Jon Jones Narrowly Beats One Legged Fighter – MMA PROS REACT – UFC 239: Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos

Jon Jones Narrowly Beats One Legged Fighter - MMA PROS REACT - UFC 239: Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos


  1. To all you suckers out there!! Jones fought a muy thai style fight in the UFC against a muy thai freaking monster and made him look silly at times. That's what the fighters know and the refs also know. Plus he could have attacked him with a barrage of attacks but he didnt really do this. He wasnt even tired. He looked like he was just having fun

  2. Esse é o jones real, sem drogas, sem hormônios anabolizantes ilegais, sem fraudes, MASSS ainda protegido pelos juízes. Um cara apático, cansado, temeroso, envelhecido pelo efeito das drogas esse é o jones real, sempre foi assim, apenas estava disfarçado pelo efeito maléfico das drogas, enfim, um canalha embusteiro. Marreta fez a sua parte, de repente faltou ser mais ofensivo, atacar procurando definir a luta porque Jones oferecia pouquíssimo risco pelos fatos explicados acima. Mas, Marreta fez um excelente trabalho de qq forma, ao contrário de jones, não demonstra cansaço, está bem preparado, mais experiente e creio que irá ganhar o título em breve, mostrou valor e deve ganhar o cinturão em breve. Valeu, Marreta!

  3. Gustafsson & one-legged Santos beat Jon Jones. The (((JewFC))) keeps giving Jones gifts cause he is their cash cow. They even want to erase Jones' loss. What a joke. I'll be watching Bellator only from here on.

  4. Jon Jones barely tried and you Jones haters are getting excited. In the rematch he will actually try and destroy Santos mark my words.

  5. Anyone who says Santos was robbed is either a hater, or is deluded to not see that JJ did enough to win that.

  6. Jones will get his ass whipped by Johnny Walker. He aint that good we all saw that. His time is almost up now. Mark my words

  7. I’ll have to watch the fight again.. but I think Jones shouldn’t have got his hand raised.

    I don’t know what these judges are scoring this fight off of..

  8. I mean Griffin beat rampage with leg kicks and rampage landed the harder and most shots. And Santos lands the harder shots and most leg kicks and still loses. This why I stopped watching the UFC. I never seen Santos fight I watched his highlight reel today cuz I heard he was a bad ass and could win this fight. My initial thought was if he goes in there like he does on what I seen but again only highlights so just judging off that, could be good or bad for Santos and said against Jones would have to fight smart to win and he did. Feel Santos won 1,2 and 5 for sure (4 is a toss up could go either way or even a draw) but this is a ufc title fight you have to beat the champ significantly with 2 legs and able to keep his power from having 2 legs this is a different outcome for sure. I think the scored knockdowns were slips from the bad knee Jones did nothing with him on the ground and on the one Santos reversed it and countered (steals the points) this is the exact same fight as Benson vs Frankie where people thought Frankie won and Benson won Benson won that fight because he stole the points from Edgar by not allowing Edgar to do anything with the takedowns and getting back up Santos countered majority of Jon's pushing forward. Unless the point system changed Santos the real winner

  9. Santos clearly won! He won 3 rounds on one leg, Jones barely hit him a few leg kicks that was it, Santos punched, kicked, showed heart, he is the winner, fuck UFC!

  10. Jon cud have maul him on the ground if he wanted to end the fight.But typical Jon he wanted to show the ppl he can't knock me out!!SMH!So much ego!

  11. Chael Sonnen is soo fucking salty hahaha . 😂😂 he’s still mad Jon fucked him up in 1 round all those years ago.

  12. with all the leg kicks Santos connected with, shouldn't Santos have scored more points??? Go back to each round and count all of the connected leg kicks, punches, elbows etc..? Who connected more? who scored the total points?

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