Hulk Hogan RETURNING To WWE As Smackdown Live General Manager?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

Hulk Hogan RETURNING To WWE As Smackdown Live General Manager?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen. Headline: Hulk Hogan As Smackdown Live General
Manager? In the last couple of weeks there has been
reports that WWE and Hulk Hogan are coming to terms on a return for the Hulkster. PWInsider first reported the story that the
two sides were talking, which was confirmed by WWE who told them: “We have had discussions
with Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan) about how he can help others learn from his mistakes,
however, he is not under any contract with WWE.” Hogan was fired from WWE in 2015 after footage
of him using racial slurs was leaked to the public. This resulted in Hogan suing the website Gawker
and his former best friend Bubba The Love Sponge who recorded the footage in secret
in 2006. In the end Hogan won his lawsuit for $115
million – although that was negotiated down to $31 million. When WWE fired Hogan they removed him from
their history, taking his WWE Hall of Fame profile off the website and telling their
merchandisers to instantly stop making anything related to Hogan. He was removed from their video packages,
and plans for a Hogan statue and DVD set were also cancelled. In more recent times however WWE have been
softer on featuring Hogan as part of their history, featuring him in both the 30 For
30 documentaries on Ric Flair and the HBO documentary on Andre the Giant – which were
co-produced by WWE. Following PWInsider’s report that WWE were
in talks with Hogan, many started to speculate that he could be the replacement for Daniel
Bryan as Smackdown Live general manager – now that Bryan is medically cleared to wrestle
again. This was at first only speculated by Mike
Johnson of PWInsider and Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer, but Cage Side Seats’s rumour section
has reported that this indeed could be case. Hogan appeared at a WWE event last night for
the first time since his firing, at the premiere of HBO’s Andre the Giant documentary – and
was featured in a WWE tweet about the event posting a picture of him posing with The Big
Show. PWInsider reached out to WWE about Hogan appearing
at the event and they replied, “Hulk Hogan is an important part of Andre the Giant’s
history, however his appearance at tonight’s HBO premiere of the documentary and his plans
to help others learn from his mistakes does not mean WWE is rehiring him. Hogan is not scheduled to be at any upcoming
WWE events.” Speaking with TMZ, Hogan said that he would
not be appearing at WrestleMania 34 but was hopeful that one day he would return to WWE. It has also been reported that WWE Hall of
Fame inductee Hillbilly Jim has requested that Hogan induct him. Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer
Newsletter, “Company sources have noted the idea of Hogan coming back in a role where
he would talk about how stupid he was to have said what he did, with it being a redemption/forgiveness
story and figuring enough time has passed that his return wouldn’t be controversial.” Although one person who doesn’t think he’s
ready is Mark Henry, who told Busted Open, “I’ve had many talks, I mean with dozens
of guys. The consensus is there’s a lot of work to
be done to heal that wound and fix that wall… It’s gonna have to be more community service
and outside work. Support for programs, even create a program
that deals with diversity in the workplace.” Henry also added that he would be “shocked”
if Hogan returned at WrestleMania 34. Would you like to see Hulk Hogan return to
WWE? Click the i above my head to vote and let
us know your thoughts in the comments. And speaking of polls I asked yesterday if
Roddy Piper or John Cena would have the better delivery of I’m here to kick ass and chew
bubble gum, and unsurprisingly Roddy won with 56% of the vote. Who could Braun Strowman’s partner be when
he takes on The Bar for the tag team championships? And head over to to read about
five surprising appearances we could see at WrestleMania 34.


  1. Racism and intolerance towards others is unacceptable period! With that being said we are all human and we live in an age where empathy and forgiveness is not commonplace unfortunately. None of us are void of mistakes I think if hogan is genuinely sorry for what he did there should not be a problem for him to return.

  2. I hope he comes back, just because he was so important to WWE. But how he will be received is a mystery.

  3. Meh, never liked Hogan. He held others back, always had two faces, banged other guy's wives, the racist rant about his daughter while banging another man's wife etc. Making him manager would be a HUGE mistake

  4. Tmz interview with hulk on the sidebar, where hogan is saying NOT appearing at WM34… Hoping this is a swerve, it's the event he'd need to come back at imo.

  5. That's bullshit bring back the hulkster. So what he said a few words Trump said grab em by the pussy. Grow up dumb WWE PG era

  6. I think WWE just spoiled the finish for the wwe championship match at mania. Styles just done a promotional video saying he can't wait to defend his title at the Echo arena in May.

  7. they should set it up where Hulk Hogan inducts Mark Henry into the Hall of Fame and then Henry inducts Hogan into the Hall of Pain. seriously though, as long as Hogan isn't an active wrestler a-gain, i don't mind him being brought back. also, actions speak louder than words, and he may definitely have an ego but it'll never stop runnin' wild for the good of every man!!

