Kratos VS Spawn | DEATH BATTLE!

Kratos VS Spawn | DEATH BATTLE!

This episode of Death Battles brought to you by Jack threads Of all the warriors who have entered this arena none can compete with these two titans of death Kratos the ghost of sparta who is single-handedly? Annihilated olympus and swann who managed to Dethrone both Satan and God I’m wizard, and he’s boomstick and it’s our job [to] analyze their weapons armor and skills [and] who would win a death battle Kratos is a demigod raised among the spartans as their greatest warrior until one day his people were threatened to be overrun It was then he struck a deal with ares the god of war ares would give him the strength to protect his people in return Kratos would serve as ares as champion warrior Kratos became super powerful and really vicious But was tricked by ares into killing his own family But a he saves the money on child support and divorce as the hot white ashes of his family clung permanently to his skin just Like Michael Jackson his quest for vengeance against the gods of olympus began as [is] demigod Kratos possesses incredible strength speed and endurance He can survive a pummeling from a titan and best the power of hercules [greatest] [wields] the blades of Exile twin short swords bound to his arms by chains the blades have a hook design which Kratos can use To cut [rad] through his enemies or snag them and whip them around in like most badass weapons They can somehow emit fire kratos is well trained in sword combat and possesses. What may be the most powerful Sword the Greek gods have to offer the blade of olympus after kratos killed ares spoiler He was made the God of war But zeus tricked him into putting all of his godly powers into this sword making him mortal once again and making the blade of olympus A deadly harbinger of death to even the toughest olympians his most versatile defense is his Golden fleece armour capable of blocking powerful blows and deflecting magical attacks But there’s a whole lot more to this guy’s arsenal like the bow of apollo which can shoot a rapid stream of arrows or charge Up deadly fire arrows then there’s the claws of hades which mercilessly ripped the souls out of their victims though tough opponents like Kratos can resist them the Nemi [Ancestors] [are] Giant Ultra strong gauntlets which can stun foes with brutal shockwaves the boots of hermes give him superhuman speed and when battling the Infamous Icarus he ripped those huge wings off the old [pools] back and took them for his own giving him powers of flight, holy Crap that’s a lot of weapons. [I] like this guy Kratos is not invincible, but he is very difficult to kill well He can’t even kill himself [in] his rage he tore apart the ranks of mount olympus and slaughtered every God upon and below it except for aphrodite for Obvious reasons in doing so he ultimately brought about the end of the world without the power of the gods to keep the Chaos in check the Apocalypse had arrived and its vanguard was Kratos. I was trying to make you a great warrior You succeeded Al Simmons was trained to be a deadly stealthy soldier and Assassin and proved numerous times He was the best of the best, but when his morality got the better of him his boss terminated his contract [permanently] that’s when Simmons met Malvo gaea one of the demon lords of hell who struck a deal with it He’d yet to see his wife again. If he became captain of Hell’s armies He agreed and was reborn as a hell spawn But has no demons in tricked him [leaving] [vaughn] with a fate worse than death And of course [spawn] swore revenge being a hell spawn he has superhuman strength and speed He is nearly invulnerable and can use his own powers to heal and regenerate In addition spawn can feed or draw from the evil lures of others for the same effect [it] really saves him on band-Aid He wears a living parasitic symbiotic suit named Weta of the seventh house of K leela has ridiculous powers Basically anything she or spawn wants to happen can happen the suit can create and control Change [cloth] spikes and morph itself into pretty much anything spawn wants like a badass Cape that can drive enemies and protect [spawn] from all sorts of danger the suit has [a] mind of its own and can operate while Spawn focuses on other parts of the battle it’s strong enough to easily smash through brick and fast enough to block bullets however Letha feeds off necro plasm energy when using the suits powers a hellish matter which spawn is entirely composed of if we feel On we’ll be sent back to hell however like spawn Letha can also feed off the evil and sin of others Spawns also got tons of mad powers he can teleport Transform blow things up turn invisible [alter] matter talk to animals fly with his cape Read minds and open portals to heaven in hell holy crap And he can control the elements often using fire and water to defeat swarms of enemies however Even with all these godlike abilities spawn usually resorts to his most primitive Weapon as he was trained in special forces for so long spawn his most comfortable using a gun He’s an expert in the [use] of nearly any firearm imaginable only two things can break through spawns defenses and hurt him necro Magic and holy weapons forged in Heaven in addition He can only dive these beheading spawns fought and killed all sorts of powerful enemies Assassins cyborgs vampires ghosts Angels Demons other hell Spawn rampaging deities even Satan and God yes that old lady is the [God] really god looks like my Nana Hot demigod and after being granted unlimited power from the mother of all things spawn banished God and Satan from the Earth which he wiped clean and rebuilt in his own image. He then willingly sacrificed his own God powers, and eventually returned to his hell spawn [400]. Why the hell would he do that? He must have been really born Knock-knock Alright the combatants are set let’s end this debate once and for all but first let’s take a commercial break from jackthreads over to you boomstick ah [thank] [you]. [handsome]. Devil. Hey wiz do you like going out to shop for clothes of course not boomstick? That’s why you use jackthreads [jackthreads] is a members only online shopping club that does the dirty work for you saving you tons of cash each day Jackford serves up The hottest brands at up to 80% off what you’d pay in the [store] brands like Kidrobot The hundreds in American apparel for way less than you’d find anywhere else now jackthreads is a private club But death battles got you away in go to jack slash battle and you can become a member right away, and yes It’s free to [join] go to jack slash battle and you’ll instantly start saving without having to leave the house right [now] It’s time for a death better [died] oh Man here comes the rage from the [Gada] war Fanboy Kratos is a very difficult one to beat but spawns magical prowess and near Indestructible body proved too [much] for ya normally that last attack would have meant the end for his opponent but not spawn and what much? Of Kratos his arsenal were forged by Olympians olympus is composed of earthly elements and is not another plane of existence Like Heaven So it stands to reason none of the [Olympian] weapons could kill spawn except the blade of olympus [but] it wasn’t enough [plus] spawn and his suit had plenty of evil energy to feed on during the fight since Kratos is literally covered In his past sins. Well that was one hell of a fight the winner is spawn next time on death battle Want to see your ideal death battle come to life subscribe and leave your suggestion in the comments below. [thank] you for watching


