Is Jyushin Thunder Liger’s last match set? #njwtl

Is Jyushin Thunder Liger’s last match set? #njwtl

Where did he go? Where the hell did he go? He’s going to greet
the fans of his hometown. Bowing, respectfully. Is that? Dragon Lee? Now he’s going by Ryu Lee. ‘Ryu’ also means ‘Dragon’. He wants to face him one more time! When can it happen? January? The 5th? Hiroshima! I’m home! I believe I can consider
that message a challenge. He’s one of the top wrestlers of this division. But there is one man I’d like to face,
one more time… There’s somebody who just
came back from a neck injury. The man I’m thinking of… Well, maybe… Maybe both of them should come at me! Seriously? What’s going to happen? After the Tokyo Dome, I,
Jyushin Thunder Liger, will retire. Which means that, this match was my
final ever in Hiroshima, where I grew up. Today, many people I knew from my past,
school days and such, came to see me. From the bottom of my heart, I truly thank you, the people of Hiroshima,
for today. Thank you for supporting Jyushin Thunder Liger
for the last 31 years. There are still a few matches
till January 4th and 5th. I’ll keep fighting hard to the end,
so please continue to support and root for me. Thank you all so much. Liger… When I came to New Japan… When was it?
About 17 or 18 years ago… I faced Liger, and sometimes
tagged with him, also. Truthfully, Liger taught me pro-wrestling. I don’t know if everyone knows how I got
to New Japan. It was Liger. He called me. When I left Michinoku, he asked me,
“Why don’t you fight in New Japan?” So, it was Liger who brought
Tiger Mask to New Japan. And he took care of me.
That’s why I’m here. I only had a week to tour
with Liger this time, It was very emotional.
I couldn’t even talk to him on the bus. I kept thinking,
“Is this my last tour with Liger?” I can’t say enough of how
Liger has helped me. He actually was the host at my wedding. Also, until today, I’ve been losing to Okada. But I’m glad that we were able to
get a win against him, today. I don’t know what he really thinks of me, But I will carry on the spirit of Liger. This junior division has changed a lot,
with the kinds of fights and competitors, However, we see pro-wrestling the same way. That’s something that he learned from
Antonio Inoki in New Japan. I learned that from Sayama.
I believe we were taught the same. No matter how pro-wrestling changes, with new
wrestlers, what we believe will never change. A brutal quest for strength. So, even if the new guys get the spotlight,
guys like Hiromu or Ryu Lee, They can show a new kind of fight,
but I will always show Tiger Mask’s. So, as long as my body holds up,
I’ll keep fighting as New Japan’s Tiger Mask. Thank you for your hard work.
We still have Korakuen and the Dome. If I get a say, I hope I get to be in the
same match with him, even in a tag. If the next tour will be our last time,
I hope I could face him one of three days. I’ve always looked up to you, Liger. But you won’t be standing next to me anymore. So, although this might be little too late,
I have to grow up now. And I will carry on the spirit of Liger
and our kind of pro-wrestling. Liger, thank you for your hard work. Did you find anything different in Liger
throughout this tour? No. Liger never changes. Just like he says. He doesn’t even hint that he’s retiring.
He’s just been his usual self. That’s what reminds me of how great he is,
because he doesn’t show any of it. He always stays the same, no matter if he’s sad,
in pain, or happy. That’s what makes him a pro. That’s what we call the Legend of Liger.
He’s always led the junior division. You have no idea how many junior wrestlers
grew up watching Liger and looked up to him. And I’m one of them.
The first Tiger Mask was my mentor. And after that I’ve always
looked up at Liger. The fact I got to be so close to him
is one of my treasures. I wish I could cry, but if I do,
Liger will get angry at me. He’ll say, “What the hell are you crying for?
Are you a fool?” I know that. But I want to be here when he comes. You say that you always looked up to him,
but where have you not been able to surpass him? No matter how hard I try to show my
determination, he always goes beyond me. That comes from fighting in
New Japan for decades. He’s always been in that position.
Never to be replaced. I think that’s my answer. Liger is here. -Thank you.
-Thank you. I want to cry, but I won’t. Don’t. When old-timers cry, it’s not pretty. -Thank you.
-Thank you. Well… My hometown was the last stop of this tour. So, that made me emotional.
But other cities like Fukuoka… Next is Australia and the Korakuen. But as far as tours go, this was it. And the last
time in Hiroshima where I was born and raised. It did make me emotional. That was something, with a possible
challenger making a statement. Yes. At this point, he’s running at the
top of the junior division. I saw his desire to challenge me. But honestly, I have someone else
who I want to fight. I didn’t say who it is,
but I suppose everyone can guess. So, I’ll fight either of them
in a singles match or… Me vs both of them.
They can come at me together. The rest, I’ll leave to New Japan.
But I said what I wanted, in the ring. So, I have nothing else to say about that. Why is Hiromu the one you want to face, most? I recognize his potential. I see that he will be leading New Japan’s
junior division. He’s something great. And he just made his comeback. But he’s got a title match on the 4th.
That might make things a bit tricky. But I’ll keep my hopes up. From the time I announced my retirement,
he kept saying he wanted to face me. Just as it hints in the Kanji of his name,
he has big dreams and he wants it all. And he’s trying make his own era. But I won’t let him reach those dreams so easily.
I will stay a raging Liger until it’s really over. You’ve faced many in their retirement matches,
What makes you think he should be the one? I look at this as I’m receiving their challenges.
What if I win? Should you keep wrestling? Isn’t that something?
I might get in a lot of trouble. But that won’t be my fault. That’s because Hiromu…
Damn, I said his name… And Ryu Lee…
It’s all on them. What should I do if I win? Just continue? Yeah? Become the Japanese Terry Funk? Hey! Don’t turn me into somebody else. But…
I want them to beat the crap out of me. I want to feel glad that I chose to retire because
I can no longer cut it. I want to say that. Not that I’m going to say that to them. Anyway, I want to experience the top
of the New Japan junior division. I want to. In this series, you got to
experience the top of heavyweights. New Japan juniors are awesome.
I know that I’m bragging. It’s not that I’m putting down other
companies, but New Japan is very special. I want to fight the top wrestlers of this
amazing division. I’m asking for it, New Japan. Now I’ll just say his name.
It’s him. Hiromu. I kept trying not to. You slipped, yourself. Yes. I want to fight Hiromu. Would you have a partner,
should this becomes a tag match? It could be anybody. But when you look
at my history, it could be Sano. I want Sano to experience the current
New Japan junior division, too. And I want them to beat the crap out of me.
That will be a great ending for Liger. I want to feel like there’s no way I could
compete. I’ll leave the junior division to them. I want that conclusion. However, I just might win.
Then what should I do? Nobody else has done that. Like I’m going to say I won’t retire
because I won in my retirement match? Ask them to bring a contract there
and you can sign it. Yeah, maybe. You guys, don’t let that happen! Hiromu… Ryu Lee… You guys better be ready. I won’t just hand you
the spotlight. I’m still Jyushin Thunder Liger. Until it’s all over…
Thank you.


