you'll be on the main card most likely and if you have an amazing performance because the only ranked guy he's ever fought it was Benilde every huge and he got knocked out there's something to that there's a reason why they're not just throwing them into a main event right that's crazy you gotta build up to that and then you got you wanna versus tecia Torres which was announced today that's an amazing amazing fight only fighter you want us never faced and like the top five this is a good fight and actually think teach of tours will give them some problems you know teaching overseas how Rose is able to be here as a karate base very fast in an hour movement much faster than even roses so this could be tougher you wanted to get a hold of but you want as more Thai style you look back and forth style is gonna be kind of a hindrance to something teacher can do I have you wanna Winnie but he sure can put out very good fighter then you got Niko Montano she I should create some headlines have her firm her fault why oh man she won the ultimate fighter became the champion and that was a while ago I think she has injured foot she has some infection I don't know what it what's going on she wants to come back in July fight Shevchenko but man the champion being out this how long has she been off for actually okay she's been out for six months so half a year exactly it's not super long but it's getting there she waits until July like they're saying and that's only two months away if she has to get that going if she wants to find July so let's go through the questions now we'll start with Nate Diaz Nick Diaz I know this is the also distant future but who went Volkov or steepy that's a good fight man that's a really good fight a lot of people have been sleeping Volkov until he starched for doom I would say steepy the wrestling especially is gonna control Volkov I mean if for Doom could take on Volkoff like that steep is gonna have an easy time doing that so I think steep eight but volkoff's a worthy testament especially on the fee in his length that's gonna be something for stipa to get past and you'll sleep I had a problem again Stefon shoes reach you fix that with Francis and gah new but different styles of course you know Stephanie actually kept his reach rather and Francis was trying to take his head off rushing him Volkov is gonna be kind of a similar thing is very calculated on the feet then we go to George Lonsdale how do you think the near two year layoff will affect Conor besides Jones who else has wasted their prime in MMA history I think it's gonna affect them especially with the grappling unless he's been working on that diligently since getting into boxing where that was getting worked on um I think it's gonna affect them a little bit but here's the thing but Conor kind of thinking all mostly you're off before after the max Holloway fight where his ACL got torn and he came back to the gym they were saying like aritaum and everybody was mentioning he came back better for some reason in the gym and he came back to fight Diego Brandao and he looked that amazing as well so I don't think he's gonna be as much for Conor as other fighters because Conor is very mentally focused into the game at least in martial arts and all that kind of stuff he is always working in some fashion right it's fighters that when they get injured and they're out they usually get their mind off of fighting for some reason I don't think Conor's like that I think Conor is always thinking about the fighting game and who has wasted their prime years I would say Nate Diaz is right now Nick Diaz to an extent Nick Diaz hasn't fought too much lately and when I mean lately I mean in like the last six years now the whole thing with BJ Penn now some people throw out BJ Penn's name now he didn't waste his prime interns of how often he was fighting I'm he was fighting I guess casually you know but the thing was he didn't train I think to his best potential so in terms of that he kind of wasted it like a potential prime you know what he could have been Cain Velasquez is a good one that guy was mentioning before he's still not old man he's done old but all these injuries and all these layoffs because of the injuries really he holding him back man and a lot of people say Lee Murray Lee Murray very talented and fighting his last fight was to Anderson Silva he was only 26 years old and then he did his whole bank robbery thing or whatever it was became this criminal and that really put a stop to any potential and how good he could have been you know so he was talented in fighting but made some very bad mistakes in his life so there's that and when I just want to throw out you all in Merrell imagine you all marrow if he started fighting wrong in his 20s you know back in the day man that guy would have been scary I think he would have probably been guys like Anderson so there's that as well now that's not purposely because he was in wrestling but in terms of what he could have been having me that would have been the guy and talk about Anderson we go to a gig you get geo leo how would you evaluate and resolve in his prime was he too dominant or the competition wasn't as good I would say both I know a lot of people say that for these kind of questions but I would say it was more of the composition I think now Anderson was probably you can say the greatest writer of all time or one of the greatest records of all time he was very dominant but he was dominant specifically for your question he was dominant because of his competition right he didn't have the strongest competition didn't have what Jones had he didn't have what GSP had Vitor Dan Henderson and you came argue Rich Franklin may be chill maybe our like the notable wins right no look at the Dan Anderson fight the day hundreds of fight he lost that first round he got wrestled and then he was able to all strike and pick apart the Henderson in the second round he front kicked Vitor after just figuring out