ICFTN: WCW The Great American Bash 1999

ICFTN: WCW The Great American Bash 1999

hey y'all is heel heat time hi everybody and welcome to heel heat my name is George coals and on this episode we're gonna do it came from the network if you're not familiar with it came from a network this is where we reveal the weird wacky bed and sometimes just downright forgettable stuff you can find on the WWE Network from the history of wrestling on this episode we're gonna review WCW great American bash 1999 from 20 years ago this month so let's jump right into it first off we see the show begins with Curt Hennig and the No Limit soldiers who were master P and some people uh some Russell her friends of his bodyguard and such and this was the beginning of the rap vs country battle they had going on with Curt Hennig representing the West Texas redneck side made the song rap is crap which if you're not familiar with that after this write it down after his video go look that up it's hilarious then we got they do a little thing Hennig says he's a big fan of Master P asks him to autograph his CD which P does he takes the CD after master P autographs and crushes it kind of a neat little show neat little thing to start to show off Curt Hennig is pretty good you know he's pretty solid always entertaining a guy that you could put pretty much using a utility knife kind of guy where you could put him anywhere on the card give him anything he's gonna make it work so coming off of that we go into our actual first match of the card now if you haven't seen my reviews before I rate everything on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst 5 being the best first match of the evening we have hack who used to be the Sandman with his uh I guess girlfriend at the time chastity I don't I don't remember what they were billing her as versus Brian knobs with Jimmy Hart in a hardcore match this the thing would have that happened when ECW took off is both WWF at the time and WCW tried to emulate them and make hardcore divisions some success came out of it you know guys like Bob Holly fitting the hardcore division like a glove guys like Al Snow on the WCW end it wasn't as good and here we had a watered down version of the Sandman and not they took away everything to meet him specially took away the entrance they took away his name which from what I understand he chose hack so that's what he likes that he actually likes to go by so you know I I hate the name but it is silly and this was this is a match like we seen a couple of years before I had mentioned this when I reviewed one of the uncensored shows were the nasty boys they were kind of the hardcore tag-team before hardcore took off however their style of hardcore was hardcore for eighties wrestling if you know what I mean it was still behind the times in this match it ain't never connected to me hack picked up the win on it afterwards we see Hugh Morris come down and basically Jimmy Hart's reforming the first family I gotta give this match one I just didn't like it and I'm a huge Sandman fan I love the Sandman and I know he's not the greatest wrestler in the world but this wasn't even entertaining so I don't know what to say and I do find some matches the same in Thunder King I do find him to be a captivating character next up we have van hammer who's kind of being repackaged after being in the flock versus mikey whipwreck another ECW alumnus former ECW Champion as well Triple Crown winner in ECW TV tag team and world champion and this was just basically a glorified squash match this is a long squash hammer controlled the majority the match probably 85 90 percent of the match van hammer to me he had a good look to him he looked like he should be a star he never really connected with the fans in any kind of meaningful way his best run was probably as part of the flock where he can be you know a second or third fiddle to Raven just to me and I'm sure the guy is a nice guy and this is no knocking him as a person but he just didn't deserve to win this and the way he did and I know they were trying to reproach him and repackage him but this match it just wasn't good and I got to give this match again van hammer picks up the win obviously I get this match won next up we have Buff Bagwell versus disco inferno this match started off okay and these are two guys I kind of when I seen this match come up because I hadn't forgot most of this card I mean the last time I seen it was 20 years ago I haven't watched this and see the show started and when we get to the end you'll understand why it's not something was anything historically significant they need want to go back to so seeing this I was a little happy to see this because I thought okay all right after those first couple of matches were stinkers maybe this one will be good and it failed to meet up any standards buff is someone I like kind of think his ego and him thinking he was better than he is kind of muddies what people think um I thought he was a solid wrestler I think he had a great gimmick I thought he worked I thought he was someone that could have been a big star disco again other than the silly gimmick he was perfect for the undercard for the lower card matches I mean he was a great wrestler for their TV titles so these guys going at it thought would have a good match it kind of fell flat here though I don't know what the situation was I know a lot of times in WCW I think towards the end buff was injured but for whatever reason it just didn't connect with these two it ends with buff basically watching a blockbuster he doesn't even really grab him when he flips over but this go of course goes with it because he's a consummate professional but picks up the win I give the match one again three matches in a row that I could not find anything redeemable about that I didn't like anything on basically the show starting off very badly to me now next up again my hopes got up for this the No Limit soldiers represented by Conan and Rey Mysterio and if you haven't seen red without his mask in three two one that it that's it a spoiler sorry I should