Khabib warns Conor McGregor against pulling any underhanded tricks if he attends UFC 242,Joanna

Khabib warns Conor McGregor against pulling any underhanded tricks if he attends UFC 242,Joanna

here's your chance to get a full year of ESPN plus subscription for just $20 that's less than $2 per month here's what you need to do click the link in the description and order UFC 239 pay-per-view paid additional $20 for one year ESPN plus subscription and that's it for the next full year you can enjoy 300 plus live UFC fights and tons of original MMA shows which will be exclusively available on ESPN Plus don't wait click the link in the description and order UFC 239 pay-per-view today you remember how bad that Derrick Lewis white was people after that fight were freaking out they were saying was the worst heavyweight fight of all time bla bla bla but a few wins later on he sort of erases that loss and then he's right there well the thing is with that and you riot it probably was or if not what is top three worst mmm a heavy fights or MMA fights period I mean they didn't really do anything you know but that was because he just lost the state pay and I think that took a little wind out of his sails that was the first time I think if I'm not mistaken that it lost there's a lot of mental things to deal with you know it's it's a different scenario but then he's put in the cage against another heavy hitter like himself there it loses weed all combined and you gotta overcome those psychological demons and he wasn't used to doing that so you know you can almost give him a pass because of course he came back and redeemed himself massively so by day no I I mean in my opinion Who am I I don't run the company I listen he's gotta be next for a title fight but ever dana says maybe not you know because we don't know what's gonna happen if DC beats T pay a second time DC said he might retire then of course there's that third John John's fight on the table and I think that's probably why Dana saying that and again this is me just assuming you know DC versus ain't gone and great I'd love to see it you see versus John John's three before as his last fight before he retires I think that's bigger business everybody wants to see that more so I think maybe that is the only problem or roadblock that DC and also I part of me ain't guarding faces right now if Steve Bay wins I'm sure Steve let's AF okay I'll take him and I already beat once before but I'm boiling gone who has got better here's the thing man just talking about Diego we're talking about a guy 14 years in the UFC I haven't even been training mixed martial arts for 14 years the guy has made this long run in the UFC and he's at the age he's at he's still winning fights I just don't know how do you overlook a guy like that you know what I mean that's very foolish especially with his skillset especially with his mentality I mean it doesn't matter even the fights where he got knocked out he still showed up in his head very convinced that he was gonna smash these guys you know and and he does it in a very special way every fighters confident that they're gonna win on fight night but Diego Sanchez has a different type of confidence yeah he's a very different guy and his biggest attribute has always been his mental strength you can't overlook a guy whose best attribute is mental strength because you could have the best cam for your life and you can put them through hell and high water and really run them through a ring and they're still gonna be in the fight and we saw that in his lab and if you saw that the Mickey Golf I you know endured a little early danger came back and won we've seen it in his fights with Martin Kampmann we've seen it in a lot of these fights were when a guys best attribute is mental toughness like Diego's that's a very very dangerous guy to compete against so I'm not mistaken white was favored over Sanchez right yeah not to jinx everything everybody's been a favorite over him and that's just that's the nature of the sport when a guy's been the longer you are in the sport and you're fighting the younger guys you're always gonna be a dog you know what I mean so to me this is this is a pretty this is a pretty even fight this is too tough champions too mentally strong grappling bass guys that you know are no stranger to win a fight of the night you know what I mean this to me this is it this is a very even matchup I'm excited for the challenge you know Jonna I love both of these ladies that I think they're tremendous fighters I just think that Holly Holm I haven't seen a comfortable calm and composed a relaxed Holly Holm in the Octagon as of right now and with all of her combat experience uh you know it's just surprising to me I think Holly has the skills potentially to win this fight but her being just a little bit too tense in fights sometimes I don't think she's able to pull the trigger the way that she wants and I also think it takes away from her ability to be even faster when you're that tense so I think Amanda Nunez wins this fight I think Nunez is gonna be able to keep the pressure on her land the strikes I think she's gonna have to be very good as far as cutting off the Octagon against someone like Holly Holm I think it's gonna take her a little bit I think Holly is very durable but I think Amanda Nunez is eventually going to get to her I get a TKO around round four round four TKO for Amanda Nunez is the pick to click for Ken flow well answer them can you favor I support this young dude watermelon what well I'm max Holloway spending a little fucking cap at the bottom thank you and then they got the guitar played did it yeah what's his name mayor mayor did so did max Holloway invented it I don't know how I just saw it on is he the first person like that's amazing that's that's amazing max Holloway is the but he's such a fucking cool guy I love that guy he wants that rematch with hubby I could see a world in which he would want to show up to Abu Dhabi could you continue to Jake's anticipate the possibility of him showing up to that event he could he could possibly he could probably show up to that fight but I don't know if he will he hasn't said anything to me I won't fight I was hoping to fight at the end of August or a late autumn but I don't know I'm waiting for my title sure then even if it's going to take six seven months I will wait and I will get this belt back and I know some people cannot understand it but I know what I'm worth it and I know who I am and I will make it work I don't give a fuck [Applause] [Applause]


