Jessica Eye just had no business being in there with Valentina Shevchenko,Cerrone wants a rematch

Jessica Eye just had no business being in there with Valentina Shevchenko,Cerrone wants a rematch

he did exactly what this coach was saying he was innocent exactly what his coach was saying yeah I mean holy shit man and and what a turnaround I don't think I ever seen Marlon tired and he got burned out holy Sh Jimmy this is you don't see this often no and it was like out of a movie I was tired I had a whirlwind of a few days I was at this point I was back in my hotel room jumping up and down oh and I and I'm friends with Marlon I like Marlon sweetheart of a guys with a garden vada and uh and that crew and Mark Henry of course and Frankie Edgar and he's a great guy he's a sweetheart of a guy I like Marlon a lot but I I could not believe it was one of those moments where is it was wow you were watching an incredible moment come back yeah and incredible because after that first round it was so so devastating you know in favor of Maurice the fact that he came out and adjusted in between rounds when everyone thought it was only me people said this is what I'll say people were saying things if there he'd be Demetrius Johnson they were saying maybe it was a fluke or this or that whatever right you know they were saying stuff would he be TJ Dillashaw they were saying that uh maybe was a lucky shot yada yada or TJ I may miss to early whatever and the guy was cheating uh they can't say anything now he hate me right but respects right for Henry shokudo who he's made it not for nothing an Olympian a two-time champion here and both to the two divisions it's amazing this guy's up witness guys amazing yeah he is amazing would you like to fight again this year do you think you're gonna have to take the rest of the year off because of the injuries um I'm not to play that by ear but no I would I would like to fight towards the end of the year for sure I would like to headline achievement there's no more me being co-main event either yeah I I feel like I'm the new face to the u.s. I really do I bought my credential in the UFC has my credentials nobody not kind of McGregor nobody and I want I want to be paid love when I'll be treated like when I look at the rankings sometimes I feel like it shifts depending on who they're trying to push or you know just sometimes I feel like just storyline kind of conduct eight yeah the rankings you talked about Tatyana Suarez we found out after the fight that she had actually in a neck injury going into the fight and she still pulled up the victory do you see her next for Jessica and Raj or would you be more inclined to give it to Michelle Waterson I want to make sure she shall Watterson definitely not Michelle Waterson Michelle Waterson doesn't want to fight until like September October or some and she's ranked too low the post fight press conference Dana White has asked about you and he was like Michelle Waterson what she's she's low rent I was like what what's going on here explain to me what is going on here there has to be more to this story you know I love Dana I we've had a great relationship I respect him I just think he's really busy he has a lot on his hands he has to take care of a lot of fighters and at the end of the day he's probably given you know a breakdown or line up with the fighters and just a list of the rankings and he you know I'm talked about the fighters that way and in my opinion I just if you're looking at the rankings my opinion I think the rankings are and I feel like I have a great case against me except they're going off of last performances now Tatiana is facing people ranked in the top 10 and we see what happens when you start facing you know higher ranking girls that the competition becomes more steep and and it's hard to pop off good you know solid dominant performances you know the higher the competition and here's the thing about George in thing I said oh Henry it's a week's rest as we deal with the grind for a while if George is somehow better than me which I highly doubt he is I'll just put so much pressure on him that he quits so there is probably literally no way someone's impossible that he beats me I'm shocked tips along from the cash and first off as a young man when he was in our team you know between 23 25 26 whatever however old he was I remember he was putting in everything and you can see what his body looked like and so looking back you see the the morph in his body over a five six years and then you start hearing about you know through the grapevine of what's really going on and this and that so uh at the end of the day I'm glad man this cheating is BS this is this is literally a sport where you can injure somebody especially if you're not if you have a temper and you have no self-control in practice and in fights if you're not gifted enough don't you know take away that god-given gifts about other people when you're cheating you're not just cheating to get an advantage you're stealing from other people you're lying to the public into your family and everyone else you're a liar a cheat and a thief a hundred percent there's millions of dollars at stake so I get it for the selfish person that says hey I know I don't have what it takes I'm gonna I'm gonna cheat and trust me how many times does somebody draw driven drunk before they're right before they're a cop right EUI yeah it's like two hundred three hundred times something messed up too obviously I mean if they would go back and test things or they knew how to do it I mean there's no there's no question in my mind the years of abuse that went on but at the end of the day was it bother him he's he got a year and a half he's a call station when it comes to turn himself into the victim etc so I he'll win back the fans that they don't really care about that stuff and and he will stolen money from guys like Cody Garvin who I almost have knocked out two different occasions and Tudor from fights he's playing with with a stacked deck I mean that's just it it's it's not it's not cool it's not okay he'll only be out for another year and a half which who cares he's taking a vacation hanging out with his family he's he's a rich and famous and it was a good trade off for him be a cheat cheat the system stack some casket famous and come back and he'll find a way to do it again no doubt I'll be honest I'm just gonna say this and and and I don't mean they disrespect you Jeske evil eye but this is what I'm about to do she really had no business being in there with her and and and that's only because Shevchenko's so good you know and honestly I think challenges in the division or little week right now there's not a lot of people that can challenge her for that belt so you know Jessica I've put together three wins so shit she you know as much right as anybody I guess but it was you know she wish she was never gonna win that fight I respect the fact that she believed in herself you know even though the world said she couldn't do it she wasn't good enough she went out there she tried her best and she got knocked out you know so god bless her for trying but the world wasn't good enough and you know what the world sometimes they got a point sometimes you do stock you know listen you know the popular contest is that you suck on this occasion they were right you know how else you wanted to break it down to yeah there's an artist or a teacher one underdog but you still went in there you would have listened you anybody get paid do you want the money fights they get what about the plane what about you good looks how about just listen to everybody for a chance just for a second listen to those around you listen to the noise that's being made one on the dog but you still went in there you would've listened you anybody get paid you want the money fights what about Lena what about you good looks how about just listen to everybody [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]


