Jeremiah & Gus’s Fight (PART 2) 👊 MTV Floribama Shore

Jeremiah & Gus’s Fight (PART 2) 👊 MTV Floribama Shore

– I don’t (beep) care! – Gus is generally upset because Jeremiah went out
to console this stranger! – It’s just childish
as (beep) right there. Like it’s childish, you’re (beep). – (beep) – You know, you preach to
us like you’re our family, like you have our back or whatever. Well don’t check on this mother (beep). Check on him first. He should be your first priority. – I’m a Florida boy just as
much as Gus is a Florida boy. And the fact that I was trying
to come outside to (beep) talk to you about the (beep)
that just happened upstairs. – And he got upset about that. – And he (beep) riled up at me, man. That’s where I (beep). – Well, when you’re 5’8″ and 150, you got nothin’ to be really proud about. – [Woman] You gonna come into my house and disrespect me,
– Oh, gonna watch this. (beep)
– Yeah, watch this over here. – I know how Gus is. Gus gets drunk and starts talkin’. – I’ll (beep) kill you mother (beep). I’ll beat your goddamn ass right now. And I’ll (beep) that mother (beep) too! I’m talkin’ to you, the shirtless mother (beep)!
– We’re holdin’ him. – Dammit, Jeremiah got no shirt on. That guy got a shirt on. He’s talkin’ about Jeremiah. – You talkin’ to me (beep)? – [Gus] Talkin’ to you mother (beep)! – Hey, bring it bitch! I’ll (beep) you right here! I’ll (beep) you right here! (beep) bring it Gus! Bring it! (beep) come here! I’ll (beep) right here! – Little man don’t want it, Bro. – Little man? – I’m the only one
who’s been here for you! – This situation is so bad right now. I’ve never seen two guys
that are best friends go at each other like that, never. – You keep that mother
(beep) away from me! You hear me, Kirk? You keep that mother (beep) away from me! – This guy Jeremiah, looks literally like somebody just ran over
his dog in front of him. – I’ve been there for him! I’ve (beep) stood up for him! – I mean, pulled it in
drive, ka-poom, poom. – What the (beep)? – Put it in reverse, boom boom, pow! Back over him again, put it
back in drive and took off. – (beep) you! (beep) you! – He’s about to turn green any second. – I treated that mother
(beep) like a brother! (sobbing) – He might, he might tear
the whole house up, man. I’m honestly scared, man. I might need to sleep outside tonight. – [Kirk] Like, I’ll probably be gone. (beep) And he’s really mad. – Yeah,
(sobbing) That mother (beep) scared me man, mm mm. Jeremiah’s shedding more tears than I’ve ever seen Gus
shed in two summers. (sobbing)


  1. Why did the episodes stop at 9?
    Left it like that?
    Kind of lame, I thought this was supposed to go until episode 11!
    The ending is after the sushi restaurant? Seriously? Wow, that’s dumb

  2. Jeremiah is gay, prob just does not know it yet (or his religion is keeping him from admitting it) . Showing it more this season. He is acting like he has been betrayed by the person he is madly in love with… this case a man named Gus. Add that to his troubles landing a girl.

  3. never seen the show but i can tell that :
    1. gus is a douchebag manchild with a napolean complex
    2. jeremiah is an insecure steroid using baby

  4. Jeremiah was one vein pop away from Hulkin out. Bendito😕 I like him. Gus was wack as fuck for that. He was just tryin to defuse the situation.

  5. The bigger the guy the bigger the pussy generally. Get through life by intimidating but can’t fight when it comes time.

  6. super saiyajin 1 : 1:00
    super saiyajin 2 : 1:07
    super saiyajin 3 : 1:20
    super saiyajin god : 1:30
    super saiyajin god X Kaioken 20 : 1:38
    super saiyajin WTF : 1:46

    omg i nearly died myself typing this

  7. It’s crazy how people saying Gus overreacted like let somebody come in your crib talking spicy talking about where u from people is trash and garbage y’all gonna act the same way like homeboy u know where u at. Keep your insults to yourself especially when u are in a Florida home itself

  8. So MTV have done it, they have actually found the ultimate trash to put on TV. Jersey and Geordie shore are awful….but this….Fucking woeful

  9. Hey Jeremiah you’re a nice person you really are and I’m a huge fan of this the show that you’re on right now and you’re my favorite character

  10. gus is tough because they have security guy's everywhere,. that the only reason he's acting like a big man… what a pussy

  11. People think cuz they lift weights that it strengthens their chin…boy I've seen skinny dudes make big boys go night night. All them muscles dont mean shit if you got no hands.

  12. Jeremiah is way too nice of a guy, Gus is a bitch remember in the challenge house he wasn’t even a good competitor and he got his ass whooped in Elimination

  13. They're both soft. Stop the talking, if you're about the action then get to it. Jeremiah is a mark for turning on his boy like that though, doesn't matter if Gus is in the wrong or not. If Jeremiah considers Gus his boy then he should have his back regardless. That home schooling has his social skills all types of screwed up.

  14. Gus wasn’t wrong all the way. He was just pissed his Bestfriend went and talked to the other guy before him. But the way he reacted to that was wrong.The other guy started all that shit. Talking tough and Gus stood on what he said.🤷🏾‍♂️

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