Jon Jones BACK IN TROUBLE – Brendan Schaub & more MMA PROS React

Jon Jones BACK IN TROUBLE - Brendan Schaub & more MMA PROS React

this month Jones told news 13 ahead of the big fight that he was confident about being a role model I feel like I'm becoming a better leader and I am uh I'm like trying to bring out the best and the guys that are around me but Court records show Jones failed to show up to a bond arraignment for the battery charge last month because of that a bench warrant was issued online records also show Metro Court tried to send Jones a letter to let him know about the warrant but it bounced back a Jackson week spokesperson disputes the allegations against Jones and says News 13 was the first to make him aware of the warrant so today Jones went to Metro Court to pay the 300 dollar cash bond now because Jones went to pay the cash bond today his warrant has been lifted APD says they never arrested him because they're not normally made aware of petty misdemeanor warrants like this one Jackie back to you okay thanks Jeannie this isn't Jones first run-in with the law here in Albuquerque back in 2015 he was convicted of leaving the scene after crashing into a car and injuring a pregnant woman then in 2016 Jones was pulled over by APD for drag racing lapel video showed he got mouthy with the officer cursing several times in disbelief


  1. What a worthless liar both jones and Dana white should be in prison for their endless amounts of bullsh*t!? You sure are a leader what a great way to hang out in your community with all the dead beat dads cheating on their family at the peeler bars smh! & Don’t forget to take the gun out your trunk id hate to see you forced into using it on someone “lmfao”

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