JRE MMA Show #65 with Corey Anderson

JRE MMA Show #65 with Corey Anderson

one boom Corey Anderson ladies and gentlemen what's up how are you man going Joey finally did it finally did it we there and got some techno huntin as well yeah I told you about that game this game's very addictive isn't it how are we trying to get back out there do some more when it's over so itchy right yeah yeah no it's amazing man that game is incredible how long you've been bow hunting for I've been bow hunting since I was 16 or 17 I've been hunting my whole life Wow what switched over to bow hunting I'm a high school teammate actually I used to go rabbit hunting stuff with a shotgun and I've been shooting a bow since I was like 12 or 11 just 3d shooting oh yeah bow hunter will you cut this like yeah like we go hunting all the time so one day before school he picked me up he went over to my buddy's house and got up in the stand he got understand I couldn't climb I didn't know what I was doing I got stuck at the bottom of the tree sit on my bowl in my lap so but that was my first time after I just kept going every now I need in between practices and whatnot but now when I got time between fighting oh and I'm all hunting that's it well I could tell by your Instagram I follow your Instagram all you're constantly shooting and hunting practicing and it gets in your blood they're just like fighting like I said we're doing technolon is I do it so much just muscle memory like everybody think oh you spent too much time planning you're not training when I go win a fight under God that was impressive like I still train two three times a day but I go home from the gym I'm I I always have a bowl in my truck I have three bows on one is always on my truck so I'll pull up pop the doors open grab my speaker and the target is right there get like 30 to 60 shots and then going spend time with the family eat go back to the gym come go to the range and shoot indoors when it's dark I'm always shooting I just enjoy Wow so is it like a part of meditation for you do you think 100 percent coming out OS P fight that was actually the first time I planted in Jersey I've been in Jersey since 2014 when the show came out and I'd always be fighting and all that stuff and everybody totally don't pay that you was winning that fight you got caught don't let the people get in your head and tell you you're not there so actually the next day I went home when I bought my hunting license and bought a standing Jersey for the first time and that helped me I didn't think about it all from November to February first I was in tree saying every day and I went back to training like fool what everything my mind I forgot all about the OSP fight that's not told my wife I found my balance you know the thing was I was always in the gym and that's why the name 25/8 came because coid never at the time I didn't do anything else betraying you know I was trained to go to the gym and train to go there if you go back to the gym and train go home run go to the garage hit the heavy bag go to martinis hip pads and go try again so I got selling wheel on the way here my first one in UFC and I say all quarters grew he's gotten bigger they always been a big guy I was 300 pounds one time when I got down the 205 I saw myself I don't want to get heavier than like 210 212 so every day I had like a goal I want to end the day off no heavier than 212 so I was like 215 from eating too much and it's 10 o'clock at night I got lace up and go for a run so I was all every morning I wake up at 210 so that's why I took the fights like young black boys on to three weeks notice 500 mile island Brazil on a week notice I didn't have to cut weight it's like okay just go but when I got the Jimmy Manuel and he told me at the bars I brought you a good fighter he's just too small like I weighed in Friday and Saturday I stood in the cage looking at exact same I gained like 6 pounds and he told me you got to eat you got to feed yourself and after I did that that's probably the best advice I ever got from a fighter because now I walk around like 235 and I feel great like the last well fight with Glover on two weeks notice I was 236 I got the weight off and hydrated right back up and felt fine fantastic we're not doing did my thing because I'll teach treat my body right now so you're 236 up until like how far out of the fight I try to stay at least 230 230 231 until like 2 weeks out and I start tapering down like 225 area you just get 20 pounds of water off a lot of water drinking the water low and then Tuesday is the first day I hit it hard and just start trimming down so you feel like that extra pounds helps you in what way it's recovery that's what getting rocked as well like I was being in college my coach it was always train and arresting we're gonna go whole practice nobody go get a war if I see anybody go to the water fountain we doing sprints whatever I mean you weak you know it was great because we train and in the mat you see guys gasping for water in 3rd period we all stand at all ready to go and I had that same mentality when it came to fighting because you got thinking and I was taking blows to the head gotta keep water keep their brain hydrated because if I'm dehydrated that one shot it's like so you have anything that helps take it so it's like like I said after I was pee fighting the hunting there's I just went back and did a lot of figuring things out before that Pat Cummins fight and I just knew what I had to do to be the best meat and like I said getting bigger stronger not worrying about keeping my weight low the weight gonna come off it's gonna be hard sometimes but it's gonna come off you know but that's why I will not miss work if I gotta kill myself I'm end up in the hospital before I miss weight so putting all that together and I feel like I have the recipe so the recipe was did you start weight lifting like what did you do to pack on the extra weight yeah weight lifting was a big thing big key to my brother first before I had to strain the conditioning coaches I was onboard my coachman for was great for cardio same guy Frankie Edgar had and we had cardio and we were getting strong but it wasn't like sighs building strong it was like mobility strength to punch and keep the cardio up then my brother he had a contract to play pro ball back in like 2000 or whatever so he knew like all a combine listen or whatever he hit me up and said bro we got to get bigger like we got it you you you're dominant like you look at these guys you fight they say you're gonna lose you go ahead and you dominate and you're small so imagine if you put the size on you got the power you can dominate these guys for real so he flew out like I fly out for a week you put me on the right diet and how y'all lifted in NFL camps or whatnot and we get stronger so she literally had me on compound lifts everyday eating like I said I got the freezer full of deer means like you got all the stuff you need you got protein right here have Jenny go grab my wife go grab rice and potatoes and just eat meat potatoes rice you need eggs with meat potatoes and rice everything you eat put meat potatoes and rice and everything you're gonna get that side I promise you in the strength and everything will come sure enough I just thought I went from like after this was after the Jimmy fight he showed up and it worked out as well I met my supplement sponsor but we went out to the buffet the guy had a good workout we're gonna eat the buffet eat as much carve up and actually I was there Apollo nutrition the owner of myself in there coming here Corey Anderson all right like I'm a huge fan I would love to work with you my brother that's made it happen protein right there get a bottle of protein from him we're gonna start mixing this in which a meat potatoes or rice protein shake instantly and he's put me on the whole plan and when he laughs he left me a whole little list on the frigerator and I still got it there and I don't need any more but that's the thing each of meat potatoes and rice four or five eggs in the morning it's got a cup of rice put some venison or Paul whatever meat I'm using that day and I put some vegetables and a little bit of potatoes it's on I get a big old meal carve it up then go hit the gym then what you doing kill your protein shake come on meat potatoes rice how much difference is your diet doing this than it was before I mean it's crazy you ask my teammates nine I say we've seen a difference how big you got even Mark Henry I'll hit missed the other day for the first time with him and probably like a couple weeks whatever in his basement and I was still moving fast and I think like bro you got huge yeah you know so I used to be holding yourself back before yeah and that's probably draining yourself too much but you're all that weight cutting and all that uh you know getting it down before the actual fight it's no extra running and everything like even on the show like we were finished eating and this when I finally you can cut away in the hot tub I didn't notice tough fall heavy weight before the Ultimate Fighter because I can lose weight in hot tell they what and everybody sitting hot stuff like 4050 minutes and I get out I lost all my weight I'm at 206 oh this is great so we eat a bunch I gave him one day Frankie and the coaches brought in and out burgers over you know we ate and watch the fights and I sat in this hot tough like 40 minutes and got all the weight off down to two teen yeah I don't want wanting to be like bro you can get up so I'm like nah cuz we fight we never know when we're gonna fight he wins tomorrow on Tuesday I might be fighting Thursday I don't have to worry about that yeah I was always scared of the weight cut if you getting in the sauna and or getting in a hot tub losing all that weight that's just water weight though right even if you down like where you want to be you're still gonna have to cut more water yeah to get to where you need to be take 205 yeah but you can ask my wife I'll have the worst not now but before I didn't know anything about nutrition cuz I wrestle heavy weight from freshman in high school my senior in college and I fought heavy weight instead of Ultimate Fighter so I never had to worry about the diet you know I eat ramen noodles I remember moving in my first time fighting pinaster and sucking up to Rufus sport and I moved in a fighter house and everybody eating like chicken fillets and salmon I came in with a big old box around and thinking chunky new suit like what are you doing this is this high like bro that's not gonna work what do you mean like I train every day I eat same stuff eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast and they all cooking like yo that's that's not healthy like it works for me but then when it came time to go to 2:05 the first time as they oh this this is it working for me I have to figure something out what do you feel the difference between like eating nonsense like ramen and then eating healthy food like what was the big shift you just have more energy really right you know cuz I'm wrestling that's how we ate you know definitely in college you ain't got no money we go to Walmart alone Saturday Sunday get a big old box of ramen I just get spaghetti sauce and it's cooked news and put spaghetti sauce on you know cannon soup right out the can you eating stuff like that but you training all day so it doesn't really get to stick in your body you don't really feel the difference and energy because you never really ate clean eating cafeteria food it's packed with grease but now it's like we got milk prep companies and stuff out then you try all that different stuff and then my wife fights – so she fought like 120 so she was always dieting someone she's cutting weight I would eat clean and I would notice a difference in my energy like I wake up a lot earlier I can go longer that data in the night I'm not crashing like peacefully put myself in bed watch TV and fall asleep when we got all that sugar and honest I think you feel like crap when in the day you kind of like you just fighting you don't have control anymore we also have the advantage of the best protein the fact that you you how many dare you say you shot it's a lot of protein a lot of protein wanna clean wild protein and I got half that meat still in Texas I never got actually just in case you got it and I heard they we went hunting together one time meeting his coach Luka Lilly or whatever and we put Camille when I said last name but they put the meet in the same place and we said some of this goes to Cory another part go to Justin but they sent all of it down to Justin and his camp I said I had a freezer full anyway I had no space yeah he's another one reborg he's another he beau hunts Chad Mendes beau hunts TJ Dillashaw bo hunts when we could probably keep going down the line there's a lot of pro fighters who bow hunt well let's put it out there before we get too far justin hunts but he came bowling he can't we had him with a crossbow on her hands we pushed like everybody I got him he kept missing we put him in a corner guy we're gonna all like drive him – you gonna be ready bro just shoot somehow all these big oh dear cover he's still missed like it was probably ten yards to the fifty mil across Bob with a cross but like bro how the hell did you miss like you can't shoot then he went to another range and the guy gave him a gun like you wanna do a good instead he killed her with a gun but he has his visions not the best some what is wrong with his vision and and his energy you know he's kind of having he's a great guy he's his energy not like bad energy kind of like focus that's why I mean Oh like em like steel like we in the street or in uh this loft and he's like shadow boxes so like bro you gotta cheap some people can't hang out in the stand they can't stand is hard for them it's harder for them than just bust up a spot in stock just walk in the mountains for all day is easier for them then just stay put and do nothing yeah this is sitting there quiet you know yeah um I went with a buddy we went jerking on this is my first week turkey hunting this year and he's never hunted before he's actually my archery partner I taught him on a shoot bow like 15 weeks ago he's actually got pretty good he was hitting like all bull's-eyes and League I want to go hunting with you so he sat in the blind not always going out there like bro we can I hear you got a you can't move I win the blind but that one window the turkeys can see this mister if you move and they're gonna see they got a good hearing to see got shut up something I'm gonna put a decoy so just sit down turn around what are you doing like I'm covered in the blonde if you got like little bitty twigs we don't have time to buy anything I see no you took like getting two blind doesn't work doesn't work we're not we're not killing anything you know talking like call go use a call they get poor it was like exactly he's just attention span some people don't they can't sit there I can sit there for a whole day from sunup to sundown I'm fine with it I'm fine pieces listen to the birds and watch the animals I have my phone checking my phone every once in a while but some people they don't have that piece they need to be talking to doing things that's real a DD right yeah yeah that it's a it's it's a weird mental exercise just sit there and do nothing and just wait for an animal to come to you and it seems like it would be easy but I have for a while it starts fucking with your head mm-hmm you know it's it's a it's a mental exercise the thing that's crazy I can do that in trees there but in college I couldn't focus shit like school yeah even now if I go to like meeting some and people are talking I saw it does not is that I can't sit there but that trees I can see it why don't wait for hours awesome trees ten though you're waiting for something it's very specific if you're doing something you don't want to do a guy like you who burns off so much energy in the day your body's probably like this is boring as fuck it's just not out yeah train in six hours a day same way at home my wife you never stop moving just hang out you know listen I'll be baby to have my baby and I'm doing something with the camera but it's um headed editing my youtube channel so I can't just sit on cuz I'll fall asleep how to do something but like when it's time just relaxed like it's Sunday we just gonna sit and watch TV sit down five minutes and I'm out so what you think what move like huh my bad baby I fell asleep yeah well if you're a guy who trains as much as you I mean every chance your body gets to actually rest your body's probably like right around now it's good time it doesn't take much we get in the car before we ought to driving well the guy who works as hard as you do because one of the things you're known for man is your car do you have crazy fucking cardio and you notice it in fights where around the second and a third round I start seeing your opponent start to slow down a little bit and then you ramp it like Ally Latifah it's a perfect example that was a great fight for you because that guy is a tank he's a tank very scary dude hits really fucking hard strong as shit but he's uh he's a guy that relies on that explosive power he's like a sprinter in a lot of ways and you can only do that for so long and you could say like somewhere around the second round it was real obvious that you weren't slowing down at all and he was taking some big deep breaths and it's just it's harder for him have you always had that kind of cardio I mean I got it in wrestling I guess I was beat you know and I was especially when I got 300 pounds and I was still working cardio trying to get down as a heavyweight to wrestle and be I always studied little guys films you know like the hearing pseudo films and shit like that when I was in college that's just what I watched my coach like watch heavy weights nobody not I want to move I want footwork I want to fake I want to take shots like I led my team in takedowns as a heavyweight because I've moved around as a big guy you know same thing I've had a match to win match the guy was beating me what 15 and won every one more point to take me was a third point but he in third round he gasps and I was still going I came back and beat him in overtime was because I can just keep going I was the mindset guys is gonna break eventually yeah coach always said at fresh even if you're tired as dogs stand up an act fresh like no matter what look fresh and you'll be surprised how your mind take over you realize later on you're not really tired and when you're tired keep pushing because the next time you usually get tired around that 3-minute mark and make it to about the seven eight minutes like 15 you start doing those grind matches and you go 30 minutes lie and was doing I'm able to walk shake coach his hand and go grab another partner or go get on a treadmill because we always push as a big guy so you gotta imagine when I came down to 205 it was like yeah it was crazy like this is this is like magic I can use a holiday coach five rounds that first gym I five-round fight with Jimmy when they called my boss the main event now you got trained six rounds like okay like Wizard mill in a cage we did three rounds Michael you know you doing six today that's fine gave me three new partners went and it was tied I was still good like to your cardio's are crazy it's just a mental you when I'm tired I'll never show it it's like I just gotta act fresh and get through it it can only last so long my father told me that forever it is a weird thing isn't it that your your mind can give you more energy like you know that feeling that sometimes you're on a treadmill or something like that and you're running and the great song comes on and all son you're like whoa you like feel it you got like all sudden extra words every time it's coming from your mind your mind that one beat that up yeah you gonna start dancing what you're right and like have three to five minutes I've known that song is you like on a spring yeah that's all in you then you really feel the tone change your gosh yeah I'm tired it's crazy isn't it that that's um there's a switch in your mind that you almost like you have to figure out where it is you got to go find it and a song can find it for you but like for you just to be able to pull it out like especially in a fight or something like that when you battlin doubt and this and that and you know you're wondering how he's doing you know as yoga is he tired and my own who's tired her me or him you know and there's that switch in your mind that if you could just access that all the time and keep it on one of the things I think one of the guys I looked up to when I was in college you know he was passed Steve Prefontaine I watched a story out of time his quotes to do anything anything listening your best is a waste of a gift you know like everything he ran he didn't his cross country but guys try it they pacing and everything he said I'm running like I'm sprinting like I watched all his movies the movies on him cause mindset even that one race when he was full offspring they said his heart's gonna give he gave out right before the finish line like I'd rather go out that way than pacing my hole with the whole time they didn't try sprint in and failed because I wasn't ready mmm that's like my fight I start off so fast that's just I'm going all out do you know there's no fill out period we're gonna touch look and I'm ready to move and I already know like if I'm getting tired I know this guy's getting tired right he's not trained like I'm training and if he is training like I'm training he might not be tired mama I'm thinking he's getting tired I just keep pushing because eventually he's gonna break he's gonna break before me now do you have a system in terms of like your strength and conditioning program do you do you have a schedule that you follow like flex very specifically for however many weeks you have before you fight when I get in the fight can't everything get really specific like I said area own area so I'm I'm calculating with scamp's I'm like you don't mess my order I like I'll be early I have my bags packed night before I have three for training bags packed it's right at the little edge exit way so when I come home from running short I'm running late grab sunny grab next back and want to do it I know where I gotta go I hate when people have to cancel it all I can't make it today or if something came up well I show up and my partner don't show up you're not on time like I'm on the guys like I'm kind of the leader of the big guys like we gonna be here early this week so we can start at 10:30 because I want to do drills after we're gonna do this you need to work on that I'm very punctual like that I hate you know it's camp time if you showing up late I hate it kind of it runs me reg and I just when we spar I kind of take it out on people I guess I'm very calculated when it comes to camp because this is my career you know I'm serious about this I'm not showing up late like I go to boxing gyms with guys I'm always sparring at 6 o'clock so I show up at 5:45 6:45 they still not there when he put walking like nothing's wrong talking and dancing like yo you said 6 o'clock right like your professional aint you will quit acting like an amateur get here on time let's go this is your camp I'm here to help you even that makes me mad but when it's my camp me show up it's not fun because I know I'm not gonna get tired so I'm just gonna beat on you who writes out you just get do you write it out or just know what it is do you have it in your head and I write it out you write it again okay well I put you like a notepad and I put how many weeks not put it out and I try to early into it like when I first start I give it like an idea what I want to do so Tuesday Thursday sharing the conditioning on Monday Friday strength and conditioning before jiu-jitsu at ricardo and tuesday 30m do one-on-ones of ricardo and wednesday i'm gonna do my one-on-one with nick atone and then excuse me Tuesday night on Monday night I'm gonna do mitts from mark and Saturday up to Sparta to another MIT try do two of everything not go up to Rutgers and wrestle because in Jersey everything is such a commute so you have the time everything's perfect because if practice goal is 15 minutes past or whatever or somebody's late that's messing me up cuz I got to drive an hour to 45 minutes to get to the next place and I'm running late for that practice or if it's three practice in the role and I get there just a little bit right on time I don't have time to get ready to do my full warm-up to make sure my body's warm mmm then get to the next spot and do the same thing now I'm rushing now it's nonstop now I gotta get home and grab something eat quick we're gonna keep my food with me and it's getting cold and this is I got very punctual in specific when it comes to stuff like that do you meal prep do you have like a little Tupperware containers with food so you just grab one and I use why not use I still use eat clean bro when he get in the camp I use them all the time but now like I said I eat clean bro bro it's a Jamie I can't remember his last number Jamie in New Jersey name he's killing it man he's DJ Khaled come on Carmelo Anthony a lot of all the famous people use them he just open up another one in Atlanta he's killing the game with the meal prep and he's is good it's accurate it wasn't as accurate before they teamed up with his company revolutionized which the nutrition company they do the calculation of all the meals for fighters and different people bodybuilders and it's perfect but it has all your nutrients all your protein it has it set up like this is 40 grams yeah and then you can also go in there and just order the raw stuff they give it and they deliver to your door and then you just cook yeah you can get it raw and they're put in a freezer bag you get it just please not know people that do it that way like I said not I have my wife who fights and she was used to fight and she knows what's going on most of the time she does that for me you know if you bring them venison will they cook that I'm sorry would I know you told me if I get a turkey he'll cook it up for me so I'm sure he'd give me some venison if I cook me if I took it to him now when you say you have everything set up are you monitoring your heart rate like what are you doing to make sure that you're not over trained or that's saying that's one thing I'm still not I'm not really dancing with night Emma I'm fine with it coz growing up my coach is telling time I'm such thing overtraining is a mental state you know long as you train eat rest you're giving your body time to rest and recover get to bed by a certain time so you get at least seven eight hours of sleep it's kind of hard to over train but those days where you feel you hurting like shoulders like with my injuries it's okay to dial back when we go to gym you don't have to hit it hard just go through the motions and sometimes they all don't be