  8. I hope to god he doesn't come back he needs to go away, he was ok but I just get so tired of him and his story his time with TNA proves that he doesn't care about Wrestling ue Cates about him self if wvw and all the stories hadn't already made you see he's a piece of shit person

  9. Hogan shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near SmackDown Live or ANY WWE Show. He is a cancer that will only destroy the show. Look at what he did at TNA. He is a disaster.

  10. He has no business in wrestling anymore if he returns I'm done with wrestling after all is said and done he was wrong go away BROTHER

  11. Hulk Hogan is a Wrestling legend and what he does in his own time is his business and who are we to criticize but when it comes to wrestling there is no one better Hulkamania 4ever Brother!

  12. Hogan (to me he's so worthless) is not worth a WWE return. Hell, most people rather Stone Cold Steve Austin return…..WHAT!? They're still saying WHAT!? at the arena.. No one is saying WHATCHA GONNA DO blah blah blah or SAY YOUR PRAYERS EAT YOUR VITAMINS blah blah blah…

  13. I don't think putting Hogan back in the WWE would be a good idea. There definitely will be boycotts from a portion of the WWE fan base which isn't good for business( if fans stood up and boycotted Muller after more than 20 years how could Hogan come back after 3).

  14. I don’t really like hogan, front stage and back stage personality alike, but you gotta respect him for giving the leg drop on Gawker

  15. I think everyone has said things behind closed doors with the intent of it never leaving the room, that we regret. No matter how much was documented, you can never know the full context in which things have been said or the state of mind in which the person who is saying these things is in. People like hulk hogan are under such an insane pressure to always uphold the character they have spent years creating, that they overload sometimes and say things they regret with the trust that it stays in a closed private circle, where people understand how he feels. This trust was broken and the public saw that side of him that shouldn't exist. He spent so much time bringing joy to fans and I truely think that this mistake shouldn't erase all his good deeds from the past.

  16. Only way it would work is if he dropped the 80s style gimmick when he’s on the mic. It works as a one off nostalgia pop, but I feel it’s just to cheesy as a full time character on tv every week. If he was to become GM I’d rather him be in his Hollywood persona

  17. Personally I think the way WWE dropped Hogan after racial allegations in 2015 was nothing short of total cowardice. The guy was having what he thought was a private conversation, and while I do not agree with the content or wording used in that conversation the fact is, it should never have seen the light of day or much less been heard by anyone outside of who was there. Also look at the circumstances it was brought up in, a father concerned for his child. How many of us could suggest we are squeaky clean, never put a foot wrong, never say something they didn't really mean, never did something in the heat of the moment that they then after found to regret, nobodies perfect and the way that Hogan has been crucified and persecuted by his peers and members of the media really infuriates me. Chris Rock could talk about it in a stand up show and people would laugh, 50 Cent could rap about it and listeners wouldn't think twice. Hulk Hogan was 'the guy' in WWF back during its golden years, he helped build the company to what it is today, IMO WWE should have backed him to the hilt despite that damning recording. Regardless of what might have happened in 2015 they had no right to remove his many past accomplishments from the history books, its abhorrently wrong IMO. How many black athletes or celebrities came out in support of Hogan during that period? Answer – more than a fair few. This talk of him needing to do more community work or suggesting he take a role using past experiences to help the younger generation is totally ridiculous. I became a fan of WWF/e in April 1991, Hulk Hogan has always and will always be my favourite performer and the negative press in 2015 has not and will not change that. What does baffle me a little though is how Mark Henry is in this years HOF class, true his 'Hall of Pain' gimmick in the early noughties was entertaining to watch and I'm sure he's done quite a bit of charity work for the company but aside from that he never really won anything in WWE, a couple tag titles but thats about it. Notice a black athlete that could've been a heavyweight title contender was never anything more than a henchman, a source of comedy and a squash boy for Brock Lesnar in the eyes of Mr McMahon during his active ring tenure.

  18. Mark Henry racist much?
    Hogan said something in private, in a private conversation. Heat of the moment comment…everybody does it. He just got caught. This BS that he has anything more to apologize for or do to make amends is plain and simple BS. If Mark Henry and any other blacks choose to not forgive and move on that’s their problem. Hogan is an icon whether anyone agrees or not. Henry’s career is a blip on the wrestling radar compared to Hogan’s contributions-like him or not. Really…what has Henry done to make race relations better in any way? Nothing.

  19. I'm guessing we all forgot what happened to tna when he was running it, I mean I know tna sucks balls and all, but with Hogan in it he made UNWATCHABLE

  20. yall realize Kurt Angle wont be GM after Mania euther right? theyre not gonna let Hogan be a regular on Smackdown, they'll hog him up for RAW. someone else will take over for Bryan

  21. Hmmm what's worse? Jeff Jarrett as GM or Hulk Hogan? Either choice won't matter cause DB's popularity will bury everything else on Smackdown Live.

