Jinder Mahal Gets Racist?! | WWE Smackdown Live, Sept. 19, 2017 Review

Jinder Mahal Gets Racist?! | WWE Smackdown Live, Sept. 19, 2017 Review

Charlotte Flair returns! Kevin Owens addresses the Vince McMahon headbutt! And Jinder Mahal’s new gimmick is being
racist! I’m Oli Davis and this is the 19th September
2017 edition of Smackdown Live…in about 4 minutes. Shane McMahon Promo
Shane McMahon opened Smackdown with his best Pulp Fiction promo – promising to strike down
upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and
destroy my father, condemning Kevin Owens to Hell in a Cell. But Samuel L. Jackson Shane is quite obviously
not. The words presumably looked good on paper,
but they didn’t fit McMahon’s character, and Shane’s delivery came off as overly
scripted rather than the realism last week’s angle deserved. Randy Orton beat Aiden English
Finally avenging English’s DQ win against him several months ago, Randy Orton beat the
Shakespeare of Song with an RKO from – guess where? Go on, I’ll give you a mi-Outta nowhere! Rusev beat Randy Orton
Rusev took inspiration from Orton, having his Summerslam rematch also from – second
time’s the ch-OUTTA NOWHERE – quickly beating a surprised Randy. Rusev was so good throughout this segment,
he got the crowd to chant Rusev No. 1. Hopefully this push actually amounts to something. Jinder Mahal Gets Racist
Because last week’s Jinder Mahal promo went down so well (I’m being sarcastic, it really
didn’t), Smackdown doubled down on the Maharaja’s racist undertones against Shinsuke Nakamura
– mocking the Japanese accent by saying “You always ‘rook’ the same”, and comparing
him to Japanese stereotype Mr Miyagi which prompted the crowd to chant “That’s too
far.” It’s a classic hypocrite heel move – accusing
the audience of something, and then indulging in the exact thing you’re accusing them
of. But racial stereotyping or racism-based storylines
are very sensitive issues, making them very complicated ideas to get across. And, whether it be Jinder’s performance,
the scripting or the audience’s mood – the concept isn’t working. Which is something WWE appear to be aware
of, with this promo being the only segment from the show not uploaded to their YouTube
channel. Jennifer Lopez Video Package
Rather tactfully, Smackdown ran a promo for Hispanic Heritage Month immediately afterwards. I wasn’t really paying attention, but from
what I can tell, Jennifer Lopez is wrestling Luke Harper at Hell in a Cell. AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin
The United States Championship must be the most consistently faked-out title in WWE this
year. After numerous referee mistakes between Kevin
Owens and AJ Styles, this match never even got started with Baron Corbin – with the Lone
Wolf attacking AJ before the bell rang, and then Corbin was “violated” – his peculiar
choice of words, not mine – by Tye Dillinger. This three way feud is proving an effective
way to get Dillinger over. Charlotte’s Ric Flair Update
Capitalising on the real-life health troubles of Ric Flair, Smackdown have positioned the
returning Charlotte as their top babyface title challenger. It’s a smart move, especially in a segment
so well done with the rest of the women’s division. Charlotte and Natalya talked over each other
like real people having an argument, Lana cracked a good crazy cat lady joke and Becky
Lynch is fantastic on the mic. Daniel Bryan made a Fatal Four Way No. 1 contenders
match between them for the main event. New Day beat The Hype Bros
Fresh from their tag title win last week, The New Day beat the Hype Bros in a quick
match. Rawley and Ryder are sick of losing, though,
and they teased something drastic backstage – which is actually very intriguing. Kevin Owens Live Via Satellite
Move aside Chris Jericho’s Best Friend. Take a seat, Face of America. This is the Kevin Owens we deserve – psychotic
and dangerous, more in common with his Steen persona from Ring of Honor. He delivered a fantastic promo looking straight
into the camera, apologising for assaulting Vince McMahon, but then blaming his actions
on Shane – brilliantly referencing Smackdown’s opening promo by delusionally saying people
like him don’t go to hell, they go to heaven. It fits with the best version of KO’s character,
blaming everyone else for his heelish acts – just like how it was Sami Zayn’s fault
Owens turned on his best friend in NXT. Dolph Ziggler Schtick
Tonight Matthew, Dolph Ziggler is Triple H, Shawn Michaels and DX. The crowd chanted a much better idea, though:
CM Punk. Charlotte beat Naomi, Becky Lynch & Tamina
Charlotte beat Naomi, Becky Lynch and Tamina in a very good 10 minute match – not just
setting up a Flair vs Natalya feud for the title, but also a secondary program between
Tamina and Naomi when Lana pulled the former champion out the ring. It’s great to see the women’s division
getting multiple storylines again, and that’s not even including Carmella’s Money in the
Bank briefcase. Sadly, though, Becky Lynch finds herself lost
in the shuffle again. So that was this week’s Smackdown Live in
about 4 minutes, here’s the usual ratings recap from top to bottom: SmackDamn, Smacktastic,
Smack Bang In The Middle, Ellsworthy and WWE Go-Home Shows. I’ll reveal my score very shortly, but first,
vote in the poll above my head to give it your own rating. I’ll announce the results in tomorrow’s
WrestleTalk News. Although I enjoyed this episode – with a decent
main event, a fantastic Kevin Owens promo and Rusev rejig – the episode felt light on
wrestling and the top championship feud is becoming increasingly problematic. And where are the Fashion Police?! This week’s Smackdown is Ellsworthy. Could Paige be returning to WWE soon?! And Roman Reigns shoots on John Cena burying
younger talent! Click the videos to the left to learn more,
press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis and that was wrestling.