here to go through the motions but sometimes ain't bad to go through the motions as long as this you focus on one thing my master just take down a master this sweeper master jiu jitsu submission or sweep or whatever it is yeah focus on it and going nice and slow calculate don't have to get a sweat every time because you learned muscle memory do it a thousand times and now it's kind of like mother's in there I got it but um with the overtraining and heart monitor I only heart monitor further the last five to six weeks that's when I hit cardio heart not so much strength anymore but pushing the pace everything I'm doing blowing out try to keep my heart rate above a certain thing so if the last day before I go into that space I put the heart rate monitor on and see wherever I got you I don't take much of a break between my training my stations see what my heart rate got so the high was 172 today or whatever alright so that's the high on a slow day and it's hard for me to get my heart rate up so it's like when we're doing cardio I'm shooting for like 180s after everything I need to be above that so I take time for it to come down so in between that 30 to a minute break if I'm still right there a 180 once every time I hit the next one I know my heart is still racing so I'm stretching my lungs out and take a little short break I never do a full minute break even a spoon so I'm fighting that's why in that minute you see me talking to Mark Henry and everything is everybody having a conversation in between around mark cost only yep yep okay I'm gonna do just you mark sense I'm trying I hear you because that's how we train in practice on that short clock a longer time work shorter time recover and I'm tired of practice at the beginning but at the end it's kind of like going to the fight that last week we talkin we did we smiling we chillin do this alright well gotta do better this time did I have to sweep right did that submission was wrong with my hands and the next one I work on this again and to be able to communicate and not be tired it makes a world of difference you give yourself 30 seconds and training win depends depends on who we fight it depends on my mentality you know how I feel like today's gonna be a hard day if we ain't got the clock sometimes I have a phone my phone if the coaches are there and my wife doing it and I stand up and I feel like I'm recovering like 20 minute or 20 seconds start go I just gotta keep rotating my partner so because I know they can't recover all the time but it's just like I'm I'm a little different you know it's like I was thinking outside the box I'm I'm trying to do with other people on you know everybody going off like the Dolce diet or the keto diet or such-and-such training or Westside barbilla this and that I was kind of like I take the different stuff I learned from this guy and I soften this guy I learned the wrestling I seen on YouTube and I heard somebody say this like I wonder if I can just take away and take a little bit of this put it a little bit with the west side barbell put it with the keto diet along with my own venison diet and this and just try it out and if it works it works and if I don't feel good I feel low energy as a guy that doesn't work gonna try something different it seems like a lot of people would want to listen to you though I was imagine if I was in camp with a guy like you and I saw the kind of cardio that you have for a big guy in the amount of effort that you put in I would imagine there's other dudes that are following you now oh my my teammates they know like um one of the guys is my like a brother to me his car Overson you see he stepped up on a glorified that something we talked about he was an amateur like Amateur Night odias coach Dean like this kid is good he's grabbed my stuff he GoPro he being UFC in no time honey because he was I watched him meet him and Chris why he came in with us when I was hoping why I'm with the rock hold fight and I've cut I'm not sure if he was an amateur or pro yet but he was his jiu-jitsu and her hustle he didn't have that but striking wise he was giving his problems it was like this is this kid is good yes I go he's a glory kickbox I got that makes sense he kicks hard oh my god I've seen him put many people to sleep with his head kick in practice like yo pull he's like brother I wasn't your heart like what you mean I was a Harley I just flicked it up there but he's just so explosive and then let it he hit me with a knee what last serie my chest still hurt cuz I got shot and he caught me out coming on and shine it's like oh shit but I was in deeply just so quick it's just but like he's one he hits me up all the time when it come to can't let go he has his diet down cuz of Bo and Clint out of the P I he doesn't I'm gonna come like the work and stuff should we keep doing this shit is i'ma run today so when I want to work on my jiu-jitsu once I do this I just drilled should we go harsh I said you train sometimes the Performance Institute in Vegas well every time we get a can't meet him we got to think if one of us getting can't we already know I'm a contact him you got a fight when we go into Vegas so I go we go out there for a week or two weeks meet him and Rex Harris he was in the PFF because other Bass Pro so only three dudes at USC in Jersey we didn't travel around we've been to Vegas we've been to Arizona where we go and we go hard and that's why we called it bachelor there's no are we going like today bro don't hit me every time it's like are you ready you ready Rex actually takes me was gonna take more hunting he was like yeah I'll be there tomorrow cuz I'm flying here and I get back in time for training so bash bros meet up and we go at it that's it are you are you always sparring hard or do spark we got certain days like if we don't want to spoil heart we know not to go with each other if one week I get the best of Rick's like it's been times like I had Carl for where OSP cuz he's southpaw like super good I work all three rounds hot so his main focus was takedown they let him up so I take him guys and beat him on the ground beat him on the ground take him down beat him on the ground cause he didn't have wrestling time and then he would go with like somebody else like I need one more round and he be mad I know that but that's why I'm not going him in the fourth round cuz he's mad and he go out there with somebody else and just you just eat him up I'm sorry I have to apologize the other guy like I'm sorry for beating him up because the hostility so we go hard but it's time we pull other guys in like I'm gonna call this amateur guy in pretty good amateur or a little Pro some guys that Eddie Alvarez knows whenever I got this kid he's Pro 205 he's the beginner whatever you want to work with him that's a guy I bring him up today I'm gonna do a technical moved a kind of wall work drilling we spawn we have Hagar on just in case because accidents happened but nothing is thrown with an intention to hurt anybody would you have a fantastic camp to man it's one of the most unheralded camps if you want to talk about who's training out there sup beat you guys have Marlin you know of course Frankie Edgar means so many guys come from that area Eddie Alvarez you and I mean it's just Mark Henry's one of the most underappreciated guys in MMA I think because he's so quiet and unassuming doesn't toot his own horn but when you talk to that guy you see the wheel spinning like wow he's something serious and everybody know that's work with him I said he's like one of the best coaches I've ever seen there's nothing like it I remember first time I when he broke her down I remember his cell movement on the show he broke me down a little bit like we're gonna work like throw a punch slide out slide back slide clinch different stuff staying out of punching range coming down very lightly for six weeks and like I fell in love with it there is that the first time you were you asked him to this day and whiz in the back the first fight to get in the house and I was the last fight I told my coach I liked him early this is so I want to start warm up before the first fight just to get my heart going there's a wrestling go heart and he just shields till time you know when I was going here like have you ever done this before I had no background anything just a wrestler I can throw one mm mm-hmm and here's like i'ma show you this and he kept telling me to do it and I was listening like bro you listen so well like women wrestling you have to listen and that's why me and Mark click from that day and I remember when they flipped the coin and it came out Fergie sing Frankie get the first pick I remember here marking in fact court we walk or mark it's been like this since and we have that bond I remember coming in the first lady's house I got to Jersey is that's how I got there mark was on text me Frankie roofs they all come on Ricardo I met everybody together but mark was when I was more hands-on texting me while I was back home with the family work this work that work this work that go to Rufus poor and work your kicks we need to have the kicks good by the time you get here and it was in the basement I guy so you see like this whole piece of paper like all the way down like coast everybody's cold on paper and what does that had a god it's the combos I that's like a hundred combos like oh here we got coats like nobody ever knows this is and they changes the code for each fight right yeah I don't know what is that you see my paper just blink hi guys so this is a schedule he had me on the first coat this is schedule and that was packed like thirteen weeks of non-stop going and I can this is what we're gonna work for your coat so today we're gonna start with the jab cross key too close for that in movement it's about three rounds and I was like yo like I'm flat-footed I couldn't move like it I can't do it he's like you could do it it's like a tandem dance and we joined dance team the first day we learn this new routine we're gonna be all over with tripping each other every day and the next day we get a little better in a week we gotta kinda like the first the first course we got buy-in the time was time to perform we're gonna look beautiful I promise you and sure enough he he's uh I found he had a piece of real like I want to slice the pieces like I want you to learn how to move so you learn how to move I give you a slice of my pieces that way you can move out bring your sliced pieces I heard he's got some killer piece pretty good I think like it was week ten before the fight I had 13 we can't tell you you actually move a little bit I tell my wife to bring you home slice slice like I got his approval and ever since Dean like it's just been a thing that movement is his scientific ways yeah like I've seen Chris Wyman do it Rashad Evans we got Lance Palmer and Claudia now different people like watching and trying to learn you can just see a less Palmer's out there too now yeah he just came out recently he was a last week before I left he sure waltzes out there hoots Claudia calling him she had a gym out there and she's been at a gym working and when Mark was like helping him after sparring last Thursday any caught me in case the court is really good to show him how we do to the one to blah blah blah and I gonna look back out and I both had that look at each other like shit but you figure it out in Ron when it's new anything new you it's gonna be uncomfortable but after you figure it out and you do it for so much it's muscle memory so when you were fighting as a heavyweight you were in a mover I mean what I thought was moving wasn't moving but for heavyweight it was just kind of like a little bounce bounce my knees if they go step for it when I go throw a punch hop out and then come back with a jab to a double a right that's what I had standard chair that was movement I thought I was the man I'm moving my no that was nothing you get the market it's kind of like feet on your toes don't ever stop will you stop me hit you like ten times because I haven't we stopped it's really interesting when you watch the difference between the way people utilize footwork I think probably the best example in combat well there's two great examples in combat sports Loma chenko who is got some of the most incredible footwork of all time in sanchow who's uh who's got crazy footwork constantly switching stances light on his toes fights different than any other Thai fighter and widely considered the best of all time you know and Loma chenko like when you watch guys who have good footwork fight him they're like what in the fuck like you throw a punch and he's over here and he's hitting you here and uppercuts coming under your arm he's back this way and he's like the matrix constantly moving and that guy started out as a dancer his dad when he was his dad was training him out of box he made him do Russian folk dancing I think I want to say for like four years he made him do this this kind of Russian style of dancing he was like you got it you're gonna have to learn how to move your feet and now you see him he fights it's effortless it's just a part of who he is and guys are like more plotting and they're used to that normal stationary target he's so much more complex and you see any obviously fantastic puncher too but the footwork is off the charts it's just such a different thing there's levels to everything and you I guess realized that when you went from heavyweight to train as remark mark yep but like we said the footwork thing one thing I've seen a an Emma made the Holloway Ortega fight yeah I feel like it in my mind I feel like I was watching and lemon shake or MMA how Holloway was like hidden angles mmm because Bryan isn't like a mover type he's just he's biting down his grit he's ready to go and it seemed like as around like third fourth and fifth or third and four front like when he would go to punch Maxim swish southpaw yep I when he go to counter he go back with the hook this way they're just like yo his footwork right now is like I watched it probably like seven times it's studying his feet like how was he he never lost balance one time it was like this is just incredible I love watching that like it's a dance it's Buena Max is very good at distant consistence control he's one of the very best at just moving slightly out of range then right back in and he puts a lot of pressure on you because of that too there's no if he catches you breathing heavy because it's if he sees any slowing down in you he starts pouring it on like he started trying to get you to wilt he sees it it's very very interesting how he does it too because he does it with he overloads you not just with his attack but also with all the variables that you see the combinations are switching the putting pressure on you just as there's so much going on that you're always thinking about it and it's does that on top of it makes you more tired yeah he's gonna smell in the blood yeah it's good he knows a lot of people I know that's one thing I'm not good at I'm working that mark was telling the other day like I wants my friends people with the hands like you had so many fights well you could but you hit a guy with a comma when you take a shot like the guy every right you just don't see it and instead of keep punching on your shoot he'd stop punching you shoot on it's like I hit gather combos and like my go to buy something like bro you box like you a boxer but you're going to your face and you box just to get so you take downs but that's because I'm a wrestler yeah I can box I don't have to but I will do you think there's a worry though when you're trying to finish fights versus just trying to fight your best I think guys should just fight their best and if the finish comes it comes I'm of the opinion that I'm of the opinion that when people make big mistakes and I wouldn't discourage anybody from going crazy if someone likes to go crazy they like to fight wild hey man that's you that's your style that's how you express yourself nothing wrong with that but if I was gonna give some advice they said what should I do I want to have a long career as a professional I'd say fight your best don't worry about the outcome just fight your best and if you fight your best and if you connect that someone gets hurt and you put them away that's great but if you just win that's great to just fight your best the more the more you can do what you can technically and take as little damage as possible that's a good fight and that's I guess that's how most OSP fight mark said it like you just got a smothers you got a whole camp he's got that good kick and even had OSP fight in Gian Villante the two fights mark called only things I can knock that way he said with Gian Villante the only thing this guy can knock you out with it's over here right he says you got to bring that jab right back after you've got a good job of bringing your hands back cuz these times that overhand right it's so smooth and even in between rounds like you know right I know it's not hurting you but it only takes one it takes one keep that hand up keep the hand up and sure enough to this day he say remember I told you over here right and then with osp's like only thing I can get you it as I hate that left kick if you stay close to him keep the pressure keep him on a cage when he's down he stand up bring them back down don't listen to the fans people gonna Buddha getting your head and make you want to strike trying to get in that fight that's they want to see but we just trying to get the win don't go right and keep pressure not go right and keep pressure if you watch that fight the whole two rounds pressure not going right going left put him to the case take him down keep him down the case you stand up bring them back third round I took him down he piled it when I was against the kid I can remember here if he was too old let's turn it up and fight stand up and fight and I bagged away for a second started moving like I'm just playful now saw a little bit and I went right right into the head kick it sounds like when I came first thing mark said in the back I bro you look phenomenal you just went right like you look great you just went right everything was beautiful fight that was your breakthrough fight you you just went right but we're gonna go back and do better I know you will and now it's just like after that I guess I went to drop was like fuck with the fans they we find the fans but like you said when you in showers when I listen before you say I'd be little chief you got beat this but you don't hear my name is because I'm not trying to do the stuff that's exciting anymore I'm just winning and my style and exciting them but that's cuz you're not a mixed martial arts fan you're man of a knockout you're fan of some fancy stuff they talking Johnny Walker business Johnny Walker hasn't shown mixed martial arts shit he's showing a fancy stuff that knock people out it looks great yes but just like Anthony Smith and all those guys they get in front of somebody like John Jones and you can't hit him with that one punch what do you do mmm yeah I mean so that's thing I say right now I'm not fighting he's gonna you gonna fight I don't know but I'll be ready because I can do everything yeah we were just talking about Johnny Walker he's in surgery now who he had to go through surgery for sure so it has that that celebration that celebration was just so crazy he win she beat Sauron off with a beautiful timed knee perfect flying knee looks fantastic and then drops to the ground just playing around and blows his fucking shoulder out it's crazy that's the game or anything to happen what happens like that it's like god damn man you're so promising he's he's a mean what what gets people excited when people finish fights right people ko people and so a lot of times people try to lean towards that but if that's not your style you know you should you should fight the way you're if I was in your corner first of all I'd say listen to Mark Henry Mark Henry knows everything and then second of all I'd say don't change shit man what you're doing is perfect just just fight the way you're fighting the way you're fighting is just you're winning you know you went you've I just think that it should be what it should be emphasized always to fight the best you can fight intelligently and you got to decide and everybody has to decide when is it time to take a risk when is it time to close the distance when is it time to put pressure on someone in and throw yourself into the fire to try to get a finish and if you just think you should just fight technically look man fucking Floyd Mayweather has done that most of his career especially like later on when he was pretty boy floyd earlier honors career he's trying to knock a lot of guys out but later on in his career in most of his big fights like with Pacquiao and a lot other guys like it he just wins he just wins and he makes more money than anybody just wins trust me I'm a my my I know is that when I get in this bar no spoils might want to work on things you know every every Saturday going to spawn me my wife's drive shake what are we working on today we're gonna try to work on putting a little more emphasis on the punches and not shoot right away blah blah blah on the ground more ground-and-pound I'm worried about the jiu-jitsu submission just hit business when it's come time to fight when that lights come on Saturday night and Joe or Bruce Buffer in there you shouldn't decide it's a whole different game playing I know what I can do I know what's right and that's why I get into those spots and I got tell my stuff take a shot it's Muslim memory but I hit him he put his hands up and he stopped the legs wide open court I was in c-double-a all-american n-c-double-a finalist while we're not shoot I'll take them down exactly and if you look at my last three fights I feel like going back in Washington those you can't say I'm one-sided because a leer everybody well no way he can rest earlier I lyrics way more powerful and better wrestling he wasn't for the whatever where he's from Albanian world team he couldn't take me down and I was struggling you know you went to globe like I'll go over to finish energy just you got court goes to ground him it's over and he cannot call yeah I was struggling I wrestled up and got on my mouth and had a man psycho I had him had his back I had every position on him so you can't say I don't have Jitsu I don't have restaurant don't have striking because in there and impact comes there but I go he was the n-c-double-a do you want all-american this is this he's beat DC at OTC hip he's gonna kill core in wrestling stopped us take down and set the record with 13 takedowns on him who had the record at 11 it's like I don't understand the fans everybody got something to say listen people too much car every morning no negativity today stay the fuck offline that's what you should do is like a pop summer pop-up and MMA questions yeah or at the top of the screen it'll drop down or pop up in the notification I get a email notification somebody say you see half of it hell I don't it could be a good thing it might be bad and I actually open it up their own if somebody saying something bad is I like my wife just say shit guys it just don't pay no attention to it but yeah you're allowing negativity into your life that you don't need I mean you think about your camp you got all these positive people all these motivated people all these professionals you know exceptional human beings right everybody training and grinding together and then you got schmoes that are contacting you on Twitter or Instagram or whatever and just saying a bunch of nonsense and that could fuck with your head you know I and these are not people that would ever say that if they were in front of your face it's just it's a gross way to communicate it's just it's not a hell it's like it's like passing by a shitty fast-food restaurant being drawn in to eat and then you eat and you're like God won't eat that garbage it's the same thing it's like it's like fast food for your brain it's it's so tempting because you just want to read those comments and most of the people are probably good people who are fans most of them but all it takes is 10% assholes and never want to look at your comments again 1 out of 10 it's not hard to get 10% you know 10% assholes it's like pretty damn good in the real world you know if you only run into 1 out of 10 that's an asshole you know over 1 out of 100 even if it was one out of a hundred in your comments of shitty you don't want to read those comments yeah it's just for a fighter man it's so much of it is about mindset and and just being focused and not having any distractions and I think those comments are a giant distraction you know you don't need anybody telling you what did you had Marc fucking Henry you've got Ricardo Almeida you got all these world champions around you like you don't need any any other information you're getting plenty of information you know fuck all that shit you shouldn't even look at it yeah you should post and just run away just post something and don't even look at how keep going just keep going just I gotta work it I'm not gonna because what you're saying right now all the things you were saying about beating Glover about beating a Lear Latifa yeah but you're saying it like you're arguing with somebody you're saying like someone told you you can't do it but who gives a fuck what they said you did do it so why argue with someone who clearly doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about anyway right but in your head you know like they said I couldn't do this they like see you still have that mark they tell me all the time like real quick feed like don't do the real I come from a small made my brother we also had that meant I like people who like to talk business yeah we were decided we gonna sit there and talk back and forth was like I and that my first responder anybody he's talking should I put your hands up I'm ready to fight you say I would prove you wrong there's much time like I always said Cory couldn't do this you wouldn't do that you win do this my whole life like in college that court you're not gonna to go to Midlands and we only take five guys on team yeah I'm guaranteed coaching gonna take you well the two years I was there I was a god I went to Miller the first pick every time like I'm always shooting to prove somebody wrong do you feel like that's a part of your motivation yes it's always been that way but you're also your motivation is obviously excellence there's no way it could just be to prove someone wrong as hard as you work no but that's just that's how I got the mentality and the work ethic I got cuz in high school I wasn't like this I sucked in high school away I didn't win a match so a sophomore in high school we have a resin sister great like I was asked asticus I was horrible like blah got beat one time the coach left me up they left they load the bus and left me sitting there because you got beat up beat yes they didn't want to bring