International Gaming Podcast Pre E3 Edition Rumors, Hopes, Dreams, Failures!

International Gaming Podcast Pre E3 Edition Rumors, Hopes, Dreams, Failures!


  1. Thanks all. Hopefully we are back on track. Will fix the podcast numbering on the next one!

  2. it's shocking that the games cost money. I got ps now trial for a week on my pc, not owning a ps4 and i actually enjoyed it. Gotta play ps4 exclusives without a ps4 at about 720p 60fps with 7 megabytes download. And all the games on that were free. It should need you to buy a controller and chromecast and buy games. Just pay the subscription and play any game on any chrome browser from release.

  3. Thierd person is movie .. fps is game .. its not that hard to understand ..make a movie or make a game

  4. i dont find the stadia pricing weird – stadia doesnt replace the software cost, it replace the hardware cost

  5. From Todd Howard’s interview I got the impression that the base game was just going to be immense…he eluded to the fact that we should be very patient because their vision for the next elder scrolls is literally impossible on current gen consoles. I’m thinking the entire continent of Tamriel fully loaded with no pop in and main quests/side narratives in each country, similar to eso but even more expansive, and with single player story driven gameplay. People could explore that world for 10 years and still not see everything. After Todd asked people to be patient, he said that when we finally saw it we would understand why it took over a decade to make. Just my take on it. I think it will be the largest gameworld we have ever seen in a game by far.

  6. The new Google and xbox streaming service is the future PC and console gaming is dined all gaming in the future will be cloud gaming through apps on any device You need to accept this or take up board games

  7. very interested in what happens with Microsoft! I think as a PlayStation guy I'd like to see Microsoft gain some ground back. Sony does best when they have some real competition

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