  1. Where The hell is Bobby Roode I haven't seen him in like two weeks.I Would keep him on tv so people don't for get him.Aside from that I enjoyed SmackDown last night it was good but it could be GLORIOUS next time lol.

  2. When will WWE realise Becky Lynch should be the number one face of the womens division. Smackdown or Raw. Naturally and effortlessly likeable and a great ring worker. But no just push anybody else instead… (Charlotte's a better heel, Naomi's entrance is great but not much else, Bayley and Sasha's booking exposed their weaknesses on promos etc. etc.)

  3. Yup Sasha is going to win and then Paige will have a dramatic comeback and hopefully buries the Roman Reigns of the woman division.

  4. I'd love to see Charlotte beat Natalya & win the title for her dad. I just hope that Becky sooner rather than later will become WWE SD Women's Champion once again before the end of the year, would love to see her become champion again at Survivor Series!!!

    God willing that Mahal's sad joke of a title reign will finally mercifully end at WWE HIAC faster than you can say KINSHASA!!!

  5. I have to say, that was one of the worst segments I have ever seen. I kind of knew Vince had prejudices against Asian wrestlers, particularly from East Asia (China, Japan and Korea), but this promo very much solidified that belief. I really have no idea: what was the point of that? Do you know that Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing demographics in the country? Insulting a growing demographic for cheap heat is not good business sense, and I think Vince has done irreplaceable damage with isolating the WWE and potential interests from the Asian American market.

  6. I seriously couldn't give two shits about Jinder Mahal's WWE title run. I was initially fine with it, and thought after the Great Khali returned they'd go somewhere with this, but no. It's the same crap over and over again with him. Boring promo, boring match, Singh bros interfere or take a sick bump, rinse, lather, repeat. Just someone tell Vince "that India market isn't biting!" and get the strap off of him so he can go back to jobbing to Sami Zayn!

    For me, I've been skipping every segment he's in. That's NOT a good thing if you're trying to make me hate him and want to see his ass get kicked.

  7. Jinder is a joke. None of the real longtime fans like him. He gets no crowd reaction. Don't ever post that in a Wwe Facebook group though because their all newbie corporate suck ass fans that will tell you how the people of India love him so much lol.