  1. WTF is Khabib talking about Abu Dabi is no place for show offs, lmao it's a place made by and for show offs. the only people that are no show offs are the slaves who work there

  2. Screw ESPN+ dont buy into this marketing ploy. Nothing will change if they know they have you for a year.

  3. Conor shouldn't fight Khabib for at least a couple of years anyway. He needs to bring in some coaches to learn the ground game. Right now, he would only get mauled again. Fergusson v Khabib is what people want to see

  4. Tony Ferguson is the type of person who knows everything about nothing and convinces you nothing is something then he makes you shite all over yourself and shout out all the numbers in the alphabet,365 days a week

  5. Pay per view? pfft…The kind of crap you pay for only if you have a sure bet on one of the fights to pay the ludicrous 65 clams

  6. If Dc wins, retires, Ngannou vs Jones for the belt. It makes a easy path for Jones. Which he would take because he’s a slimy rat.

  7. "abu dhabi is no place for show offs". Fuck off. They built a man made island in the shape a palm tree!!

  8. Man joanna vs waterson, I wanna see waterson fight for the title yes! Jackson and wink will pick her apart

  9. Some of these dudes have a weak ass spinning hook kick…….and if it aint at head level it don't count.

  10. As long as khabibbles and his bitch manager Ali babablababla don’t win shit life’s good…. tony will smash him , Nate Diaz would smash him , and Conner will too in the rematch…. I liked khabib when he was believably humble … he’s not who he was , I always new Conner was a cocky fucker but he’s done more for all the fighters paycheck opportunities than anyone has ever done…. Tony deserves the title shot but Conner is the #1 fighter as far as DANA goes so if he wants the rematch he gets it…. period ….. much respect to all combat sports fighters…. #gracie #ufc #maclife #diaz209 #cowboymma #jujitsu #doublechamps #165shouldhappen #funkyben #pound4pound #jonjones #henrygold

  11. If Jones and Cormier fight again I’ll lose my mind.. Makes no sense ffs.. Unless it’s at HW and simply bc Jon wants to take that belt and be a double champ, makes absolutely no sense.. it’s not like they’re split 1-1.. He’s never even gotten close to beating Jones. Twice. He won’t beat him at LHW nor will he at HW and he’ll end up retiring off of another Jones loss and lose his belt.

  12. Yes connor can come but just watch the game and go back to ur hotel,dont trying to jump like clown.the billionaires gat khabibs back over here,no dana with or black will help you😂😂😂

  13. 90% of these guys dont even know how this challange works, bottle needs to be standing freely, even i could do this challange if someone would held bottle for me.

  14. Jon already beat DC twice.we know who's better.we don't need to see him get beat by bones a third time.who gives a fuck about 3

  15. Jajajajaja isn’t that cute. – Joe TRTogan secretly hating on Max always thinking he’s better than the ACTUAL fighters.

    Warning: Joe TRTogan fans hate incoming.

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