Jaw-dropping supernatural moments: WWE Playlist

Jaw-dropping supernatural moments: WWE Playlist

We’re back in the Ultimate Warrior’s
dressing room, ladies and gentlemen. Unfortunately, he is suffering
severe abdominal pain. The attending physician there to help him
out along with a number of his friends. The Ultimate Warrior, unfortunately. We’ll get back to ringside. This is unfortunate.>>Man are outside around the casket. Look at Yokozuna.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The Undertaker built this casket himself. What I think he’s just done is-
>>No, that’s it.>>Built himself an extra large house.>>That’s it.>>There’s the lock.>>[NOISE] [MUSIC]>>That’s it. He’s locked him in there.>>[LAUGH]
>>Yokozuna is still
the World Wrestling Federation Champion. But he didn’t do it on his own. He had help.>>When you give Mr. Fuji this kind
of freedom, you got to expect this. I take my hat off to him. That’s one tremendous game plan. Look at them. We have seen and
believed the demise of The Undertaker. To say the very least. You won’t be seeing him for
quite some time.>>Wait a minute!
What’s that?>>I don’t know.
What is that?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Would you believe it? Something’s happening inside the casket.>>What?>>There’s some sort of Green Goop
coming out of the casket.>>That’s the same stuff that
was coming out of the urn. What in the world?>>The lights are out. What’s going on here? Stone Cold has that
look on his face again. [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Wait a minute.>>I don’t know.>>What’s this?>>What? That’s The Undertaker.>>What is going on here?>>No.>>Be not proud. The spirit of The Undertaker lives within the soul of all mankind. The eternal flame of life
that can not be extinguished. The origin of which can not be explained. The answer lies in the everlasting spirit. Soon all mankind will witness the rebirth of The Undertaker.>>[APPLAUSE]>>I will not rest in peace. [SOUND]>>What is? My.>>We’ve never seen anything,
anything, quite like this.>>What is it?>>Hey, wait a minute, wait just a minute. [MUSIC]>>What is going on? What is going on?>>I don’t believe what I’m seeing. [MUSIC] I don’t know what I’m seeing. [MUSIC] I just. [MUSIC]>>The Undertaker is levitating
here in Providence, Rhode Island. [MUSIC] I’m speechless, I’ve never seen
anything like this in my entire life. What is going on here?>>Diesel, wait a minute,
Diesel making his way to the door. Diesel is sliding closer and
closer the door has opened, the door has opened Bret Hart
has Bischoff and a kick out. Bischoff’s going to make it. Bischoff’s gonna come out of the cage. Bischoff’s going to WrestleMania! Alleged by Bret Hart! And Bischoff’s trying to kick out of it. And, yes, he does! Bischoff’s going to WrestleMania! Get out, get out, get out, get out!>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>What is this?>>What, what, what?>>What in the world?>>What is this? What is this? What is this? What is going on? No, no, what, what, what? What is going on? Bret Hart, Bret Hart is outside the cage.>>[SOUND]
>>The winner of this bout and still World Wrestling Federation Champion,
Bret Hitman Hart.>>But Diesel was just pulled down into
that hole, as it were hell itself.>>All right, we may be breaking away from
this action depending on just how far it goes here on Raw. [LAUGH] This is gonna be great!>>Look, Diesel now. Coming over.>>Mister Undertaker!>>The Undertaker has no idea
the Diesel has that wrench in his hand.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Diesel, watch it.>>He lifted it up. What is that?>>Whoa!>>That’s Diesel.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That’s Diesel, Diesel just flopped Diesel. Look at the man’s face.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>How’d they do that?>>Diesel just saw himself,
he just saw into the future. He just saw the result of WrestleMania,
and he can’t believe it.>>Paul Bearer and
Mankind and whoever that is. Look at Mankind standing in the grave.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And Mankind jamming the shovel
down in the dirt.>>[NOISE]
>>Look at how much dirt was piled on
top of The Undertaker’s body.>>[NOISE]
>>I sure hope you enjoyed in
your house buried alive.>>Didn’t enjoy it. The Undertaker,
how could he possibly ever rest in peace?>>We invite you to join us on
November 17, ladies and gentlemen.>>A grave that he dug for himself. [SOUND] Unbelievable.>>What was that?>>Wait!>>He’s alive! The Undertaker’s alive!>>What?>>The Disciple has cut the corner there. I don’t know where he went. Hogan’s going back to
his own locker room now.>>Disciple, get out here, you idiot. I got something.
>>Come on, man.>>He’s not here.
