Khabib Nurmagomedov 'War Is Not a Game' UFC Champion, Road to UFC 242 Abu Dhabi Vs Dustin Poirier

Khabib Nurmagomedov 'War Is Not a Game' UFC Champion, Road to UFC 242 Abu Dhabi Vs Dustin Poirier

he's just on such another level that you the odds of you beating him drop so substantially after the first minute and a half after you get you saw the look on barbosa's face there's like two minutes plus into the first round and he's trying to get up you see the look at his face he's like fuck how am I gonna deal with this yeah like this is so next level a Pecha pap akh eggs he has been dominant every step of the way in his mixed martial arts career he actually used the wrestled bears as a kid I'm gonna show Saturday 24 Winston miss Winston in the business what do you say about 24 Winston this guy has an incredible ability to control fighters it's extremely frustrating for the man on the bottom this fight cements you as the most dangerous contender by far I am 25 ways to time on the physical my cutter this week they asked me fight with five different guys hey I say I'm tired about this if you can clean King Kong and he can make 155 let's go new UFC lightweight champion of the world compete the eagle yeah Quinta is real Brooklyn gangster this is not about chicken yeah Quinta is real gangster he come here where's corner he you want to fight his bus I wanna fight with real gangster you know that means that thank you so much you know it's crazy not 26 and not ten and no UFC UFC undisputed undefeated lightweight champion hamdulillah I'm gonna smash your boy guys I'm gonna smash your he got on a plane and flew basically seven hours to do this I get it if you're in the fight if you're fighting and you want to promote the fight but the one thing that we know about Conor McGregor skip is that he always goes over the line tokido beeps demolish a strasse miss Simmons when you come to church the valley alone your thumbs Adnan Salif show data and smile when I catch his teammate like hey you talk about that about me like almost I don't do nothing you know I take him like this I say no more talk about me you understand you cannot talk about me I catch him like this he almost cried oh yeah they took about like my team kitchen no only me and him we talk alone all the FC people sitting yeah it's all on video not only were people shooting from inside the bus people were shooting from outside the bus and the security cameras that they have downstairs everything is on camera including the Mac life guys letting them in the in the doors Hey real gangster tonight is the acquaintance you know these gave your gangster from Brooklyn this guy take fight you know you fight like man if you wanna fight with me let me know inside the cage outside the cage you know anytime anywhere with this chicken you have to stop eat burgers like bulgur King and come back fight here when you fight here you are the UFC lightweight champion when will your first title defense be and who will it be against peace here I want to say BZ listen you don't like a beef and you don't like what happened or whatever then fight a beat you can come in here and you can do it legally this fights happened in Saturday we could have talked and made the kabhi fight right after you can do whatever you want it to get beep within the limits of the rules of you know fighting but you want to grab 30 friends and come down here and and do what you did today it's disgusting and I don't think anybody there's gonna be you know huge fans if I beat Connor and if I did if I beat Joe Cynthia who's what what's better for my legacy of course Joe Sam here but if not just them here let's go Connor anytime anywhere you know drag him to the deep in the later rounds make him submit as I thought he would do but at some point I'm skipping we talked about him a lot specially to build up to the may where the fight that karna stepped over the line sometimes and he stepped over the line with this man this man value his religion and his parents and some people take other things and Connor stepped over the line the Chechen people know that if the tables were turned on there was an opportunity for his father to stop that man in the back he would do it in a heartbeat to take over and he did not do nothing and that's why he is a quivering coward because he showed fake respect out of fear and that's where I came from his own countrymen his own people that he's that he turned his back on they want to see him gone too and I am gonna do it in the name of the Russian people he's talked about your brother he's called your father a coward he has made fun of where you live are you going into this fight angry at all here's my location you little Phil Renfrew – you don't shoot me that way you show my belly yeah you'll kill nothing I think it's gonna be long night playing JV daddy know this you know this I'm gonna move mauled every motherfucker they put in front of him he's an animal but once that guy gets ahold of you there's an acceptance that certain fighters go through where they they're locked down like holy shit like they're just drained from this animal mall blow lips freaky take a break really take a pen take a bang that's wrassle kid but let's wrestle yeah yeah help Megan amateur use it 20 would you believe