John Morrison’s OMG moments: WWE Top 10, Dec. 8, 2019

John Morrison’s OMG moments: WWE Top 10, Dec. 8, 2019


  1. I really hope they do a spot like 0:20 in the mitb this year and to make it even better Randy ortom should rko one of them out of mid air as they are falling

  2. I want to see Morrison have a match now after that. I can’t wait for his return. Welcome back, Guru Of Greatness. It’s been far too long.

  3. John Morrison was doing 450s & crazy corkscrews before anyone else. Yea maybe there were a few others doing them like jeff but it didn't really become a thing everyone did until 2013

  4. Ever since WWE announced his comeback, there are so many great John Morisson moments recommended on everyone. Can't blame youtube. This guy is awesome and I can't wait for his return.

  5. The big question is can he still take risks like this? Jeff Hardy does and then we don't see him for months on end after

  6. Even tho wwe already treated

    Shelton Benjamin
    Matt Hardy
    Ray Mysterio
    And mostly likely shamus

    Bad on their return…. I still have hope for him His run.

  7. I remember a moment when John Morrison was in a fued with sheamus, sheamus throws him off the entrance stage and John Morrison lands in a crazy way. I was surprised they have not included that in the video

  8. Wwe rules 2019

    Forget half the roster
    Sign more wrestlers, forget them
    Turn a blind eye to champions not defending
    Put a whole ppv together just days before

  9. When high spots were sooo rare that if they happend it would be a special moment now everyone and their mother does them

  10. I really hope Morrison wins the WWE title this time around. To think he could've won it in that Triple Threat Cage Match against Miz and Cena but he jumped back in the ring. That never made me mad until now.

  11. Morrison should be in the movies! He's Amazing!….He was deserving of becoming WWE Champion long before most of the great champions that have reigned!

  12. I hope that he just doesn’t to god be wasted like Shelton Benjamin,Maria and Mike kannalis,Bobby lashyly and more(Hope it’s better than the hardy boys aswell).

  13. One of my favorite wrestlers… I still remember how shocked i was on the chamber splash… He is one of a kind… Please WWE use him well and how he deserves

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