John Cena’s first 5 title wins: WWE List This!

John Cena’s first 5 title wins: WWE List This!


  1. i think it was a bad idea to feature randy in the video here because we all know WWE won’t make a video called “Randy Orton’s first 5 title wins” considering his second title win featured someone who must not be named. 😂😂

  2. But the only titles he hasn't won is the intercontinental championship and 24/7 championship even tho he's a goat

  3. Lots of people don’t know but his first Wrestlemania was Wrestlemania 19 in Seattle Washington but it was a pre show

  4. "Love him" or "hate him" but you gotta admit he is the "greatest" wwe star of modern era!!!He was soo good in the ring,that he made every match like it was ppv main event.

  5. I want john cena to come back to wwe so he could become the new intercontinental title and win the royal rumble for the 3rd time and win to become the 17 time wwe champion

  6. I can say that John Cena Is considered of the best professional wrestlers of all time since becoming a 13 time wwe champion, 16 time world champion, 5 time United States Champion and 4 time tag team champion.

  7. Cenas 16th world title reign may have been his worst title reign. It should’ve felt special since the flair thing but it didn’t AT ALL.

  8. Please give him one more Championship run and make sure it's the Intercontinental championships he hasn't won that yet

  9. On so many mcBurgers this Double charbroiled is crazy . I want more ketchup for this last bite
    Heading into Year 2 of CosmicGhostRider Being a lead , And Tyson's on the Ketchup. I am sad I didn't put more money into Xmen but they pointed a gun at me with Madrox and we know Gene vs Madrox hurt feelings off air.

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