these 26 or no I am very very well coached my coaching team coach John cabinet does the reason why Habib is undefeated and the world champion its you can't get another guy like him his mystic max back if so the next is domination his head bouncing off the canvas all his pony talk is gonna be fuckin horn blast October 6 people are always saying about the talk and I talk and I talk I talk but guess who can walk I back it up i back you know fuck [Applause] I know he is afraid of a smack and if you're afraid of a smack off me a smack will feel like I took a bottle shotgun so I believe the inside the force foot I have been wrong before [Applause] I think I'm gonna make him pilot and after play with him because when you tie me he always give up [Applause] the buter mother may dogs defeats Conor McGregor in the fourth round can call me mid Peaks not because I think whisky gonna help him oh yes Stephen a you were down there did you witness what happened look at him screaming at the corner nobody saw Habib diving over the you know he scaled that thing like he was a parkour guy it happened so fast they're gonna have that like serious security I don't you don't think so hundred percent I mean he has he rolls around with a bunch of killers like all the fighters on the you need security book who knows and I I don't think those guys are really about it you know you don't think so I think they were they were two got off the bus but this might be interesting okay so you think it's all talk I think here's the reality about it there is nobody maybe Tony Ferguson's the guy but there's nobody really but we've seen so far that Nunnally can wrestle with a bead that can correctly come close can I get the hard time about is that about his cardio all the time but who is could be faced that didn't look like that after two rounds I am Quinta I quit yeah yeah I mean I was super impressed with how I wound up in that fight especially considering he came into that fight looking for a third a three-round fight I mean that was what he was trained for right he was trained for a three-round fight and it changes up and all the sudden he's in a five-round fight to the pyro fucking crazy little fake belt over there to be a guy number 11 ranked a real estate agent and you bring that bill to fall on stage like it like it's a real pill you're a phony faith and I'm gonna expose you now you're up on the real shit here yeah with the real dog there is nobody with the ground control that he has there's nobody who can push the pace in the same way that he has Floyd Mayweather issued a warning to you saying that Connor doesn't fear anyone what do you say to Floyd Mayweather I am deployed me an MMA I sleep on a 7 in the morning mixed martial arts champion habib nurmagomedov has returned home to a hero's welcome in Russia's Dagestan it would be a huge fight you know the rematch would be a huge fight don't you think that it would be difficult to sell because of how dominant it could be blessed not fight Conor can train for another year and he might perform better pump it in the house on Habib number Khmer dog in the fight yeah that's the fight a hundred percent now yeah after Ferguson dominated Pettis like that and then also overcame that big shot where you got hurt yeah I don't I don't want to see McGregor vs. khabib again I don't think it's gonna be any different you know my my father gonna smash when I go home because I know he's got a special and Nevada sorry Vegas sorry and alhamdulillah undisputed undefeated years he lightly chapter thank you so much and I'm very proud about like all media talking about ethnic feature live with Putin something like this he just call me and he say he of very proud of me I win and he say congratulation and you know I told you guys everything I'm gonna change 6 October and I do this alhamdulillah thank you so much for the each of the faces in terms of the chance for the people that need not be true charity the people EB it's a great KH ADR paper Vita on the temple te to defeat for Peter to transform the people that need to be gv2 the people Evie it's a great kh8 VIP shitty weather was we love it's incredible skill the young boy raised amendments who was bred in the hills a political climate doctors never will feel treated announcer to tiger than the medical bills from fighting with his bare hands are fighting with the Bears hands trapped inside the cage you can see why he might scare man like to cross the globe even played nurse gotta share friends respecting his opponents ground dependent with


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  2. Connor is a cheating worm every face off he tries to injure the other fighters hands he even asks Nate Diaz how is your hand I have zero respect for Connor even the Irish that know him know he isn't what he says he is son of a plumber can't seem to keep out of the shit

  3. I swear if that bus situation came about because Connor was being overprotective of Artem that is just so trash

  4. God bless you Khabib, I got upset when u smashed the Brazilians in special the BJJ fighters, but after all u proved to be the best grappler and a rumble fighter, victory and a long fighting life! Wishes from Brazilian fan.

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