KING OF PRO-WRESTLING (October 8) – Post-match Interview [8th match]

KING OF PRO-WRESTLING (October 8) – Post-match Interview [8th match]


  1. Switchblade never wanted to join Omega's Bullet Club, the plan was always for him to join the OG Bullet Club no matter what happened, some nice long-term storytelling from NJPW.

  2. Bullet club in 2019 is gonna be FUCKING HUUUUGGGGEEEEE
    With Gedo cutting promos in Japanese getting nuclear heat & Tama running things in the US, it’s gonna be crazy good

  3. Jay White joins along with Gedo and Jado even (0 0) What chaos and has words of compromise been said between the Ace and Rainmaker?

  4. Switchblade "I met Bad Luck Fale in London in 2014."
    Toks Fale on Twitter, "This plan was set in motion 4 years ago when Finn Balor introduced me to Jay White in London 2014."
    Jay White has been in the back pocket for this group for a lllloooooonng time.

    2. He follows the original idea of Bullet Club, not the ELITE.

    OGs are not about being OG members. They follow the original mission that Bullet Club started 5 years ago in New Japan.
    That is why they call themselves BCOG.

    So to those who keep complaining about everything the OGs do, just ignore them because we obviously know you're ELITE fans.
    Tranquilo, stop taking every little thing the OGs do so seriously.

    Also, people need to stop predicting so early about Switchblade turning on them. "Oh he had a big ego with Chaos, so it's not gonna work with BCOGs." Ugh, enjoy it now while it's here. Stop thinking so ahead.

  5. I'm still surprised about Gedo. Jay said from Day One that he has no real loyalty to Chaos. But Gedo, I thought that he'd be with Okada until our grandkids die of old age.

  6. I LOVE IT I think it is time that bullet club get back to being true heels again ,don’t get me wrong I love the elite but big factions work best when they are heels look at history Freebirds,horsemen,DX and the NWO it just works better

  7. 棚橋対大鷲透が見たい




  8. ここは日本だ。日本語で喋れ。日本語を覚える努力を知ろ。何言うてるかわからんぞ。 外道が話してもこいつらチンプンカンプンでわかってないぞ。1回こいつらの悪口言うてみー。わかってないから笑ってるだけやぞ。

  9. In 1 year this will be the main Bullet Club.

    Gedo joining Bullet Club is perfect! Such a swerve! He's like the Paul Heyman of New Japan.

  10. BC.OG 、BC.elite、ロスインゴ、鈴木軍は駒が揃ってるが、本隊とchaosが明らかに劣ってるかんじが

  11. Njpw is where it's at! Storylines that take a year of twists and turns until we get a big payoff that doesn't leave us underwhelmed. The right guys are pushed when they need to be.

    Everyone looks strong in their own right. So when a guy loses your not left wondering how could that guy job to that one. The booking is good and promos are pretty strong.

    The backstage segments and post match interviews are an extra touch that gets to tell more storyline and you get to see the aftermath.

    Do yourself a favor subscribe to njpw world

  12. Notice how Jay White did the handgun signal just like Prince Devitt, Fale mentioned this on Twitter, that when Jay White was a Young Lion, Devitt pegged Jay White as the future of New Japan.

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