  8. Only white people are racist. Stop changing the subject. Get rid of PewDiePie and the Charlottesville KKK first white people since you're so committed to stamping out racism now all of a sudden.

  9. You guys want good storylines, they give you one and you say that it's too far… what happened to the we want the attitude era back crowd you had that and rejected it…

  10. Wait, so wrestlers can no longer insult each other? Then what is the point? Why not just have them stand in the ring for ten minutes then shake hands and leave. This promo was incredibly tame.

  11. "Feasting on felines and dining on dolphins!" – The Modern-day Maharrajaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. So Americans think it's too far when Jinder's racist and controversial but want the attitude era back? And I recall the AMERICAN crowd booing the NATIONAL ANTHEM of India- What the country stands for and represents…just because she wasn't speaking in english. And it's not insensitive when Kevin Owens says it would have been better off if Shane had died in the helicopter crash? My god, Vince wrote the promo for Jinder. It wasn't a good promo, but why the hell are people getting so offended? WWE didn't have a problem with this shit back in the attitude and ruthless aggression era, when this type of stuff was going on consistently week by week.

  13. I really hate the RKO. Randy can be in a great match. Aiden English looked pretty good against him. No chance though because no matter how many times or how great you hit a great move or even a finisher. No matter how badly beaten Randy is, there is always that move in his back pocket that can pop up out of nowhere (to the astonished delight of the announcers who never expect it) and the match is over. No kicking out of it. It makes Randy almost invincible without some shenanigans to help him lose. I like watching matches with long time veterans against newer guys and getting into enough that there is hope the new guy can pull off a miracle and win. But the RKO prevents me from getting to that place. There is no need to put any emotional investment into the match. Sister Abigail is the same thing. Out of nowhere, no matter Bray's health, and no getting up. Boo.

  14. Bobby Heenan told better racially offensive jokes all the time. Jinder Mahal is doing lazy comedy for an over sensitive audience.

  15. WWE fans: we want the attitude era back.
    Jinder mahal: Mr Miyagi
    Wwe fans: that's too far.. I'm sensitive, call my mommy and tell her I'm hurt.

  16. That was just a lousy promo not racists. India is in Asia. An Asian making fun of an Asian is nationalism not racism, ya know, India vs Japanese. It is no different than when a Canadian wrestler bags on America or Americans. The Asians know what I'm talking about. We have all heard it especially if we have grandparents still living that are from the old country. I'm half Asian and I've heard things directed at other countries in Asia by my grandfather that were far worse than this promo.

  17. Charolette botched the finisher , the promo between Charlotte and Natalya was trash unless Becky spiced it up .
    The entire thing was trash .
    Raw >>>>> smackdown .

  18. wait so he calls Nakamura Mr. Miyagi really? Geez people are so soft and need to grow a pair. Jinder should of just stuck with calling Nakamura a Gay Japanese hairdresser that has facial seizures and then start calling him the Asian Micheal Jackson. LOL

  19. This is so dumb… Honestly I never really liked Jinder, especially when he almost concussed my boy Prince devitt! This is just great storytelling though…

  20. The "This is too far" chants were pathetic. People who think mocking a Japanese accent or comparing Nakamura to Mr. Miyagi is racist, clearly have never faced racism in their lives before. With that being said, the promo was bad and reeks of Vince McMahon who just saw Nakamura and thought of The Karate Kid.

  21. Though I am an American I have long said that the rebellion of the American colonies was wrong. Had I lived at the time, I would have been a loyalist to the empire. However, the way that you mispronounced Miyagi is the best retroactive justification I have ever seen or heard for the war. Watch the movie my friend, he says Miyagi about fifty times. Good day sir.