>>Take him out [INAUDIBLE]>>Where he’s at?>>Hey, he was just here. I saw him come in here. You saw him come in here.>>It’s that Warrior. Look at that.>>What’s the matter with you, man?>>He’s in the wall. He’s in the mirror. How you doing?>>Look at him, look at him.>>Look at what?>>I know the came for me. It’s Warrior. Okay, brother, I know the rules. I got the number. You are a disciple. Just play the game. [INAUDIBLE] It’s real funny. You think it’s funny?>>Who are you talking to?>>Look it, the Warrior.>>Look at what?>>The Warrior that’s what.>>Look at what?>>[INAUDIBLE] man. I thought you got a lawyer. It’s really funny. You know what? The last He’s right there, brother. [INAUDIBLE] I’m onto you. I know what to do. [INAUDIBLE] I know how to deal with you.>>Let’s get out of here.>>It’s over, Deadman. l am not afraid of you. Can you hear me? Deadman, I am not afraid of you.>>[NOISE]
>>Cole, is he here?>>He’s got to be here, JR. I feel that weird air. Wait look at the.>>Look at the ring.>>The ring is coming up.>>The ring is lifting
right off the ground.>>The ring is coming right off the floor,
with Kane in it.>>That’s a 10,000 pound ring.>>My god the ring is completely
off the floor with Kane in it.>>Even Kane’s gotta believe
this sign from The Undertaker.>>Good gosh, just look at Kane’s face.>>Look at this! Look at the ring! [SOUND] Kane can say he can tell
the world he’s not afraid, but he’s gotta feel this message
from The Undertaker. What is causing this, JR?>>This is the most ominous message
from The Undertaker of all.>>Look. [MUSIC] [SOUND]
[NOISE]>>Look at the ring. Did Kane say that he wasn’t
afraid of The Undertaker? Look at, Kane has freaked out.>>Wow.>>The return of the Deadman this Sunday
against his own brother at WrestleMania.>>Thanks guys, a lot of strange
things have been happening tonight but I’m still happy to be here with
my first guest, Simon Dean.>>Hello, Krystal, nice to meet you.>>Yeah, Simon, you are facing
the Boogeyman tonight in his Debut Match. Simon, are you afraid of the Boogeyman?>>No, of cause,
I’m not afraid of the Boogeyman, Krystal. I mean, let’s face facts, the Boogeyman
is someone who lurks in people’s closets. The Boogeyman is someone who
hides under people’s beds. There’s a word for
people like that Krystal, lunatic, okay? I mean, unfortunately for me,
I’m in peak physical condition, and it’s all because of my
patented Simon System. I mean, take a look,
with my patented Simon system, I don’t have anything to fear, Krystal. And, with the help of my
brand-new revolutionary item, tonight, I will face whatever adversity
life, or the Boogeyman throws at me. Take a look, Krystal.>>Ahh!>>God!>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>God! [INAUDIBLE]
>>What?>>Will you the face face of fear?>>No that.>>I’m the Boogeyman and
I’m coming to get you. [LAUGH]
>>He’s eating worms.>>This is nuts! The boogeyman and he’s going to be in action next. My.>>It’s chilling. [SOUND] [APPLAUSE]
[SOUND] [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Holy [BLEEP] what the hell is going on? [MUSIC] Make no mistake about it. [MUSIC] Undertaker indeed,
wants the World Heavyweight Championship!>>Baby!>>Wait, let me change this top. I’m not feeling it.>>I’m trying to dry myself off
if you know what I’m, come here. Look at you.>>Mm-hm.>>I can’t believe that Teddy Long and
that doctor fell for the oldest trick in the book. You know what I’m saying? [LAUGH]
>>Baby, I know. You are genius. You even fooled the doctor into
thinking your knee was hurt. But look, they really don’t know
we about to go out and pa-a-a-rty!>>Check this out!>>Whoo, Whoo!>>Yeah! Yeah.>>Work it.>>Work.>>Work it.>>Work.>>Work that, it’s your birthday. Go, baby, work it out.>>Get yourself together girl, come on.>>Let’s go. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>No. [MUSIC]>>Go, babe, go.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>No, stop, no.>>My God [INAUDIBLE] Kane trying to drag, whoa wait a minute. No, wait. My God,
he’s getting sucked into the abyss here.>>Ryder’s going into the abyss and
there’s Cena. Cena’s back.>>Soon able to pull Zack Ryder
out at the last second.>>Hey, his leg.>>[NOISE] [MUSIC]>>Hey, Seth, Seth, up here. It’s my first day back and as director
of operations, I’d advise you to be the best possible WWE world
heavyweight champion that you can be. But bear in mind Seth, there are a lot of people lining up
to take that title away from you. People you wouldn’t even imagine,
people you wouldn’t even imagine. In your worst nightmares.>>Don’t do that to me, Kane. Don’t you do that to me. You don’t do that to me,
you understand me? You don’t do that to me.>>My goodness, not again, not again. My God, it’s Kane. The Demon Kane came up through the ring. Kane came up through the ring. Rollins scrambling and trying to get away. The Demon Kane has returned.>>No, no, no, no, no. Come on.>>My God, Rollins is in trouble.>>What the hell is Kane doing with Seth?>>He’s taking him with him.>>For what?>>My God, Kane trying to drag
Seth into his own personal hell.>>Seth is fighting for his life.>>Aah! [SOUND]>>My gosh. [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>[NOISE] [MUSIC]>>And Finn Balor and Balor Club. [SOUND]>>There’s something going on in the ring.>>Yeah, what is going on?>>[NOISE]
>>My God. Is that-
>>You know who it is? It’s Bray Wyatt.>>Bray Wyatt is here. Wyatt is on Raw.>>The Fiend.>>With a Sister Abigail. [MUSIC]>>There is no doubt this man
is going to terrorize WWE.


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