I'm Going To Buy My New Computer & Gaming Monitor!!😘😱

I'm Going To Buy My New Computer & Gaming Monitor!!😘😱

I taught Germany to a major moolah turtle necessarily Isis blender it or check a gaming monitor press the bell icon on the YouTube hi guys assalamualaikum welcome to an urban locks YouTube channel Vonda rascal we do th it could be a special car notes here I'm Mia squeeze oxy at the computer Gina you know I'm not a flirt on computer – it immediately Chama – to 1k are imagine a computer that 0 i Torchic – Puritan modular he Salah we do he did cut there – so much for my magic magic – Hank or a problem like Newton get the computer clean as your car j2e Civil War II to Alaska set market either for pry actions the Balrog death I'm Eva Blum J delegate computer Keaney Philly or asking me that seal if you'll note her alifia know tha laptop computer shop the next to the scheming zero-based my name below based on our me ask you g do connect jabo it automatically chooses oaken furniture I'm address a home phone will take on I am actually 50% 40% down women be at a prom computer Kimbo Miami pull she's the one in oxygen open they consider a bucket active re okay throw friends of all fenomena receive a little note shaman shaman the basses Tonto bottom on the foreign accent Oh Chavan yuck [Applause] okay guys to Aamir Khan that the do kinetic be turbocharged see I mean mother would recommend post-survey I'm shocked to second a lockout they can suppress travel accessible a German computer motherboard Jedi now I said watch Apple a gigabyte company it generation a motherhood a ram now it's a play 8gb company to Corsair I say to c8g bakery I'm now he said or attach a hard disk to accompany reckoning SSD never sector it was a 240 yes a does your Western Digital company media process releases shutouts a i58 generation so a black analogous a I'm G catching the nice a or shaking title check the gaming kitchen it a shambles off-center him a light your way a little agile way our guys are at the main cut off from porno actor computer ecstasy token I Romney actually a we do the shambhala previously a category Volta wanna profitable Annika common cultivar Angela prizes the bully nigga no top we see Benjamin their outer page open shop donald outer page open mother buddha says a regular mother boots abdullah reckon opera a gaming japan mouse colossus a gallup a german shop was he gaming mouse that way a gonna keep on a webcam aprender de chelly is on a webcam will a page up in how can a keyboard page open by a perky computer servicing : Apprendi DeCaro kono poker computers how much a ticket I got the Halloween the Prairie du Canasta for enough hand between the company up a keyboard color page Evan I'm you need to be thrown back height are addictive of money thought that a second the SSD hard ECU's collection it will show Western Digital do they go all new company digitally posh away Samsung hobby and some other computer last can such Windows setup de OCHA okay throw friends they would say mother computer it out share monitor I'm EJ Munna total necessarily a Sue's blender it'll check a gaming monitor equations are partial toga Judy connects Tomas a adjudication to settle capably up kind of do Connie okay friends – Emily – Tammy Neelam a Mooney – Tammy a bash I get up in the gambeson with a kebab producing one busan we do that kitchen which are common grace Honorable Amelita to dictate come up a on it bore Oita to buy a condo a pluggable Tom reckon Baja chole jabo Ballincollig on your natural equity fish it out she gay guys started do connect visiting can't do Carmo cheap PC house thought that I kind of duty a token multi pants entering the current name address phone number of cathedral in Chiba Japan okay guys come back on multiple can practically chassis or I can after the Cochin computer mode on Mitchell AHA said I have the beggar sir seniors in the white coat assisting even under social bajas eligible American men are already better Rachel Resnick my mother back no drama the basarat Center : okay poor friends semakin bhai tulasi American bash HC p channel simulator the camera pitcher not say I'm a PC Telecaster key in the box unboxing detail like a semi econo colony Karen emotional idiot computing in the Opera hardwood a question a passion a Tammy I'm a pollutant on Twitter to a computer to me I'm a suitable key deity working it turns see an initiative called Juno J computer key in seed only Carol I'd say 25% that I'd be jerky and Bucky 75% a gamete take a step back and see a second about to come attack a knee or it ought to get at the sleeper key I'm a computer and sister sleep I like to watch a media kind of V du du challu buddy Karen and she remarried camera battery all delicious I better