Jim Cornette On Why He Finally Quit WCW

Jim Cornette On Why He Finally Quit WCW

we got that I quit because I'll fucking get up that day thinking I can't take this anymore and we get there and what do we see on center stage on the lineup for tag team matches we're gonna lose every single one of them so I fucking go into it was a dressing room only used for the office and the gift finishes and everything I said only that's what if we post produce everything now Bobby couldn't spend a day with his fucking family yesterday cuz nobody told him he wasn't work and now we're working four times in one night we could have done two of those yesterday he said the magic words and I will never forget this as ingrained in my mind it was the nicest thing I ever heard he said if you don't like it go home I said only that's the best idea you've ever had I turned around I said I'll see you later he said where are you going to son going home he said well you'll be sorry when you're back in Memphis with that dog and pony show I said no I won't and I slammed the door that's it Stan give me your keys he said why I said I'm going fucking home he said what I said I'm done he said hold on I'll go with you cuz he had a paternity suit at the time and he figure they were gonna get some of his money anyway and he was fed up with these fuckers but then we both looked at Bobby and Bobby's got three kids and Bobby's got a wife and fuck and so we had the little meeting and we said look we'll it was select the end of Casablanca we'll all be together again someday or whatever because we figured in April his or may his dealer be up and and I was already probably gonna have Smoky Mountain wrestling well on the way at that point and he said guys I know you got to go he said you know I got to stay I said yes we do so and we you know had the team fucking meeting and then me and Stan got in the car I felt like I'd been paroled from prison I have never had a ride so happy in my life and Stan started about halfway to Charlotte he's kind of like now it was a hundred and twenty seven thousand dollars whatever as fuck it I quit on more than that sorry Bobby said about an hour or two later only came to him because he's got four fucking matches right he's said where are those guys Bobby said only I think they're about halfway back Charlotte so when are they coming back and Bobby said dully I don't think they are and we didn't and basically I said home for about a week I like on the page after see I quit yes you're off well see we were originally off anyway because because that was a day that we were booked up but look see here I've crossed all these out but real briefly sent home for about a week and then heard called me on the phone that well they sent me this letter first of there's a reports to me he indicates that there was a misunderstanding involving you in the book or Olli Anderson I've had further conversation with people close to you that indicate you've been quoted as saying you will not return to WCW the company must take the position that if you do not make your scheduled commitment starting on November first blah blah blah we you will consider you in breach of your contract no further monetary compensation will be paid to you and if you have a desire to try to resolve this year's issue please contact me and he'd called left me a message so I called him back I said Jim I ain't coming back I said and you can give me a release or not he's well I'm not gonna just let you go walk right into the WWF I said I just got finished with one cartoon wrestling promotion I'm not going to another one I've got some things I want to do because I knew I was going to Memphis probably to do something short-term and I was gonna set up Smoky Mountain I said you can send me a release or I'm gonna do what I want to do anyway can you sue me and I don't give a fuck but I'm not going to the WWF and I'm not coming back there cuz I'm done with you you can take that fucking company shove it up your fucking ass you've been wanting rid of us well you got rid of us and I'm rid of you and I think we're both gonna be happier that way and that's and he he sent me a release and never even excluded going to the WWF which he said he was gonna do but it was I could do anything I wanted but I wasn't go to the WWF anyway so he couldn't write a release right fucking moron


  1. I recently discovered MLW wrestling and see Jim is the ringside announcer. Last time I saw him was on Impact Wrestling

  2. "Well if you don't like it go home" corny says thats one of the nicest things any body's ever told him well if he things that's nice i would what hed thing if someobe told him he's a old grumpy four eyed piece of shit libtard I'm pretty that would be the greatest thing someone's ever told him 😂😂😂

  3. That a $120,000… “fuck it. I’ve quit on more than that.” He’s the shit for that one. Rather it’s true or not 😂

  4. "He couldn't even write a release right." And every other word from Cornette's mouth is an expletive – what a moron.

  5. "fuckin moron." If I had a nickle for every time I've muttered this at work…I'd have a shitload of nickles…

  6. Moral to the story…don't try to BLUFF someone if you know you really NEED them…they might CALL your bluff…lol

  7. I get a kick out how Cornhole and these other old failures talk about how the old promoters mistreat everyone. Then in next breathe bad mouth vince for paying better and how on the old days promoters did things on a handshake. Yeah old promoters were real great honest business men. Pfffffttttt

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