Jorge Masvidal CONFRONTED Ben Askren in hotel lobby, UFC 239 face offs, Gaethje turned down Ferguson

Jorge Masvidal CONFRONTED Ben Askren in hotel lobby, UFC 239 face offs, Gaethje turned down Ferguson

the UFC 239 media day face ops just wrapped up Ben Askren and Jorge MOSFET all faced off for the first time since their fight was announced yesterday actually when no media was around we're just in the lobby I was doing like a photo shoot and he was being his pathetic self walking around and I jumped up on him you know and he just fucking froze and then he started talking walking when I said come be a man come talk to me no I have to use the bathroom you know and it's just a fucking coward bro here are some highlights from the rest of the face offs nice nice behind-the-scenes footage of Luke Rockhold making final preparations ahead of UFC 239 more footage of Luke Rockhold grappling with michael Chiesa of the UFC Performance Institute Oh just the gates he reveals he turned down a fight with Tony Ferguson on four weeks notice as most of you know Tony Ferguson versus cowboy Cerrone was also booked on four weeks notice so it is likely the gate see was actually offered this fight right now are you taking a wait-and-see approach to the division do you have anything lined up are you waiting and seeing what's going on yeah the way is he I mean I really have no choice right now I'm just hanging out see what's up man I'm enjoying Vegas right now controlling these em away awards the fight week I'm just I'm a fan I'm a spectator today and tomorrow and especially Saturday night Jon Jones gonna fuck some shit up probably when you say you have no choice what do you mean by that ain't fine this week I mean just in general you know there's nobody in front of me that to fight right now so I'm just hanging out with Tony Ferguson be one of those people that you'd be interested in fighting I would yes they called me to fight Tony those four weeks notice I can't do that can't go in there compromise is a huge opportunity to miss out on but you know I asked him they push it till till Saturday and they couldn't do it cowboy got the bid well yeah I mean I would love to fight Tony I want to fight the Russian I gotta get you know to Tony doing one of those guys you think that's like the obvious next choice right now for you is Tony Ferguson I think Tony's you know earn his shot at the title I would you know I think he'd be forced to fight me or anybody before he fought the winner of khabib and Poirier so yeah that's my answer it seems like you and Tony are the two names that come up in terms of who's gonna give khabib the hardest time do you agree with that I do agree with that absolutely Tony's dangerous on its feet and you know better he's one he's probably the most dangerous from his back and physically you know as far as slashing you up with the elbows so something could be would definitely have to you know worry about Candice go in there sit on top like he does and be boring she's gonna have to work and Tony might cut him up on you know what he's on the bottom and I've I could stop taking on this topic taking out my whole life and I hate hardest fuck so we'll see back in 2009 John Jones was disqualified from a fight against Matt Hamill after throwing illegal 12 to 6 elbows this resulted in a loss on John Jones's record and is the only loss of his MMA career recently Dana White said he would like to get the loss of raised from John zones' record because it was a bad call on the referees part recently Anthony Smith gave his reaction to this and said he doesn't think the loss will get a raise from John Jones his record he also said that John Jones is known for continuously breaking the rules during his fights speaking with a back life Smith said I think that sounds ridiculous the rules are the rules and I don't agree with the 12 to 6 elbow but that's the goddamn room that happened a long time ago that looked like a lot of thing but as time goes John continually breaks the rules he breaks the rules I don't see how that's possible to overturn something that happened 10 years ago but he broke the rule regardless of how you feel about the rule it was illegal at the time and he still cheated rose namajunas gets her own version of the bottle top challenge if you are a fighter or someone who wants to start training in MMA listen up my name is phil de roof i am the head performance coach of American Top Team I trained some of the Elite MMA athletes in the world such as Dustin Poirier King mo Lawal Frankie Edgar Junior dos Santos Edson Barboza and you wanna jung-jae check going to MMA gyms or hiring a personal trainer can get extremely expensive over time so if you want to get a shape and train using the exact program of the top MMA fighters for an affordable one-time price check out fight ready in the description below use code MMA focus to get 20% off your final purchase I hope to see you on the inside thank you so much for watching guys if you enjoyed the content please like the video and don't forget to subscribe for daily MMA and combat sports news you


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  2. Bruh on the video of the face offs where u can see their faces better diago looks like he gna kill that mutherfucker 😂😂😂

  3. Anthony Smith getting ridiculous smh now jones is a cheater but yet he shut u down made u look like a punching bag lol talk about sore loser

  4. Can rose be on camera without pat being on camera as well? Not if he has anything to do about it!

  5. 6:00 Idk who this schmo go is or where he came from but I wish he would take his yellow sun glass gimmick over to bellator.

  6. Ben is scared of a real fight like Chael Sonnen. He knows that if he fails his takedown in a street fight he will get kneed to the face and soccer kicked. In the octagon there are rules and a referee. he can always quit. He says that Masvidal has masculinity issues because he wants to fight him in the street. I say, Ben has the masculinity Issues that's why he always insults everybody, so he can feel better about himself. You know how to fix masculinity issues, We fight when hurt or when Challenge by other males. We don't start a fire today and then turn around and say, I will fight you 2 months from now….. quit your BS… You talk shit now just be ready to fight today. Some rich kid bullshit, I see you in a week hahahahahhaa… That's why Masvidal calls him a coward. Ben is definitely not a coward. He is afraid to strike, but the dude showed his heart against Lowler….. Nothing but respect, but quit your BS.

  7. Madvidal so tuff. Do your business in the ring and cash that check. Leave your street ghetto shit in the street. Everyone wanna be street these days🙄

  8. this fckn dick rockhold will be fckn strong in this weight, if he doesnt get hit in the chin he will do very good.. but somebody will break that glass chin of his along the way.. cant deny he is athletic than most, hope he wins a couple of fights then gets raped by smith or walker

  9. Jorges a pro fighter with the potential to make hundreds of thousands tomorrow and millions in the future why the fuck is he trying to fight in a hotel lobby for free. He think Ben's a coward? He's signed a contract to fight you in a fucking cage.
    He's gotta get out of that thug shit mentality and act more like a pro.

  10. Its funny, the UFC has two kinds of fighters. Ones who understand the tough act is better for the camera and ones who think toughing is for when there are no cameras around. And both of these group think the other one is stupid.

  11. Gaethje is a bitch and only a hype. He knows he won't beat Tony so that's why he turned it down. Ferguson would destroy him. End of story.

  12. Coward?? see his last fight, he s like a terminator. Nothing stops him!!! Maybe his skills are one dimensional, but Ben is a beast.

  13. Masvidal is just another savage like nick diaz, they are ok with class c and b fighter, but when you fight AAA fighter they disapier

  14. Masvidal is gonna get broken as a man when Askren gets hold of him. Holmes knocks out Nunes and Jones will destroy The hammer. There’s a three way bet for you guys.

  15. What a Body on Rockhold, unimpressed with Blachowicz's UFC t-shirt and trousers..Give GAETHJE to MCgregor….I wouldnt fight Tony Either….

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