  22. No no no no I'm not just saying this because it's d Bryan but I'm so glad hogan fucked off from wrestling please don't bring him back he may have had crowds cheering him before but I don't think many people realise how much of a fuckwit hogan was backstage he re booked the 1990 royal rumble hours before the show he also tried to rebook wcw ww3 in the middle of the match , he's survived 3 decades as an active wrestler despite being out of style after 1997 had ended now before you compare him to cena , has cena also.done that sort of thing yes however Cana would actually know if he'd fucked up as he said when burying the nexus it was a mistake whereas hogan wouldn't give a fuck and cena would also lay down without complaining when it was time to put someone over. as for hogan he said to vince when he lost to warrior at wrestlemania 6 " you'll be sorry when this run flops" so in conclusion don't bring him back as gm I beg you

  23. As an NWA kid from the 80's, I was never a fan of Hulk Hogan. He's beyond overrated and has no business being near wrestling anymore because he's nothing but a cancer….just ask WCW and TNA….oh wait…

  24. fuck wwe…stupid can have a women beater like austin come back all the time..but hulk said a bad word that everyone says and he is fired for years?….eh,…this is why wwe sucks a fat dick!!!

  25. Seriously, did you cover Strong Style Evolved like, at all? If someone in the WWE sneezes it's big news, but if an event that could possibly alter the wrestling landscape in the USA, Nah, it's not another speculation if the Undertaker is coming back or not. You should call yourself SprotsEntertainmentTalk…..

  26. Hogan is 64 he’s got 10-20 years of life left. The black delegation members at WWE are not ready to accept him back into the WWE. Personally, I believe enough time has passed and despite Hogan’s remarks it’s clear that private conversation was made public and if all some of our most private conversations were made public it would be potentially detrimental to us individually as well.

    Hogan has brought people of color into the spotlight with him – in the movie No Holds Barred Tiny Zeus Lester was the main villain, Hogan’s nWo theme song was Voodoo Chile by Jimi Hendrix. His convo was harsh but what Hogan was really saying at that time was he didn’t mind if his daughter dated people of color so long as they are not people of color who glorify hoodlum-culture.

    In any event Hulk Hogan is not a racist and no one is perfect – he didn’t endanger anyone but himself and I’m sure he has learned from that experience as a whole. It would be amazing to have Hogan back before his 70’s.

  27. I hope this not happens, Hogan is just like your old uncle taking about the time he got laid to a hot girl when he was a kid, get over it uncle, nobody cares anymore!!!!

  28. Please no. Seriously if someone asked me to make a top 10 worst things WWE could do for their produce bringing back Hogan would be in top 3. No one cares about him anymore. He hasn't truly been relevant in a few decades and is awful on the mic. Just go watch how badly he butchered everything when was in charge storyline wise of TNA

  29. I don't think John Cena is the same wrestler so for me maybe he just retire for wrestling and just leave it to people like Roman Reins who wants to do it.

  30. Hulk Hogan is the only readon wwe (wwf) is still around … funny how everyone forgets WM 1-3 , everything in wwf was Hulk Hogan !!!! Brotha!!!!
    Hulkamania is runnin wild 💪🏼

  31. I'm still amazed at how easily people overlook the most relevant and important part of the Hulk Hogan drama. Sure, the guy appears to have (or have had) some pretty deep prejudices, but no one who worked with him ever got the impression that he was a racist, and he never let any prejudices show in his dealings with fans. He pushed it down, suppressed the worst of his nature, and presented himself as a good role model for generations of kids. If not for a recording he didn't know about, made behind closed doors, when he believed his words would be completely private, no one would ever have been the wiser.

    No one is perfect, and everyone is prejudiced in some way or another. It could be racial, political, religious, or based in any other division. The fact that a man with these prejudices hid them so well and did not let them leak into his public and professional affairs is admirable.

    Of course, he's still a jackass in plenty of other ways, and I've never been a fan, so I don't care if he shows up on tv again.

  32. I really hope they don’t bring hogan back. There’s absolutely no need for him anymore. Just like it wouldn’t make sense to bring the rock in- zero relevance in the current wwe picture.

  33. who r all these negroes holding a grudge against the hulkster.everybody talks different behind closed doors.

  34. One day, Hogan won’t be around anymore. A few years after that, people will find all those glorious words to say about what a legend he was. But that won’t make him any less dead, so all these people can go fuck themselves for their pretentiousness. BRING HOGAN BACK while he is still here for God’s sake!!!

  35. Yes bring back hogan. Vince and the wwe wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for the hulkster. He's probably forgot more about the business than most performers will ever know. #whatchagonnadoooo!

  36. As warrior said in his expose of hogan. Everything he does turns to shit. In regards to hogan such as he bankrupted wow and also almost did same to tna. He is too old racist and just an old jobber with no new energy or ideas. He’s as stale as 100 💯 year old bread 🍞

  37. Love to see a Hulk return! He has always been and will always be my hero.Now I wanna buy a hulk doll,where can i get some "merch"?

  38. Hogan doesn't deserve to come back nor does he ever improve the product. Same old generic 80s Hogan bullshit old farts can't get enough of. It's pathetic and people need to stop calling Hogan's choices "mistakes". He didn't accidentally become a racist prick.

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