finding his timing Chile had a very hard time with you know solos a style that wrestling that Chris Wyman brought that chill son and brought very hard for Andersen to fight off you know that constant wrestling pressuring style was very tougher Anderson well how the guys he fought didn't have that wrestling base now Dan Anderson was more of a greco-roman wrestler so he didn't have like a shooting game you know he didn't have the double legs the single legs he worked up her body and that you have to get in the distance right he doesn't shoot in so that was very hard for Dan Anderson to get a hold of Anderson logically speaking you had guys like Rich Franklin more of a striker you know tell us latest was a BJJ and Patrick Cote was a little bit more well-rounded but more of a striker than anything Vitor is like a striker it goes on and on so don't get me wrong Anderson was one of the greatest of all time when you look guess look how you can't really look outside speedy stuff but Anderson skillfully technically on the feet he's one of the greatest of all time but I think the competition was lacking boy stoles pound for pound frizzier hair is a beat or o'malley metal his hair was pretty cool those upbeats rocking it like abraham dude they would go to exceed him exceed ian connor fought although in alvarez after they have been rocked and damaged badly throughout their respective careers do you think that had anything to do with his ability to knock them out and how much of that helps normal guy made off since he's barely hurt in fights I think it has a little bit especially all those is kind of hard to tell because he really only had that one fight that really you can't even like argue that much that damaged him I mean that Chad Mendes war had to have done some damage stalled people will point the more common occur ly in a day I don't think it was that rocked I don't think it was that her in the fifth round Lamas he hit him a couple of times with grant on the fifth round but it wasn't like the sustained damage that would have like permanently hurt him like Chad Mendes chairman this was putting it on him left uppercuts left hooks uppercuts but although I had a long layoff after that so maybe something but I think Connor would have knocked all the while either way the way although was coming at him so he was running it to the punch so did it have some impact probably yeah probably but not to the point where it would have made the biggest difference I think if he wouldn't have been knocked out I think that punch would have rocked him never could Alvarez even Conor said the guy was Chinee the guy's been hit so many times in his career you know the Michael Chandler wars he's been through the wood chipper you know so but then again you look at that Justin gaeshi fight he took a lot of damage to him but he was able to stand all that pori a fight you got rock bad I think that one had a little bit more impact but elvers is able to take a lot of those shots now Alvarez is amazing recovery now he'll get dropped but he has good recovery and that is something that's gonna be deteriorating as well so I think Connor was able to crack that chin but the ability for Alvarez to recoup what I think was still there which didn't get too damaged throughout his career and the whole thing with Norma Gamay davia Norma Gamay Tova has a better chin of both of them I think he's have a hard time hurting Norma ego made of like that I think just naturally Norma commando probably is a better chin overall than both of those guys even in their primes but Connor could knock I'll even Norma go Madoff if kabhi runs into him like that so it depends let me go to hans Baath both how would you describe faders style and how would he fare against a steep if he was in its prime fader style okay very wild on his feet right he's more of a boxer he doesn't throw any kicks men back in the day through like a couple more soccer kicks he's more of a slugger this boxing style will be like a brawler or a slugger just but also in the hip he's very hard to trade with because all fast he is and how many times it gets off center lines and off angles in the pocket because of his punches his casting hooks get around guards so that's hard to deal with but he's more of a Sambo judo fighter if anything you know he really I always say he's the most traditional Sambo fighter in MMA or at least one of them very good with the throws that come in to Sambo he does the same kind of thing in MMA he's great with arm bars he snatches them very quickly and on top he has one of the best ground pound games ever notorious and ground-and-pound like I saw in Nogueira fight I mean if you're under him and you don't have a garlic Werdum good luck so to sum it up a slugging Sambo ground-pounding artist and how we fare against steep if he was in his prime that would be a very very close fight I think but I think steep a might eventually be able to catch him because I think steep a it's harder than a lot of guys favorites fly and he's more precise with his shots he's better he's a better boxer and everybody fader has ever fought and he has that wrestling game so he's gonna be very hard to take down to four phaidor I don't think is able to trade with fader and faders a lot faster and he covers distance a lot quicker but fader leaves his chin up a lot and his defense isn't that great um so I think steep he'll eventually be able to tag and stipa has amazing bgj defense so I think it's a tough master fader but I think they were put on a great fight and make it closer than a lot of people probably think then we're gonna bunny bro for the win who is the best of challenging khabib on the mat off their back and in pure wrestling I would probably have to say Brian Ortega maybe in terms of the most danger in who can capitalize on Habib and give something of Habibi hope he was never seen before on the ground so an MMA any potential fight he can have I would have to say Brian Ortega but in pure