you home it wasn't I got beat – I got lost to a girl Joe oh you lost so girl – I didn't have them into a lot now my god Matt team was gone when outside the bus was going on reason I got home because the varsity came for do it at night and it was like why are you still here oh that's fuck yeah yeah that's how ruthless coach but that's the thing I wasn't I was that boy like he got the little boy that cried wolf you know I was always trying to get out of workouts I was fat I was lazy at the time growing up I loved the outdoors but I love video games I love eating junk you know I didn't always have this mindset so when I came to a point when I wanted to do good and I was trying to took my first injury my very first injury sophomore year in high school before conference I snapped my ankle cleanser and I remember every bite when I was seeing her hurt first time I was actually hurt but I fixed so many injuries even a coach came up I'm like chunky I was faking everybody was pretty you get up because they all thought I was faking but I was actually hurt and my buddy stopped right he grabbed me and she was his trainer in the trains look I was probably surprised he'd be fine when's the dock my dad camera guy in winter he did the x-ray I'm up there was like this much mo holding my foot from finally my ankle is like pretty much shadow I know buddy bring you in like I kept saying it was nothing wrong I went back Dexter there's not like all broke we so sorry like you have been like for so long so the residence third great you know I did it cuz my brother did right I wanna do everything he did but I have the drive he had but after that scene the way everybody I'm like dog me out I remember coming back from recovery from that and the first time I ran after injury and even in my monic I can't race I can't running it and I did not live it and I was scared I was gonna break again but I made it to where I was going I like I can do this it's just it's all here now that's my real everything cuz mentality like I never had any problem I was just lazy anyone who works I was fine the way out now that to make sure you can ask the coach they told my parents I got Buddhist for the varsity tournament what the first second match and I catch a second and third in a varsity term after wrestling JV for to you and I'll also god I wanna think differ between court now is night and day is because I realized if I put my mind so he just worked quit weren't my dad said it to that's thing my dad pushed on so yeah at such a young age my brother got it he was a star athlete but he didn't get the openings and the opportunities I had you know because he was always working for my father and working here working there he they had a time to do camps and all that me being the youngest it was a little easier for me I seen what he did what he told me what my brothers my sisters and teammates not different people around me had done under the way I needed to go to get somewhere but being a star athlete as a professional athlete was never a goal of mine I want to be engineer I love building club houses and shit like that house what I wanted to do but all that open doors I wanted to go to school to University Wisconsin Platteville for engineer program but just like sports my graceless ass I didn't I didn't try I went there to hang out my friends and be cool right yeah I mean when I applied they invested me back saying your GPA isn't good enough the wrestling coach wanted me there because by the end I was good and Russell my last year like killed you I never made the state but I killed in the regional and sectionals I want all of the sections and lost in the finals you had to go you had to win their third whatever but um and I said you can't get here but you go to junior college you get your GPA up wouldn't get you in again I went there I didn't plan on wrestle anymore I loved wrestling I cry when it was over but you know a guy David Clint Matt Hughes his old coach that's how I met Matt huge through Lincoln College he reached out to me I was like I heard a budget you got the mentality of a war like you were call your workhorse I need somebody like you to come here and work for me I can't give you a scholarship because you didn't do much I don't have money left I'll give you 1800 bucks those 27,000 like a full round all shot good money you know I went they're excited determine to get in here but I go ha you you made of state you're not gonna do good this isn't this so again that was motivation from right there going to school like they don't think I can do this date my grades aren't good enough they don't think I can get education I'm not good enough at sports I don't think I'm all-american you think I'm a gold and just be another member of the team I went there I cut up but right before his season snapped my leg in three I thought it was over again and that cause like I saw you fired a different leg injury it seemed the same leg with different injury like three years bring it back to the first one the dot injuries what changed you well I got tired of people thinking I was faking so because you were injured for real in people thought you were faking it you realized something was wrong I feel that I realized I have been lazy and my father's my whole life you go to my old house right now in the garage it's steel carved in there I never forget day I was probably like 8 o'clock 9 o'clock school night my dad woke me and my brother to help him do some stuff on the boat we tired you know we want to go back we got there complaining the whole time he said shoot my dad if you met my dad is the most motivating person ever don't have an education another but he he saw his own business from the ground up and he's living the dream hunting properties but everyone he can do it and that's where I got it from but it took me forever to realize this and I never forget the date is it comes to me on time I think about he stood up on the boat and was up against the garage door a brand new garage door he just put a you know one thing I hate I cannot stand he's lazy and he took his drill he could L az1 in the back of his brand-new garage and it's still here to this day I go home and I visit I go Decker and you see it cut and do it lazy and he cannot stand it and if you know him the way he works he's just turned 59 Tuesday and I could in his voice when I said you had two jobs aren't you oh he's there working he got a bunch of 20 year olds of 30 what he ought works everybody 59 years old up and down a ladder running the crane driving the truck to shot and that's it he always said when I was a kid something can only last so long I never understood what he said he was coming to be on the football field I'd be crying and moping it can only last so long so I keep going it only lasts so long I said I always say it started getting hard I sort of think like practice going look at the clock like 45 minutes we can only last so long it quickly oh shit that's what my dad met all these years it's a crime just go just go just put your nose and get to it so you have this injury sophomore year your ankle snaps and you realize you've been lazy so what what's shifted in your mind what how did you change just stop worrying about excuses to get out of practice and for immediate it was it a graduation as I was healing you know I was on bed rest for a while it's so bad and people come in out my brother used to come over at time he's playing football or whatever and watching his games it's just like sitting there for so long away from all the sports and all your friends are just sitting there just yourself I just realize like I I've been doing this and start great I've seen this stuff a million times I know the moves I just don't apply I think when I give back if I actually start trying and drilling and actually practicing again the extra workout in I could cut up yeah that's what happened so what was the first step when I came back it was when that first run I was literally my dad's shop is probably 200 yards from my house and it was raining that's all that's all reason why I rank I don't want to get way to the house don't think I like but just lay don't know if I can make it and they're right in that doubt in my mind like what's up you can make it how many what I broke it in what January December and this was summertime so it was long like I had to cast off like five six months oh really yeah no I went to air boo it was like it was five six months it was bad and then right now I got the plate in the screws in there but I broke some of the screws because I was like trying to move in a wrestling stance in my boot and I slipped my head um to tile other submitting he had a little gloss over and I was watching the cars on day and I was like I'm just gonna and my shadow stay on the west slipping away spot and I slipped I felt it and chew it up Ian's that go across my ankle his snap so I had to wait for all that to heal again Jesus Christ it was a whole process I was laying hens the two I still got the two long screws that they take out I leave the seven to go up the femur or the tibia but the two long was I supposed to pull out but the middle when I slit they broke in half on a bone so that made the bone heal slower because now it's just a little spot they drill through it opened up like that much that much more so I had to wait for all that to heal before I could actually walk do they take the screws out and put new ones in there just so you got broken screws in your head if you look and I work out my perio ankles fat is head that's because the plate the plate in the screw the screws are so long I think won't the swelling there's different angle yeah let me see which ankle that's a fat angle and that's the normal I was very fat too oh yeah that's a big difference yeah Wow so does it fuck with you anymore like when it gets cold out or anything everything is meant to mean that right everything in life but even mushy because I tell the other time she had a negative event negative inside himself like find the positive in like it's all in your mind but you can make the best out of anything mmm this is nice having like what you could be dead no legs like she got her car smashed I worked somebody hit the side of a tore it all up I had to go in a shot like the windows didn't break does like think about it dries and you windows in bro ain't got to be cold think about that yeah it's like many different things you can find to be sad but find the good thing is a fine deposit it's gonna get fixed eventually so this ankle fucks with you still but not enough to stop you another stop yeah and you but does it affect you at all when you kick things depends yeah they digging I guess I skimmed if they go to do the elbow I got I go to kick the liver and go to sit on it and like the elbow kind of catch it I feel it but again it doesn't stop me right say shit 15 minutes that's nothing it lasts so long I'm a bouncer I'll keep going yeah so you get out of the injury you have the cast on you for five or six months you realize how blessed you were to be able to move around and that feeling once you get your your leg back under you and start moving again what what is the changes you make how do you start to move your life in this positive way well after I made that first jog and I realized I'm I'm good like I first doubted myself but I made it because I told myself I can do it I made it here there's no injuries I'm fine as I was just slow and steady just start ham fighting like good too little they got to take down dummies that hang on the wall let's go to our move you know not nothing fastest work hand fighting just kind of grabs leg working my shots in and out in and out in the morning before practice nice to go watch the guys for offseason practice study and then when I came back it was just I have the heavyweight coach that coaching we drill today you guys to meet you yeah coach Casillas I was gonna work but I don't do a little bit extra stuff not surprised he work with me then the other coach to come work with me he got to the point where like in the morning I was in there before school and I was there after school for practice now stay after work coach and drills different stuff they must have been so confused and they they didn't like the coach is night and day like beer between Cory now is night and day the husband is so strange lazy kid and all the sudden he becomes a savage they had when I go back to the school on visit I was asked me to come talk to his people they call me success story not only was this but I grew up an area where there was no black I was only black family there so we had racism my whole life you know I mean dealing with that so that's another man that was the mid so the men's list of mental fucks of it all like ever no matter what I did you're gonna be wrong like I was another Corey Anderson to that was even worse and he was actually a troublemaker so when he would get in trouble he would always come get me out of the classroom like right now I never did I was a good kid never did nothing wrong hey I'm down officer principal walking like Ron Corey of course is wrong cause every time I remember Corey Richard Anderson and Corey see Anson I'm Corey see who's Corey Richard but they always pulled me in there just cuz I was only a few of us in my high school and the fact that I never did drugs just like he was on the ring I said I don't wanna I wanna come and show and shoot with you I wanna smoke we all never did drugs I don't deny that I've been a good kid but to deal with that stuff I just get pulled over for no reason I had a nice truck stn drops the ground with Rams on speakers I just get pulled over I mean my friends get putting cousin still occur but I searched the car looking for something I went to college is the same thing get pulled over all the time and teacher was like every time you late for class you so you got pulled over like I was telling the way here like I'm serious I have classmates and so I'm like no he's telling truth when it starts we saw him on side I wrote like he always gets pulled over because nice vehicle black they always think of something you know that's just where I'm from so we're dealing with that in the mentality I finally figured out like I said that's why when people doubt me I think trying to prove wrong because I had coaches in high school I won't put names on air but I heard even when I was doing good I knew I was doing good because I had let semen sex I didn't start you know I mean I lay the the starting line man out or beat this guy and this and that and this and that and I never got the position or something was around it and then when I came back after I made say you a circle y'all remember this like I ain't trying to hear that the only coach in that high school I would say that that believed him it was a wrestling coach Marty Casas Mario Casas made everything possible to make let me meet Dave Clem who was my junior college coach who led me to Russ Dave Remy let me have been asked her who Tim fader and everything and I've been blessed with the people my life that bring me to Frankie a mark Ricardo and I got like the Ottoman people around me like my mom says you've always been blessed to have a good circle of people in the one year I had a bad coach in college that's like my mom said we didn't have so much good don't let this one coach defeat you know I never forgave Jason Valle I'll put his name on the air that guy that made me the toughest man I could because no matter what I did he wanted to make sure you could break him he had control over me I was 16 hours away from home in South Carolina no family no money he had me on a full ride and he was just used that I got you here you here cuz of me you do this or I'm gonna cut you cut me in here cut hi y'all seen my go get recruiting and he put him back on his team you still need a lot you can't do that this is miss oh it's kind of like I think that's where I got the mentality where I want to prove people wrong because I beat the starter not beat him bad 1301 Twitter I'll be new but you're still not starting what the fuck you it wasn't them awful like I didn't beat him every time well you lost on the first duel in match spot ryan time the first week of school not beat him every time but you're not gonna let me start no cuz he pins people and you only get points kind of like finally he knocks people up and you only win by decision that's kind of like alright so I left went to whitewater where I met being and everything else again went there they coaching if I was nobody else knew who I was because I didn't get the rest of you before I was a benchwarmer that killin team but never wrestled that's so crazy killed never rushed my parents are drive 16 hours to watch me duel and he made me sit the bench the whole tournament if you turn over here like you're not wrestling today my friends Revere like you're not wrestling they're like my friends Joe says you're not wrestling like you got me eight hours from school my parents drove all yet but I was this guy's problem we don't know I got teammates now and gotta still like fighting everything and they like bro you got a leader and like a lot of guys he had them there academically he like all we're gonna short term short credit Shoob listen is you gonna do half Christ he's gonna be at a wrestling so he was just a nick to a lot dis he just wanted to win now is he so like Gaza finished a wrestling career they didn't had a crazy graduate like coach I need help like what can I do you don't wrestle for me no more it's like bro I'm only here but I left here our he kept hitting me up like all you keep coming back and next year I let you start an extra if you beat him again fuck and I was like you is that cross that once an ad office toe was going on they gave me my letters at rent let me transfer out but I couldn't go Division two like you can leave but you can't go Division two he can't hold you back anyone like that's fine I'm out I left like a month before school and he showed up at my house one day like where are you I'm at your house like I'm gone bro what do you mean I'm gonna like I'm done I'm transferring her you can't so I'm in the papers so how did you get that like I went behind your back I got it done I'm out of there and then Tim fader to coach the Whitewater I remember he put up at my house I almost didn't go back to school cuz he kind of got in my head like I don't want to go nowhere else and waste my last year at school doing the same shit I can't trust anybody there I took what six the year before an injury but I was beating everybody you know I lost a d1 d2 guys and so it was like I don't want to go anywhere else and somebody gonna screw me over a full ride but in this guy put up in my driveway when I was working one day hey I'm looking for Corey Anderson I've seen him before I didn't really know much about him we went to lunch or whatever he was like I know your story but thing is I can't give you a full ride cuz of d3 we can't give money but I want you to wrestle for me this isn't this and like I said when I went d3 nobody knew who I was because I didn't get to wrestle mmm but he knew like we're not ever gonna let you wrestle for a while so I thought it's you right off the get-go like what well you see just like what I know it ain't that he's I don't want people to know what we got we're gonna wait to the first home duel and I'm let you loose in the first home drive to number three dude in the country I never forget that way because that you really like what you mean like it's the time you get to come out gave him a singer like you ready to show out like you know I'm ready dog door number three got by like 12 points fuck this kid feels like yes I'm finally home and surely after I met Russ Davie a guy who came from Colorado who coached in Wisconsin he was my heavyweight coach Olympic guy and then uh he brought in been asking is how I got in the fighting have been it was just like I said the people around you he's just mold you like I'm blessed and thinking about it and it makes me feel good because all the things I've been through and everything it all worked out yeah he's having a dick coach probably helped and helped me it wasn't about and my coach told me when I sign when I sign like oh she gave me before I won that Cup son to give me a full ride he kept saying Corey and I bought the money I guess the most decisions in life it's not about the money coach Clint and Stephen rally and they both say like it's not about the money cor remembers Moses is the most important decision of your life don't let the money fuey but that was that's what it was for me mmm but you know I went to school as a walk-on pretty much now I'm getting full right office from everywhere and I'm going to the number one school division – they give me a full ride like I thought that was something when I gotta figure out what he meant I never forget calling both coach like you guys are right I'm back home now it's time for your list now we can go nai I know a few schools I won't she's good coaches blah blah blah then I'm just gonna chill and think about it when that coach came in the fact that he came to my house resized him he something I can't get you money but I want you for you and as a leader and I first got that even though he told me wasn't gonna let me wrestle he let me run practice for like the first month because he couldn't teach it before season got things I want you to like run practice this isn't this because you got that mentality you can help these guys show us you did Indy to number one school you can show us stuff here and I end up being the first incidentally all-american or incidentally founds the school had in 22 years you know I let the team and takedowns all up until like the reason the tournament my roommate beat when we had a competition going I did a lot of things that most people didn't see heavyweights do the way I shot the way I wrestlers my mentality I was always work I was gonna do a strength conditioning before practice and before Des Moines like 6 o'clock we usher in the conditioner and I got a class that one I'll be in the gym lifting I don't start your training till three anyone from just me to me and my teammate I made my roommate two other teammates and like you said people will see how you doing it and then we jump in and before you know it was like six or seven of us working out yeah yeah and we was motivating each other yeah in the bond we had there as a team like I remember getting and everybody's like always I go one thing I thought about was Nationals ever goes we want to win nationals or win conference look like what cats talking about conference it's like the first step you got a conference regionalists always national what about the big pictures I go we would never won conference before you know like we should still want to get nationalists I'm like my in two years everybody was feeding off each other we had we had three guys from the same high school meet in 97-80 not our 87 or 84 pounds excuse me and they caught us a high nigga death row cuz I was off schooling like death row Suge Knight and all that so when I got afraid of shirts history it was like it was so cool to have three guys now in the same school we grew up right down street from each other but we always separate ways one way here one went there we ended up in junior college together when me and the one guy that in our very last year we all end up together as a team captains senior years our last time to do it together hoorah we brought like our whole high school coming all our masters and there's only like an hour from home it was just cool man and I was like I said when I met Ben there and he brought me to this thing and I didn't want to fight again I was I had a doubt in my mind I want to go to that but I want to go back to your high school days when you made that big shift did you slip at all like you you went from being a guy who was kind of lazy and under-motivated to a guy was very disciplined that it was like night and day but was there ever a time where you fell back to your old ways I mean it was sounds like it took a lot of motivation and pep talk to myself to get out and do something every times like I wanted to instead of go work out go play video right I was big in a dirt bike in a four-wheeler and like when I get off the bus you can hear the dirt bikes come to my house I had the motocross track on my back got me in the neighbor he had a freestyle so I got dirt bikes right and I got to blessing me thinking like god I'm about to go do my homework and go do a little workout lift or something and you hear him coming it's like oh I want to go ride instead I want to go ride but at the same time like you're a wrestler you're a wrestler figure out the two which one is first you know I'll let the guys go ride on my track and I'll do push-ups whatever and do my homework whatever would I do just a little something almost I guess something I did a little bit of something that's more in the next person right you know by the time my senior year came around it was kind of like I still wasn't all in but I was a little more I didn't get all in until after that second injury in college but second during college was the same injury same less same leg different engine would you do this time I snapped my leg and threw how do you Jackson this kid is that I just remember hearing the buzz of wrestling wrestling me and my coach drilling very slow very slow chilling but we have brand new mats so they were super sticky and I haven't brand new wrestling shoes which were super sticky and I remember to drill coach Morris Lehi so we're gonna work to the chain wrestling shooters single a you get the single back when I shoot a dope but you bumped with the hips you snapped to your shot he grabbed a single day I snapped the foot down he shot dub when I hit her with my hips I fell backwards here a pop but I didn't feel it and he stood over I remember standing over few of us both sides like don't look down don't look down now so you don't look you're gonna look I look at my foot was like point like this and it was down I'm probably got a pool on the other side of door now I'm trying to get enjoy just drown myself and paint out of paint house one spot three spot so it's like shooting up your whole leg so yeah it's like all over to the shoulders of course like eyes when as always I'm just gonna go jump in the water I wasn't the most sane kid but first take my mind go find the water just just India and they flipped me over everybody threw up on a punching bag so well nothing to do with the old injury nothing completely totally different like four or five inches up from no injuries it just snapped freak accidents like S&OP it's a freak accident so what do they do then go to the hospital that day and they snap every gotta smashes it back pulls around smashes and lines all the bones up and they put like we're putting the cast now but you gotta get plates and pans to set this string and that when I was out for again I was October 27th and I came back after release back January 13th or 14 I was like