  1. I hope Liger gets a big star or legend as his final opponent. Dragon Lee is a good star but not as Liger's final opponent. I wish Rey Mysterio was his final opponent.

  2. Jyushin Thunder Liger is coming close to his final days in the Wrestling World. Is sad he'll retire, but let's all send him a final curtain like no other. COME ON, COMMENT SECTION, CHEERS FOR THE LEGEND OF PRO-WRESTLING!

  3. 確かにライガーと戦って欲しい選手は沢山いるけど懐メロ的な試合にするよりバリバリの選手とバチバチやって辞めてくのもいいかも

  4. リーの新日参加問題解決したと聞いてたから

  5. This man is honestly a living legend. It'll suck to see him retire after Wrestle Kingdom, but at least he can ride off into the sunset knowing he'll forever go down in history as, without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest junior heavyweight of all time. He deserves a proper farewell and any of the matches proposed would be a great sendoff.

  6. 熱いけど3wayはな…  ヒロム対リーは彼らだけのストーリーあるからもっと温存してほしかったな〜

  7. Screw Dragon Lee!!! Hiromu should be liger's last match 🤙🤙🤙 Besides, he and osprey has hurt too many people in the past. Wouldn't take that chance with Liger.

  8. ライガーは最後の最後までジュニアを思っているんだね

  9. 獣神サンダー・ライガー&佐野直喜対髙橋ヒロム&リュウ・リーで闘うってことはもしかしたらL.I.J にドラゴンリーが入ってくれたりしないかな?

  10. Dragon Lee is one of the best wrestler right now and the endless history of rivalry with Hiromu makes this, a dream match for me. Moreover, he has a great respect and admiration for Liger that is going to be EPIC.

  11. I would book Ryu Lee vs Liger for a one of the last matches but the final would be against último Dragon or great Muta

  12. Remember guys, Kota snapped before he took on Nakamura as well and you remember the magic they had! And I’m shocked Okada wasn’t concussed after that briefcase shot!

  13. ライガーが新日にタイガー呼んだときはタイガーってまぁまぁ動けてたのかな?

  14. It's very sad to see him retire, but he retires like a man, while he is still great in a ring. Thank you for everything, Jyushin! You will always be a legend.

  15. ライガーさん似引退しても元気でいてくださいありがとうございました。入場曲をかしてください

  16. 引退するレジェンド、獣神サンダーライガー



  17. 30年、いや素顔時代も入れたらもっとか。


  18. やはりやりたい相手はヒロムか…。何となく3WAYになると思うけど、結果的に2体っぽくなりそうw。

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