wrestling now I'm pre resting I taught my wrestlers or you talk about MMA fighters if they wrestle for beat well in terms of I'm a fighters of the rest of Habib I think the best person the challenge could be but that is maybe Ben Askren actually in pure arrest I think Ben Askren beats would be there would a most bailey boy do you think Kevin Lee or Kobe competent have the potential to become big names or draws also where your thoughts and predictions on Jack Swagger competing in Bellator they could if Colby Covington is able to be rdap we'll be talking about the guy if Kevin Lee Kevin Lee has to win the belt I don't think it'll be the biggest name until he does that so if Kevin Lee is able to win the belt and Colby come tens at least able to put a statement on RDA I think they're gonna be a lot bigger you know a lot bigger I think Colby Compton has the better chance of being bigger um if he beats time Woodley I don't see how Colby's not a like no when you say a big name let's do all kind of McGregor because he's the outlier right so look at everybody else like guys like John Jones Neal GSP John Jones that's the height colby can be pretty big men go big could be pretty big if he's able to beat our Woodley and then Jack Swagger Jack Swagger I don't know whole much about I know he's a pro wrestler but he was a legit amateur wrestler so he's huge heavy weight athletic he's a little older so Beltre doesn't have the best heavyweight roster so I think you'd do pretty well his wrestling is gonna be among the best right I mean no one's gonna compete him if he goes for takedowns and learns ground pound learns like the strongman submissions he's gonna be really hard to deal with in his athleticism I think he can have pretty good footwork able to get in and out and stuff and use his wrestling you know so I think it'd do pretty well hey someone to really look out for Justin stars how do you think the rematch between Eddie and Dustin would go and that's right the rematch is happening I love this fight I don't know why this fight was held off for so long but I think Dustin Poirier would probably get him you you look at the first fight poori was a lot more skilled a lot more technical he just got caught and committing a little bit too much addi he allowed Eddy to impose his will back into the fight and I think Dustin just has to make some minor changes I think you'll have Eddie's number Lawrence McWilliams would love to see an early video of tellin Thompson what do you like in that fight by the way yes I'm gonna make a pre fight break down that fight because how much I love that fight um probably my most anticipated fight of the year so far and who do I have right now so I'm gonna think about a little bit more but off the top my head I have wonder boy a lot of people think I'm like biased or still but I do have wonder boy finishing till so I don't think it's gonna change too much we'll see man I can't wait that's striking its peak right now so I have wonder boy right now by a 4th round TKO I think he'll eventually guess how and I think the puzzle is gonna be a little bit hard for till I think he'll be able to figure out but I think he'll be a little bit too late he'll start the gas on Thompson will start to take over and eventually catch a tire till junto asks is still overhyped considering we are judging them based upon performances in which all but one of his fights have been against an unranked fighter we also know Cowboys a slow starter and could be quite punchable at times yeah I think some people might be over hyping him but his skills now you can look at the other fights yes they're against unranked fighters but his skill and his technical approach on the feet nobody is able to do anything really with Nicolas Dolby was able to grapple them a lot but even if Nicolas Dolby he was catching him as well his striking is excellent striking is excellent and if he fights a striker that's gonna show a lot you know against down throwing down so he's a very slow starter and he can be punchable especially with a guy like tille big guy long guy like till he's gonna be even more punchable right and then out movement on that Muay thai-style it's gonna be very hard for a cowboy landing anything so yeah I think it's a little bit overhyped I think some people should be just wait a little bit just wait you know it's almost there when we see what tills made of you know this wonderboy fight him it's a huge test this fight is gonna show what till is made of if he can be Wonder Boy hype them as much as you want that guys it will see Chris our ass if you were invited to any fight camp to Train where would you go I actually thought about this not too long ago um I'd love to go to Matt Hume that guys like a mastermind he's very good at focusing on individual fighter and looking at some of the mistakes he's making fix and reshape them Trevor Whitman seems like a pretty good coach especially for that style that in a no Taekwondo boxing hybrid style I like that as well but legs have to be addressed those are the two main ones now oh the whole thing with mega camps I don't like those you'll hold Jackson ATT aka stuff I don't like mega camps I would never really want to be a part of those I can see where they are beneficial but specifically for me I like to have more attention on just a small group you know I think a coach can get more of their focus they can focus on individual fighters like look at Trevor Whitman for an example he I think only trains three fighters Matt Hume I don't know how many people he has training over there but I don't think it's a lot so there's that as well and look at steep a for an example steep a at kind of a same mindset right his camp his gym is not big at all men but they're able to focus on the guy maze chaser hi weasel love the channel in podcast thanks man it's on the already stack 226 card could this be the best card of 2018 also are you planning to attend thank you um that's the decent steep a card right