Khabib is starting to HATE Combat Sports after the death of Boxer Maxim Dadashev,UFC 240 W-ins

Khabib is starting to HATE Combat Sports after the death of Boxer Maxim Dadashev,UFC 240 W-ins

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decision it's gonna be a war next fight we're gonna go with Cris cyborg and Felicia Spencer on Felicio Spencer is undefeated definitely a good up-and-comer but I think Chris cyborg coming off a loss I saw her train in Thailand I know how how hard she goes I just think she's gonna be motivated I think she is gonna push forward and I think she's gonna get it done second-round referee stoppage another big fight on this card is Erich Koch versatile stewart Erich Koch my teammate moving up 270 pounds I think he's gonna be healthy I know how well-rounded he is and I'm just looking forward to see him be healthy and do business so I'm not gonna go Erich Koch over Kyle Stewart another good one to add to these and flow cyborg for you what do you think yeah listen I'm gonna go with cyborg I know I guess I'll go second round tkl but I think Chris just has way too much power and speed on the feet Chris I broke just do too big and strong going with cyborg by TKO rap – what's up guys September 7th I'm bringing this beautiful hair to claim the other half of my belt let's go Abu Dhabi have you guys actually sat down and talked to the UFC like your management said this guy you know he punched him whether or not it was a jump whether like there was an incident backstage at a UFC event how do we not make this fight happen like it's almost too perfect like why are we not talking about this right now let's make it a number one contender squatting if another fight that is being discussed and perhaps a lot closer to being finalized the return of yeah year Rodriguez he really wanted to beat my Gomez Sherri puffs that's the fight that his team told me that they really wanted but it doesn't look like that fight is going to happen they want to saves a bead for Russia for later this year and they want in a year to fight in September in Mexico City so I'm hearing the front-runner now to fight yeah here is Jeremy Stephens and that would be an opportunity for a year to keep rolling after his win over the Korean Zombie and a big opportunity for Jeremy Stephens to get back on track as well and it would be a main event fight BJ Penn calm reported recently that the Korean Zombie versus Brian Ortega is being discussed before that card as well we will see if that comes to fruition right now Brian our take it isn't doing a lot of talking maybe some some secret messages on on Instagram and whatnot but it would make sense to try to get the Korean Zombie in there early if they wanted to fight in December on that card in South Korea obviously I'm not sure if you heard there was a boxer who died in the United States Maxim de da de chef he had a fight on Friday his trainer stopped it after the 11th and he died today unfortunately he didn't recover now your situation I'm not suggesting it's even anything close to that but rather there was some controversy about your fight not being stopped a little bit sooner I wonder if you think an MMA we have as good of an idea about when to stop a fight as we should do you think we figured that out yet yeah I think it's it's a lot safer than when I started the sport and you know the risks used to let guys come back and fight a lot longer when I first started in and early on in my pro career these to let them go a lot further than they do now I think there's a good understanding of when a fights truly done and when they need to step in but yeah that's comparing like epilim apples and oranges like a 12-round boxing fight when you're taking like a cumulative damage to the brain and that's causing like swelling on the brain it's a very different thing with the small gloves on and I feel like you just don't accumulate that that kind of the same brain swelling as you do in boxing and then the damage would spread out like it's all over you know you're taking low kicks body kick kicks on your arm so it's more what a cumulative damage throughout the whole body but it's it's boxing it just accumulates on the brain and then the in the one place and I feel like that's far more dangerous only for a moment and the moments gone all my dreams pass before my eyes and curiosity [Applause] [Applause]


  1. Khabib bla bla bla he is not even relevant anymore he is one of the most boring champ we ever had in ufc

  2. Ever looked at a map of the world. It’s a bit hard to drive from Auckland to Sydney but it just goes to show that Volkanovski can do it all.

  3. Nothing like that would ever happen wrestling khabib, there's usually very little damage done by him. He just wears strikers out on the mat. Go play with some goats then, gtfo of here

  4. While that effort has not paid off for Alex Volkanovski, he is proving to the UFC that he is prepared to do anything to get that title shot and frankly, he deserves a shot at the winner.

  5. Holloway is going to look Huge on fight night
    hope the Ref stays close frankie because max
    is coming to make a statement.

  6. anyone of the fighters that khabib fought could of died
    from his ground in Pound but that is ok because Khabib is
    starting to hate this sport.khabib is a hypocrite and will
    be exposed ……September can't come soon enough.

  7. When max cuts weight his eyes look like they're marbles in his eye sockets just rolling around. This weight cutting needs to stop.

  8. I cant't even understand leon talking but he has a point about the no 1 contender fight, thanks for the title.

  9. Someone tell helwani he's an idiot as how does someone drive from Auckland New Zealand to Sydney Australia? They're 2 different islands you can only fly to or go on a ship, it's like saying someone drove from Honolulu to LA. Great journalism, full of made up rubbish (sources say lol) He is his own source to make up lies on the net. No wonder Dana white hates him

  10. I wonder how long it took him to drive from Auckland to Sydney? probably get a bit wet along the way wouldn't he??

  11. Kenny Florian: has the prediction accuracy of an acceptable Pharmaceutical trial 😂😂😂

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