Kungfu vs MMA: instant KO. Why does this keep happening in China?

Kungfu vs MMA: instant KO. Why does this keep happening in China?

hey it's Ramsey Dewey over here in Shanghai China if you haven't been paying attention to what's been going on with Chinese martial arts lately there's been this thing the streak of traditional martial artists who've never actually been in a fight before challenging or getting challenged to a full-contact fight either MMA or kickboxing or boxing with an experienced fighter so let's watch the latest iteration of the kung-fu guy who gets instantly knocked out by the real fighter now by kung fu guy I don't mean to disparage people who practice kung fu' rather to draw attention to what happens when we have a conceptual martial artist who doesn't actually train to fight for real against real live humans with real live resistance and a combat sports athlete who does exactly that in a contest of reality the reality based martial artist is going to win so let's watch this bout right here it's less than a minute long for this my martial artist bowing mu Scott is come to outfit on it's the guy in peril my shorts people guy is not wearing gloves the fighter is wearing a pair of MMA gloves and single right straight single right straight no setup no nothing here's an interesting term sucker punch in modern English that means to surprise somebody with uh a surprise punch that was originally no boxing term which meant to lead with your right hand to lead with your right hand and it was called the sucker punch because only a sucker would fall for it sucker punch knockout and the old classical boxing vernacular right there kind of want to watch that again let's take a look maybe slow it down a little bit all right so again they're bowing in it separate referee calls I start to dance when they touch hands funky guy has his right arm stretched out without a faint or a fake or anything he left himself straight open down the center boom right hand lead that's it the end instant knockout it's about what I expected little less dancing around than some of these these other you know non fighter versus actual fighter fights and that's probably a better way to term it than kungfu versus anime or whatever it's a non fighter versus a fighter and that's what happens when you have somebody who's good at something he and somebody who isn't so why does this happen why does this keep happening over and over and over and over again is this a Chinese phenomenon is this unique to the People's Republic of China I would say not really the same thing has happened across cultures and countries many times but what's different about China is China didn't experience UFC one I mean you can look it up and watch it here but that whole hullabaloo of UFC one martial arts in America didn't really happen here so all the the established kung fu experts over here and I say come to experts in quotes up here because there are legitimate fighters who practice kung fu' just not very many of them not here in China he got a dig deep to find those guys and most of them are old and dead now and the younger generation doesn't really want to have anything to do with that these days cuz it's hard work and hard work is hard hmm so China didn't experience UFC 1 they didn't see voice Gracie Chokin people out with jiu-jitsu they didn't see what happens when you put karate guys against other karate guys or kung-fu guys against wrestlers or any of that stuff I mean there have been MMA shows here in China for a while but they've been so under the radar with mainstream culture for so long that essentially this this streak of kung-fu guys non fighters against actual fighters is their equivalent of UFC 1 this is their equivalent of seeing Royce Gracie choke out our Jimerson or whatever and it's revelatory to people I got a lot of questions about Shu Xiang beating up these these fake kungfu guys and you know he's he's not the only guy doing it I mean China's a big place one point three billion people with a mess people that big you're gonna see everything eventually somewhere in this country it's happening so why does this keep happening and for how long will it happen you know what I see the same sort of things start in comment sections on YouTube in martial arts related videos people will argue about stuff and get mad and say oh yeah well well I challenge you to a fight meet me in the park or whatever and and we'll have a kungfu Taekwondo karate battle then we'll see who is the real deal some iteration of that goes on daily on YouTube probably a thousand million bazillion times why does this keep happening it's this weird pride this weird pride and I understand it because I've been there that a lot of traditional Marshall pretenders experienced guys who have spent many years going to a class a couple times a week wearing a uniform bowing in punching and kicking at the air and not actually experiencing combat stress ever but they believe they know how to fight even though they've never actually been in a real fight before and I get that because I've experienced that why because you know many years ago I went to martial arts schools just like that and I got this idea in my head oh I've earned this belt I've earned this rank I've spent this many years walking in and out of this martial arts school and therefore I must know how to fight even though I've never actually been in a fight before but I had the experience of getting into an actual fight and that was revelatory you know getting into a ring to fight professionally in kickboxing for the first time with a background in traditional martial arts like Taekwondo and shotokan karate and capoeira and feeling like that was enough that was more than enough that was better than professional fight experience it's amazing how deluded we can get and there's that popular quote from Mike Tyson everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face I would amend that and say nobody has a real plan until well after they get punched in the face because that punch in the face it might knock you out but eventually it's gonna wake you up it's gonna wake you up to the reality of what a fight is and how you have to train accordingly to prepare yourself for that kind of action and that kind of combat stress and that kind of anxiety it's a whole different world my friends so why does this keep happening well new humans keep coming in and forgetting the lessons of the old ones thanks for watching now get out there and train


  1. Anyone notice that when Shaolin fight against say Muay Thai fighters and whatnot they actually hold there own and can even take punches without blocking on purpose. No they may not spar as such but they do fight concrete and metal bars everyday

  2. Muay Thai already exposed Chinese martial arts masters back somewhere in the late 60s and 70s when 10 Chinese masters challenged 10 Muay Thai fighters. All Chinese masters got knocked out except 1 who escaped with a broken arm. The Chinese had to reinvent their martial arts by stealing Muay Thai moves and calling it Sanda.