let me look at it really quick okay so you got your I Hall versus polo coast oh no that's a fight Yancy Medeiros versus Mike Perry that is fun gokhan Saki for Scalia Roundtree Wow Raphael sunsoft versus Roth font that's excellent and Ghana versus Lewis Holloway versus Ortega miosha's versus Cormier and chiesa versus Pettis um is expected as well this card is too good to be true now I was saying 225 might have been the best let me actually compare the two so on this one you got Clay Guida versus Bobby green Mike Santiago versus Danny a gay Rashad Coulter Brazil and crowd or okay we're car llamas versus Merced backtick awesome fight Rashad Evans versus Andy Smith it's a pretty good fight Andre Arlovski versus tied to a Vasa I love that fight Claudia versus Carlos Mars I love that fight Benavides versus Sergio Pettis love that fight CM Punk's on it versus Mike Jackson okay Overeem vs. blades great fight Holly Holm vs. Megan Anderson awesome fight already vs. Colby great fight Whitaker versus world Merril the rematch one of my most anticipated fights of the year 226 is better um Paul men I can complain about these two cards back-to-back in terms of pay-per-view Wow man they are bringing the heat in the summer no pun intended that should be their next tour thing oh they were a heathered tour but that should have been at bringing the heat yeah 226 is too good to be true so far that can be the entire card just have these fights and that's worth it it's not even a full card yet it's like it's like half and will I go where's the dad Vegas I would love to go I've never been in Vegas I said that before I would love to go to Vegas I'll see what I can do I'll see what I can do when it gets closer I wonder if any of you guys would be there the fight cage hey what do you think about the 226 car versus 214 car last year compare the two and give us your pick for the better card okay 214 Kelvin cater versus Andre feely Brian Ortega versus what kind of I remember this sterling versus bara Lamas versus Knight who was the mirror versus man while Lawler vs. Cerrone side work versus Avenger Woodley versus Maya Jones versus Cormier that's an insanely good card I forgot about this card I remember the main event I would say 226 let's let's not get it twisted here though these cards are insane right they're all insane but I think 226 edges all of them I mean think about it you haven't gone to vs. Louis on this card you got Holloway versus Ortega is Holloway versus Ortega better than Woodley versus Maya on paper I think it is me ojas vs. Cormier and John Jones versus Cormier some people like it better it's a super fight I understand that and it's a special fight you know it's it's something different so you gave him argue me Oh Chaz versus Korra me he's better on paper and gallinule versus Lewis compared to let's say cyborg versus Avenger I think I'm gone versus Lewis you know you got Hassan cell versus font that's a good fight but I think Lal Aversa roni is better on paper then you have always Damir versus Man 1 to 14 and that against Saki versus Khalil Roundtree up now who's Damir and Manoir are higher ranked higher level MMA fighters besakih versus Roundtree is gonna be an absolute war I think 226 meant for entertainment and excitement I think 226 has it all and skills and all that stuff has it all everything Kelly O'Hara asks I hope I'm pronouncing hi who do you want to see could be fight next Tony Conor the winner of holloway Ortega Thanks wait for me Tony if I can happen that is the fight you know that is as good as MMA so I wouldn't see Tony number one that's my first priority but if that fight is cursed like we all think it is to be honest the one that intrigues me the most is Kobe versus Ortega I know Connor is the whole spectacle and he's a big star big name all that stuff and don't get me wrong that fights insane contrast of styles and I really curious to see who can manipulate that space in between each other that's what the battle is gonna be Ortega something crazy you know he is so dangerous at all times he has the Jitsu the match with Habib and here's the thing with Conor if Kobe takes on Conor the fights the fights pretty much all rap right and Conor could tag him on the way in thing with Habib is he takes down Ortega there's another battle down there how is he gonna fight Ortega and Hosmer tiger gonna throw Habib suppressing style which I know he has the ability to do so and Ortega is amazing boxing so he has big power as well he's big for featherweight I would say Ortega Holloway's the least hala Weavers Habib is the one I least want to watch I would watch it don't get me wrong but out of these four yes the least yo mama asks I'm boxing a friend got no real experience I'm taller longer but he likes to charge in and I'm kind of afraid to get hit so how do I beat this guy okay um okay but the whole the whole thing is you're afraid to get hit right now that comes with experience you know a lot of people even fighters when they start they are very uncomfortable getting hit no one likes getting hit but they but you have to learn how to get hit or at least roll with punches see punches coming when you're able to see punches coming and be confident in that that's when the whole fear of being hit gets thrown out so that is gonna come with experience that's either part of you you know if you're afraid of getting hit it's just kind of party there's a lot of people out there that just don't care if they get it and they've never had any experience but if you are afraid experience is gonna get you through that sparring is probably the most important in terms of how you can you beat this guy so you're taller or longer right this is where footwork and your lead hand is gonna play a big part right the lead hand the jab is gonna be your best friend now don't throw it just for no reason aim it at him and be a constant with they use the footwork and always measure when he's trying to come in on you now it depends how he's charging