Khabib vs Poirier 7 THINGS YOU MISSED

Khabib vs Poirier 7 THINGS YOU MISSED

You know when you got like, one homie.. but
you also got another homie.. And then both of those homies have to get
down and squash beef.. And you understand it but you know that it’s prolly gonna
get awkward?.. Today, I’m gonna be talking about Khabib
vs Poirier, and the 7 things that you missed. Hey, what’s up everybody? My name is Jesse and I’m the founder and
Grand Master of MMA, Mexican Martial Arts. I’m very happy to let you know that this
video is sponsored by the GoDonut.. but more on that later. A lotta people have been asking me if I think
that the homie, Khabib’s victory, has anything to do with my Khabib Nurmagomedov ground and
pound support marathon. Let me put it like this… Put the footage of the marathon side by side
with the footage of the fight… Virtually identical. Oh, hey, Poirier. How’s your standup? Oh that’s impressive. And even though I may have both influenced
and inspired The Eagle, we all know that his greatest influence, is his father. (Eagle noises) Which brings me to number SEVEN. “JON ANIK DISSES KHABIB’S DAD” Mira, it was a big deal for Mr. Nurmagomedov
to be there. He was unable to be there for the most important
fight of his son’s life just because his Visa was denied. Last time I was tryna get a picsa, and my
Visa was denied. It was humiliating. But because this fight was in their homeland of
Abu Dhabi, Khabib was able to strategically submit Poirier right there in front of his
dad, like to make up for it. And before this moment, I thought that Khabib
senior, was like one of those emotions of Chuck Norris memes. But then when I saw this, I had to ask someone
to explain it to me, because I had never seen this emotion before.. they said that it was a father’s
love for his son.. I swear, I never seen anything more beautiful. Look at that bashful looking fool. It’s very touching… But then something very disgusting happened. Khabib said that he wanted to let his coach
Javier and his dad have the opportunity to talk. And Jon let Javier give one of the most awkward
interviews that I’ve ever heard in my life.. (cringe noises) But then he snubbed Khabib’s dad.. (snubbing noises) And you could tell that he wasn’t happy about
it. (too scary to describe) We finally start seeing emotions from this
fool, and then he doesn’t even get the chance to talk. He was prolly gonna start crying and speaking
English and everything… Where’s Joe Rogan when you need him? But one person that I was glad NOT to see?.. Herb Dean. Number SIX. “HERB DEAN WAS BANNED” Following the frenzy of complaints regarding
Conor McGregor not being stopped during all of his cheating, Herb Dean was banned from
officiating Khabib vs Poirier. McGregor was exposed for cheating several
times throughout the fight by this popular breakdown of Khabib vs McGregor.. Which was coincidentally made by this channel. When Herb Dean was questioned for his antics
during the Joe Rogan Experience, he claimed that he had recently broke his watch while
playing guitar and had no idea that it was Khabib Time. (DMT noises) I feel like it’s worth pointing out, that
Marc Goddard, is the referee that McGregor attacked after a little too much Proper 12. Possibly to ensure that The Eagle was treated
fairly this time.. possibly, for a little revenge.. Number FIVE. Dustin had no gameplan. I’m not sure what I saw more of in this
fight. Khabib with the takedowns, or Poirier looking
at his corner for help. Poirier kept looking at his coach like he forgot
there was a quiz and he was tryna copy those answers. Dustin, you can’t be doing that when you’re
in the cage. Haven’t you ever heard of flow state? Don’t you even watch Mindsmash? (Mindsmash noises) Khabib was even trying to encourage him to
think for hisself by covering his eyes for him. Very honorable. But it seemed Poirier didn’t even come ready
with a strategy. He just kept throwing little kicks like he
was tryna work up the nerve to close the distance. And this would be the perfect thing for his corner
to mention to him, right? You know, the corner that he keeps looking to for help.. But what did they say instead? (ill-informed noises) This is what you get when you stop keeping
score and you’re giving awards to everybody in little league. Dustin Poirier is a victim of millennial parenting. (wise noises) He’s over here, sitting down, being coddled. While Khabib is standing up over there with
his dad telling him that he’s not impressed with his performance. Clearly, the superior method. Number FOUR. Khabib didn’t touch gloves. There was a lotta confusion about why Khabib
didn’t touch gloves. A lotta people felt that it was disrespectful,
but this is just not the case. Rumor has it that Marc Goddard, showed this
clip of Aviv Gozali to Khabib backstage. And knowing that Poirier is a BJJ blackbelt,
Khabib didn’t want the same thing to happen to him. Even Ramsey Dewey hisself, has advised against
touching gloves after the bell. (Ramsey noises) Khabib showed all the necessary respect before,
during, and after the fight. Not touching gloves after the bell was simply
a safety precaution…. Or was it?.. Nah, I think it was.. Number THREE. Khabib refused the neck crank. There were several times throughout the fight
where the neck crank was there for Khabib.. but he refused to commit to it. He was willing to do it to McGregor
because, who wouldn’t?.. But he didn’t wanna do Poirier dirty like
that. He likes and respects Poirier and he was willing
to put him to sleep peacefully when the time was right, but he didn’t wanna damage the
future of his career by hurting his neck. He was willing to recreate some of that fight. But not all of it. I wanna take a moment right now to talk about
our sponsor, the GoDonut. And if there’s any fool’s out there
who wanna start tripping like Jonathan Rivera, then go tell your boss that you’re gonna
start working for free from now on, and see how long
that lasts, homie. Calmate. Roll the clip. (desperation noises) Number TWO. Khabib was never in danger. Some people were very concerned in the second
round when Poirier landed a clean shot. But not me. You see, Khabib may have some of the most
crazy looking head movement I’ve ever seen in my life, but he was definitely not rocked. Don’t get me wrong. It landed. And it had a lotta power. But Khabib is a very hard-headed individual. And a lotta people took his drunken master
head movement as him being in danger, and this is just not true. This is further proven when he didn’t even
flinch, after taking this knee to the face. And it’s the same thing when he was in that
guillotine. Some people thought that it was over. Some people even thought that the eagle was about to go extinct. But he knew exactly what he was doing. He was just letting Dustin tire hisself out. It happened earlier in the fight, until Khabib
was ready to simply push out of it. And then it happened again when Khabib was
ready to shut it down. He let Dustin squeeze his little heart out. And then he broke that heart.. Number ONE. Someone stole Khabib’s hat. On his way out of the arena, someone grabbed
Khabib’s hat away from him. They were tryna get a rise out of him. They thought that he was gonna go full Conor
McGregor and punch some old people. But then when he played it off all cool and smiled,
they knew that they messed with the wrong one. They had seen that smile before… So, seeing the error of their ways, they made
up for it by throwing him the san marcos blanket. In my opinion.. He came up on
that one.. (san marcos noises) Mira.. Poirier is a nice gentleman. And I did not particularily enjoy seeing his
dreams being shattered, but I knew how it was gonna go down. And I put everybody on notice during my ground
and pound marathon that I was gonna screenshot all the doubters and remind them of their
words after the fight. (warning noises) Being that I am like Father Abraham, and that
I cannot tell a lie, here are the screenshots. I hope that just like Poirier, you can learn
from your losses and be graceful in defeat. If you would like to support MMA, so that
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misses you. (sounds of silence)


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