  1. DEATH BATTLE Think of me as your own personal BATTLE IDEA GUY Haahaa Lets start with DRACULA Vs SPAWN and SESSHOMARU (INUYASHA) VS OROCHIMARU {NARUTO} : )

  2. your telling me the guy who flipped a part of the cosmos by himself died and crawled his way out of hell killed countless mythological creatures and several gods got killed by a foot soldier of hell? yep logic is really solid

  3. And they left out a lot of weaponry that kratos had in the complete saga including things like the head of helios, medusa's head the original blades of chaos and a lot of other things as well spawn is no match

  4. its sad to know, god of war is known for its great great detailed, long battles. sad to see this one lastest under 2 minutes. with very little action. but hey 2011. still great!

  5. The blade of olympus drains the powers of the struck person, as seen in gow 2 first level when zeus strikes kratos with it.

  6. Dude u have to stop u r making allllllllll person power in one person like there r different Superman with different strength but u fuse all of them and say this is only one . That’s wrong .

  7. No one should be mad about this it was a huge miss match. If u really read about spawn you’ll see how op he actually is in his comic books. This was a horrible match up.

  8. I have the perfect idea for a death battle. Danny Phantom from the Danny Phantom cartoon, and Ghost Rider from marvel. both of them have abilites based on the dead or ghosts, they were both regular humans who were effected by supernatural means and they were both considered dead but alive.

  9. Incorrect Olympics is heaven in Greek mythology therefore kratos can kill spawn and you didn't even go into his real power "hope" or the fact he can lift a planet and kill an immortal man

  10. Yo can we get a rematch now that he is smarter and not driven by rage and he has new weapons, he is also away from his past sins and is certainly not evil

  11. Kratos lost to shovel Knight, and kratos could lose to any Character from nintendo or in smash. I would even bet that MINECRAFT steve would defeat kratos. Steve according to game theories research can hold 5 universes of gold in his hand and can break odsidian with his fist without getting hurt once.

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