as well you know it depends on which techniques is using if he's just charging wildly at you the jab can really stick them from a distance you're getting on the inside you're keeping that reach so his punches can't come at you but you got to move back a little bit and measure the distance for your right hand all that kind of stuff you jab him he sticks in place you can start throwing left hooks and stuff kind of make him tentative to come in on you but remember for longer fighters fundamentally for someone has no experience the thing I would like to say the most is jab is your best friend sets up everything for you keeps the guy in the distance makes them trying to find ways to get around that jab so maybe you'll try to come under it go on the side of it try to come in on you through that you can use your footwork all that measure for the right hand for a counter intercept of all that kind of stuff so if he stays at a distance that's excellent for you if you're backing him up with that jab then you can start letting off some right hands and stuff throw some combos out there check them with some left hooks all that kind of stuff so when he's charging you jab and move back the footwork you want to use if he's charging you is back or an angle while you're going back but the direction is back and throw the jab and it's face to stop him or slow him down you want to be the one that's setting the pace you want to be the one who is dictating the distance right as a longer fighter that's pretty much your goal basically speaking keep your stance always keep your hands up throw the jab and move back at the same time do this so you can see everything he's trying to do the more distance you move back and when you fill the punch in front of his face he's gonna slow down right now you can see a lot better of what he's trying to do now he's resetting for the next attack right if he's gonna continue to charge you but he's gonna keep running into these jabs to the point where he's most likely gonna be figuring out how to get past that jab if you're able to precisely get in front of him if you move back throw the jab and he stands still or he pauses throw another one from that exact distance you're ahead get him to take a back step but always mind that distance right like I said the biggest problem is being afraid to get hit now this is nothing foreign like I said before the sparring is the only thing that's really gonna get you through that now you could do some mental training I don't know that could help I don't know that's the number one problem once you get that down especially for a tall fighter because a lot of tall fighters for some reason have this problem when shorter phrase get in on them once you get that down it's gonna be very hard for people to handle you like that let me go to Ahmed M Mya versus with smun till vs. wonderboy Cummington vs. dos Anjos who wins right now I have Oman wonderboy and dos Anjos after that leave fight I think Lee is the hardest fight for a hook even lightweight division more so than Ferguson Lee seems like a stronger wrestler and he's also copying Habib's technique what do you think Kevin Lee is a tough match for Kobe Bandai 100% agree with that tougher than Ferguson I don't know I don't really think so but it could be possible because Lee's a better wrestler the Ferguson is army stronger his takedowns are there he could take down with a beep a good sport clubs takedowns but other different kind of takedowns no one's ever tried to take down Lee the way how people try and Lee is better boxing long – man he has like an 8-inch reach advantage or a 7-inch reach advantage and he uses that jab and he's working on it you saw then the X of our roles a fight he was able to box with Barbosa like that for long periods of time he's excellent with the right hand his straight punches are their fundamental boxing is gonna get that wild style of khabib in trouble so you have a point you can absolutely be right I can agree with that and stuff I can see Lee being them I can see Lee being the toughest fight for Habib I hope that fight happens in the future angel RR asks if Stephan Bonnar versus Forrest Griffin was a total slog a fight instead of a slugfest it was how do you think the UFC's popular would be today the same way less or straighten up to an obscure niche absolutely delivered content by the way always pumped for your vets thanks man I don't think it would be as popular because casual viewers we're looking at that right casual viewers really love those Wars if they just see a technical fight you'll be just like really any other fight so they wanted that blood and guts kind of thing just two fighters going to add it I think you know the whole story when people were just skimming through the channels they saw this fight going on they're just calling their friends and that was actually happening a man you gotta turn to this channel look at these guys just going to war look at these guys just like a bloody fight these measures going add in a cage that was going on so like you said slaw go if I sold they're just going at it a little bit you know just a hard fight but more technical let's say I think it wouldn't be as much you know I think you needed that blood and guts that war slugfest going on for everybody to take notice especially for the casual viewers right Tyler Durden ass I know it's not an MMA question but what is your take on Mike Tyson as a boxer a lot of people say they he was really a mediocre overhyped fighter and hasn't fought anybody significant and if he fought somebody with some real skills he lost okay I agree to that at some point I think Mike Tyson's body of work is a little bit overhyped he didn't really beat the best guys let's be honest the best guy I think he beat was Michael Spinks but Michael Spinks was a light heavy you won't have to find Mike Tyson beat him now people will point out Trevor Berbick people point out Larry Holmes these guys are all over the hill