a little bit before a regional and we didn't have a heavyweight all year because I got hurt and the other guys got kicked out of school whatever so three months ish yeah Neil fat well I wasn't back but I was cleared to start drilling and I were begging a coach like coaches let me come back and say it was six points because every time when we got on the rest of us automatic six did they have to put plates in your shin I'm on the side of my leg I got plate you can feel it if you bring your head up Donna it's like all bent up and from now all the wars and shit kicks and wrestling it's like all wobbly bent war hoes all kinds of stuff from getting kicked getting kicked in it from wrestling people do foot sweeps you ever get a look at x-ray of it to see what it looks like and I have an x-ray forever actually see what it looks like pretty bad but now I'm in my first tournament when somebody foots with me oh my goodness that feeling like having an underhook and he kicked that plate and I just fail I didn't kick my feet I just fell because it's the first time you feeling that pain strip you've never felt it running nervous run up and down that so in the hit and everything just shit I just feel he came I was like toys like what's not like yo my leg game I'm still in the mat like I don't know what the fuck happened like your nerves transform like you got nerves on a side of leg you run at the plate we did probably kicked it right and hit the plate you know another thing you had to get him on mind I said like this is gonna happen often you just gotta bear to toughen it up and just go through yeah you have an extra vulnerable spot now yeah yeah and have you been low leg kick there a lot yeah alyre fight he did it like four times spot low Leki is just like I said I got the point now I'll just deal with it that was in 2007 this is 2019 it's 12 years of Dylan Lee you get your point where it's kind of like it's not really a pain anymore it's just just a pesky injury you got it some of those injuries they'll go in after it's healed up and take the plate out they said they can do they did want to do that but to do that cuz I got the broken panes mm-hmm cuz those pins they got like a whole section amelie will give me an IV out a commission for a long time no like I'm used to it now is there any benefit if they do that I get my whole leg back I gave my leg best only benefits like I said I can train right yeah yeah like this is gonna bother these like I deal with it yeah when I retire we do all that but right now there's no problem Wow so you have this shift in high school you you make it to senior year and you're a different person night and day but you're still not the Corey Anderson of today mm-hmm so the second injury what is the second injury do for you when you snapped it the second injury that was just I mean that just motaz I didn't get to show what I can do it motivated me that much more that when I come back I gotta be undeniable I got a show I got a do like nobody knows I can do because I didn't make it to state my senior year in high school right but then we went to team state and not pin the guy that took fourth in state so I knew I could do it I just didn't make it there so when I hurt my freshman freshman year I was going that was the year I was gonna show people Korean which I used to know what you think this is miss then I got hurt I kind of set me back you know is them on my I was very I was like I'm in being at home I was emotionally sad but when I went to go back and I couldn't focus on wrestling I spent mine on schoolwork this when I figured out I can do schoolwork I finished my freshman year with a three point two five GPA after missing like three four months had to make up everything and take tests and that's not realizing I can do that too so that was more thing I got the thing I got out of that injury not so much the athletic part I was more motivated to work even harder next year but I found the fact that I can do schoolwork if I want to again it's just a mental thing mmm I have to take the time to study I've never I had never studied before that ever then doing homework it was I borrow somebody's homework or take somebody's nose and try to fill in answers just to get something to say it was a completion credit but when I had nothing to do I couldn't wrestle I couldn't you know I couldn't run I couldn't go play basketball in the back but everybody else it was not only back focus on our school at the time I came back my GPA dropped like to point something because I hadn't been in class for so long so I had to get audited up if I did before the end of the year and finished with a 3.0 at least I finished my 3.25 for that was my to make academic all-american was my that was my highlight of my freshman year I didn't get the rest of all-american but I had two academic all-america that's I something I can work on because as a kid my parents she's my mom and eighth grade bet me a hundred dollars I wasn't graduate my own mother and she's my mom my biggest motivation ever before my shop before my son came here my mother was the hand that pushed me over everything she's always my dad comes to work ethic my mom is always make sure you do things right you can do the assistant is always helping me I struggle with reading she's helped me learn how to read faster read better and do things to the best of my ability in the academic core because support some hard work it's gonna be there but education is something can always fall back on so but I was just so bad and I lived next door to the middle school self at the eighth grade year they opened a new high or middle school up the street from my house so I messed up don't do homework I don't know why I think I would get away with it I'm gonna class my mom said in the principal's office cuz I'm for a walk for they call according to home working because she was on it she were calling a Cori messed up a school called me she had me a summer camp I had to go to summer school one year when I passed all my classes because she wanted me to get that fact like just cuz you pass they let you pass I mean you did good you pass this you're gonna learn how to work you're gonna but that was nothing I didn't have the mentality that my mom wanted me to have when I come to working for academics and stuff so what made you do that what was the shift that caused that from the the injury the second focus on this is that I've become a bum at the school cinema room skipping class and fell out so I had to get my grades up if I wanted to wrestle next year so it probably been something that was bothering you already it didn't bother me doing athletics the way it's kind of like the movies have you competing and they know you're good your assets a team the teachers help you they got it they don't give you but they help you out there you got questions ask questions they won't fail you right you know if I they can do everything they can to make sure I learn so were you realizing because the injury that maybe your athletic career wouldn't be there and you need you need to get this education fight it because not and have the help I had in class when I was at Lee they help you a little more but not I'm not wrestling it's kind of like my GPA doesn't matter for the team anymore and I have been missing from school for so long when I came back it's kind of I got a lot to make up for I just got do it on my own I was studying that's all I had class and my dorm room class from that point on from that injury then you would you get your academic work in order and you start being disciplined in all our areas of your life and you feel like that carried over after your athletic says girl thing works together yeah everything works for one thing yeah talk about that okay like first thing we learned at orientation college coach comes to us we going to room like gods we got your athletic scholarship but she here as a student-athlete and I remember going back and coaching at the same College and him giving the same speech and he write on the board student athlete we gonna make it in two parts first part student second part athlete so they don't write on the board what does this mean so first priority school after that next priority athletics to me after that you got your family team is making sure you stay out of trouble and that the last thing the very most important thing to come to college is just social life the rest of that everything else comes first and at the end then you were a bunch of friends and trying to be cool and not exercise you know you I'm 17 when I went to college I graduated 17 so I'm young I'm not even an adult but in my mind I'm on my own I'm doing what I want blah blah blah I'm showing out I'm being an ass you know right not like getting trouble but not pay attention in school not worry about consuming part I'm just athlete I'm they're not gonna fire a scam struggling and they trying to help me out and you know about know they're not gonna give me a F because I'm I'm trying I really wasn't I'm asking questions I'm sitting in front of class so you're not gonna give me a F but they're gonna make sure I don't I'm eligible to wrestle but I'm not gonna fail right so when you get Anjali you realize that ain't there no more because you ain't got none to wrestle for you all school now so now you got you you can't say I got practice so I can't I can't study was not a big eye-opener for you when you realize that you can do good at school too cuz in your whole life when you didn't try yeah you didn't care and it had that no child left behind pretty much before they major Fisher thing it was always there god no I didn't do enough in school but somehow I graduated every year somehow I graduate because there's always one teacher one person I looked out for me I guess I've been blessed to have that and middle school is Miss permit to this day we still talk I go home we have lunch breakfast whatever really yes if it wasn't for I probably dropped out of high school that's cool yeah that's very cool so so in college now you're athletic career is in order you're you're you're getting your schoolwork in what was it that made you even consider being an MMA fighter Ben Askren yeah funky been on keepin and I didn't even consider he tricked me me all through college I had teammates that did MMA they all wrestle when is over they all with amateur MMA fights cool you should try it like your movements oh you're so light on your feet and fast as your weight you can kill it bound like I'm gonna play my leg bro I tore my shoulder and I got some and I wouldn't be good I'd be laid up too much I had any like what you think this isn't this denied is not denied my senior year fifth year senior Ben comes off you started working with me and being like one of my main wrestling partner kind like you say well um and Shaco like you got somebody you go to punch he's not there this is same way on wrestling and I used to try to pick his brain how do you do this I gotta be dead to right on a double leg pick you up in the air I gotta take you down I land on my face and you nowhere to be found you on my back that's why they call me the fuck man I'm the king gonna fuck the same here come and practice and just kick it off put his shoes on you just look like a floppy guy like he's got a crazy thing about him he doesn't look physically a person like this this is been like this know about to blow through he know we're doubly don't every time hot crotch gone I took him to I think one time my college career clean takedown and this is like with them and after college how they I went to the Olympics bro and you've been there I'm going freestyle rules oh we can work together whatever him and my coach both Russell at the Olympic level working together and then one day some years ago I'm not making here today but meet me here at this address and we work tabla bring a gear I get up there Rufus support bus outside of a bank it's still like it's only for Bank you downstairs yeah but I'm looking like we're going that's the sinus down says you're going see a sign root for sport this and this and I walk down the stairs like what is he must have max in your song I go in there and you got UFC there doing Anthony Pettis doing a jump off kick making some photo for the magazine or whatever and you got like Pascal crew s and serves your page you got been a stirring it was a few other Erich Koch brother UFC guys I'm looking like I was going I always got hidden pads like MMA practice and being around 2k oh hey I'm glad you can make this isn't it I ain't no wrestling gym what is this he's like oh yeah well I want to talk to you about that welcome to a new support what what I mean I know I heard you say you didn't want to fight whatever bro I think you could be good eyes once you try if you know if you don't like it after try it we go back to wrestling blah blah blah Tyson says I'm like all right now I go to the front desk and a lady I me at the front desk introduced me it was my wife now so I get the gear to give me some gloves or whatever you know I was like you know I really don't want to do like the training alright so inside and watch I hit the bag a little bit I'm just watching and at the time this is our minds already set you got an opportunity you got try but I didn't try that I remember driving home its hour and a half dry hold you I met my seller you a bitch talking my cell you a bitch Corey you didn't do that you had opportunity to take it you're a bitch I can't believe you didn't do that so I get home i tell been like I'm sorry and try but I like to do it again well it's good cuz tomorrow morning 9 a.m. we up there alright get up early 7:35 motorcycle up shoot all the way up to Milwaukee I get there rubadoux crew filming good Oh Cory nice to meet you heard a bus miss like I can't yes everybody didn't do it I want to try it today I just watch like that's good I'm glad you came likewise I click steaks barn day I did amateur boxing I got my I broke my leg yeah I did like boxing in the gym for rehab cuz my brother-in-law was oppression a box at the time and I had two amateur fights and uh so I had that and I came with my gloves and everything but already title gloves falling apart and I know I got my gloves in my shorts I go where we got gear would get you stuff head gear and shrimp as this is nice they gave me two obviously combat corner shrimp as almost like a youth and was like extra low someone comes my knee and one cover like half machine like it's all raggedy headgear like you got a mouthpiece oh yeah yeah that's all you need so we're gonna spar so my first time I go with being so being you know taking it easy on me boom boom when he shoot on me I defended in MMA it's different I can sprawl I harder I will there you go I'm gonna put your somebody else of course is Anthony Pettis he's too small like what you need to feel like to get kicked what Wow kick my leg not great like what do you do like I'm a rust as I take him down now checking out I you do big family you gonna hurt him they put me with a heavyweight so now I want you to take everything you did you just punch them in and you took him down took my Anthony and do everything we just got your size and I fucking just hit him with a bunch of jab crosses blast double on the punches like just got Dino grandpa's just hitting like dr. Anstead up and do it again I did get us kept doing it doing it doing it was over here like Ike there you go your first sponsors not the way and I hate to tell the court heard you kept saying you're not a fighter but you are doing a fighter and I can tell you right now I've been working with a lot of guys you could be in the UFC in three fights yeah right whatever I think like I'm dead serious in three fights so what you got and your mentality from what I seen in wrestling if you put into this you could really obviously in three fights whatever but I like that I like the training and I kept coming back through Jesus this was 2012 right after college that's not that long ago man oh my Thursday few days or 2030 level MMA fighter in one of the most talent rich divisions and the light heavyweight division and you only been doing it for seven years I was in the UFC was seven months fighting after my first fight seven months and I was in the top team within a year thing so I'm learning I didn't have an amateur career I had three fights Ultimate Fighter 1 net top 10 I was at a year of all MMA training that's it Jesus shit if I'm like they don't understand I did this like most these guys I look at pictures of guys I've been training with I got guys at the gym now that still amateurs they pose a throwback Thursday my senior year in college I have a throwback picture to be me in college in 2007 it if you didn't like they third or fourth MMA fight it's like and he's got still amateur how old do you know I'm 29 dude you're still not even really in your prime you know I'm just like 31 32 I don't know I'm learning now you are learning that but that's crazy that you were in the top 10 a year into MMA training because we always cite Francis in Ghana that Francis and Gahan is one of the craziest stories ever the guy goes from no MMA training at all to five years later fighting for the title you know at like but he's what you did is as impressive the fact that you hit top ten with a year of MMA training that's bananas even in the tough house I remember guys like you can hear him in the kitchen we're all talking oh what's your background in this I want to tough with four or five months experience have my three fights back to back to back I remember my coaches pushing it that third fact we just terrified why are you pushing so hard and then when it was over nothing I hide that's why we had to get that last fight often fighters trials the next Tuesday in Indiana you're going fuck out here I got to work this is I'm going over they call me Monday night like yo what you doing like I'm at work I work night shift hungry after 1:00 when he get off me man my Hoss like what we're going to Indiana like I'm not I'm gonna get to go see if I'm gonna do it I'm gonna go to highway all right I see your mouth hung up the phone I kid off a girl like bro talk about he jumping javis like give me anything what are you talking about so you were saying you want if you get in you want to go the hard line from doing the Ultimate Fighter yeah I wanted like get enough icing and somebody seems like I heard you take a short notice fight or whatever that was a fantastic opportunity for ginger and exactly lami I just started three four months I'm thinking like I'm just beating up cans I don't think I'm ready yet they say like oh we see you may like you you have the opportunity to beat these guys like you beating this guy he's been training forever he's been probably been Bellator Dustin Jacoby was my first pawn partner when I went to Illinois he had been the UFC he's worried now yeah and that was one of my first I was taking him down and ground and filing for striking I didn't have it but you should take downs man you can take an airplane out you're doing good use that and I left when I went there whatever my coach like just go do what you do I have no doubt they're gonna pick you but the reason they picked me wasn't the same you know they pick me thinking it was gonna be easy fight for whoever hmm but it's backfired on me because my work ethic they didn't know me right you know I was cracking jokes like I can be anybody you having it is laughing I'm gonna be laughing at my jokes gonna find out they tell me at the end one guy told me like you know when we picture we didn't think you could win I go after someone that we picture because we thought she was gonna lose her Kelly Anderson give him an easy fighting and now look it kind of backfired it was like because I didn't know who I was they didn't know where as a person so now name dropped Matt Hughes and I think that was the only reason why I got there like I strain my Matt Hughes here in there ba ba you know Maddie Oh Matt is our guy Oh can you make it to Vegas next week I think I can make it yesterday if you had told me like oh pack your bags you're going wow that was it but you the thing is even though you were a year in you were so many years into wrestling and I think to this day that wrestling's the most important skill in MMA because you get to dictate where the fight takes place the superior wrestler gets to dis every fight start standing up and you have to know how to strike but a superior wrestler gets to dictate where the fights take place and you see that with guys like khabib you see that with so many superior grapplers when they get a hold of a guy it's their dominance is one of the most important aspects of fighting so you did have all that mm-hmm the best I had to strike the basic striking and wrestling like I said when I came to meet Mark Henry and Ricardo Maeda like that's what took me in so that's one or two years in new chat with him in two years oh you're in like three months I guess that's why I didn't have anything mark tell people it sound like we you hear them say it himself people all the time you guys want to see like a hard-working we have court my court is a pure fighter of what I what I'm coaching because he came with nothing you get guys are coming in like Lance Palmer now he's been fighting so he's one to pfl you got always guns been fighting 1012 years before they meet mark so it's kind of like they just tuning up so anything yeah well you got a guy like me that has nothing the gym I was that we literally like all that Rufus sport for a little bit but I got the college coaching job I had to lead so I met a group of guys through Marc Fiore at the time but he ends up leaving to go to overseas and it was probably six of us and we had to find a guy who owned a warehouse like oh you can put mats in here and just in a corner you guys in just rain we didn't have jiu-jitsu practice whenever had striking practice no type practice we really showed up ground-and-pound MMA gloves we punch each other in the face when I get out spawn no bridge resin spawn I mean you got injuries going here just beat the show doesn't answer us over there was it was horrible time no heat we had a little affair seen about this big on the corner met and we free in Illinois oh geez out MidCentral I know it's freezing oh- 20 we in there fucking dudes break and hit the HAMP hit back freeze and break the hand we don't have any insurance there's us beating the shadows but we got the opportunity for one of us it was three 12 hours but I was the only one that they was gonna let it go shit awesome a fight I had the least amount of fights but they you're the only one I can actually work and make us look good on there see you get on The Ultimate Fighter you meet Mark Henry you want to win in and then you go from there you go and move to New Jersey I went home I met Holly on the show you know Allie was there every day he even said like bro you rest in its got like how you gonna wrestle hens okay mo he said like your rest on this key that's not by letting me know mark first thing he said you're wrestling they made it known like wrestling's gonna run this and uh and even Al you say right thing he's like I'll work with you and you never has time as a manager but I help you like I help lead you in the right way what unique I don't have anybody to direct I knew nothing been asking was only thing I had but he was in Wisconsin you know I'm about I heard I'm home Holly I remember saying like if you wanna win they're showing it be the best you can brother you need to go to Jersey and marking a man all right text me good morning welcome come out and train whenever you want that time I had a girl who had a kid and my family the coaching was my dream job steal my dream job and I love that you know I didn't want to leave that for anything will be coaching you college wrestling legend junior college level I remember uh that was I only made two hundred twenty bucks a week but I worked other jobs to make my dream reality I want to do and fight and uh honey like if you want to be the best you want to win the show the best opportunity you got man you need to go to Jersey like I know you got guys there but even my guys told me after the show you need to leave because we can't do anything for you but I didn't want you I was so grounded today I didn't want to leave that that's what I knew mmm and uh well he said bro you got to go back and never live in George there's too fast pace I'm a country boy I like outdoors and this hunting and stuff like that like you need to get the jersey brother if you want to be the best if you don't wanna be the best stay where you are however tell my mom likes I need to go to Jersey my mom said when I was in high school my seniors that you get the opportunity ever to leave I want you to go far away did you think about going anywhere else like going to Rufus port permanently or and that was a thought you know I thought but I didn't have the rest of beam but that was about it you know I'm a wrestling base and I fell in love with the way Frankie and them train I like that I was looking for something like that Marc Fiore had that but when he left I had nowhere else to go mm-hmm I was thinking my mom said that's what the best is you need to go be the best you know my brother is like yo let's go Mark Henry such a unique guy that when when people start training with him and realizing like what he is then comparing him to other people that it makes them think like wow this guy's got something very unique his all the way you're talking about his systems all the stuff that he writes in the notes and like Brendan Schaub was telling me that he trained with him for one fight and he said when he went down there he said like it was like all I got I open experience like he didn't know that a coach could be that good yeah you know it's crazy part the reason why Marc isn't known the most cause you like Freddie Roach you got Duke Rufus all these big gay name guys I was uh the guy hard knocks 365 a Kimora who's me what does coach's name uh Henry hoofed Henry who fake yeah all he's got but that's all they do throughout the day so you see them because they work with so many fighters and it's like that's all they do is coach him and me you know mark as a pizza man when I first got in I said that I don't know he had owned the piece of reading he's just say I have to respond there I got stung I gonna make the dough time he likes to go to a job make money yeah reiha and that's his that's his passion like when practices over it needs to we just start at 9:30 chi need to be at my shop by 11:00 and I got to work with this guy at 4:30 or 5:00 so he just MIT's twice a day you got seven o'clock in the morning or four o'clock in the afternoon but through the day he's at the pizzeria that's his baby his father-in-law gave it to him he's passionate about he loves it that his whole family's and he go there and you see the family bond he treats all his employees like family that's his dream but you got to respect that because he doesn't miss work because of this even my face whatever he