Jujitsu Grappling Techniques : Jujitsu: Spinal Force Finish

Jujitsu Grappling Techniques : Jujitsu: Spinal Force Finish

Here’s a second finish to the head and arm
control. Once you’re in the position this is just something that I think is rather neat
and an easy way to take a guy down, you don’t always got to use a lot of muscle. It’s spinal
force. If you, the spine can only take so much vibration and leverage. If I just push
down and wiggle a little bit I’ll find the sweet spot. So it’s two hands together from
the arm triangle position, it’s two hands together, here, and push down, and rotate
a little bit. With a little bit of vibration. And as long as he’s not a huge, muscular guy,
it’s amazing how much you can really take the guy down with this. And it takes nothing.
So if you’re against the wall like I showed earlier, or if you’re just standing and controlling
the guy and it’s time to whatever, you just move him enough maybe, and you’re onto someone
else. Maybe I don’t take him down all the way. But certainly I’m not very vulnerable
when he’s doing the chicken leg dance. So that’s the second finish to the standing arm
control. It’s about the way the spine works, pushing down on the head, and there’s slight
vibrations, you got to find the angle on the guy, rotate it a little bit and shove down.
And now I can really do some damage to him if I get him here if I want. So that’s the
second finish to head and arm control.


  1. second finish is excellent- you also can take you left hand push the back of the hip so he bends backward and finsh with a standing choke or sweep him-oldsgtmajusmc

  2. haha, and oldy but a goody of mine. . Sub my new pages, this one for Grappling and MMA, my other one for Combatives Street stuff and MMA interviews. I call this Jack in the Box now

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