already especially Larry Larry Holmes Larry Holmes is an all-time great boxer the guy was around 40 years old and he's thing is so much damage in his career Mike Tyson put him up okay young Mike Tyson the things he's done and the guys he's being weren't the best let's be honest there people point out Bruce Seldon and those guys they aren't the best and when he did fight the best guys so he fought Evander Holyfield he fought Lennox Lewis he lost them even Buster Douglas lost em to Buster Douglas is not like the greatest boxer either he just got beat better Holyfield and Lennox Lewis are by far the best boxers ever fought in his career by a long shot and he got Tiki odor knocked out by both of them Mike Tyson's career I think he's a little bit over height when people say he's a great boxer of all time or one of the greatest boxers of all time I completely disagree because body work matters right technically his peekaboo style his defensive style it was great to see was a spectacle to see he master that peekaboo style very well but that style runs into problems when he fight guys like Evander Holyfield was solid everywhere fundamentally well-rounded that was tough for Tyson and he was bigger as well Tyson was very small for a heavyweight Lennox Lewis that long ranging sticking style was very hard for Tyson to get through we're going to gauntly be would you say that UFC is the highest level fighters how big if there is any is the level gap between Bellator and UFC and if so how well do you think the self-proclaimed best belt away in the world and better Askren will do in the UFC yeah UFC is by far the best fighters overall the welterweight division of Bellator is actually is by far the strongest and actually could compare somewhat at least the top part can compare to the UFC but everybody else know Michael Chandler is there Michael Chandler is excellent lightweight I would love to see him the UFC but not too much depth and belt or let's be honest people point out to Aaron Pico and Dylan Danis I mean these guys are very very young they can't be in the UFC yet the gap is pretty large and then Ben Askren the UFC I don't really think it does too well he could beat some guys but I think he would be like a mid to your guy anywhere from number five to number ten I think he would be somewhere there his wrestling top-notch he's very good at shooting striking his very pressuring to back up for his wrestling very good all different styles of takedowns very good ground a pogo was seeking on submissions to his pressure he's good at that stuff but he's a little bit too one-dimensional I would say even against a guy like Demian Maia he would have a hard time right because I don't even think he's as good of a striker as Myers and if he takes down Maya he's gonna be in trouble he's never faced that kind of BJJ before and you look at guys like say Darren till there until as that forward to keep Ben Askren guessing right but actually to come at him if Ben actually comes to close you can eat a big shot a long shot from a distance and all of a sudden they're until is out of the way again you know this kind of stuff is pretty hard and Darren tells way bigger than Ben Askren the fight that really stood out to me when Baskin fought a very well-rounded fighter later in his career was Luis Santos a lot of people forgot about this fight it was no contest but Benny was getting dealt with men he couldn't get the takedowns he was getting taken down the judo style of Louis Santos he was getting caught on the feet I mean he was like flopping for the takedowns it was very alarming to see after seeing that fight it really showed how good a well-rounded fighter with good takedown defense can really thwart Ben Askren he could do pretty well he give you guys like Neil Magny I think because like maybe Gunnar Nelson and those kind of guys but at the top of the heap he's how they'll do that well all Rama T's in your opinion who are your top 10 pound for pound fighters in the UFC today okay I'll say number one Demetrius Johnson number two Jon Jones number three Daniel Cormier number four sleep in Miocic maybe number five Conor McGregor number six max Holloway number seven habib number eight TJ Dillashaw number nine whitaker than number ten up with Woodley but this is all based off of body of work and stuff like that so if you're actually talking about what it's supposed to mean fighters going into other weight classes and how they we do with that or how their styles will do I would say John Jones number one number two I guess to mrs. Johnson number three I would say TJ Dillashaw number four I would say Daniel Cormier number five either max Holloway O'Connor the next I'll put Robert Whittaker don't put Habib then I'll put ste paid then I'll put on Woodley and now we're gonna go to the YouTube questions which I'll try to go really quick in the time that I have for this puck has I don't wanna make this too long why why is I got this question before and it's always hi has a lot of thumbs up Victor Carrillo Carrillo tits or ass again I say ass bounty hunter kakuzu if you had the sucker punch and I'm okay okay what's going on here is this because there's not much going on in MMA for me it's called the sucker punch of MMA fighter yeah man I'm not a fan of this spoiler stuff kill y'all for fun was your prediction for Kobe versus Kevin Lee as you heard it before very it's a fight on paper I would go with Kevin Lee but I don't know if he can keep Kobe's pace so I would just go with a B but man I can go back and forth all day on that evil six if lesnar returns how much does he match up with Luis and Donald J DST pay etc the game may have passed him also how this type of us versus Francis on to you okay let's see you Lesnar okay Lesnar versus Lewis I think Lesnar beat some wrestles him and I think it shots a little bit too lunging for Lesnar so Lesnar could go right under those and Ghana that's a tough fight now are we talking Lesnar on the stuff or we