come out Thursday I got a better piece of you all week but I'll be there Thursday night or Friday morning sometimes show up Saturday fight day I got a catering job I can't make it broke I'm a video chat you and tell you what we need to work on videotape this work out such-and-such and I'd say what we need to tighten up and I beat her Saturday morning on Friday night and we work as much as we can before the fight it's like a character in a movie exactly and the fact he's that passionate about that and the MMA and I remember driving with him some one of our amateur guys fight he's driving Washington felt like coach you watch the road he watched him watched his girls fight cuz uh Kayla's gkd one of her he's watching my fights while I advise while driving he gave a piece of paper and a pen to write this down for me so I need so he driving watch he start calling out stuff I'm writing it down cuz I got that's the stuff I need to remember for a fight but he doesn't have the time most guys have to sit and do that to dry he picked me up from the pizzeria changed and we hit the road so he's like breaking film and you see somebody so passionate that can do the things he does he got so many fighters like you said with the coats we got the Russians we got the Brazilians you got us and everybody the Russians their stuff is in Russia that mean this guy's taking time to learn rush you're going to basement he has like translation codes what's yes that he understands Russian now so he'd be right down with this he learned Russian he learns Russian just to help these guys with Jesus you hear me spawn me but house over somehow to show very good like what the brazilians know is he using like rosetta stone make you just have they like I said they write it down what this mean like basic stuff and they write down how you say it in Russian oh wow that's out marquees up mmm a mad scientist yeah yeah so many things going on he can't remember the direction he going in Oh like what but when it comes to coast he knows all 10 to 12 fighters every color and everybody has a different language in different names is named after our family or your dog or something happen he was a kid everything that revolves around something that happened and every fighter has different codes and he knows everybody's we line up for rounds like this nikka tones in his cage he's in a cage of Frankie all right Marlon come here and I saw Portuguese then Kaitlin come in this all stuff related to her then how come he knows how to speak Portuguese yes he has carried codes and Portuguese everything mark is the wizard like I said when I say he's a mad scientist you don't know any other coaches that take the time to learn stuff that he does to make his fighters the best he worried about he wants to win and all that but he want to make sure we are in sync we in the cage we talking it's a foreign language like that's why the glower fight here uh Dan Hardy one of them say like there's no point turning a corner because we don't know where they're saying everything in like three kite fights later I won't even know what he said because we didn't been to so many coast I gotta go back and think like what was that again you never get to a point where he's yelling something out and you don't know what the code is no no because muscle memory because when we hit past is never a one two across like what would you say kick it's not one to like what would it be hey Simon Portuguese like like for you one would be like I'm trying to think like give me an old one sometimes I think Cinque Cinque that's I camera what language it was I think that was a hooker whatever I think nothing but that was how you say it in their language Oh what about for you well yeah weird like he was so much English I was working the Russian stuff so it's kind of like he was giving you Russian code he's like I'm learning to like I said he how to chew I know that mean very good now some things you say then you figure it out that's so crazy so what what is this logic behind that he doesn't want anybody learning the codes position your toes keep you on your keep your all you're never getting comfortable one thing you get into a habit when one habit force how you kind of get kind of god knows what the eyes closed right you always gotta learn something new it keeps you hungry like my first he used to make me come over ice tomb it's on Friday night and then we would go to the movies but we doom it's from 4:00 to 5:30 when I first is learning here make me set the table he shot I shot whatever he goes shot I had to study my coats and he come down here be watching to you whatever he'd be in the kitchen and he'd take the paper from me he says I'm out I had to tell him what it meant like one two mmm once you left kick whatever so he would say whatever the coal was and I had to know I mess it up you bring a notepad back I keep studying why I was like he take you in like that he took me in like a son I'm 12 hours from home he could dog me out I could've just been there what is this Jimmy it's a corner transcript from Eddie's fight okay Lee there's some says yeah 73 on the knee 73 on the knee 73 on the knee you're too much in the front you too much yeah up down here chainé chainé chainé chainé hands up chin down what could be chain takedowns together they could be anything could be anything yeah no no Chris change change change sin down they take the heat on home first and there's a standing kono 3 with the fucker 73 keep saying 73 what does that mean I couldn't 73 that could be anything for Eddie yeah I see some pics to 2673 weird he's so he's got numbers for him I mean we all got numbers yeah we all have numbers but if you're doing a code when it's a combo he makes the moon it was a single thing he'd say but it's not the number normal 1 2 or it might be sink or if it's uh what's another you see he gave me Croatian wants Croatian yeah and that took me forever they'll know it's like you don't know it let me ask you this so say if you give us a fight schedule now so someone the UFC calls you up and they say hey Cory we got another one for you it's an eight weeks with this guy so that's when you'll start learning the newest code we've worked codes right away off the last fight he said we sit down we watch the fight and we hear what we call so when we see how he reacted to it after that fight then you go to a new code we work the new stuff like right away soon as you start trying again new code I already changed it up so when it's time again you can't that's the thing it's like people that don't say any gym after a fight mhm they first gonna cantly spend the first half a camp getting in shape right same thing so if we don't have the codes then we have to first spend the first 4 or 5 weeks just trying to understand each other I'm not really hitting past time messing up here say something I throw a cross when you minute hook but I thought kick you know what are you doing that was a jab like I don't know let me spin that first time just shadow boxing calls to figuring out figuring out for a few weeks we watch them film together and we go back you see how you did it when you did this one what is this language that's what this is in that language so it's just like steady halt in college you figured it out and he has codes for footwork as well everything everything every duel you would never hear him say shot you're never gonna say jet you an air him say head movement and so it's all in different language and where did he learn all this from his own system two cameras I never asked that's not the last questions I just do it if you talk to Brennan shop shop shop was blown away by it sorry I never seen anything like it Rashad Evans said the same thing say Rashad came down when he fought Sam Alvey I remember I can't and we linked up and trained after hit like bro yes I don't know if I've been if I even did there I won the World Championship mark make it feel like I'm a rookie like I don't know what I'm doing yeah we Tong ways he was saying COEs and I was like doing everything wrong and in my mind it's kind of you start doubting yourself yeah cuz you can't get it right well by the end of it you do it so much he says tandem dance well there's something about guys who take things to a totally new level and that's what he seems to do mm-hmm you know with his coaching he loves it you could tell you could tell you could tell the way treats fighters the way he the way corners fighters and you know man you guys got a fucking incredible camp right now everybody say we got a team we got a family mmm before the July we know you know where everyone's gonna be on 4 July marks house everybody's invited if you've been there and train with us you get an invite hey bro if you ride that weekend that week before next week for July we're doing a big party of miles come on I gotta go back to such-and-such well you can make it back for a open invite you're more than welcome come hang out we love to have you there you know I remember when I was in Wisconsin like we hung out with Anthony Pettis and Duke Rufus and all those UFC guys at any gym I'll never remember seeing them outside like we say in the Friday's I've never seen him outside a gym it's not that way on a house like I was talking to Frankie last weekend was all eating some I'm gonna was finished training stretching he said something about a party I like I still ain't never been invited to a New Year's party like bro is always opening like everybody's invited to my house you just never came like oh he's like you know where I live your wife over my house always I'm you just never came it's always an open invite no like we know where we totally you know I have my way to invite everybody over everybody show what so how did he get in touch with the Russians like how does a beat get over there I think well Ali ah that makes sense yeah most of our guys come from Ali I think everybody 19 as managed by Lee now except for a blonde fighter but like I said for who Kaitlyn Chu Kagan on Fighter II call her blonde five that's right hey that's her mom right her Kasey killer KCI all because she's ruthless she has really a little pretty good in I've seen it like not guys out real all the tiles in the gym really multiple times I'm very interested in Marlon Marlon mirai's versus Henry who so the birthday boy happy birthday Marlon today's birthday the birthday happy birthday Marlon he was one of those guys when he was fighting for world series of fighting I was very interested in him coming over to the UFC I was like this guy's got legit skills he's something special and he was smashing people but he wasn't it wasn't he wasn't crushing cans he was beating real good guys and the way he was moving and the things he was doing I was like this guy's world-class yeah I took them all on a shelf he was one that helped me understand the way the pro with the manager and the payments and I had no I knew nothing like I said I wasn't he tossed me the high stuff work we since sauna he's talking about Ollie's they all broke I'll he's a good guy I wasn't I didn't know this guy I'll help you out this and this and I asked Mike what do you think Riley so he's my man he's great brother this is miss you know use way it works did you get your purse and you break a certain percentage off these people mm-hmm a percentage and then we got to camp this is break me down how their can't work before I was coming out there so I had understanding like how to get paid like you you they gonna offer this if you get to UFC your first slide off ten and ten or this organization is this and this here's time like you just can't let people take advantage you I didn't know right no coz Marlon was up just a super friendly he's a nice family guy like now if I went home right now I'm sure his wife might be older with my wife and the baby just hanging out with the puppies mm-hmm was a tight-knit family that he's just bro what's going on with you in a fight like I heard this I heard that I saw this I saw that don't let people get to you this isn't this don't let them talk you into doing this don't let somebody get to you while you react like this keep your head brother like you're good you're gonna be the champ I've seen you train I know what you do I know what you're capable of you're you're the good you translating so well from where you were to where you are now mm-hmm so happens like I said that he's one of my him and Frankie Edgar Frankie Edgar a my two mentors in the fight game you know couldn't get too bad man so I need a question from any guy I've messaged him and you got Eddie Alvarez is what I don't see Eddie as much that's Emad comes up like three four times a week but I see Frankie and Marlon every day how does any like being over at one Fc I think they treat I never asked him about it you know I'm not type to ask questions I don't like being other people's business so I don't asked what do you think about this way you think about that he told me when he came back from his first trip as I approached crazy let's treat me like King what do you mean he was like me and Jamie flood there I like it I plane you I wasn't lookin nice like yeah bro 32000 some for a ticket Oh like what damn that's crazy like each like heavy mm like that foot it was like some asian airline first-class here like I gave us like stakes and high it was amazing but it was great like it was good and that's all I ever heard all I hear is good things yeah all I hear is good things about the way they treat their fighters the mentality that chatri has the way he runs the organization very very impressed yeah it's up-and-coming I'm glad it's doing well when I first started yes they all is not gonna be around they're not gonna have backers they thrown too much money right in the get-go in the way but now here we always the six I six years later when I started this Big C or bigger worldwide yeah I mean they're gigantic that people making money like I don't know he was telling one of our teammates that was in the PFL to him at 85 they're not doing 85 this year like what miles did you not hurt Eddie say I mean I can have my guys talk to you we can try to get you into one I heard I'm saying like bro he time I can make some good money okay I'm trying to do that hey gotta worry about you and your family broke do what's best for you and yours so well I mean world I think they're on a collision course with the UFC in terms of like notoriety and popularity I mean in Asia it's already bigger you know it's it's something something special and you know you see with the guy that knots you can guide that eddie fought they have world-class fighters and yeah those are that's a world I mean you knock out Eddie Alvarez you're a world-class fighter and a first round yeah yeah very impressive and they even the guy that Mighty Mouse fought he gave him trouble guys good you know you got good fighters over there real world-class fighters there's so many good fighters now you know and then also they have you know yachts and Clyde's fighting over there Nicky hold skin they are world-class kick boxers and more Thai fighters fighting in and then even they're even doing grappling matches yeah I mean I love what they did to kick boxing MMA mm-hmm but now and I had two different rings for but huh one do it all in one on one night I think I made and now is a kick box and I got grappling there's no thing it's cool keep you on your toes only thing I don't like it's fucking morning right like two three o'clock I sent along to get up to see it yeah that's you gotta take the good with ya Singapore or wherever they are in different countries whatever they would they hold their events I just think it's so important for fighters to have options to have so many different place to have Bellator and you know now that like Rory MacDonald went over the Bellator and Gegard Mousasi and you know their last guys yeah in the Ryan Bader is a heavyweights of beasts crazy seem knockout fade over the first round like what the fuck amazing doing this thing I'm a performer will Davis I'm just happy to see that fighters have options I just don't want UFC yeah it's good for the UFC it's good for everybody my people say oh did you ever think about going Bellator one and my mind is great fighters everywhere right now I still think the number one and all of is in the UFC yeah number one martial art is in UFC and right now that's my goal yeah the mile it's all great but I'm here to be the best I can go to one and make it killing I go to Bill and get my sponsors back but I'm in no rush to leave here because I want to be the best yeah after I prove that there was nothing else and it's like okay now I'm ready for the money this may be an option but there's no contract in terms of prestige there's no contest if you get the UFC title you're the best that's it there's no question I got what about the Bellator this isn't is because the Bellator champ well it's also john jones especially open our and your division you know in your division you have one of the best guys of all time if not the best guy of all time is champion so when you see a guy like John at the top of the heap is that this is that motivating to you to just ramp up but even harder because you realize that the guy who's a champion your division is not just the best light heavyweight of all time maybe the best martial artist of all time ramps up so much my god I'm riding the bike in my basement I got the arrow down biking stationary bike and I got the projector and I'm down it only thing on fight fast and I'm watching fight press I'm usually watching John Jones you know see him dominate other guys and that you just hear that but you can hear to the post I feel he getting feeling them raw some crazy and like I'm even looking down two o'clock rocking just hear her dared the fan picking up ran don't even realize it to like it goes to break and I slow it down no heart racing no just watch them just like that's like if I want to get there I gotta I gotta beat him to be the best Ryan so I need to work hard what's your take on him you can't take away what he does in the sport was his outside his personal life that's all he says she said I had my words after the the California stuff we went to 226 or whatever the fight was in Vegas and got moved here cuz his lifestyle drug test all the extra stuff however you wanna coded up his past you know I'm doing but I had my words there the fact he kept using God and Jesus and this is this and I'm a guy friend guy who read my Bible every morning I don't like the fact that you can that he would do that I'm like a son I want to know by the time my words was the fact that he did that and then the same time I want to interview I want to thank God and this is that kind of rubbed me wrong and then we flew on the plane together not cuz I saw the way he was acting when he came on the plane like we're not doing this because of him like all at a time bother me and I was a Pinto Vinny and I was almost going into that fight that was something on my shoulders could I posted something because when a UFC called me right before I got in flight is like oh I don't come one way to Vegas now I got my wife she's eight months pregnant like she's thirty weeks whatever she can't travel after this she's struggling we call them bags and y'all call me and I say don't come this is this go back home we're gonna fly you out again like I'm not doing this again and then when I get to the wall we can get you here but we get you to Cali but we can't take your wife like what like well you we pay your ticket and coach take like no okay all because John's almost that's what got me mad that's they were trying to save money I'm not flying people because it was thought we was literally walking down the runway to the plane when they called me Jesus can I turn around then we got like okay you come here but we can get you to Cali what kind get your wife to kind of like my wife is 30 weeks pregnant she's here what she's coming like well we don't know what do because you bought her ticket isn't it like what do you mean you don't know what to do get her no sticky like I pay for my family what about the people that's on the way right now I got I gotta find the own way Network week fight week of the fight the thing of the things that you have to think about you know fuckin with that that's the last thing I need to worry about and then I get there and they said when you get make sure you got your work out if you don't have your workout schedule to pee I set already suppose you get there go do it I did mine like a month and a half ahead of time I'm all I'm like I said I'm punctured like I like having stuff doing yeah come get ready to go here to pee yeah I'm packing my bags and I get a call oh you can't come to the P I why John just came in and said he want to work out so we closing the gym down you're not allowed y'all called me two months ago told me to set my schedule to come ahead of time I'm literally giving to walk to my uber that's outside you say I can't come to like I'm sorry no we can do it John why can't you work out the same place with John's work you know I'm not fighting the same thing with Connors day I'm there in the summer kind of show up they're coming to there but you got a lead to throat really you all got car park I'm on the sidewalk come on yeah they have security guards block the stairs off and everything yes you want rows and like you heard somebody say big place yeah but you can go to the cardio room in the weights but you can't use the upstairs with a cage and the bag and stuff is you can't use the if he's in the cast air so you can't go what the fuck is that about that's just two people I don't know my people yeah I'm an independent contractor sir yeah like that stuff it kind of rubbed me wrong and that smells kind of like if I was a champ I wouldn't want that no yeah I mean I want people to be able to see what I'm doing anybody security I don't know well you know you got to think about how much death threats that guy must get how much shit he must take you know he's just popular as he is as famous as he is maybe he just has overzealous security and they just want to tighten it down so they don't want anybody up there they kept out so that was the first time I've ever coached at a UFC employee yeah I was Curt like going all like y'all MobileMe changed my whole workout schedule fight week I'm cutting weight too you know like it's not just John yeah like we understand it I'm gonna fuck one night I don't care what are you doing I didn't go didn't get a workout my coach is meeting me there from the airport but we can't do it in the body quarries and the guy kept hanging up cuz I was going on that is when they're called sack and I was like yeah and then people hit me up like I'm glad you're actually voicing you so I'm hearing around you the PR now thereby talking about how you're mad somebody text like I'm glad you actually speaking out cuz everybody else kind of like okay like no like okay if it wasn't for my wife being it I probably won't check the same I see the way she's struggling to carry this belly around she hurt eight months yes I could just give birth in any many time so distress is I'm sure he's like all that my baby's worse sure really yeah it was revving me up make my wife can't like or just stop calm down to be okay this isn't this like I think the fact of being okay the fact they letting one person dictate at all yeah like we're all equal right now I treat us like a number he's John Jones over number 4722 right I mean I don't like that he's John I'm Corey I got something we on the way here reason I love rose now Muse cuz I've never seen that from her she's a champ but she would see her and she act just like Rose before when she wasn't Invictus she doesn't change I don't want no special treatment from her or from anybody I was a champ trying same yeah some people are different I guess I don't know if it's John or his camp dogs doing that or UFC's doing criteria what but it rubbed me wrong that we aren't equal anymore no let's understand about but that's also got to give you some motivation exactly like I'm told I'm an area other one out soon playing and I was really directly behind John Jones and I see it here Bobby I was just looking I looked at my wife and she's like struggling like falling asleep but struggling fall asleep I looked at the top of his head the back was just like it's time for a change is torch like my brother always said like you're good and you know you can be there but I feel like when I come to those top guys like John Jones and Gus you doubt yourself just a little bit you ain't sure that you can get them yet you know you're good but you feel like this is before like before they Lehrer fight you get there and you you feel like you don't think you ready for that but I'm saying I watched you bro I know as you made if you can do it and I said and I saw him Bob and all the frustration with my mind six o'clock in the morning we had to get up and catch the plane because there's guys isn't this as I show up on time he still was late today I know just like I found the chimp I don't want this yeah I don't want no special treatment if you tell me sign up ahead of time and keep your schedule I expect that if we get down the scale first come first first come first serve if I show up late put me in order I am don't put me up front become a chant because I was the first a second person there on my way to scale and John was walking on the stairs fully dressed we went back to the commission room and I remember people in the blue shirt cameras I hold up hold up and all saying John come in he could do all the paperwork he wants Gil he was out he was last present down house he's first I get one that big of a deal but the fact like I don't like that well it's because he's headlining the card right yeah everything that's because John Jones there's an I got the phone with this John Jones they hang up like I don't like that it's still he's still a person well it's more to be Corey Anderson it's Cory and exchanged the time it's Cory an oriental that you have that attitude what when you look at John you look at John skills like what do you think you need to do and if anything different in your life or in your training or where do you need to get to where you think you could beat him this keep getting better Latifa fight must have been a big boost for every fight flash every fight even the ones that lost it all been the boost could you go back and see tell me a fight that I've been getting beat up Jill right I've never been a fight where somebody I'll call you too small you're not good there's never been one fight in my career where somebody straight man handed me and push me around yeah I mean they talk about this isn't this uh he's the greatest he's greatest day I was watching a UFC main event last night in hotel they had the Glover Rashad fight and his mum and his missus know and gloves just go over that clover his clovers that nothing about beat that guy you know you're talking about hope you don't give a little to you or giant Walker a little TV