Jujitsu Grappling Techniques : Jujitsu: Standing Elbow Crank

Jujitsu Grappling Techniques : Jujitsu: Standing Elbow Crank

Guys, here’s the standing elbow crank. If
someone’s got that underhook on you, good example of this is, Mike Tyson did this to
Francois Botha but we’ll do a takedown off of it too. You just overhook it here at the
elbow and torque it in. Here. Okay. Grab the neck, get him up on his toes, and like sweep
that outside leg. So you get him here, it’s like a chicken wing on the ground, like a
key lock type motion but standing up, so it’s a standing elbow kind of coming up. If he’s
in here, just crank it in there, see that guys? Here, you can do all kinds of fun stuff
him, boom, break it, put your hands together if you want to break the elbow and the shoulder,
here, and just take him down, okay. So there’s your standing elbow crank. Okay guys, for
that crooked arm lock, maybe you’re in the over under position, you’re going to overhook
that one, boom, twist it that way. Get some control there, or hands together, he’s usually
going to get up on his tiptoes there, and you just sweep him down, it could really sweep
him down hard there. Little trip, you get them doing one of these, okay, so you can
really mess him up. And actually he’ll let himself get thrown, even some guys in Muay
Thai I’ve seen have done this, even with gloves on he can pull this off, as a sweep ’cause
the guy doesn’t want his elbow to break, so he almost hops himself when he’s up on his
toes and you do that sweep. So that’s the elbow crank technique.


  1. thank you. you are the first person on expert village, that really gave me a lot of useful tips for my fighting technique, and things that worked on street-defense for me!
    You really represent my style of fighting=)

  2. Tyson most famously against botha, but he used it in other fights too, ie kevin mcbride, when he got tired of guys clinching with him he sneaks it in every once in a while, lmao im a boxer and an inside swarmer my self, and it makes ppl think twice about tying you up again hahahaha

  3. Im a bouncer and I did something similar to this after the guy swung at me. I had his arm in a crank and with my other arm I pushed my forearm into his neck. Very effective without hitting or choking them.

  4. This wrap would work on a roundhouse block. When you have the crank, and he goes off balance, chop to neck with the other hand to bring him down

  5. What would be the best way to defend yourself from a 265lbs bodybuilder ? I suppose that the size of his arm as well as the weight of his body would represent some difficulty in order to make him turn and fall. And there is always the factor that you want to avoid being punched by such a monster.

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