talking about this Lesnar without this stuff cuz that's hard to contemplate I always say Lesnar I think it would take down and gonna wear him out JD s I think JD s thoughts I take downs Knox mo with his boxing steep eight pretty much the same thing and then to a fossil versus Francis I think Francis would probably beat him at this point but if device is able to get on the inside like he's very good at doing Francis is in trouble but I think Fran says a little bit too much power bigger Longer their speed I would say to advise us faster he can close this is a little bit quicker but they're both big man one shot can really end about Francis showing having an insane insane so I'll say Francis but I love the song on that fight then we go to second sight phaidor or the greatest ever do it chill son and man phaidor I think it's gonna just mop the floor with Heil I don't think chill can really take him down if he does I don't see him holding him down fader was huge as well fader is a lot of power he's fast in the fee just better striker overall chill it doesn't have really the knockout power I think to put alpha door and I think fader could take down Jalen control him as well and he has submissions I don't think JLo could do much to fader it to be honest a 1 lifestyle if he comes back who was the biggest threat to Jon Jones um and light heavyweight it's gustafson and heavyweight it's stupid I always say Gustafson's the hardest matchup then we're gonna Newark nasty do you think Ferguson will be the same after the injury how do you think a potential matchup Ferguson versus Nate would go and Eddie first Nate I don't know how the Tonys gonna rebound back from this injury I've never seen anybody go through a knee injury like that and MMA let alone coming back from it so LCL tear completely off of the bone but Tony Ferguson's one tough guy and he you'll train off that you'll fight off that injury even if he never got the surgery I don't think he'll be back the same I really don't and I don't even want to think about that because the potential matches with Tony Ferguson it's like something you dream about right you know I'll fight like how you saying here with Nate Diaz fight with Habib maybe a rematch with Kevin Lee a fight with Conor Mert with like there's so many great matches the 20 ferguson and if he's never the same that's the biggest bummer I hope he comes back I hope he comes back the same or even better I hope the surgery or whatever they used to replace or attach an LCL I hope they did something to make it stronger or something in that nature Ferguson first name I think Ferguson beats him I think he's better innate and more things Omni is a better boxer they have about the same reach I think Ferguson as the wrestling you take down Nate he has better kicks he fights very long as well ney has a very good ability to pull on punches and I can give Ferguson some problems but I don't think they has any power to her Ferguson you know Ferguson's chin is insanely good as it is and he's not the biggest puncher and I think pressure can really do a lot to Nate Diaz his game you know and Nate is really never fought guys that long except Rory MacDonald dong-hyun Kim and Ferguson has a lot better in fighting he could take him down like I said before and it'd be a pretty good fight but I think Ferguson would beat him at the end of the day and then Eddie versus Nate that's a tougher one people just say Eddie will take down Nate but I don't think Eddie could take him down that easily and even from the bottom I think Nate's style can really give Eddie problems and he just likes to hold on really from the guard he will try to pass at times but I think Nate is much better on the ground than ideas I think it's threat of the triangles threat of the omoplata all that stuff is gonna give Eddie a big problem and he's not too busy so I think he'll give me a lot over to his office back but I have to pick I would probably say Nate Diaz would be Eddie will do one or two more slangy how does TJ stand up match up with Denise Johnson I think teaches a much better striking than DJ he's bigger as well a longer reach his footwork is something into demetria's never really faced before he's faced Dominick Cruz but it's different a lot of switching a lot of switching in the pocket a lot of switching inside combinations this could give to meet you some opportunities for takedowns but TJ's very sneaky with his kicks and switching hooks can really give some takedowns a different angle for Demetrius you know the me just footwork is a lot faster so I can give TJ some problems but but the thing about DJ is DJ striking overall is that the most technical he does everything pretty well but he will lunge in two punches a lot you know if you actually look at a ethos over hands a lot um and this could play right into DJ's game teaching could connect the head kick on him if DJ commits then we'll go to Robin Hood 13 what martial arts do you think are bullshit or no longer relevant except for the ridiculous ones like the no touch stuff I don't think any martial law you could really say is just garbage it won't work because I think anymore so I can adapt and figure out things they could be effective right but as of right now looking at right now with no evolution in the future what martial arts do I not see being that relevant Aikido of course I don't think is that relevant in unarmed fighting but besides looking at Aikido and some of those kung-fu and Tai Chi's stuff looking at martial arts like BJJ and wrestling in those martial arts there are pretty legit I would say judo is the least relevant especially for MMA now when you say martial arts are you told my for MMA or like on the streets self-defense and stuff like that because Judah was pretty good for self-defense but for MMA I don't think it's that relevant first of all you need to close the distance and judo they're pretty much giving you the inside fighting they're giving you that inside range you need