said spoilers first so let me do that again if you haven't seen red without his mask and I know I just said this I'm going to show you a spoiler in three two one there you go there he is and you can open your eyes back now or uncover your eyes there this was a time in WCW where they decided to unmask a bunch of the luchador as Hooven to Guerrera psychosis Rey Mysterio and I think they may have even did a couple more but I don't remember just off the top of my head for no other reason just to do it because they can and Conan and Rey they were in a match it's a West Texas redneck group of Curt Hennig and Bobby duncum jr. who Bobby the brain Heenan reminds us he used to were managed Hennig and he managed dunk instead which is a kind of cool little tidbit friend we say on commentary this match should have been better than it was Tony and reacting cor great wrestlers Hennig you know I just spoke about it earlier I think it's a great wrestler Bobby duncum jr. I thought was an underrate wrestler that never quite got to make it to where he was gonna go before he passed away unfortunately again another match that just didn't connect to me a little bit better than the first three matches I'm gonna get the match to Konya man ready pick up the win afterwards we see Barry Windham and swole Master P's bodyguard get into it the No Limit faction the No Limit soldiers and Master P get our shirt out of the out of the building by security who allows for some reason Barry Windham Doong command Hennig to three on to beat up Mysterio and Tony and so I don't know what the logic was there WCW that's all you could say about that and next up we got a match that was promoted as and talked about as the cat versus Scott Norton however we got the cat versus Horace Hogan and it was never said why the switch happened if Norton was injured if whatever reason for NWO reasons they decided Horace was a better person for this match but I can't imagine it was for the reason that they thought it would be a better match up because this match was god-awful terrible again we go we're going back after having a match it was a little bit better we're sliding right back into the doldrums here the cat picks up the win I give this match one ernest the cat' miller like him horse Hogan he was a serviceable wrestler I would have liked to see Scott Norton here more I'm a bigger fan of Scott Norton Horace Hogan and I think he would have better had a better match with earnest again it just failed this is just another match it didn't connect WCW was trying too hard to copy WWE and copy ECW without doing their own thing and it came off as such and a lot of this a lot of reasons why these card these matches on these cards feel this way is because they came off as being low-rent as being a knockoff and that survive I got from this unfortunately and again another one another sad match hit I was disappointed with his next up we had one that was should have been guaranteed to make me happy Ric Flair with Arn Anderson in Asia versus rowdy right rowdy roddy piper who this is for control of WCW i believe they kind of said that but didn't really explain it much on the commentary this said okay match by Piper standards if you remember watching Piper Post the back lap brawl with gold dust anything pretty much after that point in his career his injuries caught up to him two men he was a shell of his former self Ric Flair was still Ric Flair Ric Flair till he retired was the greatest wrestler of all time and he could pull off a decent match with anybody unfortunately this is one of the rare occurrences where Flair didn't pull off a decent match with somebody and unfortunately it's with his good friend Ric Flair after we see aren't anderson in asia interfering a lot in the match but Bagwell comes out to pretty much even up the odds causing Piper to get disqualified and then for reasons WCW they turn on and puff and Piper and Arn and flair beat buff up so who knows like I said WC that made a lot of weird decisions a lot of quick turns and swerves just for the sake of doing quick turns and swerves and this was another fucking example of that the match itself I give it to again here Ric Flair verse rowdy roddy piper you expect greatness and this fell well short of that sadly now coming from that our next match is the dog-faced gremlin Rick Steiner who had recently turned heel versus sting in a Falls Count Anywhere match I was liking this match I was liking where it was going I thought it was a good solid match thought it was a good hardcore match thought it was a good Falls Count Anywhere match I thought it there was a lot of redeemable qualities to it then we get to the end and sting and Rick Steiner wrestled to the back which we see tank Abbott and Scott Steiner join into the attack on sting Scott Steiner let's lose some dogs who attack sting we cut away from me go back to Ric walk into the ring which they announce Ric is the winner I no one's seen him pinned Scott or no one's seen him pin sting no one's seen stain quit I guess dogs attacking you is a valid reason to win in WCW again WCW being WCW you wonder you wonder why a company that was super hot in 96 97 and into 98 fell off so quickly watch shows like this and you'll see exactly why they couldn't keep up the pace that they had beforehand that they were pretty much they dominated WWE for over a year and even after and before they were on par or better than WWE a lot of times and this unfortunately again another example of why WCW started failing at the end I give them a chat to Rick Steiner like I said picked up the win reasons again I don't know trying to make sense out of Rousseau error WCW is like trying to find a grain of salt that's been thrown into the ocean it's never going to happen next up we have for the Tag Team Championships DDP and Kanyon representing the New Jersey triad versus Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit and I know I mentioned this every time we get here unfortunately going back and reviewing stuff of his error we are gonna have Chris Benoit matches I'm not gonna address the elephant