  22. Americans can boo the national anthem of another country they are not even considered as a racist, jinder makes a joke he is a racist

  23. LOL at WWE executives  using a brown skinned man as their mouthpiece to vocalize how they feel about Japanese folk.  Anyone with a half ounce of common sense knows that these are race slanders that  only white Americans would write

  24. Crap gimmick:
    He walks to the ring with a iron board on his back and irons on each hand, he has the assistant named irony who is also his tag partner and the tag name is irony man his finisher is the wrinkler (it's the chokeslam but he holds onto their shirt instead) and in no dq matches and when the ref gets knocked irony hits the opponent over the head with iron mans irons and ironing board

  25. "I wasn't really paying attention, but from what I can tell: Jennifer Lopez is wrestling Luke Harper at hell in a cell"

    You made me laugh at loud … my mom and dog gave me a weird look. You jerk.

  26. So obviously it's scripted and Jinder Mahal (the character and the man) isn't a racist, but neither is the writer. Since when was making fun of the way someone talks racist? How does that make Mahal, the character, a racist? Does anyone actually know the definition of racism? This is insane. HE MADE FUN OF THE WAY A MAN SPEAKS BECAUSE HE FINDS THE WAY A MAN SPEAKS FUNNY. He doesn't think his race is superior because he speaks differently! Dafuq be wrong wid u niggas?

  27. This is why the attitude era will never return. If you pussies can't handle a little racist promo what makes you think you could handle any of the segments that come from that era, like Dx mocking the nation of domination, or stone cold pulling a gun on Vince McMahon. He'll even the the ruthless aggression era, would be to much for the pussy wwe fans of today. With the carlitos cena night club stabbing storyline, or the Mohammed Hassan taker incident. No you pc, and sjw pussies would be all over that shit crying like pussies from your imaginary safe space.

  28. Racist? Maybe, but not the type of racism that matters. No one was denied any opportunity based on race. GET OVER IT. #notallracismmatters

  29. Only white people would say "That's too far!!" while the whole point of the Jinder push is literally creating heat against him for being a non American. USA chants while white Americans are deflecting their own racist vitriol? Gimme a break! If Jinder was being racist it was because he was following your lead. Triggered? I want Roman Reigns to tell John Cena he's not even a wanna be acting black. John Cena cut a promo once referencing reverse discrimination which is proof he just a racist troll.

  30. As an Asian, I was not insulted in the slightest by the comments from Jinder Mahal, I was insulted that WWE would think Jinder Mahal can cut a promo…at all.

  31. Although this segment was piss horrible, WWE has done far much worser racist shit than this. Muhammad Hassan, Mexicools, Virgil, SGT slaughter turning heel shitting on America, Kai En Tai, Kamala, Akeem (The african dream), Roddy Piper Goes Half-Black ect. But off course IWC will probally not even know half of what I just mentioned then because wrestling fans these days mostly consist of indy kids that have only been watching the product since 2011. Firstly, The real reason why ya'll pissed is Jinder took the piss out of an indy darling (Shinsuke Nakamura) had someone like Orton do this to Jinder, I doubt IWC and people would have been crying as much. Secondly, Jinder is asain himself! He's indo-candian. He's ethnicity is Indian! which means he's asian! How the fuck can another asian be racist to another asian? Jinder wasn't making any racial slurs. He was making fun of the stupid faces Nakamura makes, which is true. The dude makes some stupid ass facial expresssions. Ya'll bitch and moan and say you want WWE wanting to go back to the attiude era, WWE gives you a bit of attiude and you cry about it?

  32. Where were all these people with the HHH vs Booker T storyline for WM19? Where were all these people for JBL's anti Mexican angle? WWE always draws heat through race

  33. Immediately after, WWE aired a hispanic heritage month ad that I really couldn't have cared less about. All I got from it was that Jlo was gonna fight Luke Harper in a steel cage, or something XD

  34. I prefer the old school wrestling where they insult each other not on race or stereotypes but skills. This generation's wrestling is made for clowns and sadists

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