to find that in MMA so you got to cover that distance and running into the opponent let's say the way around or Ozzy was doing is not gonna cut it these days so you need some kind of style behind it to really help your judo and even in judo it leaves you exposed because judo is not a lot of long ground fighting let's say like BJJ is Right BJJ you'll stay on the ground for the entire fight and you could be relevant at all times you could be dangerous at all times judo you get to the ground you got to snatch something really quick I don't think it adapts to well to MMA you need other styles to compensate for it and you don't really have this enough with other styles like wrestling you can see wrestlers that could pretty much dominate fights with just wrestling we've seen it many times all it really needs to know is the ground pound and he knows the strongman submissions by just instinct BJJ guys we've seen Demian Maia de mi is able to go to the top of the wall a division with just strictly BJJ pretty much you can't really do that with judo and then another one that's kind of ties in with the same thing why do you think point karate and Taekwondo fighters have such trouble depth into real fighting contrasts to guys like Wonder Boy and Machida will make it look effortless because uh it's pretty much point fighting like you just said right the objective is not to really hurt your opponent so the whole objective is just the land you know that's a lot of when I was doing Taekwondo that was what a lot of it was you know back in the old days old-school technical fighters they went full at it you know they weren't just trying to land they were trying to put some force into their kicks these days just kind of really land and that's what a lot of fighters look to do is just try one by points that's where these kicks they throw out there they adapt this kicking game or end point karate little depth like this striking game where it's just tap right there like flippy strikes like a Taekwondo those little strikes out there that you can't really generate too much power in but they can land and then you see guys like Wonder Boy and Machida they didn't really go through that I think I know Wonder Boy had a real kick boxing career and he didn't develop these techniques that just don't cross into fighting these point karate and Taekwondo fighters they're not really fighting there it's more of a competition it's more of a contest one of the women Sheeta they've been through like the fighting scene of karate where not only do they have to land meaningful strikes they can get hit by meaningful strikes so they have to understand how to defend those Taekwondo fighters OnPoint cry fighters all they're really trying to do is just evade any contact right any contact from the other fighter in theory that could actually help for a fight you're trying to get away from every point of contact from a strike but the thing is the defense that they learn through that is alarming so Wonder Boy Machida they learn for a fighting scenario to even defend shots and also getting it that's also a big thing Taekwondo fighters karate fighters they're not used to getting hit all the time because if you get hit you lose pretty much Warner boy Machida if you get hit you got to learn how to take it and then find a way around that and the hitting always goes on right wonderboy Machida you get hit you got to keep going you got a weather the storm sometimes and then absence of fighting so that's it guys I can go all day but that's gonna be it for the podcast today my next video of course never thought to be two fighter video and in two weeks I'm gonna come with the next episode of this podcast so be looking for that as well you don't have any fights for a while so I'm just thinking of ideas what to put on next so leave a comment below what do you guys actually want to see next after that you guys want to see a breakdown of a fight break out of an old school fight a boxing breakdown a fighter breakdown a technique I actually haven't done a technique break that I completely forgot about those I could do a technique breakdown if you guys let me do that I go to another how to beat a fight a video but that's gonna take some time so I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you did make sure give it a like make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you're listening to the audio version of this and again thing you guys so much for watching and listening and I'll see you guys in the next one


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    As for "washed up" larry holmes, he beat a prime ray mercer AFTER losing to tyson. Tysons good opponents include spinks, berbick, ruddock, tucker, pink thomas, smith, golota, bruno, tubbs etc. The man was a good champ and far from a hype job. In the future jut stick to mma bud.

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  23. Jack slack kinda summed it up the best: tendencies are more important than weaknesses, since theyre a lot more visible and are part of that fighters style. Dj switches stances a lot which can be timed. Jon jones uses linear kicks which can be defused by lateral movement.

  24. People who shit on Fedor’s legacy (or Silvas) are missing the bigger picture. Look at their ages. If Fedor retired before his first loss, everyone would not question his GOAT status. If GSP cont’ to fight in his early 30s (and he lost), he’d be considered nothing. And to say Silva never fought a wrestler is fucking laughable. He held the title 2006-2012 and all were favoured match-ups? His takedown defence was amazing. He would have starched Weidman, if he wasn’t 38 years old at the time!
    Case in point, if Stipe were to quit MMA after beating Cormier, he’ll forever be the GOAT. But, if he fights until 43, like Fedor, and loses a few, his legacy will go down. The community has a short memory. It’s why I reckon Conor won’t fight.

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