Impact Wrestling Vs UK! Enzo Amore First Post WWE Appearance REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

Impact Wrestling Vs UK! Enzo Amore First Post WWE Appearance REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

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first. Jeff Hardy Injury Source Revealed? During a dark match against The Miz on May
15th’s Smackdown Live, fans became concerned when Jeff Hardy started limping around the
ring. The cause of this injury has been unclear
until now, as Jeff’s wife Beth has uploaded a video to Twitter from OUTTA NOWHERE:
Impact Wrestling Vs The UK Thankfully for Don Callis, Ruby Hardy is yet
to sign for any UK promotions, as Impact Wrestling have just issued an open challenge to any
UK wrestling company for an inter-promotional series of matches at Wrestling MediaCon 2018. The President of IMPACT Wrestling Ed Nordholm
said: “We are excited to return to the UK to demonstrate
that IMPACT Wrestling has the best talent anywhere in the world, so we’re issuing
an open challenge to any UK promotion to bring their best wrestlers to face the very best
from IMPACT Wrestling on September 9th in Manchester.” And Impact aren’t the only big names announced
for Wrestling MediaCon, as WrestleTalk are also going to be at the event. It’s all going down on the 8th and 9th of
September at the Bowlers Exhibition centre in Manchester, England, and you can buy tickets
to see us, loads of other big names like Dave Meltzer, Cultaholic and more, and for the
IMPACT vs UK series by clicking the link in the video description below. But will a former WWE Champion be appearing
as part of one of the rosters that weekend? Enzo Amore Teases Wrestling Return? Enzo Amore has teased a potential return to
in-ring action, after posting an old NXT promo on his Instagram story about Manifest Destiny
and becoming great. Enzo hasn’t been involved in any form of
wrestling since his release from WWE after he was publicly accused of sexual assault. That case has been dropped, though, as there
was insufficient evidence to proceed. A recent statement from Enzo’s legal team
said he’s “working diligently toward his next venture in the entertainment industry
and looks forward to reconnecting with his fans in a big way in the very near future.” And the first of those big reconnections is
happening this weekend. Enzo Amore First Post-WWE Appearance Announced
Enzo has announced his first public appearance since leaving WWE in January 2018 on Instagram
– a Memorial Day showing in Times Square in New York City at 9.15pm where he will apparently
be ending his social media silence with one big “How You Doin.” “I want to engage, interact, and personally
thank all of you who ever supported me! It was you who wished me luck on my future
endeavors, but I won’t need luck … just you.” Support Cancer Research UK! Speaking of support, one of our
writers Jay Loader is going to fight in an MMA match on the 2nd June to raise money for
Cancer Research UK. He’s been training for 8 weeks, which I’m
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  1. OLI: That was an intense 15 minutes. Thanks for everyone's questions. And remember ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS TO SAVE US FROM YOUTUBE CHANGES!!!!! Stay SWAFT, folks.

  2. I am sure the lesson Enzo learned from this is to secretly film all of his sexual encounters to protect himself! It's foolproof!

    Honestly he kinda comes off like the type who'd legitimately come up with such an idea before someone explained to him what is wrong with the plan. XD

  3. 5months enzo goes to ROH
    1year enzo joins bullet club
    2years and 2 months enzo becomes bullet club leader
    Bullet Club is for marks

  4. Quick everyone enable notifications so this channel won’t be burred like Roman does to every indie star ever

  5. Impact Wrestling “We have the best talent anywhere in the world”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that is a complete lie

  6. Enzo got a raw deal…his career is over, his reputation is trashed…and what happens to the bitch that accused him? Does she get in trouble for fucking up Enzo's life? This is why if you accuse someone of anything, you need proof. They made such a big deal when he got accused of rape but now that he's been cleared no news network is covering the story. So the lasting impression in most peoples head, is that Enzo is a rapist. I feel so bad for Enzo, he's been cleared of any wrong-doing but people will still look at him like he's guilty.

  7. Have u stopped the raw and smackdown video name spoilers yet? Had to turn off notifications because of the headlines telling me about raw or smackdown before i got to see it

  8. Enzo would be better if he just became a YouTuber. He's not a wrestler and he has no coordination in the ring. He's better suited to be a Manager or just a crazy persona online

  9. I hope enzo either goes back to wwe or roh I doubt very seriously impact would know how to use him that and I can't get impact wrestling

  10. I'm not sure the bell will help. I've been subscribed since about 100K, and I've got the bell on, and I still didn't get notified of either of the videos posted today.

  11. If you don't Subscribe and update notifications, Oli may have to do something drastic…. Don't know what's more drastic than that jacket…. Just subscribe so he doesn't yell at you

  12. Only my Opinion , but Jeez Impact gets Enzo , that guy / entertainer , on the surface of things , again , only my opinion , is a bragging untalented scumbag whos good on the mic but that is it. Impact really F d up , Good luck to you Impact , good luck.

  13. honestly, its about time, alot of youtubers are being paid from sad pathetic losers, for just being retarded and sad.

  14. Your so FUCKIN annoying if you like my comment please hit that like button and subscribe to these nuts in your mouth

  15. Wife says I can't donate, but I can take a punch in the face for charity too. Highest bid right now is her $1.46

  16. Noam dar (remember him) seems to be close to a return to 205 live on his Instagram he's has been posting "someday you will find me…"⏳ with the hashtag #supernova11

  17. Enzo should become a tag team again with Cass but as heels this time like Elias acting as faces but then start to hate the fans

  18. I know 😆 how about Luke and Luke operate the channel 👍 with no more Mr Oli because he isn't like most girls

  19. If Enzo's going to Impact, he needs to be a manager. He could manage a guy like Brian Cage. He could make Cage more of a monster than he already is, and possibly make him the top guy in the company.

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