he's super good this isn't it but at the same time I was thinking you said it but what about Corian house like there we go finally somebody I always got to talk about how good these guys not unbeatable yeah I'm that guy come on I need the radar and they don't expect me to do nothing because I lost the Gian Villante my third or four or five new UFC two years of my career and I mean Jimmy man with Jimmy man I was totally on the way here to Jimmy man was only fight I would say a guy beat me he didn't manhandle me but in my head from his highlights and it's all like you said on Instagram reading comments mm-hmm and I let what people were saying and reading and seeing get in my head to think if just God touches me he's gonna put me out and where you going so fight thinking that I literally got touched and my mind was already set like if I get hit I'm going out and I I think subconsciously like I have myself so doubted that when he hit me my mind just there like him pant kind of shut down because I remember when I hit the mat like I wasn't I was a problem remember I was out but I remember saying his feet walk away and I remember when I came through clearly and I thought of my stuff like it happened exactly where I'll put him on mind if I got hit it happened that's right that was it it was like I can take I can take to anybody and I think OSP was more dangerous than Jimmy because he can kick he was explosiveness Assante punch now did everything right and just slipping to the punch the wrong way but I was manhandling him for three rounds I mean it's simple mistakes because I didn't have the discipline yet in three years of my career I hadn't learned a discipline focus that it's a 15-minute fight right I can win 12 minutes of it all but one mistake and it's all going well this experience of making the mistakes and realizing what they are and and then when those moments come up again and you deviate from the game plan and you do go to your right and you do move the wrong direction you know you'll you'll catch yourself you'll realize it's material competition for a fighter is there's nothing that substitutes it you can have great talent you can have a great mindset but the experience of competition is like nothing else and one thing that I've seen from you is that every time you have had losses you've gone back to work and come back better like you made significant jumps in between each fight that's why you like when were talking about fighters and I said well what about Cory Anderson because people do leave you out of the discussion but they don't leave you out of discussion because you're not good they for whatever reason leave you out of discussion cuz maybe because you're a polite soft-spoken guy and you haven't been knocking people out like that's the the knock on you if there is a knock but you're winning winning is that that with fighting the key is winning it's not knocking people out or submitting people the key is winning can you win can you beat world class guys you shown you could beat world class guys and the fact that you've done this with just seven years total training is pretty fucking incredible pretty amazing man fuck off social media post and run just post and run cuz it's like we were saying before it's just not a healthy way to consume things so there's a random because Pete's too many people out there that are bored or maybe they're not healthy mentally and they're just they would like to fuck with your head and they see a guy like you especially a guy who's on elite athlete fighting in the UFC there's so much jealousy and pettiness and spent and sports fans are weird like that they'll call some guy who's making twenty million dollars a year a fucking loser it's crazy but you sit at home on Foos games watch it crazy but their words although they mean nothing if you see them in print and it's about you it can get you go hey hmm and that might fuck with you while you're running fuck that guy you know and there might be thirty of those guys and if you you go down a spiral if you have a weak mind and you don't understand how to compartmentalize and how to how to look at things objectively if you don't see what that is and you start I thought I saw him I'd say this so come say that shit to my face you start getting involved in that stuff that's just a giant waste of resources a giant waste of energy it doesn't do you any good at all especially when look at what you're surrounded with man you're telling me it's all family elite fighters some of the best guys in the world you have one of the best coaches on the planet Earth many of the Ricardo I made and one of the best jiu-jitsu coaches on the planet Earth you're with some elite world-class fighters you're all tight together that should be all of your mental diet all of your communication camaraderie all your interaction with people it should be that because you got top of the food chain like why fuck with all these scavengers online and cannibals and fucking zombies and that's what you're dealing with when you get into those comments sections you don't know who these people are you know I mean it could be anybody true story just for a fighter the mentality and this is another thing I wanted to ask you about your mentality is so fucking important do you use a mental coach and have you ever been hypnotized if you ever work with the mental coach at all only thing I did different this year was brain tap a break my own physical therapist thing and you put the sound on it's kind it's like kind of hypnosis and they got like flashing lights you can go take a nap or whatever it's kind of like listening like they say you listen to rosetta stone something for you go to bit and we wake up it's in your mind but you heard it it's the same thing so I'll take a nap and I'll put it it's always positive thoughts is like take a deep breath this and this and it slowly it just you hear this talking he's speaking and he slowly stops but you see the light still going off but it's there and you push it in forwards you can hear him like very lightly talking in the background and I take like a knife like thirty minutes so what if I wake up the borders of the lights how does it well I think it's like just gotta hear Jamie's got it was doing Pournami I think it's like pulling a brain tap headset yeah there you go and I think the license I would just keep your focus to your body isn't completely sleeper so let me see this it says uses unique frequencies of light and sound for brainwave entrainment in just 22 minutes of deep relaxation your brain will be guided to lacks proven scientific techniques allow your brain to rest and the allows your brain the rest and recovery that it needs by reaching various states of consciousness reboot clean the slate of unimportant and of the unimportant and reinforce the most valuable information for better memory and brain power and revitalize our sessions are designed to build resilient build a resilient mind and fit body from life huh so with that in float ain't nothing I one thing I had a problem with I said you always gonna have dreams you know if I have a badge spalling whatever I'm thinking negatives when I go to better have a negative journey have a dream I got to take down ten times well I had a dream I got hit hard and practice I got a dream I got hit hard and I put out nice to feel like and going into fights if I had one of them dreams I gotta member just high before the Gian Villante files after I fought Justin Jones I went home and first night I would sleep I woke up and had a dream I fought Gian Villante next knife lost the split decision and then my mom and we're going to fighting that stay vivid in my head I'll lose this got split decision somehow my dream you know I was fighting over line 10x in a lost split decision I think that's why the third round even though everybody is saying like you were saying the leg kicks and everything and when it came up they showed the scorecards like I guess I was winning on the scorecards by my mind I was getting defeated and I had to go harder and go hard and I was getting beat up because in my dream it said in my mind so I got greedy and coaches kept saying like just move good move I was just doing the most trying to hit him as much as I could and you kept saying and I watched the video you said the best offenses the best defense if cauri can't get hit Gian can't throw anything back so that was my mind I get it this round ten eight there's no way I lose so I hit him as much as I can as many times I can't maybe I'll put him up and I got over those and got caught and then when the scorecards came on said I was winning there was no reason for me to do all that right yeah my mind going is that fight I heard for all fight with that dream kept popping never had another dream losing again but that was from December to year before he was stuck in my head like for summer I couldn't let go of it and then I can or whatever if I had another one that it didn't showed it just uh the finish of the fight but I woke up with a record eight and two at time I was 81 or seven 181 and this is before going into the Tom Lawlor fight and I was nothing like losers now I remember in Vegas he rocked me in the beginning and I thought for sure that's give him scrap I like here go her coming I dream again her color dream weekend when they said Cory answer now I remember going him hotel room somebody put silence at nine and one congratulations and that's when stuck him here like gosh that ring means nothing and that's my the dreams are just dreams yeah I gotta give I think the flow tech helps you floating kept my getting relaxed like the negative thoughts I always do it the week the last week Sunday I do massage I go to church massage float tank and there's nothing on my mind but the Bible and it gossip I heard that morning I got a massage and I fall asleep and I go into that float sank I think about what I need to do in the doesn't mind song stop and I'm thinking about is that fight with victory winning getting my hand raised every way dominate dominate dominate when I wake up that whole week I don't have any negative thoughts because that's what I fish like that last three times at work at home and was all positive thinking and with the brain tap like my doc you so let me take it to the fight with me so I'm resting between training put it on he gave me a little travel iPhone whatever how does it make you feel the brain-to-brain tap you just wake up like I say relax like I'll be talking on practice I'm tired I'm exhausted but that little 15 to 20 minute whichever one I use one of my brain coming back to is like I feel my god it's left for hours I almost done why it does so much for you I don't I've been the type of I'll never believe any of that stuff like hypnosis not never believed but after you let me try like just try once not try and I actually like let my body relax I noticed the next day and training like dang like this reduced feel like I always struggle did you juice you I hated you see my mom I went to I finally realized things I was doing I was relaxed pancit over Carlos saying watching the small details and he is like where you look good today and I was thinking I got think maybe that brings a price you kind of have not kept doing it it's gonna put your mind in a good place to learn things so you kind of open mind it you relax you wake up is like the airfield smells a lot fresher like it's just like I said like hypnosis they say it works and I guess it does work like that's not it's not putting me to sleep or put me out hypnosis hypnotize but the way it made me feel like I want to say I work hypnosis wise I got hypnotized but subliminal messages you don't hear it like if you listen to music and some of the background it's in there how often are you doing that brain tumble well now I haven't done I'm about to buy one of those from my physical therapist he got some extra ones he said get rid of so I can do it more but I usually do it when I get in the camp in my old physical theorists place they relocated and closed down here so that's why I haven't done it that much me so I got some of us I'll tell you so if you have one at home not every day not every day I don't want to get to be at least twice a week twice a week I do it when I go to therapy twice a week but also do it how awful I think I do that once once just that last day before they just kinda like water I want to over water you drink too much water it backfired so I don't wanna do the same thing with float sink because float tank is also great for the injuries and the body yeah that's how I found it at first much so it was real messed up once the fat comes fight and I kept getting a stinker I couldn't figure it out in the physical therapist she was like you need to go try floating I think it would be really good help you with your other bumps and bruises and pull off a couple hours at the same time because all Epson saw just sit there and try and I reached out to the guy and brick and he gave me a love do i hook you up you know you're advertised for me and I let you float yeah so I did it and I liked it like I said the negative thoughts going to the fat comes fight that's where I got the dream I got taken down took down like sometimes yeah cuz I had a guy come on he's like I've trained with pain he's really good at wrestling this guy was a national champ he's really good he might take you down a couple times but he came out Carter Carter Lee and my mom's like I want to get taken out at all so I started having dreams I was getting taken out like 10 12 times over by pet and that couldn't happen now you see I had to take him down I didn't want to shoot that for I want to kill him on the feet and I've taken him down to us out of the house you think you were taking them down because of your dream like you wanted to prove your dream wrong you had that was so easy I was just like I was gonna keep doing this hit him with a cup of counting punches when he Gary the punch take him down because I'm thinking and my mind's got stressed at the Olympic level do you want all-american Penn State the best go out there I'm thinking there's no way he's gonna be easy to take this guy down it had to wait so you get tired and chain wrestle I did like one of my weakest blast those everyone blew him off his feet and I was like that was that was kind of easy but it's different when you got a guy that's used to taking people down but nobody shoots on him Brian he wasn't used to that right he watched his face only person shot on was a young blocker which and that's when he was tired he finally got taken down yeah everybody else clean kidding so it was like I'm just gonna try and I went through him I was like oh man that was too easy I'll tell mark in a corner like I had my leg in a corner you got to defend it you got defended I can feel feeling we hit the cage and my wizard was so tight he had the leg I looked at her cause like and he asked me to come I was you're shaking your hair like he wasn't taking me down he's not gonna take me down I can say open what he entered I trained with nikka tone and here's another UFC vet he's a fucking awesome kind of Russia him and Chris Weidman – Chavez news I've ever wrestled and then we make game and I knew when he entered in he was nothing compared to other guys I just looked at Nick or Ricardo shook my head and Nick knew because he was in the corner – he knew he could tell in my conference I wasn't where he's not give me down and after that it was over so the this brain tap thing float tank one week before the fight the last week what other do you have any other rituals that you do that you make sure you keep your head and your body in check I mean like I said I'm always in physical therapy because like I said my body so beat up I've been competing some great ass ice baths every Sunday night after I do all that like a home relax and that night before I go to bed 20 minutes and filter but what I sit there my new cryotherapy twice a week once or twice a week all training camp therapy twice a week I do a massage every Sunday you know I lay the trainer Jim amazing with yoga yeah I do that too every once in a while like closer to get that flexibility hot you're gonna help me get some pounds off a little easier so I'm rehydrating more before spawn I do that Friday night with Saturday spawns I'm more limber to throw kicks and stuff on my final spot throughout the week hmm so you know I got different different places and companies I reach out to and they help me I hope – that's awesome so where you at right now did they are first of all what is going on with that knock a holy shit that I just Glover's for hit put your hand up which really could see this one right in front of ya look at that knuckle folks that's a reputable ankle what an uppercut on a Glover in a third round remember when Mark was calling a combo he says carry convoy said and I hit him with him with the right hand like my brother I look down my hand and this finger like stuck I like that I'm shaking my head – mark like nope we're us Wow he shot saying he'll slap my hand hey it's okay my finger and win the back just just okay you'll be probably back I couldn't get it and we kept trying I just keep him taped together and keep her straight to get better and never did I remember to hold as my wife is like don't move it don't move it you gotta quit mu I was doing this like doing exercise mentally like it might hurt now if I get used to it and never hurt again did you ever go to a doctor yeah I went and I ruptured a tendon and the tendon from here rolled all the way up and I said is it rolled up and it was already fat cuz I broke 200 how old uh yeah that's why it's like curved I can go down so was there anything that you do for it thank you they say we can straighten out and put a pin to attach it but I think I wouldn't have to bend my hand like this but it'd be kind of like it wouldn't bend all the way anymore if I did that that's what you said like if you do that you're gonna be a fight you know it's kind of hard I like that because I guess the pian is kinda long so it makes that joint not Bend all the way but uh I wish a doc they did that there's a home they did the x-ray and MRI was like that makes no sense like what like this tendon it's how you move this finger so how the hell you move your finger there's no tension I was like when it was taped together just kept doing it in Germany while I was on my vacation my wife just kept doing exercise like well I guess it's a good thing you did that cuz if you wouldn't it would harden up in here and his joint would have been immobilized i wouldnt be able to you but the fact I kept doing it while it was fresh I'm still able to move it doesn't that's the craziest looking finger I've ever seen in my life that's like a triple finger that's nuts man that isn't that's a wild looking joint and does that fuck with your grappling or anything nothing as hard as a rock now it doesn't bother me at all wow it's crazy looking man I think it's a weapon now right here right yeah I suck right it's all calcified right yeah yeah so um where you at right now in terms of like what when does the UFC usually come to you with an idea of what who you gonna fight next and obviously you beat Latifah he was top five mmhmm yeah so you're three and five what are they what did he got you ranked now eighth or ninth how's that work fuck my house how does Cory answer nine the top five beat the number three and the five when I'm just three they put me a six I don't know if I've they put me at six like I'll be go I went to six by the time I fought I was ten that night in Cali I was ranked in thinking how how does that happen then I beat Ali who was six and I went our fifth or fourth one he was I went six yeah and then a week later I was I said the next we came out of a fight yeah don't care well you clearly top ten you know whatever number that is I mean it's you got a murderer's were all people in that division mm-hmm you know so they when when do you think they'll come to you with an offer for well they wanted me to fight Gus at a time like I said I have to fight on the microphone I don't want to fight anything else until my baby's here when the baby's here and everything's checking I don't have to be in camp right and stress this in this once that's hard then we can talk and they call my cobras later about Gus and cuz he tweeted me and had them ask my area and I said the same thing like I'm waiting to my babies John mm-hmm that was March 15th to do day of my baby was March 12 that's too close my risking it you know Dina's like I what about June first no then let me finish with my baby and stuff I'm not really even trainer my home my wife I'm doing a little bit here and there but I'm worried about her now she's been with me ride die this whole time that's my time to focus on her what she needs she didn't want me away so I'm here and they kept calling I kept calling I just kept saying no no no when they kept asking me oh my god I know it was like I mean don't forget my mom they give my wife's like if we get more weight take it okay if I give you more let you go well yeah we can start camp for whatever I did give me more we're do it they say oh no we're not doing nothing I didn't wait let me finish this literally my baby came out and I felt that I asked the doctor everything fine I did the tests everything came back good like there's no problems I'm here to go to doctors nothing's like you're fine you got a healthy baby boy congratulations literally picked my phone up tweeted Gus Gus you still want to go June first you want to do it I'm your huckleberry let's go London I come yes Cory you know I want to fight let's do it oddly call me it's on his managers called me we want to fight let's do it June first same same pay no race no nothing whatever I was getting let's go takes Dana they literally they called me the day before on the way to hospital I'll get a call my leader you won't know if you want to fight bro I call you after we figure it out I say yes listen 24 hours later they say now we give it to Anthony Smith now what the fuck y'all call before yesterday harassing me all this camp now say yes then you taking it away like why off what what's going on and that that may be met then they call me for Luke Rockhold like I'm not know not taking a step back like I wanna hit be here for the title I'll be Luke what they're gonna say because I guess if they told Ali if I beat Glover since he was gonna fight earlier that for me to contingent for ty to fight they gave me a new contract and everything with all that in it signed it then I'd rather call him me one more fight there's a guy make him in a Lehrer fight and not least and no because he managed both of us but don't you think that Luke Rockhold is a good fight for you means a friend but it wouldn't do no he's a fighter but it would definitely elevate you in the public side yeah you don't think would help you no no you ever think alehrer chief would help me in the ring yeah over I don't buy that because I think they'd like rankings like even if it's not 1 but 1 through 10 80 any one of those guys could fight for the title if they get licked Thiago like Thiago Santos mm-hmm right I mean you lost David branch what a year ago right at a mid lane that I beat yeah 20 are able to 13 they're 18 for there and now he's fighting for the title it was a quick ascension from you know devastating knockouts and fighting like a wild maniac like he does he's a wild fighter to watch very very entertaining guy that's all it took oh yeah but who was in that he didn't have to be the big-name guy I think he'd be young black which lot killed on my for five years he beat Jimmy Lee Jimmy manawa stopped him Anders nearly got both 85 hours she didn't so he had two fights is because he had a knockout nothing like I said I told him I was like bro it's a good fight he's the same thing you say it's a good fight like allele is looking awful I'll be Glover who was third they still in pretty much half fight I'd be a little TV but he says next to beat the check whatever when I beat him they still don't give me a credibility it's like all he's washed up now and I popular tweet I like I apologize anybody that because once you lose to me it's kinda like you're a nobody like I'm sorry for that time all the posted thing of the day say oh these guys all feel they get six months I feel for the same thing I get two years I'm sorry Tom because you lost to me I think this is you get the joystick I'm sorry it's just though the same thing is half of that asshole coach when you're in college as it is in the same way back to tweets and shit because in my head things like that I've been through you know I learned but now it doesn't matter but in my mind I've voiced my opinion to that coach and when I proven wrong I ran into his assistant coach later on in life and he said he doesn't really like you anymore because the guy actually I fought an Ultimate Fighter what's his best friend killing us one of his all-americans he's to call him back when I was in college trying to discipline me if I like did some shit to piss him off here a half Kelly come in and try to beat me up never happened oh my god he couldn't beat me up like that and he's get pissed at that so the fact that he thought he had like a hold on me with this transcript and I got out and then I end up fighting Kelly on the show and he said the two and pregnant song he'd kill you in MMA he would kill you in MMA well the opportunity came and I beat him and that's somebody selling like it he wasn't happy about that you see they like the fact that you beat Kelly like I'm sorry I don't do things like that this this thing where you don't feel like you're getting the respect that you deserve it does motivate you though it doesn't give you like a little bit of extra juice in the gym I mean I'm a motivated guy anyway highly motivated most wake up my open my eyes is it's time to get to work so your son's born the Anthony Smith coming he had a you know Anthony Spence survive against John Jones and you know especially early on he looked good you know showed good technique showed that he's he's really a world-class fighter and I think that they just think that that would be probably said yes when you said no and they gave it to him you know while you were waiting and your son was being born so now you're just waiting for another call yeah but things like go back to that real fast he said yes and he said no I watch this interview ski area himani and I said the day after he fought John Jones they called him about Anthony Smith or about Gus so that was about the same time those call to me so it's kind of like they were just throwing it out there and Ali said uh I guess they offered to Johnny walkers Johnny walkers manager made it post I seen it I got offered us good like it was just throwing out there for whoever's gonna be the first person to say yes well they probably have a bunch of people say yes and then they sit down yeah and they go over it like what looks best for us like what do we have you know I'm