HOW TO UNLOCK Secret Boxing Stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

HOW TO UNLOCK Secret Boxing Stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Welcome to the NintendoCade channel, I am Danny. I hope you’ve been enjoying Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. With tons of stages and fighters to choose from, there is an insane amount
content packed into this game. In this episode, I will be revealing a small secret
you may not have realized. If you have selected the Boxing Ring for battle,
apparently there are two versions for this stage. One of which is the standard
Super Smash Bros. version that is shown each time you normally select Boxing
Ring for battle. This is noticeable by the Smash Ball logo in the center of the
Ring. The alternate form you can access is the Punch-Out!! version, and you can see the difference with the World Circuit logo shown at the center ring instead of
the Smash Ball. To unlock the Punch-Out!! version of the Boxing Ring Stage, all you
need to do is hold down the L button when selecting the Boxing Ring Stage.
That’s all there’s to it and you will be greeted with this alternate stage for
you to battle on. I hope you give the Punch-Out!! World Circuit Boxing Ring a
play. If you found this episode helpful, I would appreciate a thumbs up.
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I’m Danny from the NintendoCade channel, thank you for watching, and I’ll catch you in
the next episode.


  1. Anytime I play as Little Mac, and I pick the boxing ring stage, I want to play with the World Circuit logo in the ring.

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