  3. In my utmost humble opinion.

    “ Nothing more dangerous than the illusion of self delusion”

    “ Everything works in the land of make believe, therefore do one’s best not to be an citizen there”

    No matter what one’s preferences are, if one does not implement( and to quote Matt Thornton from SBG) Timing, energy, motion in concordance with aliveness, then no matter the system practiced, it will work against you.

    “ No system, nor weapon is more important than the wielder that brings it to life”
    “ It is the practitioner that defines the art”

    What I’ve observed is that many TMA’s do for the sake of doing, in the sense that they are told/ given a certain curriculum, which is fine, all decent schools/ systems have curriculums, but that in itself cannot be the gold standard for overall quality.

    If you are doing for the sake of doing, instead of applying with comprehension, intent and meaning, then one is fooling oneself. Acquiring tools, no matter how great they seem, if one is not capable to utilize them correctly, will in my opinion bring oneself more harm than good.

    I saw this at my old TKD school, people ranking up in Belts without the proper wisdom( wisdom, is comprehended knowledge applied) so they “ Did” forms, but they never applied nor had an fundamental grasp of when, how, why to appropriately utilize.

    If one is honest with oneself, and admit that I do not know how to fight, and I’m only doing this for leisure( insert any other reason) and one understands this, then by all means, I have no criticism against that type of reasoning. My issue is with the same people who accumulate techniques and teaches them to others without the necessary standards of quality and not only deceive themselves, but worse, others.

    Of course we have all our responsibility to do due diligence in regards to” truth” but as we have seen time and time again, gullible people claiming acts of grandeur due to self deception, and if their ludicrous actions only affected themselves that would’ve been fine, but they actually teach non comprehended concepts to people that has a misplaced trust in” utmost authority” ( bad instructors) and individuals now suddenly can claim
    “ superiority” because they now
    “ know” something. This is not a Stab at any system/ style, but more towards the individuals that willingly corrupt others for self gain/ pride.

    “ Fighting is relativity in motion, never expect only respond, as it is ones opponent within context that dictates tactics”

    “ There are no guarantees, only opportunities”

    “ Belts are nothing, Skill is something, but Intent, is everything” ie mindset.

    “ it is the units that complete the whole”

    “ learn the form, seek the formless”

    “ Emancipation through Application”

    Another great lesson Mr Dewey, always a joy to hear( and learn) from your insights regarding these matters.

    Sincere regards.

    Fellow martial artist.

    Tom Framnes.

  4. I’m confused with your terminology. In this video he leads with a jab and then knocks the guy out with a cross.

  5. The art you study has absolutely zero bearing on your ability to take a punch. The physical shape of your jaw as well as the strength of your neck musles has significantly more to do with that than anything else. But, MMA guys constantly need the reaffirmation that… fuck, I don't… whatever. Can't you guys just be happy to study your cock fighting and let the rest of us be happy to better ourselves through our arts?

    (Note: I've used my art in the real world, where there are no rules, referees, gloves, or medical staff. I honestly couldn't care less what the derps have to say. 🙂 )

  6. These Asian martial arts such as Karate/Kung Fu/Judo have their benefits but they're no match in isolation against an all-rounded fighter. If you don't know how to defend against real punches, this is going to happen every time and within seconds lol

  7. The kung fu Artist of yesteryear trained to fight , They trained to kill it was not a sport . All of these fighting arts of today have there roots from traditional Kung fu . There would be no MMA if there was never Kung Fu . To trash Kung FU all of it in general is a total disrespect to the very spiritual roots of all the martial Arts we have the privilege of studying today thanks to a big part Bruce Lee we are even talking about this subject . Now yes these individuals that have been knocked out were not real fighters . But that in NO WAY means kung Fu is not effective Martial Art . BJJ , KARATE AND THE WHOLE gammet have their roots from Kung Fu . The trash another art and not help them to grow . IS trashing yourself

  8. MMA is a mix so kung fun can be incorporated this is just the difference from full contact and I watch movies fighter people just need education and time to adapt. Ignorance is bliss for ignorant fighters and ignorant people who upload with an agenda

  9. It is like saying a samurai sword is ridiculous because an AK 47 would win. Thousands years ago the sword wasn't ridiculous and King Fu thousand years ago was effective before MMA was invented. If Royce Grace of UFC 1 was to fight a MMA fighter of today he would be destroyed. So Grace Jui jitsu sucks?

