How to choose the best athletic shoes for your workout

How to choose the best athletic shoes for your workout

hey guys it's Angelo Parker body inspired Fitness and I'm here at 6:02 on the promenade in Santa Monica and this is the very lovely very talented Karen who won't let me reveal her last name on camera and and and we were just having a conversation she's feeling a little shy but here's the deal I am crazy about shoes you've heard me say it a million times and we were having a conversation and she's this little wealth of knowledge of information and I wanted to kind of present it to you and what I had just told everyone was that when you come into a shoe store the first thing is you should not feel intimidated and you shouldn't be afraid to speak up of your budget because there's shoes that are $200 and obviously they're amazing but we we all have to play within our limitations and hide rather people get a great sports bra and a pair of shoes then maybe one great pair of shoes they can't afford something else but you had a great piece of information can you explain to everyone what you were saying about the difference between the right shoe for the right activity right knowing that depending on what you're doing you want to make sure that you're wearing the right shoes so if you know you're going to the gym and you're going to be doing lunges squats things like that things that require you to be as low to the ground as possible it's important that you wear that type of shoe and not try to get away with doing something like that in a running shoe you don't want to be in a very heavily structure I'm so guilty of this by the way you would purists there's a lot of cures out there that you know lift weights and build be barefoot they think it's best to be as close to the ground because when you look at like from a functional movement standpoint and how the muscles fire you don't want to put pressure on the wrong so when you are as low to the ground as possible your boots engage properly like they should so when you are squatting and you don't want to be elevate it in the heel too much because now you're putting pressure on your knees your hips are told to be incorrect away the alignment is off so you want to stay as a little irresponsible so it's important because otherwise nothing is working properly so muscles are over compensating for something else and so it's a way it's really important it is very okay you guys I've been training for over ten years and I have to say I'm lazy I wear a running shoe it's comfortable for me it kind of just does the right thing for me but I'm not a shoe expert I'm a trainer and so this is why we resource people who know things more than we do okay so see I'm kind of Zeno dedicated to to my a success runner if I was just any strength training routine what maybe she would you recommend me and why so strength training in terms of lifting weights or doing squats we're doing lunges that kind of thing yeah okay so let me give you a curveball I'm doing strength training but I'm also doing a little bit of plyo so I'm doing some jump squats so I'm doing some super skaters a shoe that carries me through some deep strength work but also taking me through a little bit more kind of like a plyometric activity I would still say low for a while because you know what does that mean that means low to the ground that means not a big bunch of cushion can you show me without those I would take we can travel we can go that is fine I want you to breathe of offering trainers hi they have a pretty good selection that's kind of the same idea so they have a 1.0 which is basically low to the ground as possible you say low to the ground you mean there's not a lot of corrects hoes are there's not a lot between you in the ground which it should be about the form and the function and so we in doing that from a training perspective as a trainer not the shoe expert it then means you're activating what you need to be activating versus relying on jamming down into a shoe right so there's different schools of thought and that could be a different conversation to with running and do you want run a running shoe to be a barely there barefoot or do you want the shoe with structure and support personally yeah I think that I can keep need structured support users again that school of thought that should run barefoot and we were meant to be this I don't believe in the running of the bear today I just want to put that out ball I think yeah hunter-gatherers yes but we live in a concrete jungle now you know really oh you know in graphs and six I think your feet need a house is if you need that section and it can be minimal but I think that there is a happy medium in that you can still like this is so low profile shoe I wouldn't Nike says it in a nutshell I would say treadmill maybe a lot of Wyatt Lexie I did I was doing some squats if this could be enough support for like 45 seconds of jumps off sure interesting I will say yes because and this is this is a TR v from Nike so this is the fifth version that is trained okay so they continuously technology change a little bit they usually make them lighter more supportive actually really like you yeah it does have some medial support here so okay I do tend overpronate which is role in sharpen to give you a lift we're not talking about like wow this is like wearing photic but it is giving you enough to where you can wear this for an hour workout you can jump around a little bit you're not Wow amazing this looks incredibly well how is this different sense of expect so Nike has the scales your there is basically barefoot this is a 1.0 in terms of cushion this is a 5 it's like a mid cushion level okay so when you hear a 3.0 by 98 4.0 that means pushing the 1.0 this is as close to the ground as you can view without being barefoot got air and then what's the biggest what's the highest goes a day you would do 10 I'm just not sure we have anything wow that is some Sporto amazing and then what would you say for like a Pilates or you know something where it's kind of ballet based maybe you would need a little bit of support as well something most classes that I've experienced yoga and Pilates as well they actually are asking you to wear a softer side of your foot just by Anna Terry recent lightning but Nike does make a great rap which is really interesting I would say it has anything from the support perspective but it does have grippers on the bottom so you are doing all right yeah so you've seen those get as extra padding in them not really packing there is another that they make that comes with a strap oh really strong more like a ribbon that you can pull up them in action looks like a ballet slipper but I think it looks Wow but there is a little bit of pushing on that I mean just a tiny bit so it's not just your foot on a horse and the thing about yoga and Pilates too is you want your toes to grip and spread so I wouldn't wear okay because that's going to sort of inhibit the natural movement of kind of what you're doing anyway which is being able to use your toes would strengthen the ligaments and everything what's the advantage of something I just my fly besides being pretty and there is a sanitary thing where your foot is mostly covered okay it has the drippers so it's giving your toes some coverage but it still allows them amazing and you know what's going to be interesting about this guys and this is nothing I haven't experimented with this but what's interesting is when you have a grip it allows you to actually push down which actually can have a double it could be a double-edged sword because the more you push out and down a lot of that ballet bar work and you know we're trying to get those up and in so my suggestion is if you live in these and you only trained in these you only go to bar in these once or twice a month you should be doing it without your shoes because it's going to get you just to have a little bit of change but these are these are terrific and then super brilliant that is fantastic that pretty little box and it comes in the box so thank you or so much she's totally freaked out and she was incredible and I feel like I have so much great information I really appreciate it because at the end of the day this is the level of a conversation and excitement and education you should be getting when you buy your shoes and if you're not getting it we are currently going go to 602 and if you don't have a sick – near you find a place where you feel welcome find a place where you get an invasion thank you you're amazing at what she's doing on I actually whatever it's a fun shoe it's a lifestyle shoe so cute thank you guys see you soon


  1. As a " trainer" she's so clueless . Why would someone wears a trainer for Pilates? I would let the the rep train me instead. She's so knowledgeable.

  2. this has been incredibly helpful. i recently purchased a pair of adidas running shoes meant for rough terrain and i used them for some HITS and i overstretched some tendons at the base of my foot. totally incapacitating pain and it was puzzling since i know my form is fairly good. was wondering if it could be the shoes and bam, this vid really confirms it!

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