not a matchmaker obviously you know it goes promoter thing I sorta barely do man I'm onew I know as little as anybody should in my position independent contractor no fucking say look if they listen to me first of all there'll be no more weight cutting and there'd be weight classes every 10 pounds that's what I would I would fix that would fix that right away I would do the same sort of hydration testing that one Fc does let people fight at their natural weight so you don't have these ridiculous 40-pound weight cuts like did you see Brandon Davis in his last fight he's uh he fought astok they look free skin cheese giant it 135 I'm standing next to Mike how the fuck are you 135 pounds he does not look sleaze 170 like Montel Jackson – yo yes same height as me that's like crazy I hear you make 135 giant hands yeah you're groaning on shells got basketball palm in hands bigger than uh for instance he does they're huge at a thirty five pounder man in any fights smart too smart and technical yeah I watched him on a reasonable circuit he fought in my hometown a few times I would go there special guest and watch and I saw him his fight an amateur and I told you he liked this kid could be good he trained up in Milwaukee with knot rufa support uh rich Schafer's at the time yeah and I saw nice to go to train with her now watching my hidden pads and doing so he's funky he can do it when he go pro he could be a champ and they sure to his first fight went away it did and then Cali I represent him in hotel like Montel I mean highlights real fast like you know I know you got a seen you fight bro quadrant do what you do you fucking good I hit this do as much you can't wait for the shot get us a mission and you can't face what ground a pound you can finish this dude hey I got you bro thank you yeah we're not doing did in the back everything man I was a project I'm not I knew that guy seen what he's done in the gym I know what he can do he's special he really is he's got real potential but he doesn't freak me out as much as his as Brandon Davis turns away looks healthy ahead yeah Brandon Davis like I couldn't believe that like that he ever weighed 135 when I'm looking at him like you're so big for that way and he was 45 before that and apparently they pee I do UFC Performance Institute they're the ones who talked him into go on a 35 they look you can make the cut he was more than 160 when he weighed in when he was in the Octagon and that means yeah I heard him say about 1/6 now yeah ah said he can make it that's good cuz I went there got one point coming off the always pure Jimmy I can't remember the marking and was like oh he always think about 85 what yeah that's how could you else 200 pounds like well maybe like I tried to test I didn't go well but not a pee out here so I emailed them I went out there and we did testing Clint and Bobo said well Clint bozo me just get stronger clearly I don't say right now Christ in your numbers compared to other numbers you walk around smaller but when you put your own a system your numbers is like you're like the leaner than most these guys I mean you make a team up but you're probably like died like you wouldn't be healthy at all you it wouldn't be worth it well so many guys Dustin Poirier so many guys going up in weight class been the best thing that's ever happened to them so I'm Jorge Masvidal so many guys that go up to 70 they just look better Robert Whittaker Whittaker is perfect you have now champ yeah I mean I think that it's a it's a bad environment when there's 20-pound weight gaps between like 85 and 205 or even 15 between 55 and 70 these are giant weight gaps that's too much weight you got a name for school 585 that's 20 pounds Cuban ours you can make it like you do you see me when I'm going to scale it ain't like I'm still flat like my dad was poppin yeah like my cheekbones we're gonna look at a 20 mm oh you'd be a dead man yeah yeah a dead man I mean you'd have to literally like do something to your body like you'd have to run like running like 20 miles a day Brandon Davis before that fight that's Carl Robson he was a big 85 yeah 205 um contender but he wasn't like solid 25 205 you can see he still had more body fat and so he can get off i'ma go out to pee on it sound like you're gonna become like a marathon runner this can what do you mean they gave his meal plans like very small meals which you got around like 5 to 3 to 6 miles a day and then bike after that another 10 to 15 at night so that's what we was doing like Sunday hit me up like you ready go to the park yeah I would go bike 15 miles and I leave he go run the thing with my my looping and her brothers fucking his I hatch if I want to make weight but not he's got it down pat so he doesn't have to do that anymore get his body to where he's supposed to be walking around like 205 2 cm max lean so when he gonna camp a good two three mile run get him down 2:01 nice it's like eat right and train and then suck the last few pounds yes sir people like that but like when you see me I guys see you like next to glow Vesta might really pay attention to it when I came in at 2:36 on two-week notice we look about the same we got on a scale or we did the face on the return side with you kind of see that he's dinner but I got my torso and everything is thick because I was 300 pounds I won't pump right point I don't lose that did you everything about heavyweight in the UFC marked I said it before yeah even say like bro the way 285 205 and heavy weight 85 is like 205 that's a little smaller faster but they don't hit as far as hard as I do in 205 and heavy weight they hit hard but they lost slower and faster than 205 so you can go up now I think you still do great and if you go down I think if you rehydrate it right back up you just go through everybody but I like school five like I said I haven't been dominated until somebody showed me I don't need to be here right I'm not going anywhere well especially when you're walking around 2:35 that's really the weight class for you yes now yeah I feel great I'm healthy that weight yeah my fuck around to it the heavyweight division is so strange too because it's got a weight limit like 265 always weirded me out like why is there a weight limit like there should probably be at 225 and then there should be an unlimited yeah the shinies as long as you fucking get you know a bunch of butter balls rolling around because that'd be boring or giant dudes like in ghana that don't even have to cut weight you know you know I Curtis blades I know he was a big one he came in yeah I recruited him in college not seen him in high school he was big then uh there was another one um one something he just came in from The Contender lights can do with a fro real crazy that he fought and I'm Milwaukee to Milwaukee cock heavy way he fought my buddy in The Contender they went out there three weeks before and he was like 290 something mmm three for my team it was like 250 already I saw my brother's ain't gonna be no reason to fight you need to come rabies dude it's huge when he hits you he's hitting you and if you get sitting around he's Donkey Kong he got a scene film on in the Kurdish blade hit me up about him when he first started fighting Pro and I seen film that's how I got seen film but look at how big his kid is gonna be a fight you used to I sure enough I think my god took it like oh he's big he's not gonna be as fast as me shit he's rehydrated up but he was athletic ish oh I was not a fight to watch but lessons learned yeah now if you could if you were running shit if Corey Anderson's president of the UFC what would you change the rankings the rankings go back to where it was if you beat this guy you move up yeah well they do it now they do it based on like yes I'm like a bunch of old for it that's what they say yeah my mind I feel I think somebody new if she still has something to do with it but they swear up and down every time I say something I'll be like it's not them or somebody else but I don't know cuz even Mick after the glower fight he told me like bro I was a hell of a fight thank you for stepping in you're definitely been a top five and I said in an interview like I should be top five but I got a feeling I won't be everybody interview like that sounds crazy just beat number three you're definitely top five when they came out number six there's no question you have your top father if everything starts going great for you and growing the right way do you think you'd be like well what the fuck am I fighting against now no that's why I made a tweet somebody posted before like I'm gonna say how Corey steady dropping down the rankings when you got guys like Dahmer as he beat Volcom who was four and everybody saying he lost that fight but Volcom was six actually something like that he lost that fight but he jump up to four he want our decision like ours cuz you lose a win on decision they don't move rank is up for decision then he want our decision he went up to number four and somebody said how does that even possible it's to the point now I can't worry about fighting who was in charge of the rankings and my opponent because if I worry about both of them I'm not focused on something yeah I was worried about that point I was gonna keep being whoever they put in front of me and eventually the keep trying to put these guys at the fight John like off knockouts like you say Anthony Smith he knocked out Rashad Shogun and then choked out Vulcan he went up to see UFC John and he had none on the ground all the extra stuff miss girl you're knocking guys out nothing's gonna be the same thing with Santo you know for knocking guys out but his losses in 85 other than branch he's also Eric's wisely on the ground and John is good on the ground John's gonna take him down soon as you come run to me you hit him watch me I'm gonna take you down and you ain't gonna have no answer right I mean if you don't have everything test it by the time I'm gonna go your fight if you can't do that in striking it's over Thiago to me seems like I mean he's a very dangerous guy but almost like so aggressive that he's almost like a kamikaze guy like he's do or die like kill or be killed he comes in just swinging and throwing hammers and if he connects it's dangerous if he connects is bad for everybody but he might not connect you know means it's that's kind of how he is he's he's uh he's a wild card that's the best way to put like he couldn't connect on John if John fucks around and I don't think he will I think he hasn't ever before except for the Gustafson fight I don't think he was prepared as much as he should have and we saw that in the second fight where he just dominated him but I think that if he makes a mistake Thiago could shut the lights out and they say that guy swings he throws like it's the sledgehammer even though he's not trying to make it to the final round he's not pacing himself there's none of that that dude he comes out hard but I say I think about him as my fight we're a little Chiefy going into that fight we I knew 100% he's gonna try to wrestle me if he can take me now everything is gonna be haymakers cuz he's seen me get touching the chin and go down robble so long as I keep moving if I make him miss he's gonna get tired yeah he's gonna stop throwing those big haymakers and sometimes when he's swinging he missed he almost falls over and it gives you like the counter or the takedown yeah that's thing in our division there's so many people not right more like Rock'em Sock'em robots I think they got their hands up and they blocking it's like oh it's not hidden but with four ounce gloves I guess I feel like I was cashed out for Ryan Bader in Johnson Anthony Johnson Boehner had his hands up but Rumble was hit his hand so hard yeah also you see his hands just dropped and he was out it doesn't matter if you let him hit you there's a chance to still getting wobbled and I think with John John is good at evading punches most guys stand our block and counter back or try to take a punch and hit you back like take a punch to give a punch you know it's not that kind he's gonna move move move you swing he's so long he can put his hands out and keep your distance and hit you with those quick fast long kicks and stuff and I just like you said I don't see John messing around he knows his dangerous he's smart I would say John's not only the best fighter he's playing mentally as a mixed martial artist he sees what's going on really well yeah he knows how to debt he can go out there and try tricky stuff at times when you know I can try some stuff right here and get away with it come home yeah I could show gonna fight he when I showed up jumping these jumping so going so short yeah well he knew he said I'm a different breed I'm longer I'm faster and trickier but I think would come a guy like Gus he didn't do all that stuff but he knew he had to stay long and the very punchy and get to take down and hit him where you can yeah and the Gus fight he showed his mettle right it showed that he could take it and then winning the championship rounds even in a fight that he wasn't even really properly prepared for he showed that in the vitor belfort fight – and he got you up with that armbar yep he overcomes adversity he's not just a hammer he knows how to be the nail he knows how to do it we'll listen Cory you're a bad motherfucker I appreciate you coming here it's fun you want to talk on more we did three hours man what we talk all in with me but who you told me you're going on your first elk hunting trip this year yep let's get out to Montana what dude we're part is it around I can't remember so he gave me the codes to put into the DNR site you you have a different seconds you using a light setup out there for but that's for target right here I got 60 pounds yeah it's like 63 and how many grains arrows you sold less to 60 yeah that's a really light arrow man I'll use when I go out there for Elka and I used it at 300 so I got the grizzly stick weighted tips or whatever three hundred grains that's it yes usually resting there your green I shoot 525 525 grains I should pull 84 pounds I like like the tip and everything and I'll know weight is 300 weight I don't yeah with everything yeah I have to get to scale I'll make my own arrows in the basement and all that but I just don't have a scale to see how much your way at the end the are you trying to do that for speed is that why you have the light grains that's just what the guy uh my guy aces and arrows hats on I'm wearing action in Vegas I'm gonna connect you to John Dudley I mean I know you've already talked to him but I want to get you guys together next time you're anywhere near here and he's in or if you're in Vegas and he's in Vegas I'm gonna get you guys together and have him coach you and help you because I already Irish see that you very accurate you know we're playing techno hunt you're you're you know scoring in the vitals every single time you know except for one one little one body shot but even that's a dead elk where you hit it but John can help you tremendously he he'll it'll tighten up your shit yeah I see his videos I study that stuff all the time but again he's like the Mark Henry of archery yeah he went through an era only because of operation yeah it's like you don't see people shooting like cam is good too but I'm not saying he couldn't do it but I don't camp could do it too they have a cam dollar post video shooting through kettlebells know you got some crazy videos too but I mean it's just that level of commitment where they just constantly train and constantly do it and John is also just such a fantastic coach you know he's so good at the understanding archery fundamentals and explaining it to you you positioning and it's very much like martial arts and that we make a few little changes and it does the world a difference most is that I'm learning on the fly like on my dad we learned how to shoot together when I was like 12 when his buddies like ever did archery took him to the range got me a Browning I was a kid you know shooting netted 3d shooting with him it's kind of like what I learned was from what he learn but if you know my dad everything other than worked everything is kind of like ghetto guys are calling the ghetto cowboy we had horses and everything it was just like the way you see people do it on TV when that was not the way my dad learned how to arrange horses it grabbed horses and saddle him up but everything was kind of ghetto the ghetto cowboy you know so now when I go back from things I learned not to tell him because I guess a you see my answer come all honey you know I ain't fighting I'm hunting constantly he's like what you learn is it's just watching videos and I go hunt with somebody else's instead of talking I got to talk about what I know but most understand I listen to guys talk and I ask a question like yeah like I don't know what it is but I make it seem like I do but yes what are you thinking about that and they break it down I'm gonna had no clue about that mm-hmm learn how to feel address my first deer in Texas with these guys hero sports a bunch of veterans we go out they ask me and just engaged yes I got closer gates you hunting with those guys with veterans with amputated legs or mental problems whatever this listens a store and we kill a deer like they've been hiding the whole life I grew up as kids so feel addressing how to call and like you shooting the rifle I go you go just website if you got 110 Granite bullet it shows you here at 300 yards I'm on this crosshair and it like I learned different stuff from those guys veterans that do this stuff for a living ain't been the war and learn how to shoot a gun then guys look like John Doe that see his videos and his not school and Knox and we're not watching it like that but he said you ever had any coaching like what I do is just practice over and over and over when I'm at the range the owner might come here come out and be like oh kind of try to turn your head a little bit more I didn't have a kisser but put a kisser but now that a force you to turn your head you need to be strict with the line straight down and think about pushing his life line through and stuff like I just practice I guess I'm shooting I used to shoot at least 100 miles a day like I saw pop that truck bed down put the radio and set there and shoot I shot one time so long I couldn't move my neck back the next morning I fell asleep like this and I woke up I could not I was stuck like I didn't even train because I was stuck on my head turning like this because my neck I got tight how scrunched up here and doing this like I wasn't supposed to but mm-hmm it all tightened up yeah you know so I'm learning the hard way just like I went turkey hunt this year this last week archery turkey yeah yeah never been turkey hunting before I've only seen on YouTube I heard somebody telling me at the trade show great American outdoors and it's a sound so interesting I saw YouTube and I ordered all stuff I need because I was teaching myself watching videos knocking the first day I slayed calling box call what that's not right not I can't do that yeah not on the slate and it sounded like an actual turkey calling like I'm good in a week I just study and try right so stuff like that so I just look forward to if you ever fuck with those heck suits they're heck suit you know it as HECS it's a especially with birds birds you know birds can navigate using magnetics they these they use like the magnetic pole – in electromagnetic fields it's been proven that birds can register and they see electric sense electromagnetic fields and they think that BRR in particular and sea creatures too like they use it with scuba divers and and spear fishermen and people like that there's a suit that blocks the electromagnetic signal that your body gives off and it's proposal particularly effective with turkeys who you know are very they see very well and they see things movement and they're very very skittish they see any weird shit they just get the fuck out of there but this guy Mike sling Kurd who's one of the guys who created the HEC suit he hunts turkeys with no blind he just sits out in the field with this hex suit on that blocks the electromagnetic signal and he puts camel on over the hex suit his videos of him doing this man it's kind of crazy you know this is yeah this is him sitting there so he's sitting with this hex suit on right in front these turkeys now you know as well as I know that most of the time if you were right in front of a turkey like that they would get the fuck out of Dodge I see you guys a little decoy the other thing they put over but he's not he doesn't have that they don't think I decoy in his hand yeah I mean he's behind a giant body behind him he's moving but the idea is that it can't see the electromagnetic signal that you're giving off there's a lot of videos on it it's super controversial but uh Dudley swears by it John Dudley swears by and a lot of other folks do too yeah I think it does I think it works for everything I think animals can sense something mean it's not everything right I mean you still can't be downwind or upwind you know if you if your wind comes and catches them they're gonna smell you and they're gonna get the fuck out of there but it's a nut what is that another price that's a great picture like that's a perfect example of how camo works right that picture it's great but you gotta if you try to take that picture me you try that you gonna see me perfect I mean it's the perfect type of leaves the perfect angle the perfect lighting you know it's probably fucked with a little but you know the heck suit is a very controversial thing but people smarter than me say it works it really works with sea creatures for some reason with things in the water because you know animals they have that a lateral line or fish rather have that lateral line and the they sense electrical signals that are coming off of creatures that are in the water and so the scuba divers swear by this fucking this suit it's interesting stuff yeah hurry oh my wait I'll get them to send you some yeah for sure well like I said I listened to Dudley when it comes every time you know I'm like you when it comes to martial arts if someone's teaching me something I just listened I don't second guess and when a guy is wise as him says it works I'm curious about it at least try it before I knock ya don't work for me the night may because I'm doing something wrong and they come and show me and it still don't work it's gonna like I don't believe wait for work do you have a particular camo company right now you should thicker SiC is the best yeah I love it the other thing I got they gave me a little pro deal 50% off well really yeah that's great I worked out but it's worth it yeah they they just have so much engineering in their shit and guys like John Barlow the guy was with the designer that does all the testing and cold weather and you ever see the cold water immersion test they've done with their shit he's got a rewarming drill that he put online explaining to people what you do if you're in cold conditions and you fall into the water like how to rewarm yourselves got a whole video where he did it they jumped into this icy River and then yeah nope and then climbed out and you know that the suits are designed and a lot of the clothing is designed to allow you to survive in that sort of a situation but you know you have to know how to do it how to go about it see here's there's John and this guy that he's with and they just dunked there's John on the right and they dunk themselves in this freezing fucking water and then get out and then they put on sleeping bags and got in a tent and right now that's been WPSU the waters point um well he's educating people that was actually what he was in the military that's what he did he he taught cold-weather survival he's so thorough too and you know and he's one of the reasons why Sitka's gear so well engineered and designed because they've got a guy like him that's telling them how to design things and he's a hunter too he hunted with me last year i hunted elk with him and in Utah I'm actually gonna get the test out like my buddy told me before like I promise you sicker you get they're warm and stuff no matter how cold you're not gonna get cold like the best shit so I'm going Saskatchewan Canada for whitetail in November yeah it was not bad he was like sometimes like negative to yes fucking back you come right where I got extra bodysuit for you so I'm gonna get their super warm gear and try it out and he said if you don't worry I'll let you use the bodysuit but well you might need the bodysuit and Saskatchewan is fuck and see if it really works I might see your boys videos check it out that Canada colds a different cold you know those people are Hardy folks there you went out there and uh June for the bear hunt actually my dad in the mornings it was cold yeah that time day the Sun come out and then we go to the top of the mountain it's just it's a glass you know man fast like instantly hands froze I'm in the truck in the heat he just out there chillin and his t-shirt like this is how they do this is do it ya know you when you were up there was that spot and stalk or yeah yeah so you catching them when they were coming out of the dens and we grab we have to go up to the top of the viewing point that's not my mom and we look meet him my day he had the spotting scope we both from binoculars I just look for black that you see something you tell me and I put the spawn Scout scope point and see if it's a a sow or a bear we can get mm-hmm you don't have something office hours cut her Cubs are not shooting us we only want old males it's crazy because a 30 minute drive to the top of the mountain so after we seal it might look like he's right there it's like like an hour to get down there and we got a partner we still got a walk 20 30 minutes and hope he's still in that area right you know I mean like I said we came across Oh we came across Cougars all kind of stuff but you get an that bear was gone yeah and we hopped inside back to truck back to the time we did it all dates I like it got dark and take us till midnight whatever get home because it was so far into the mountains and it was great like I said but it walk in and I had the wrong boots I like work boots my calves stuff was burning the first day but and I'm with the head guy because I don't like driving I was like walking a lot so we did a whole lot of walking like I figured you'd be in the UFC fighter I could test you I never had a guy that gives you that's able to walk most people are overweight or right not that athletic so you want to go a little bit it's not I go to a trip like you I can test you a lot of cardio man those were my life there's no monster like mr. Overtown 25/8 like Brad you ain't did it mama yeah it's different walking up those hills and those guys that get used to it those very specific muscles that you use when you constantly hiking up hills mm-hmm now you said you did a black bear hunt before yeah I did a few in Genoa rifle