  10. it will keep happen until martial artists start sparring regularly with gloves and allow outsiders in and then they will start improving again also many of the legends of martial arts didn't just repeat what they learned they improve it and improvised to get better

  11. Thank you Ramsey, I completely understand that pride you spoke of near the end. For the first couple of years I was terrified of fighting (just TKD sparring) however, thankfully my master showed me that all the techniques I learned don’t mean anything for self defence or fighting if you don’t train them for fighting. He said belts don’t mean anything in a real fight, it’s just tradition and a symbol of dedication. Nothing more. He said that if I want to really get better I’d have to start actually sparring hard with people and even though I was at first out of my comfort zone, I kept going on and mentoring under my friend in the class (who’s sparred internationally and come off quite well by winning a lot of tournaments, a good few by knockout which is rare in TKD). Now I’m glad I can hold my own (not saying I’m better than the best MMA fighters in the world but rather am a better person for learning the hard way), however, all people who think they can fight should at least test their skills on an equal opponent. Then they’ll be sure and happy with themselves.

  12. It would be nice if you were able to make a distinction between effective Chinese martial arts, and then fraudsters… This has been happening since the 70s… Watch sanshou/sanda…. Plenty of full contact Chinese martial arts. It's the national combat sport of China… Most western people are just not familiar with most aspects Chinese culture except popular YouTube videos…hell go watch zabit rip up the ufc…His base is in wushu and it clearly shows.

  13. Most of my Kung Fu brothers all cross trained, from Karate and Teakwondo to Mhuy Thai and Boxing,, My Sifu is tiny he can take everyone still lol, and Surprise Wing Chun can also beat all those cross training brothers…they just dont social media and have whole communities of back whole coasts evan, My Sifu is more like a General lol

  14. At least these people are fighting professional rather than someone on the streets who might seriously hurt them. Their pride might be hurt but they can learn from it.

  15. These "kung fu masters" are simply people who essentially do "Tai Chi" in the park.
    These aren't REAL Kung Fu Masters who often fight to prove and improve their skill.

  16. This proves nothing about Chinese martial arts.
    This only goes to show you that there are plenty of fake masters in China. Do not discredit the art because of the practitioner.

    I practice Sanda together with traditional Chinese martial art, that is Bajiquan (eight extremities fist) and Baguazhang(eight trigrams palm).
    And yes, traditional styles do work in real life.
    As I competed in kick boxing and Sanda before, I still wouldn't dare to spar with my master in a street fight.
    There is a HUGE difference between a sport and a street fight.
    In kick boxing or any combat sport, you actually feel safer because of the rules, and you would dare to take a few hits from your opponent. In street fight, it's a whole different story , there are more options, it's even more unpredictable to tell where they're gonna strike and how they're gonna strike.
    My master even used his fingers to pierce my ribs , diaphragm and my solar plexus , and it hurts more than a punch.
    The rules are not only to make sure of the safety of the fighters, but to ensure both are fighting on even grounds , to take away half of the weapons and weaknesses available in a fight.

    You can say it's an excuse, but that is the reality , MMA, kick boxing , boxing , or any combat sport is a SPORT. Martial arts were never meant to be used as a sport or entertainment, it's an art of killing , it has always been.
    To be a martial artist is to train to be a killer, just like the samurai from ancient Japan.
    When I sparred with my master, he did not fight like these clowns , he fought "realistically" , he used the least effort, and the fastest way to disable or worse, kill his opponent. There's no mystical chi , or Reiki myth bullshit , but just using the human body to its fullest potential.

    These so called "masters" who had been humiliated , are NOT masters. They disgrace themselves and the art.

  17. I'm pretty sure he threw a faint wind up. I mean that's what I saw. Or what was it he did with his left? Before the right punch.

  18. These Kung Fu guys just haven't fought before. Look, would anyone in their right mind throw a guy who has only done shadow boxing, heavybag, and partner drills into a ring with a boxer who has 20 fights and countless sparring? No, of course not. That'd be fucking insane. Of course, there is more here than just that. Kung Fu, because it hasn't been tested in umpteen years in real fighting (regularly), hasn't been able to sift through what works and what doesn't.

  19. martial arts, including mma, are just a form of religion, as marx put it “opium for masses”. fight russian nukes with mma and you will be “enlightened”.

  20. So maybe kung fu fighters need to adapt their techniques to real world fighting. King fu wasn’t famous for no reason. It’s just that the world had changed and king fu needs to be taught with the new changes in the world of fighting.

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