“Is that all you got Ibushi?” Okada wants more from his Tokyo Dome opponent

“Is that all you got Ibushi?” Okada wants more from his Tokyo Dome opponent

I didn’t think that I’d be fighting… New Japan’s champion, this soon. Before that,
I’ve got so much more to learn. I have to take it step by step.
I won’t forget today’s loss, never. Thank you. Okada… To be able to fight you tonight, I’m honored.
But I was beaten, handily. But we will fight tomorrow, once again.
I will pay you back with everything I’ve got. Also, this WORLD TAG LEAGUE,
I couldn’t make it. But that was not my goal. My goal is to be in the opener in the Tokyo Dome.
The card hasn’t been announced, I may have a shot. And there’ll be another WORLD TAG LEAGUE
next year. I’ve never said this before, but… If I never speak up, I’ll never be heard… I want to be in next year’s
WORLD TAG LEAGUE, with Tanahashi. I couldn’t say this before
because I wasn’t worthy enough. But I will grow, so that Tanahashi will
choose me as his partner for next year. Tanahashi, please, have me as your tag partner. He’s a bit rusty, isn’t he? Because he hasn’t been so active. Isn’t he?
Wasn’t something off with him tonight? But, the same goes for me, too. Honestly, we really wanted to be
a part of this league. Really… We wanted to… But, we’ll use this frustration for next year. Nobody else has had ever won three straight,
We’ll look for 4th. And we’ll join this league. Also, I’ll keep myself motivated
for the Tokyo Dome. We’ll fight Young Lions and Liger on this tour. That will be valuable. This is the the last half of the tour.
We have a new strong wind at our backs. Just like YOH said, We fought to try to join this WORLD TAG LEAGUE. We’ve won Jr. Tag League 3 straight times, But we couldn’t join this tour, this year. That shows where we stand right now. Even though we couldn’t be in this league,
we’ll look to the Tokyo Dome, And we have opportunities against Liger. We’ll treat each match preciously,
and give it all we’ve got. Ibushi… Come at me like you can beat me,
even when you have to team with Young Lions. Do you think preview matches aren’t important? If you do, then you have no right
to hold this belt. No matter if this is a preview match or not,
keep fighting, strongly. Or is this all you’ve got? It can’t be. You’re the G1 winner.


  1. オカダ飯伏盛り上がりに欠けるなー


  2. – I'm happy that Uemura and Tsuji got a match in this tour as I believe that they will be the future stars of this company. I'm proud of Tsuji voicing his desire to be in next year's tag league and wanting to partner up with Tanahashi, his hero or idol.
    – I give Okada credit for acknowledging Ibushi as the G1 winner and wanting him to fight harder in the preview matches even if he's tagging with the young lions. It shows that Okada takes every match seriously.
    -As for what happened in the ring, I have no idea why Ibushi laid his briefcase in front of Okada just to be kicked out of the ring. If I was Okada, I would either yell "what the hell are you doing?" Or I would just leave the ring and let Ibushi make a fool out of himself.

  3. I love what new japan is doing to pro wrestling a beautiful pro wrestling, adds no other stuff,
    Just pure.

    A Fan from middle east

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