in the room I'm gonna take it for what it is a crisp and Hwa match I go back and forth with this at times I could separate myself and watch him as just a wrestler and there's other times where I watch him and I'm totally disgusted because we have a guy that committed two murders and killed himself and I I know I can I said I wasn't going to talk about that part of it but for people that are new to the show and see this for the first time I don't condone anything I don't want to glorify Chris Benoit I was a big fan of Chris Benoit loved him as a wrestler I thought he was one of the best wrestlers in the world I can't wrap my head around what he did the guy there's no way no two ways around the guy was a murderer and it's hard watching his matches subjectively at times this one I being a tag-team match and having other people involved that I liked I love candy and love DDP you love Saturn made a little easier the match itself was pretty solid really solid match out actually the best match a card of course look at the four guys involve just talent-wise the Triad had-had Bam Bam Bigelow helping a little bit which brought out being Malenko to even the odds on the other side DDP and Kanyon pick up the win and pick up the championship here like Oh actually caused more of a distraction than he did of a help so again for Rousso reasons or WCW reasons it got overbooked and over convoluted and what could have been a four or five match ended up being a three like I said DDP and can you pick up the win win the Thai team championships I think I again leaving alone the benoît aspect the fact that you had four of the best wrestlers in the world at the time and probably four of the most over wrestlers in the company and that's what you come up with I don't I don't get it I really don't I don't another shining example of why WCW was failing and I hate to be this negative and I don't want it to come off like I'm being super negative and I'm super being hypercritical of this but the more I watch the more just piles like why why was this so badly done when just two years ago the company was both fantastically and everything most things mean sense in it baffles me it really does baffle me finally we get to the main event of the evening for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship Kevin Nash versus Macho Man Randy Savage and this is the error that Macho Man had his uh now with team madness with him which was gorgeous George Medusa and miss madness 1999 who ended up becoming Molly Holly later on in life this is the famous match who played off of the angle with the white Hummer where Nash got hit limo with the white Hummer and they teased who the driver was gonna be but never actually really revealed who it was this batch was okay it was better than I expected it to be especially on the card than it was on Randy Savage is a master he's one of the Great's of all times Kevin Nash towards the end of WCW it seemed that the knee injuries were bothering him a lot and he wasn't having the good matches he had coming into WCW and this is one of you know it wasn't a great match to be said it was a good match for this card but not a great match overall we see Nash pickup at the win at the end by DQ because Sid comes down and joins team madness so again at great American bash arguably your second biggest pay-per-view of the year the equivalent of what's the summer what Summer Slam is to wrestle or WWE you have the main event end in a DQ so overall I give that match of two and just to go through this first match of the night you had it was a hardcore match attendant with a run-in afterwards second match was a squash match third match we had a botched move in and the match fourth match run-ins all over the place fifth match the wrestler got a Wesler got switched out with Scott Norton who was advertised for horse Hogan and they never explained why six match we had one run-ins between Asia Arn Anderson and Buff Bagwell ends in the DQ seventh match we had run-ins with Scott Steiner tank Abbott and a dog attack eighth match we have Bam Bam and Dean Malenko getting involved and the final match of the evening we got team madness and Sid Vicious getting involved you can see where it was overbooked and overdone and everything on the show just felt like over didn't like they over they over thought himself they tried to be smarter than what they should have been keep it simple stupid is always a good good rule to live by and if there was just it was too convoluted too much especially watching it now 20 years later in context it's not a good trend there's it's not something I would recommend now coming off of that we're gonna do the ratings for the show much like I did for the matches I have one to five scale for the ratings overall except for we add a little bit of a flare a little pizzazz to it a one's a gobbly gook er a Tuesday Dungeon of Doom a threes of Shan hurricane Helms four is a gold dusted five is a king I'm gonna give this match won a gobbly gook er there are some matches like a diode bearer several to match as I rated two and one that I rated as three here however the overall product and how it drew me down and it didn't I didn't do anything for me at all there was nothing redeeming about this other than it's the start of the rap versus country feud and it's got the white hammer angle which is one of the stupidest angles that's ever been done wrestling nothing really memorable happened on this show and nothing that I remember 20 years later happened on the show I mean this is a totally forgettable pay-per-view for one of the flagship shows of WCW all the way back to the Crockett days and they just crapped the bed with it like I said I'm giving it a one overall basically that's what I have to say on that my name is George Coles and this has been my review of the great American bash 1999

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  1. How bad is this one compared to Great American Bash 98 and 2000, beacause I have vague memories of Great American Bash 2000 sucking.

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