  1. Ben and George would have similar wrestling . But gorges striking is 100000 times better . Would be interesting . Wont be long till askren takes one clean off the butt chin

  2. Please everyone stop asking Bisping his opinion . Who the fuck cares about this half assed fucking clown joke.

  3. Lol girl tried gotta give her props, why r u guys trying to kill these girls by feeding them to Valentina. Valentina is next lvl shit give her a real fight like rematch with Nunes.

  4. My favorite part is all the Moraes fans who said he would destroy Cejudo are silent. We are you guys at?

  5. Time for another "Super Fight" between the Female 115 pound champ and the female 125 pound champ for the 125 pound title.

  6. Jessica Eye is my favorite fighter she could not defend her unorthodox stance thats all.Defending the left kick . So all you haters shut the fuck up !

  7. I want what Michelle is smoking. She can't seriously think she deserves a title shot over Tatiana or a lot of others tbh. Rankings aren't shit. Her last impressive win was over Paige. Then she lost how many times? And when she wins it's a slight edge? No.

  8. Sometimes I can't stand bisping, what a fucken coward and a satire cunt faggot bitch he is. Deriding fighters like that is wrong.
    He shouldn't be talking, comparing the record he has and how he got knocked out.
    Sounds as if hes all wise, but it is obvious that he's has a lot to learn especially being a former fighter and a father. I don't know how you can live like that….. what a two-face.

  9. "I'm in good health . Thanks for all the messages and concerns .

    Only air was in my head ! No broken bones or anything !"

    – Kevin 'Not Bruce' Lee

  10. Henry is getting a lil full of himself. He is very talented but when Conor made divisions only 2 guys had before him a long time ago so it was exciting but it’s a trend cause now u have DC Nunes and now Henry who is number 6. Yet Henry’s performance was great but the person he beat wasn’t as heralded. I mean DC best stipe and Nunes cyborg and while Morales. Is a killer it was a vacant title. We see now that just the right match upbcan make someone a champ champ but doesn’t necessarily make them the best fighter at that weight. I mean Conor beat a guy who got cut and ko in new promotion but would get merked by most of 155 pounders. If Cejudo can defend that 35 title against top guys consistently then he can talk a lil but he needs to slow his role. He might beat DJ but DJ will always be the man with the most defenses which to me is a more heralded combat athlete. 2 belts these days is kind of a smoke screen tbh. It’s impressive but let’s be honest

  11. Henry lost the first round, didn't get smashed or dropped or dominated. Why so many people saying it was some crazy comeback

  12. Uriah so full of that sodium chloride. Can't stand TJ cheating but I'll accept it if it means Cody No Class not winning.

  13. WAS a big Nick Diaz fan but talks Shit about Valentino Shevchenko ,fuck him hes a peice of shit just look at her Instagram bad mouthing a Champion he cant even take a fight or pay a fuckin fine even his brother is back fuck him and the horse hes on ,big hard man "I smoke weed and want attention "I'm puffing now FUCK NICK DIAZ!!!!Go to bare knuckles PRICK
    Punch drunk Walker, I loved you man

  14. Tony Ferguson needs a Fucken title shot already. He doesn’t need to fight anyone else except for the Fucken champ!!! Dude has put in so much work already that he needs his shot at khabib and imo he’ll beat him and become the champ.

  15. If Bisping “listened to the World” he never would have fought Rockhold.
    And who is that fucking asshole sidekick of his?

  16. I say if Khabib vs Tony is not next after Khabib wipes out Dustin, then Tony should just move up to Welterweight there's no point in fighting Lightweights.

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