1. I don't think he comprehends the kind od hatred he inspires. Not "i hope he loses heat", more like "het off my f*****g tv please".

  2. I'm sure he'll make great use of this momentum, just like when he won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, or Money in the Bank.

  3. I was actually happy that Corbin won because he seems to up his game. The way he executes his wrestling style, his promos… these are just a few things to prove how good of a heel he is. Now its time for Step 2; Corbin to win either the Intercontinental or Universal Championship.

  4. I used to think he was bad at his job because I didn’t hate him for being a heel but just for being himself. Now I am not sure if he is good at his job because I don’t hate him for being a heel but because I like him for just being himself.

  5. Vs. Cedric Alexander, Vs. Ricochet & Joe, Vs. Chad Gable.
    3 best matches of Baron Corbin's career. He's a top guy nowadays.
    His mic skills have skyrocketed. Just needs the Lone Wolf gimmick back. Then he's gonna be 100%.
    I apologise. It's King Corbin.

  6. Yesss, comon people I can't be the only one that doesn't hate Corbin…..I actually love his heel persone he is so great at being hated ever since "Constable Corbin" days. Gor, I can't wait to se how is he gonna trigger fans with this king gimmick.

  7. These comments are filled with people who doesnt know talent. Corbin will be a horrible kotr. Already is!!!!! All hail King Gable is what I'm gonna be saying and I'll continue using Corbin as my bathroom breaks

  8. Corbin is actually really good. Works really good for a big man. Underrated seller and a good promo. But that doesn't matter. If Vince loves you and pushes you over objectively more deserving people you're never getting over.

  9. Glad Corbin won, but kudos to Chad Gable as well; such an underrated talent, and definitely has a bright future ahead of him (hopefully). That said, the Lone Wolf is back in prime form 🙂

  10. I hate when people say that Corbin got “better” in the ring as if ANYTHING ever changed.. he was always legit in my opinion, his pushes just sucked.

  11. Baron Corbin gets a lot of hate, but he deserved the KOTR crown, what they decide to do with Corbin from here on out however is really up to creative because Corbin's got the goods just needs creative to stay consistent in his character development, because Corbin is definitely main event material and fully understands in-ring psychology.

  12. I’m not surprised that Corbin won but there was a lot more deserving talent in this tournament that deserved that spotlight more then him.

  13. Y’all are dumb as hell. Whining and complaining about how you don’t want him as king. THATS WHAT HE WANTS. THAT WAS ALWAYS THE PLAN. HE’S A HEEL. YOURE SUPPOSED TO BE IRRITATED

  14. Seriously????? You have CESARO and you give us this, you have Sami Zayn, Samoa Joe, Ricochet, McIntyre and you made Corbin the new King????? I’m not angry with Corbin the Guy do his job, I’m tired of the WWE creatives

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