eat childhood shame I guess I'm peaceful and Jamuna to talk about taking those chatted gaming monitor I applaud eudeco a money to unlock seen that the charm of you should come inclusion at the Palin on the camera single de Cobo it out she get other lists computer key Kiana we say like the Watson put a correspond at sea jam watch a keyboard and see when the normal keyboard see it it was an effort a geeky balance it up where photograph my mouse on see a mockingjay past after that this is Chateau j1s volunteer a chip on – water key it up I thought you guys we had your shot shooter on the power solid people nope I still a same guys that watch a movie Alexa Concannon Judy mhm have Italy but elected shop Doyle for me to put my major boobies I'm hearing us keep pseudoplastic among lakhs economy actually off-key Oconee money Java Johnny – a tonic tired everything enjoyed the on the coast we say last approach to no gem money to run see Asus at a model see guys VG 2 4 5 bitter chatter model a mullet wrote a pile of chicken by station repair our key a regular price how modest a consider common XA I touch it 3s granted English women do consumers only I'm going to feed this hobby single I do a bomb on hsqldb gonna come back what I say Jerry I'm currently see it was September Oh Monica damn it no I applaud ddr4 is romelo prize of Sheba's charger shot sutala I'm gonna see it all Shambhala PI's the was it also has a shorter guy or it was a lifetime guarantee Emily knows Johanna Judy knows Tom Kean Squibbles all right I'm motherboard see gigabyte model of e360 am a touch a model at Palazzo che is deeply modular ki tamanna she'll take it down here see I mean they cannot do nothing it cannot be Trojan mother would Pacino Brando computer Logano Vegas a Tomczyk Goff is captain Islam and gratis cat what I'll say to CMS I branded emicida same GT 1030 Jake except chat or not should tell would say I'm about to punch up on the single dip can do their acid Jamuna Teutonic bollocks artists Rommel and normal to a postman it emerged equip Harmonia gaming monitor it we do quality oh no monitor try change totally different now it happens real really gel we do quality picture quality she had ebay the mother would get set up with caching data analysis she rejected gaming catching our key eye catching a price of chez guys chat has a do shuttle only catching a place so j-hook guys happen to Dickie OPC but computer Exorcist efficient are leotarded do connect this immunity daddy boo a touch a touch each other second Dugan are they gonna do talk on a Margaret intellect ejido Konami price when we do call it a key it touch it on this second Zhuge on my part I do gonna be to connect them I don't say computer part of selenium video colloquy tough money jameelah yeah ik lumber is a processor and a serial never say at number pursue a processor chip rate generation Core I pipe at all SHOP NOW 2.80 gigahertz it's a it's generally either price is cheap or Thornberrys to show how ithaca a co-product will apprise incumbents of a that continued commission which ok i really can doodle Schaffner computer energy no such a volatile jaga I've known my data set out Schaffner graphics at MSI 2gb and gt-1000 party graphical arcade ddr5 it is one years warranty enterprise in Shahir Arthas Archer Allah I'm EJ gravis captain insatiate out SATA MSA Brandon dos la medida Shailaja Horlicks – Shiva Brandon normal the addiction is a shadow chapter one terabyte it prices or suppliers t-shirt agar agar number detail last set of say SSD 240 GB SSD addicts it was a three year warranty it don't change the gate charge El Paso Tara you guys totally Montemayor up on it the Nazi it was she gave it to tell amount I'll need to put a lemon on chair paws up – ah – ah – tada I'm EDC today I'm officially paga okay throw friends second a we do – were touching on act I'd like to say a piece on achamma a PC boxer Akasaka no : a opportunity to eagle a promising we do that uh no Bhushan common core's antebellum token rush of a politic inaudible mrs. Howard Korean appraiser I can open the HM like a subscribe : tada whooshes some circle German subscribe karuppar possible condition of the worship rescuer depend if you do the wish a like demand for about a second a la vez


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  5. in my openion "PC HOUSE" is the worst shop in "Multiplan centre"… Motherboard,GPU,RAM ei 3 ta component nisilam…1 month cholse then ar chole na…PC and GPU running but VGA HDMI output nai… 1 month e 5 bar tader kase gesi…every time they changed my motherboard but the same problem i m facing again and again.. tader kas theke ami product na newar jonno sokol e humble request korchi..

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