bow in North of Alberta with my friends John and Jen the rivets up there they got a great camp up there I just don't have the time to get away for that many camps you know and I prefer elk hunting okay a year I'm gonna do for this year for this year two elk one axis deer and one mule deer now what about the schedule and white say you've seen those fuck what would you what you do it yeah we do it yeah he do whatever I can't because I do have something scheduled in November already oh you tell me when more than one on a month I'll get divorced my kids will beat me up I'm a virgin already every morning I go four o'clock she's asleep I'm making noise I know they don't like it man it's funny but I get it but it's it's one of those things that just takes a lot of time like if you're gonna go on a hunting trip at seven days away you know you have seven days and you're gonna be probably somewhere where there's no cell phone signal but for me man it's very valuable for my head I I resent her out there I get it man there's fucking animals chasing deer and things are trying to survive and it just puts everything in perspective for me when I'm sneaking up on an elk and I'm tiptoeing he kept Owen through the grass and I'm just trying to get inside like 60 70 yards just to get a good shot off and I'm trying to make sure the wind is right and I'm not thinking about anything else man nothing and when I draw back and I Center my pen and you know and I put I'm looking through the peep sight and everything's right and the housings level and I've got my anchor point and I'm pulling with my back muscles and I'm just concentrating it on that spot aim small miss small you know the world goes away the world goes all right and when that arrow finds that crease and sinks right through then you see those fletchings disappear they like we fucking did it now some people will never understand like why would you be happy you killed an animal because it's so hard to do it's not that you're happy the animals die you're happy you did it it's a relief it's so hard to do it's like people don't understand like to maintain calmness and stillness when you're drawing on an animal it's not like a rifle I've shot things with a rifle and it's not easy it's more hard than people think it is but it's way easier than using a bow that's not even close if you got a drawback without being spotted yeah then you got a hold steady yeah like the rifle was kind you got sticks you know stick put your shoulder like I say it ain't easy but you find a crosshair once you get a settle is now whatever is just gonna be squeezed gonna pull up or down so I don't see me so bright now I'm starting to shake I've been here like the one I held three minutes and 41 seconds at a record and I hope his book come he kept stopping like I feel my back I think I'm putting on like wobbly oh my gosh and I paused the video after that kill like people wonder why I'm so proud of my kids like do you know it's like being 235 pounds 6-3 in a tree not being spotted cold you know I ain't you better control your breathing yeah one wrong move in my head if I go to eat something he see my hat motor silhouette he's gone it's like clearly like I paused the video and it looked like a picture like just me holding it looked like a picture Kyle never moved like I don't think anybody understand how hard is the biz because I am all up in the tree with a climber I'm using the clown so that's hard to and get up and just sit still the wind blowing everything you can't sway you said everything has to be right it's an art to it people never know they'll never know unless they do it it's one of those things and many people that get mad at people that do it are meat eaters which drives me crazy they think there's something wrong with killing wild animals like that's the best way to do it because these animals first of all they're gonna you're gonna get organic real wild meat it's better for you second of all like these animals lived a real life they're not like came after I got the beer me my dad got and we post a picture and uh his lady she's in the same stuff in the company I know she's me I've seen her at a barbecue her and her husband like pounding burgers I posted the picture like I can't believe you I will no longer follow you how could you dare go in a while and kill a bear to eat it I said don't you eat burgers or that you wouldn't got a counter that somebody took and chained up and slaughter yeah you rather than me going out and getting of the most natural way ever not only that if you love animals you gotta kill bears cuz they eat everything yeah they 50% of all the deer fawns and elk calves they get killed by bears 50% of them like I supposed to picture killing a coyote once and everybody didn't do anything stupid thing they didn't see I posted a video a week later I killed the coyote as he was chasing down a dope yeah he was shit like trying to give and I saw sauce was good right when he came out pow flipped it was over I saved a deer his life Oh y'all saw was the picture of the cow well you can't eat them yeah but I saved the other wildlife you never make everybody happy you can't make anybody happy that doesn't understand hunting that's for sure they they have this perception of it from movies and from a lot of those redneck stupid TV shows where you know this they just don't they don't portray hunting in a positive way and so people get this negative impression about it but I think with more people like you elite athletes that are getting into a bo Jackson is a big bow hunter you know there's a lot of boners now that are you know that we're just assets and they realize like wow this is thrilling and exciting and then it's the best meat in the world so you have so many pros and it's the most I think it's the most ethical way to eat meat because you're going out and getting it yourself you're not hiring some supermarket hitman you're doing it yourself my YouTube has the main pointing know about hunting is more like one a black guy community to show if it was more than just killing like up so far the 108 and I was a turkey hunt this whole week I'm out there but I didn't kill anything but it's more showing like it's more like you see the deer walk up the view yeah the Sun coming up the Sun going down you shooting all this and editing it yeah I'm doing all myself now do you think you have a career in that after you get done with fun last I don't like I told I meet people at the shows that work willing to work with me like honey what do you want like I don't want no money anything I just want your help if you can let me use when you give only thing and I advertise it I put your little link at the beginning tak the cam bone cream there's people I usually put a thing on there just I don't want money but because I'm just a fighter I'm not a hunter I love the sport you know I love hunting and you share you help advertisers ever I just wanna get as well as well-known as I am and fighting I want the same thing and hunting and what that'd do is I bring other people because I see them I go to both shot people ask all the time like I'm in today I was in the hotel I'm a boy I go you got a gig some weather the guitar like no it's a bow and arrow you see a guy say you look at oh yeah I love honey especially you see me like I told my wife I'll be the first person on Joe Rogan shooting a techno thing with Jordans a do ray or the bow don't work on the streets with sounds but you see me with a bow or gun I wonder if you're the first guy to ever shoot techno hunt wearing a do-rag and a bow you mark Dana and Jordans well maybe someone's done that before I wait to do right not with it you might get some I would do a trapdoor right Mike's my with the drill right choice about to do ray it's true I got them both you got the combo I want people to see what the show not about hunting just you don't have to be the typical what people see you see ya country guys cowboy hats cowboy boots kick shit kickers and they truck there that's the guy you expect to be a hunter right guy walk around it came about won't somebody see come here find out like you I love it that's it I don't know when people see a top level UFC fighter doing and they're like whoa like this is life yeah that's I love that you love it man it's it's it means a lot to me man I I think that positive role models like you are what the sport needs to change people's a sport cuz I don't think hunting is a sport let's call it this all in a culture to change people's perceptions of it they're positive people like you that are elite athletes and just for people to get a chance to see like hey this is I mean I'm not encouraging everyone to do it but I think there's a lot of people that would love that I've never tried it because they maybe don't have an understanding of what it actually is so if they see you to see the videos are you doing like Chad Mendes as well deep he's deep he loves it that's all he wants to do I mean he basically is fighting to pay for his hunting career you know this is just scouting stuff yeah but right now I got this in Jersey yeah this is like behind my house I believe yeah oh yeah mavens huh it's a la but I think everything I post is stuff I got hook no a lot of stuff I got a purchase because it's like I'll have may even hook you up Brandon Weaver way yeah I actually met him I'm anybody's grill no that's not bother me great like I try this I stand like I'm gonna purchase this oh that's good man good for you they make great shit there's a lot of great companies out there the guy forever he's a teammate of mine at hunts but where to God I talked to Frank Jaeger he said he wouldn't do it somebody gave him a bow cuz I give me a boss said yeah I'll show you how to get I got all my guys tell them off send the link do you hunt a safety car and I take you out I film it and I'll show you how to do it really like my buddies in Jersey he's a Jersey Shore Guido type guy well my shooter both 15 weeks ago couldn't make it mixing up the difference between a position shop yeah this is the pro shop in the basement oh wow nice so you set up your own bows and everything you level your third axis all that stuff no kiddin that's great man I love it again people I want average joe's you get together with Jim Miller he's out there too right he's up in a summit I haven't hung out with him but we talked ya know he's another one full balls-deep I'm working with his guys at a NW labs right now for like attracting and whatnot Bouck you go to I use like a NW lab same W lab would have like a track they got a job in the track whatever yeah so like getting them on camera mm-hmm so I got user stuff like the killer queue that's not just getting people in it like guineas local shops like I tell them like we don't sale in stores we try to get a few here a few there but like we don't have the network to get our name out there so people like that Grant important those that support me you help me support me fighting and how post just uh you know cuz i got more follows in you so maybe somebody else click the link for sure and they give it a try yeah for sure that's awesome and you have a perfect attitude I would I think you know I mean there's a lot of careers right now in the hunting world like a lot of guys make videos they post videos and they basically make a great living just making hunting videos you can you can do that now hunting podcast now you know Steve Rinella who's the guy who got me into hunting in 2012 for that show you've seen national theater they they make tremendous money now touring they do these podcasts these hunting podcasts and then they do them live they didn't live at sold-out theater some it's crazy I mean I I try to get him involved in podcasting years ago because he would be on mine and he was so good at I'm like you're such a great talker you'd be perfect for this and now it's just one of their their biggest things but it's one more way where guys can make a living and also spread a really positive message and be a great ambassador for for hunting for the hunting community I guess that's a post on Frankie's he did the butcher box that's yeah yeah not talking like avaandjohn something go to it wasn't Mac we can get you some meat lamb a Ricardo meat if they want out my freezer and somebody says something about my comment I was like I can give a man a fish and he had food for days with I teach him in fish yeah food for life yeah he can get this box right I gotta be cool he's I got an idea I can hunt like you but I can teach anybody what you can hit me up anytime you willing to hunt if you can make it to me I would take you up and New Jersey's infested with deer everywhere I got you your murder I'm gonna hit your car you met I'm saving you there some guy in my friend campaigns neighborhood last year died guy in front of them hit a deer the deer went up in the air and came through his windshield killed him that's a freak story yeah but if I killed him I shot the deer before you got to the rope right I wouldn't happen to you saving lives I'm saving lives in Lyme disease and Tigs and everything is getting on not yet I'm not dumb I say all time you like obsessed with ticks now you should act like I like it tickle me something maybe I got six I put the Sawyer's on I use lethal now good I put on my skin everything good Bobby in the woods not now feel something now paint you sure enough fucking tickle me I get home I got socks over my pants gloves over my sleeves and everything tucked in and I take everything off huh look at me restrain I'll be one on my back like dead ass I was at the Philly fights and me and my boys I'm here with sports it's not like real flex I'm on my back my bruises what are you talking about we zoom in on your back now recent my shirt you shoulda put a fucking tick on my back we affiliate the fights you know they're everywhere everywhere they're everywhere in some giant percentage of them have Lyme disease they say New Jersey is a high as infested place or it takes July you see what happened with Jim Miller I mean yeah hurry up four years yeah yeah I mean it fucked my friend's son up he got Bell's palsy where his face went numb on his son yeah it's fucking bad man I think Frank was a Frankie Gossage if his wife had long it's got bit a while ago and she was messed up for a while Marcus Davis you know Marcus Davis wound up using all of his money he earned in the UFC to help his wife because wife got real bad Lyme disease where she was hospitalized for a long time man it could let people don't understand that that shit can devastate you that is a dirty disease those little stinking fucking ticks man they can really mess your life I'm surprised cam don't get much he carry two deers out every time I see that now be thinking honey you're only a Knick if he did he'd never tell anybody he would have Lyme disease and just run 150 miles I'm still alive does he he's a psycho yeah there's discipline and then there's what that guy has this got to know yeah Goggins he's another one man he's another one it's like these guys that like they exhibit this next-level toughness that makes you re-examine what you're doing like you think you tough and then you find out what Goggins what do we say he'd ran like 28 100 fucking mile runs and row something insane like that is a lot more than ones a lot why cuz move it when you run over two miles I look like why here I get a text message from Goggins say stay hard motherfucker right now um doctor me uh Netflix losers now I haven't looked it up this one uh the guy called lost in the desert it's a guy who runs this a desert run they do care what country but you go out did it he was a soul man so obsessed with winning I guess some thousand people runs through this does it but the course I have to follow when the wind get bad they got checking is away night they supposed to follow and he was so obsessed like he wasn't checking here's I tried to take shortcuts and I go this way I'll find it and hinder going off the course and when it cleared up he was way off course he was so obsessed I still gotta finish he was out there for like five or something five or six days yeah and I was talking about how they announced to his family to his family husband's dead we can't find you find them they had helicopters going all over the place he went to a point where he's like drinking his own piss he's found his cave was full of bats I rip their heads off mixing them up triggered to survive drinking the bat two strategies mixing it up and he like at one point heard a helicopter coming over he took all his clothes all his gear dug a hole and set it all on fire hoping it was seeing at the fire one up the wind blew it out so he didn't go out there with no gear no nothing in the middle of nowhere he's a viand of getting bet he's everybody like he said when he got there the checkpoint was gone but his friend had flew back to find I'm sure enough his friend was there final minute desert yes call the doctor his car loses here losers and no episodes lost in the desert the whole show is good all the little things on it was good but that lost in the desert one he was a divorce and his wife was wife left him because after that he still went back he came home and she's like you're not going back like I'm doing it again I have to finish and now he still does it he divorces wife that his wife's left while his wife left him because you got a family when she left he left she was mad like what about your family people die on this what happened here like I'm worried this is miss I loves I have to do it when he came back his wife was like we're not doing it again he was like yes I am like you just like he was pretty much dead they put him in the hospital they found them and everything clone we end up doing again Morrow press berry Wow the survival story of Morrow prosper a disoriented after sands turns sahara desert this italian ultra marathon runner runner walked nearly 200 miles to safety but he's italian he's probably gonna get divorced anyway fucking guys are animals you know you see it you can play I have to I want you to direct DM me after you watch it so well thing like that was Oh see it when he ate the bad juice I like that I would just kill myself there he was literally bite my head off just indicate dark no light but he could he was feeling foam he can see the ADI Granth survive okay what kind of diary did that guy have even killed he try to kill this stuff actually really I'm so dehydrated he cut his wrists he they had last starving yet cut his wrists with and winter bit hoping he's gonna wake like not wake up did and he woke up he's like what in the world he said that was my sign that wasn't supposed to die he said when he got they said you were to die dehydrated to kill yourself he'd have anything he couldn't believe his heels of Jesus Christ that was in his voice I felt myself fainting I just kept telling myself I'm here I have to make I have to make it have to make it and he said he find like he see like some girl walking I didn't does he start walking away she was going in an army whatever arm wherever he was that the army either come get him they got guns and she think he's gonna die and it took him to the hospital he woke up he got IVs and everything and they recovered I took me back to his family it's a crazy story I mean all that was good with that was my brother called me like watch that bro you got a mentality like that you oughta fucking man watch that two days in he stumbled into an abandoned Muslim shrine where he noticed some bats huddled together Prosperi grabbed a handful of them cut off their heads with a knife and then sucked out their insides to drink their blood and quench his thirst eventually he did his vampire act on 20 bats when another three days passed with no signs of rescue he slit his wrists and waited to die but his blood and thickened due to dehydration so it wouldn't drain out fuck man like that's some Goggin can't even get together and do a podcast and talk about that like that was they wouldn't cut their wrists right it would've just kept going I think those those kind of people is ultramarathon people it's a different there's some different breed of human you know they it's like everything has there's levels right to everything there's levels you you've you've experienced it in your own life where you tough it up it became a stronger person a harder person and then there's levels past that and there's levels past that and especially for people that have one solitary thing they do like ultra marathons they're all the skinny dudes who can just keep going just keep going it's just it's it's the the pulling it off the crossing the line and knowing that you did something that seemed almost impossible so so titanically epically difficult to do that so few people can ever do it when they do it they're talking about running a 500 mile race now because they did the Moab 230 and they had the Bigfoot 200 though all these people that are putting on these races they're like okay we could do 240 let's see if we could do 500 so now they're talking about doing a 500-mile race its next level it's hard for me to run a 5k by hearing fellow too I mean I could do it but I did it in college and I've never in like a nothing calculated like you had to pay do again here's like a charity we have do for college nope never you have you ever thought about doing something good plane to go on the ground pay to run a 5k like what are their organizing and I get most of my go to foundations like that but even mean like you heard about the foundations that take money I'll just do you do here I'm not paying no putting some books to go run 13.1 miles right I'm cool people know it's more the fact I can say I did it obviously I did it on my own yeah one mile my phone yeah 13 miles we're good track my mind track my ruin boom hit 13 I'm done calling a taxi but you like when you're a big guy like you you probably it's probably not good to run a lot of miles right a lot of pounding especially I'm flat-footed shit I'm so flat like my ankles like touch the inside ankle says I'm so flat with my hands flat plus 0 F 0 arch at all so I get a new pair of shoes every can bring out the campus over cuz I all the movement and running I'm doing I use the same shoes athletic shoes for hitting mitts and shadowboxing at running so off with all the flatfoot is pushing down pushing down but Tom's time to fight it's going like I feel it my feet start hurting like ash hurt I know it's time for new shoes you ever try minimalist shoes like those toe shoes or minimalist shoes and they may come in my size what size you 14 I bet they do I guarantee you they do they make them in 11 I'm 11 oh yeah that's a big deal they make everything in 11 13 out 6-foot hot or freshman year in high school 13 years old I was 6 foot Wow yeah freshman high school senior in college that's Wow June 15 at 285 what mode of you to go down the water bit you go down to 205 well I wait I did a catchweight fight at like 220 the fight before I went Saltzman fighter and I went there I had to go to a 5 my course that you made it you wanted to build here you might as well try it go 205 like you can do it I know you can do it and once I got a guy I can do this there's a 85 like I can't I'm not doing I could do it but I'm not doing it everybody took to get here and ain't worth it's not worth it it's you too big you know if you look at you like I think a lot of guys have fucked their careers up by doing that ok dropping too much weight yes you really get rocked off a punch thing you very dehydrated that one little touch like I said I think that was a part the reason I got knocked out against Jimmy so easy I was so light I weighed in at 205 and next I weighed in at 212 going to the green he was 229 checking in he weighed in at 227 before during mmm and he said like you too small and I feel like my mind like I said I used to keep myself so low like when I wake up and when I get up so fast I'm sad to sit back now like it's I was getting like hit it's so easy I was doing so much like then I'll get like hit and I just sit there for a while drink some water and stand up slow that's the feeling you get when you couldn't wait that's so crazy but I was feeling that all the time do something too fast and training and how to sit down the matter but yeah give me a second and I stand up a guy terrible yeah but in my Ma's if I stay here I'm always ready for a fight but it wasn't good at all no now you're cutting back on your performance in a big way but listen man now we did a half hour more so we're good let's get the fucking out here and it's good to go on a hunt man lets you and me do well no okay we'll figure something out this I'm all booked up for this fall but maybe next year we'll stop playing I'd like to take you out to Utah especially after this year's elk hunt I'm you're gonna love it all right do it Corey Anderson thank you sir change man bye everybody [Applause]


  1. Joe trying to wrap it up made me laugh Corey saying nah not done yet let’s talk hunting lmao Joe saying we did 3 hours!! 😂 such a good podcast

  2. He needs to separate the words when he speaks- he speaks in sentences not words- and that whole high school story about him faking injuries and all that other BS and then he talks shit about the coaches? WTF bro your lucky they didn’t kick your ass off the team if you were white they would have-

  3. When I first saw Corey in TUF I did a big mistake. I thought nah this guy ain't going far not on a personal level more coz I put him down with the other chumps (who should all be respected). But they never have the commitment to reach elite level. When he won I had a vested interest in Corey all the way here from UK. I always made sure I caught him on cards and saw him grow and grow and grow and grow. So happy to hear Corey's story. Makes me wonder if he is Jon's kryptonite?! I do know if they ever fight he will attack Corey's ankle. Hope the best for Corey and will keep following you. Good luck beyond title fight.

  4. That switch is actually a change in gene expression, I call it the manic switch. It's when your nervous system puts you in resilience state. It's the same as when you're starving then just when you think you have no more energy, bam, you're not hungry anymore and you have boundless energy. Your cells go into resilience state.

  5. All his loses he has excuses as if he was winning and messed up not the other guy beat his ass.. This guy is his biggest fan.. He's a nice guy but just will never be in top 3

  6. This podcast was so inspiring!!! What an amazing person. Corey gained a new fan out of me thats for sure! Just a solid hard working good family guy. We need more of men like him in this world.

  7. Corey "I want to talk about Hunting" Anderson- Great interview and Corey's a good dude. Really crazy what hes been able to do in a short time.

  8. Damn, this is an awesome interview. First 15 minutes almost lost me, but glad I stuck with it. Gets ready good around the 45:00 mark. What an inspiring guy.

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